Renovating an apartment in Toulouse: price, deadline, and advice

Rénovation d’appartement à Toulouse

Whether you've owned your home in Toulouse for a long time or recently purchased it, your apartment may be in need of renovation. Over time, its decor and layout may have fallen out of favor, or its organization may no longer suit your needs. Additionally, bringing it up to code may justify such a project. In any case, this operation will increase the value of your property and enhance your comfort. Discover everything you need to know about apartment renovation in Toulouse in this article.

What are the good reasons to renovate your apartment in Toulouse ?

There are several reasons to renovate your apartment in Toulouse. Whatever your motivation, note that this operation remains a useful and profitable investment, given its many benefits.

Improving the energy performance of your home

If you live in an older apartment in Toulouse or have recently purchased one, consider improving its energy performance. This operation not only enhances your comfort but also reduces your energy consumption. For example, insulating walls or attics is an excellent solution for lowering heating bills. You can also eliminate drafts by installing windows with good thermal performance.

Bringing your apartment up to code for safety

Upgrading your home to meet current standards can involve the heating system, electrical installation, or gas connections in the kitchen. This isn't just about ensuring the compliance of your property. Indeed, this step primarily improves your safety but also enhances the value of your home. It is also mandatory for resale or in the case of rental investment.

Changing the decoration

Your renovation project may also be motivated by a desire to change the decoration of your interior. This could involve altering the style of your kitchen, the color of your paint, or the tiling in your bathroom. By refreshing your home, you create a living space that reflects your personality while enhancing your comfort.

Adapting the apartment to changes in your family

Over time, the needs of your family may change, such as with the birth of a baby. In this case, you may need to carry out renovation work by reorganizing your interior space. By dividing a room in two, you can create an additional bedroom for the child.

Adding value to your property for sale or rental

Are you planning to sell or rent out your property? In that case, renovation work is an excellent way to boost its attractiveness. This can lead to a love at first sight among potential buyers or tenants on their first visit. If your home is already better rated on the energy scale, simply making aesthetic improvements can increase its value.

What are the different types of apartment renovation ?

Depending on the condition of your home, your needs, your goals, your budget, or regulatory constraints, the renovation project can range from simple tasks to a major overhaul.

Apartment Refreshment

Apartment refreshment involves modernizing certain elements of the living space. This includes walls, floors, or ceilings. It typically involves :

  • Refinishing the parquet flooring,
  • Installing wallpaper,
  • Tiling,
  • Repainting ceilings and walls,
  • Floor varnishing.

It's a light renovation that doesn't require major work but subtly revitalizes your interior. If you're handy with DIY, you can handle most of these tasks yourself. However, you'll get optimal results by entrusting your project to an experienced artisan.

Energy Compliance Work

Energy compliance work aims to improve the energy performance of the living space. It concerns older homes that haven't been maintained for many years and no longer meet current standards. The project includes three types of operations :

  • Electrical renovation,
  • Energy renovation
  • Plumbing renovation to comply with current sanitary standards.

These tasks require the expertise of a team of specialized artisans. Therefore, you should hire a qualified company.

Partial Renovation

Partial renovation, as the name suggests, only involves part of the apartment. This could be the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, or bathroom. The goal here is to breathe new life into this part of the dwelling.

For example, you might want to improve the energy performance of your home without undertaking major work. You can replace windows to improve air tightness and thermal insulation. Improving ceiling and wall insulation also ensures maximum comfort by keeping your home warm in winter and cooler in summer.

Complete Renovation

This type of project encompasses the entire dwelling. It involves renovating the kitchen, all bedrooms, hallways, living room, and bathrooms. You can also take the opportunity to extend your home and convert the attic. The operation may also involve :

  • Installing closets in the hallway,
  • Changing electrical networks and installations,
  • Replacing old windows with double glazing,
  • Plumbing renovation,
  • Setting up multifunctional furniture in the living room,
  • Renovating wall coverings,
  • Creating custom wardrobes in the bedrooms.

For such a large-scale project, the intervention of an architect or project manager is necessary. These professionals will effectively guide all the work.

Apartment Renovation in Toulouse: What are the Steps to Follow?

To achieve results that meet your expectations when renovating your apartment in Toulouse, it's essential to properly organize the process. Here are some steps to follow.

