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Choosing a Renovation Apartment Craftsman: How to Choose? How to Ensure the Smooth Progress of the Project?


Choosing the right craftsman to renovate your apartment requires finding someone with the necessary skills to bring your project to life. Nowadays, there are many companies operating in this sector, especially in major cities across France such as Paris, Toulouse, and Lyon. To ensure the smooth progress of your renovation works, it's best to work with a craftsman who offers the best quality-to-price ratio. Your chosen professional should be well-versed in the intricacies of such projects and should offer services that comply with the standards and regulations governing construction sites.

You're just a few clicks away from renovating your home.

Choosing a renovation apartment artisan: How to go about it?

There are several criteria to consider when choosing an artisan to renovate an apartment/house. From identifying the ideal profile to requesting quotes, you should base your decision on the professionalism of the service provider.

Identifying the Ideal Profile

Numerous professionals or companies can ensure the successful progress of your apartment renovation project, each with different specialties. You can opt for an architect whose skills extend beyond design. With their technical expertise, they can oversee the renovation works for your house, apartment, or other types of housing. They ensure meticulous work quality, and they can also provide recommendations for sourcing materials at reasonable prices.

A general building contractor is another option, capable of handling both the structural work (such as thermal insulation, masonry) and the finishing touches (such as painting, electricity, installation of a hood, etc.). However, with this option, it's essential to monitor the progress of the works regularly as the site manager may be frequently absent.

You can also engage a consulting firm whose working method is similar to that of a general building contractor but with a focus on technical competence. They can provide superior services in energy-efficient renovation, a sustainable solution for reducing energy consumption.

Your renovation works can also be entrusted to an interior architect who specializes in interior design: 

  • Installation of new wall or floor coverings, such as tiling or laminate flooring, 
  • Improvement of the kitchen's condition (or even the condition of all rooms). 

This professional can also modernize your storage furniture or decoration. However, like the architect, they closely monitor the progress of construction or renovation works.

You're just a few clicks away from renovating your home.

Referring to Reviews from Previous Clients

After determining the profile of the artisan to improve the condition of the interior of your property, it is recommended to gather even more information. To do this, refer to customer reviews, that is, those of people who have already worked with the artisan on various projects. The traditional method allows you to get an overview of the reliability of the service provider through testimonials from your acquaintances. It is also possible to obtain this kind of information online.

Therefore, during the initial meeting with the apartment renovation specialist, do not hesitate to ask for references from past projects or worksites. However, these references should relate to projects that are almost similar to yours. To confirm, contact the artisan's former clients. It's also important to evaluate their ability to propose solutions and their availability.

Checking the Qualifications of the Chosen Renovator

Just like construction, renovation involves delicate tasks that must be carried out in compliance with regulations. Therefore, the professional you contact to handle this must have the required qualifications. Subscribing to insurance is, for example, mandatory, such as professional liability insurance, completion guarantee, and ten-year guarantee. The aim is to cover any potential damage during or after the works.

In your project, if you plan to carry out energy renovation works, the artisan must have the RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment) qualification. With the intervention of a certified specialist, you can access a tax credit. This is an opportunity not to be missed to benefit from greater profitability. This is necessary if you are interested in real estate investment in new or old properties to rent out or resell.

There are other certifications to check to ensure the expertise of the artisan, such as Qualibat for trades, Heating+, QualiBois, QualiPac for heat pumps, and Qualifelec for electrical installations.

Comparing Different Quotes

To find the right artisan to renovate your apartment in cities like Paris, Toulouse, Lyon, Bordeaux, and Grenoble, you need to request multiple quotes and compare them. This will allow you to find the most interesting provider in terms of price, quality of materials, and professionalism.

Make sure to request a detailed quote, as it is the centerpiece of your project. It should include the nature of the work to be carried out, the quantity, type, and unit price of the equipment and materials to be used. It should also include all taxes to be paid and the cost of labor.

Currently, thanks to the evolution of Internet technologies, it is possible to use online platforms to ensure the reliability of artisans. This type of tool allows you to contact at least 2 artisans and obtain quotes corresponding to your work as soon as possible. Those joining the 360travaux website, for example, are recommended because they can only join by signing a charter. This document indicates a serious commitment from those involved in the construction and renovation industry.

Apartment Renovation: What to Do to Ensure a Smooth Process

There are a few key points to consider to ensure the smooth progress of your apartment renovation project.

You're just a few clicks away from renovating your home.

Defining Your Expectations

The rehabilitation or renovation of your apartment should start with defining all the necessary works to be carried out (plumbing, electricity, painting, etc.). This requires clarifying your expectations to avoid design errors. Take note of what you truly need in terms of modifications to your property. Points to consider in this process include volume, modernization of living space, circulation, and the number of rooms. You should also think about lighting.

This task can be puzzling for you if apartment renovation is not your expertise. Even if you know how to handle it, the most recommended solution is to turn to a professional, such as Reno Immo. This way, the development project of your property will be carried out as planned.

Furthermore, it's crucial to establish a proper quotation. Prioritize the works according to their importance and eliminate non-urgent or less important items if your budget is limited.

Establishing the Layout Plan of Your Project

After meticulously identifying what you expect from the layout or renovation of your apartment, it's time to translate your needs into a plan. In this task, the intervention of an architect is highly advisable. As a professional in Building and Public Works (BTP), this expert will provide inputs to execute your project under better conditions and, above all, in compliance with industry standards. It's essential to remain faithful to your goals (durability of works and daily comfort).

However, before proceeding with the plan development, find a perfect balance between your budget, expectations, and the current configuration of your property. Through 2D or 3D plans, your architect will offer different variations of what you want to undertake. This is another opportunity to refine your project and estimate the required budget more accurately.

Executing and Monitoring the Progress of the Works

With the quotation finalized and signed, the next step involves the execution of the works. Aiming to give a new life to your apartment, this phase should start with the structural work (demolition, insulation, etc.). Then comes the finishing work, such as kitchen refurbishment, carpentry, and plumbing. As for the final touches, they include decoration, flooring, painting, wall covering, etc.

The site should be concluded with cleaning. Once cleaned, your renovated apartment will be immediately functional.

However, reaching this final stage is only possible if the standards and regulations in force have been meticulously followed. This requires careful monitoring and verification before the site handover.

Note that the sequence of apartment or house renovation depends on the nature of the project. Works may involve reconsidering volumes, installing new insulation, making modifications in the bathroom and kitchen, or other major and minor works (electricity, masonry, painting, etc.). You may also plan to furnish the interior of a room in your property, such as installing custom-made furniture for your bedroom.

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