Price of renovation per square meter: Avoiding pitfalls and maximizing value

éviter les pièges et maximiser la valeur Prix rénovation au m2

The price per m2 for renovation raises questions related to renovation budgets, which can be a source of confusion. By investing in the renovation of your residence, you are making several changes that can enhance your daily life. We will address various types of projects such as kitchen or bathroom modernization, appliance replacement, electrical system overhaul, or other types of transformations.

In this article, we will particularly focus on renovation prices per square meter. These vary considerably due to the diversity of elements involved, such as available financial assistance, type of housing, scope of work, site location, and other important factors.

Understanding these components is essential for successful planning. Improvements to a kitchen and other types of renovations, like energy-efficient appliances, can also have a significant impact on the price per square meter. Additionally, the creation of a new apartment, material supply lead time, installation by experienced craftsmen, and even demolition operations can influence the state and change in the price per square meter. It is therefore crucial to engage a qualified artisan to assess the situation, especially regarding floors and other aspects of your renovation project.

Understanding Cost Factors in Renovation

To realize your renovation and interior design projects, it is imperative to understand renovation costs. A variety of elements can greatly affect how much you will spend per square meter. Specific aspects will need to be identified to assist with budget planning.

  •  – Location is a key factor in calculating the cost of renovation per square meter. Across different locations, significant disparities arise regarding labor prices, resources, and construction permits. An example to better illustrate this difference is the gap between renovation costs in Paris and in the provinces. It is therefore essential to consider your geographical location to accurately estimate your budget. 
  • – The type of work is another determining factor. Touch-ups on walls and doors represent only a small part of home renovations; the real challenge lies in moving massive structures like beams. Renovation projects vary in terms of their specific needs, particularly in terms of labor, supplies, and timelines. The degree of complexity significantly influences how the restoration cost evolves per unit area.
  • – The size of the area to be renovated is also a crucial element in estimating the total cost of your project. The larger the area, the more materials and labor will be needed, which will directly impact the average renovation price per square meter.

Estimating Renovation Costs per Square Meter

A crucial factor in home renovations is estimating costs per square meter, which is important for the success of your home renovation project. Transforming each stage of the work into quantifiable values allows for precise budgeting. By following a structured methodology, you can accurately determine renovation costs without making common mistakes.

 Step 1: Before getting into the details, start with an initial assessment of your home renovation project. Understand the essential details by defining the goals, type of work, and project size range. From there, an overall overview of the project specifications and requirements emerges.

 Step 2: By separating your expenses into distinct categories such as labor, supplies, approvals, incidental fees, and more, you can gain a better understanding of the overall budget.

 Step 3: Expense analysis requires thorough research to provide realistic budget forecasts. To obtain accurate pricing information, you need to consult multiple suppliers and specialists. By using this method, you will have access to detailed information on renovation labor and material costs in your area.

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Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes

A common error in cost projections is failing to account for unforeseen expenses. Unexpected events require setting aside a contingency budget of 10%. These additional costs should be factored in when calculating your budget.

Comparing Renovation Costs by Project Type

Floor Renovation :


Flooring Type

Price per m2 including installation

Tiles (ceramic, porcelain, etc.)

€35 to €160


€130 to €260

Resin (epoxy, polyurethane)

€60 to €310

Parquet (laminate, floating, solid, etc.)

€5 to €150

Floor Preparation

€15 to €30


Wall Renovation : 

Wall Covering Type

Price per m2 including installation


€25 to €40


€7 to €30


€25 to €35

Wall Preparation

€30 to €60


Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation :

Type of Intervention

Partial Renovation

Complete Renovation 


€510 to €800

€770 to €1550


€360 to €520

€510 to €1100

Partial Renovation of Electrical System, Plumbing, and Windows :

Renovation Type

Price per m2 including installation

Electrical System

€110 to €220


€72 to €160


Roof Renovation :

Type of Work

Price per m2 including installation

Roofing (shingles, slate, etc.)

€60 to €70


€160 to €220

Photovoltaic Tiles

€920 to €1900

Interior Insulation

€12 to €60

Exterior Insulation

€82 to €160

Removal of a Wall or Partition

€15 to €75

Addition of a Wall or Partition

€15 to €320


Heating systems are not evaluated per square meter, but here's a price range to help you prepare your budget:

–          Wood pellet boiler: €6800 to €16500

–          Hybrid heat pump boiler: €4600 to €11800

–          Gas boiler: €2200 to €6500

–          Electric boiler: €1600 to €11800

As for window replacement, it ranges from €175 to €900 per unit.

Homeowners should compare renovation prices per square meter for different types of projects to establish realistic budgets. Specific aspects related to various types of renovations (e.g., kitchen, bathroom, roofing) influence average expenditures. We will explain why the complexity of the work and material characteristics affect the price per square meter.

Kitchen Renovation : Upgrading electrical and plumbing infrastructure, acquiring state-of-the-art appliances, and choosing high-quality materials for countertops and cabinets contribute to making the project financially demanding.