Define your renovation project

Renovating your home requires significant planning to better define the project. Assess your needs and desires to avoid design errors and unpleasant surprises. Highlight what motivates you to embark on such a project. Also, note what you truly expect from modifying your home in terms of energy efficiency, space, number of rooms, aesthetics, brightness, or circulation.

For large-scale projects, consider seeking assistance from an architect or a project manager during the planning phase. They can guide you through the feasibility study of your project, helping you avoid layout mistakes that could compromise your comfort once the project is completed. Finding the right balance between your budget, desires, and the constraints of your current living space is essential. A renovation professional can advise you on preferred materials.

Once your needs are clearly defined, the specialist can translate them into a plan. This will facilitate the process when requesting quotes from craftsmen or construction companies.

Research the Rules within the Condominium

Within a condominium, renovation works, regardless of their nature and scope, are governed by the condominium regulations. The objective is to ensure harmony and sustainability of the property while preserving the quality of life of all occupants of the building.

Therefore, the condominium regulations are a reference document that you must consult before starting any work. Indeed, the required authorizations differ depending on whether you are altering private or common areas of the building.

Generally, works without authorization are those carried out within your apartment, provided they do not infringe on the rights of other co-owners or the building's structure. They must also not affect common areas. This includes, among others, bathroom renovations, removal of one or more partitions (excluding load-bearing walls), or interior embellishments (new painting, flooring installation).

Additionally, approval from the co-owners is necessary for all works affecting the exterior appearance of the building, load-bearing walls, and common areas. The same applies if you need to work on pipelines, a chimney stack, or plumbing systems that serve the entire condominium.

Certain renovation works also require urban planning permission, in addition to co-owners' approval. This includes, among others, changing the color of shutters. 

Selecting Building Companies in Toulouse

Once the plans are approved and permits obtained, it's time to choose the company or artisan to handle the renovation. While you might be tempted to undertake the project yourself, this option isn't always feasible depending on the scale of the job. In any case, hiring a professional ensures a quality result. They possess the experience and essential skills for a successful operation, mastering technical gestures and current standards. 

Numerous companies specialize in renovation in Toulouse, so you need to narrow down your options. For small tasks, consider an independent artisan, while for larger projects, opt for a more competent company.

If you've engaged an architect or project manager for the plan, they can recommend qualified companies. In any case, don't hesitate to request multiple quotes to compare.

Construction Process

After selecting the company and finalizing the quote, it's time to start the construction. Depending on your project, various tasks are involved. 

Demolition of Existing Installations

The first step is usually demolition, removing one or more partitions or opening load-bearing walls. This clears the space for more specific layout tasks. Demolition may also involve removing old equipment like chimneys, work tables, kitchens, or toilet bowls.

Installation and Insulation Works

Following demolition, the interior space is cleared. The next step is reorganization, which may include installing new walls or partitions to define rooms. This phase also involves renovating the electrical circuit and plumbing, along with installing heating systems and various insulation materials. Additionally, artisans will perform thermal and acoustic insulation to enhance comfort and energy efficiency.

This phase requires the involvement of other trades, such as electricians, plumbing specialists, or plasterers.

Finishing Touches

Once the major construction is complete, artisans focus on finishing touches, including :

  • Painting,
  • applying false ceilings and wallpaper,
  • laying flooring (parquet, cement tiles, or tiles),
  • Installation of new fixtures (furniture for various rooms, sanitary ware),
  • placement of various decorative elements (lighting fixtures, artistic paintings).

Once the work is completed, the renovation company hands over the keys to your apartment.

What is the cost of apartment renovation in Toulouse?

In Toulouse, as in France as a whole, it's not easy to provide an estimate of the cost of apartment renovation. Indeed, your expectations are personal, and your housing situation is unique.

Several factors must therefore be considered to assess the price of apartment renovation in Toulouse. Among the most important are:

  • The type of renovation (refreshing the dwelling, compliance work, partial renovation, total renovation)
  • The size of the dwelling and its general condition
  • The areas involved in the work (electricity, plumbing, carpentry)
  • The type of room to be renovated (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room)
  • the materials and equipment to be used,
  • The accessibility of the apartment.

Don't hesitate to request quotes from different companies in Toulouse.

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