What are the best renovation practices for an apartment?


Is your apartment showing anomalies that disrupt your daily life? Or have you recently acquired it? Opting for a renovation is not a bad decision; it's rather a way to express your desire to add your personal touch and bring ingenuity to your living space. Indeed, to renovate optimally and save time, you need to follow a certain number of standards or best practices to efficiently carry out your trenovation work. That's why we've created this checklist to assist you.

1. Assessing the Situation

If your goal is to undertake a complete renovation of the apartment, you need to identify the work and prioritize them from most urgent to least urgent. Less important things can wait while urgent matters should take precedence. Termite infestation in the framework, roof leaks, electrical installations, insulation work are aspects to prioritize. This is not an exhaustive list; it's relative, but your sofa can wait! You can enlist the help of inspectors to assist you in assessing the situation, so you'll have an effective list of priorities.

2. Creating a Schedule

Successful renovation work involves creating a good schedule. Your schedule will aim to execute step by step your list of priorities, hence the importance of assessing the situation. It's an important step to define the objectives that you need to achieve one after the other. You can even write it down and set deadlines for the objectives to be achieved. For example, windows and insulation should be replaced before a boiler so it can be sized according to your energy needs, not forgetting that destructive work like plumbing should be done before tiling or furniture installation. It's important to get quotes from professionals to know the best options available to you to optimize your budget.

3. Keeping an Eye on the Budget

After knowing what will be done or not in your renovation work, it's time to know how much it will cost you and what budget to plan for. It's time to meet with the artisans who will take charge of your project so they can provide you with a quote according to your budget! Anticipating the budget will allow you to minimize the risks of unforeseen events during your renovation and optimize the quality of the work to be done. You can lighten your bills by using tax credits or subsidies offered by expert organizations in the field. The most interesting thing is to see it as an investment for your well-being. If later you decide to sell or rent your apartment, your financial efforts will be rewarded.

4. Administrative Procedures

Being the owner of your residence does not exempt you from following urban planning rules. Indeed, there are regulations in place for works depending on their scope. For example, an extension of more than 150m2 will require a building permit. Consulting municipal services will help you understand the legal procedures that will apply to your project. Getting help from an architect is also a good option.


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5. Notify Your Surroundings

You're aware that your renovation work might involve noise or inconvenience some of your neighbors. It would be considerate to notify that your apartment is undergoing renovation. A small note in a strategic location is a thoughtful gesture. Your notification should be made even before applying for permits from the city for major works. Present your project to the neighborhood to gather various opinions and show that their input matters to you. There's no need to ask everyone on the street; the closest neighbors are enough.

6. Work with Professionals

To successfully carry out your project, it's advisable to entrust your renovation project to an expert in the field. The success of your project will depend on the quality of the artisan entrusted with the work. Finding one and trusting them isn't so simple; however, there are key criteria to follow. Initially, research on Google to have the opportunity to choose the best option, then consider client references and years of experience. If you choose a company instead of an individual professional, emphasize their longevity.

Price remains a parameter that must be considered because it's important that your expenses are within the norms; a professional company should be able to offer you the best possible options. Here are some situations that could happen if you choose the wrong renovation company: Abandonment of the site, repeated supplements that will significantly increase your budget, defects that could endanger the stability of your home, missed deadlines... It's therefore the most sensitive part of your project; if you have doubts about your choice, take a few days to think it over before diving in.

7. Ensure Safety

Now that everything is ready and the work has started, there are still some precautions to take for your safety, that of the artisans, and that of your property. To avoid dangers during destructive work such as electrical or plumbing, you'll need to wear helmets, gloves, and safety glasses. Any major renovation should begin with an electrical compliance diagnosis that must be validated by an authorized professional, such as Consuel or any other authorized organization or third-party company. It's your duty to be attentive to everything and to prevent any risk of insecurity during the work.

You can anticipate unpleasant surprises by taking out insurance specific to your work or requesting a pre-work audit from a bailiff. Avoid fewer surprises by taking more precautions.

8. Project Monitoring

A very sensitive part, monitoring the project will help you enforce all the sensitive elements of your schedule. You can personally take charge of it, but it could be challenging for you if the work is done by several artisans. However, you can delegate the task to a professional or a company that specializes in it. Remember that you must be demanding regarding the respect of deadlines and the most urgent objectives. Schedule meetings with project stakeholders to listen to any potential issues they encounter and be informed about the progress of your project.

A renovation project is not to be taken lightly; turning to a professional whenever you're stuck is advisable. From the assessment to the start of the project, you must adhere to many useful principles for yourself and your surroundings. The careful monitoring of your project should be important to you to effectively achieve the desired result. Choosing professionals requires great vigilance; in case of a wrong choice, the consequences will be severe. Don't panic; you'll get there.

Mathieu Amara

Mathieu Amara

Graduated in political science, I have always been passionate about renovation and construction work.

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