Bathroom Renovation : Specific elements like sanitary installations and surface coatings can lead to high expenses. These elements, including tiles, plumbing, fittings, and quality coatings, directly impact cost estimates. Although budget is a factor when renovating small bathrooms, the quality-to-price ratio remains equally important, if not more so.

Roof Renovation: Renovations involving the roof require careful calculation based on its unique cost per square meter. The cost depends on the overall size of the roof, the type of material chosen, and the complexity of construction. Skylights and other special features entail additional costs per square meter.

Depending on the type of project, renovation prices vary based on factors such as material quality and skill level per square foot. In addition to location, the quality and subtleties of the work must be considered to obtain an estimated price. With a better understanding of the nuances, you can tailor your expenses to different styles of renovation, whether it's complete restorations or functional upgrades.

Tips for Reducing Renovation Costs per Square Meter

Reducing renovation costs per square meter is a crucial goal for many homeowners undertaking home renovation projects. Fortunately, there are practical tips to save money while achieving quality results. In this section, we'll share some key tips to help you manage your renovation budget while highlighting sustainable and energy-efficient approaches that can not only reduce initial costs but also long-term expenses.

– Precise Planning : Before starting work, develop a detailed plan for your renovation project. Identify your priorities, set a realistic budget, and stick to it as much as possible. Careful planning will help you avoid unexpected expenses.

– Compare Quotes : Don't hesitate to solicit multiple contractors and suppliers for competitive quotes. Comparing renovation work prices will help you find the best deals while maintaining the quality of materials and labor.

– Smart Reuse : Before replacing anything, consider reusing existing elements such as doors, windows, or cabinets, after updating or lightly renovating them. This can significantly reduce costs.

– DIY (Do It Yourself) : If you have DIY skills, consider doing some work yourself, such as painting or flooring. This can save you on labor costs.

– Sustainable Approaches : Opt for durable and energy-efficient materials that reduce long-term costs. For example, high-quality thermal insulation can lower heating and cooling costs over time.

– Efficient Energy Use : Invest in eco-friendly appliances and systems, such as solar water heaters or high-efficiency heating systems. These choices can lead to substantial savings on energy bills in the long run.

– Project Management : Maintain strict control over the project by effectively managing the schedule and budget. Avoid delays and cost overruns by being organized and communicating clearly with contractors.

The benefits of hiring an architect for your renovation

The benefits of hiring an architect for your renovation are numerous and contribute significantly to the success of your project, both in terms of quality and cost control. An architect is not just a drafter but a professional who can add considerable value to your home renovation project.

One of the major benefits of working with a professional architecture firm is optimized space design. Architects are trained to maximize the use of existing space and enhance the functionality of each room. This means you'll get a bathroom, kitchen, or other room renovation that not only meets your needs but is also aesthetically more appealing.

Moreover, an architect can help you optimize renovation costs per square meter. This professional has in-depth knowledge of construction materials, construction techniques, and local suppliers, allowing them to advise you on the most economical choices without sacrificing quality. They can also develop a realistic project plan that takes into account your budget and goals.

The expertise of an architect also extends to project management. They can oversee the entire home renovation process, including coordinating contractors, managing the schedule, and controlling costs. This can help you avoid costly delays and errors along the way.

Lastly, architects are often aware of the latest trends in energy-efficient renovation and sustainable development. They can advise you on best practices for energy savings and long-term cost reduction for your home, whether through thermal insulation, the use of energy-efficient appliances, or other measures.

Price per m2 renovation: Key Takeaways

Home renovation per square meter is a complex field that involves many factors. To make informed decisions when planning your project, remember the following points :

– Various cost factors : Renovation costs per square meter depend on factors such as location, type of work, and the size of the area to be renovated. It is essential to consider these variables to accurately estimate your budget.

– Careful estimation : Use a methodical approach to estimate renovation costs per square meter. Divide your project into cost categories, obtain multiple quotes, and budget for contingencies.

– Differences by project type: Home renovation costs vary depending on the type of project. Kitchen, bathroom, and roofing renovations have specific costs. Consider the complexity of the work and the materials used to get an accurate estimate.

– Tips for saving money : To reduce renovation costs per square meter, plan carefully, compare quotes, intelligently reuse existing elements, and if necessary, consider DIY for some tasks. Opt for durable and energy-efficient materials to save in the long run.

– Hiring an architect : Hiring an architect can be a wise decision. They can help you optimize space, manage the project, choose economical materials, and adopt sustainable approaches.

Home renovation is a significant investment, and it is crucial to make informed decisions to ensure the success of your project. If you're looking for personalized advice and professional expertise for your renovation per square meter, don't hesitate to contact our architecture firm. We're here to guide you through every step of your home renovation project and help you achieve the house of your dreams while respecting your budget and optimizing the quality of your renovation. Don't let costs discourage you; with careful planning and the right resources, your renovation per square meter can become an exciting and successful reality.




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