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MaPrimeRénov' is an aid that was introduced at the beginning of 2021. The ANAH (National Housing Agency) has taken this initiative with a view to reducing the energy consumption of the French. MaPrimeRenov' is also a grant for owners and co-owners who wish to improve the comfort of their homes. It has replaced the CITE (Tax Credit for Energy Transition) and contributes effectively to the fight against thermal flaws. If you wish to benefit from the advantages of this ANAH aid in the context of a renovation, you must have the right information. This article will cover all aspects of MaPrimeRénov' so that you can make your renovation dreams come true.

The specific features of MaPrimeRenov' are

The French government is encouraging more and more citizens to carry out energy renovations in order to lower their bills. With this in mind, the ANAH has set up the MaPrimeRénov' aid to enable all homeowners to benefit from the work at lower costs.

Aid that replaces the CITE and Habiter Mieux agilité

MaPrimeRénov' is not in addition to existing aid in France. To be more precise, it was born from the merger of two major forms of aid, namely the CITE and the Habiter Mieux agilité aid. It therefore replaces these two aids in order to facilitate the procedures for applicants. The premium will be distributed by a single body. This is the France Renov' office. This means that the aid can be paid out more quickly. You can receive the grant within 15 days of the application being processed.

A premium accessible to all

Initially, MaPrimeRénov' was an aid dedicated to intermediate households with modest resources by retaining the principles of the CITE. However, the aid has been extended to 2021. Since then, MaPrimeRénov' has been accessible to owner-occupiers and landlords as well as to co-owners' associations. As a result, the premium becomes accessible to all. However, various colour profiles have been introduced to differentiate between income levels. Thus, you can distinguish between blue, yellow, purple and pink.

A cumulative bonus

The MaPrimeRénov' aid has the advantage of being cumulative with the CEE (Certificats d'économie d'énergie) premium initiated by the energy suppliers. Thus, from July 2022, you will also be able to benefit from CEE premiums on energy renovation work. It is also possible to finance your renovation project up to 90% of the total cost of the work.

Eligibility conditions for MaPrimeRenov'

Since mid-2021, MaPrimeRenov' has been available to owner-occupiers, landlords and co-ownership associations. This will allow them to carry out energy renovation work in a dwelling occupied as their main residence. This is particularly advantageous if you own a rented flat or house.

Since its creation, the aid was reserved for homes completed at least 2 years ago. However, since the beginning of 2022, the MaPrimeRenov' aid only takes into consideration residences completed more than 15 years ago. It should be noted that there is nevertheless an exception to thisANAH aid. This concerns grants for the replacement of oil-fired boilers and the removal of a tank. Indeed, for these types of applications, housing that is more than 2 years old will still be able to apply for aid.

There has also been a change in the minimum period of occupancy of the property. Indeed, the house or flat must be occupied as a principal residence for 8 months as opposed to 6 months previously. Also, the owner must undertake to occupy the property as a principal residence for a period of one year from the date of application for assistance. Landlords must commit to renting the property as their principal residence for a period of at least 5 years.

In addition to these deadlines, the period for carrying out energy renovation work has been extended to two years since 2022. Thus, households with modest incomes will have 1 year to complete the work, compared to 6 months previously.

Resource limits for MaPrimeRenov

Since the beginning of 2022, all owners and co-owners can benefit from MaPrimeRénov'. However, the amount of the premium will depend on the nature of the renovation work to be carried out, the location and the income of the owner. With this in mind, four types of income have been established.

Blue is equivalent to a very modest income. This colour is assigned to households with incomes below 15,262 euros for one person and 35,894 euros for 5. These figures correspond to households outside the Île-de-France. In the latter, very modest incomes generate less than 21,123 euros for one person and 49,736 euros for 5.

The yellow colour represents households with modest incomes. This includes households generating less than 19,565 euros for one person and 46,015 euros for 5. For the Île-de-France region, income must be less than 25,714 euros for one person and 60,546 euros for 5 people in order to fall into this category.

Purple is assigned to households with average incomes. Households with incomes of less than 29,148 euros for one person and 69,081 euros for 5 are concerned. In Île-de-France, they must be below 38,184 euros for one person and 90,496 euros for 5.

Households with high incomes are represented by the pink. Households with more than 29,148 euros for one person and 69,081 for 5 people are in the pink. In Île-de-France, households in pink generate more than 38,184 for one person and more than 90,596 for 5 people.

Thus, depending on the profile, the aid granted by MaPrimeRénov' will be more or less generous. For example, for blue households, the premium can amount to up to 90% of the cost of the renovation work. This percentage then decreases for the most affluent households. Consequently, for households in the pink, the support is limited to a few works such as wall insulation.

Work eligible for MaPrimeRénov' aid

Within the framework of the ANAH's MaPrimeRénov' aid, several works are eligible. In particular, you can count all work relating to insulation, whether it be of walls, floors, attics or windows. The grant also allows work to be carried out on heating systems and on the energy audit of a property. In general, in order to benefit from the aid, the energy renovation work must be carried out by an RGE company (Reconnue garante de l'environnement).

However, in some cases, it is possible to carry out work without using an RGE company or professional in order to benefit from the premium. In fact, for the installation of certain heating equipment or for thermal insulation, owners can waive this obligation.

In addition to the bonus, households that carry out work to get off the list of thermal flats can obtain a bonus of up to 1 500 euros. This requires an audit to be carried out prior to the work. The same applies to particularly ambitious energy renovation projects. If the owner achieves energy label B, he or she can receive a BBC (low energy building) bonus of up to 1,500 euros.


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Categories for the premium

It is important to note that the amount of MaPrimeRénov' varies according to location, standard of living and the renovation work. This means that you can benefit from a premium that is more or less substantial depending on the category to which you belong.

Blue: a very modest standard of living

For households on very low incomes, the amount of the premium is the highest for all types of work. This is because they are the first to receive ANAH assistance.

Work to be doneMaPrimeRénov'
Exit bonus from the energy sieve1 500 €
Low Energy Building (LEB) Bonus1 500 €
Energy audit500 €
Pellet boilers10 000 €
Geothermal heat pumps10 000 €
Solar heating8 000 €
Log boilers8 000 €
Simple heat pumps4 000 €
Pellet stoves3 000 €
The solar water heater4 000 €
Log burning stoves2 500 €
Closed fireplaces2 500 €
Hybrid solar equipment2 500 €
High performance gas boilers1 200 €
Heating or cooling networks1 200 €
The thermodynamic water heater1 200 €
Installation of an oil tank1 200 €
Double-flow mechanical ventilation (VMC)4 000 €
Thermal insulation of windows100 per equipment
Thermal insulation of walls75 euros per square metre
Roof insulation75 euros per square metre
Wall insulation25 euros per square meter
Insulation of roof slopes25 euros per square meter
Protection from the sun's rays25 euros per square meter

Thus, the amounts granted under MaPrimeRenov' for very low-income households are more substantial. However, MaPrimeRenov' grants do not cover air-to-air heat pumps, single-flow mechanical ventilation and loft insulation.

Yellow: a modest standard of living

For the yellow income category, the distribution of the premium amount is as follows:

Work to be doneMaPrimeRenov
Housing energy audit400 €
Installation of a pellet boiler8 000 €
The geothermal heat pump8 000 €
Solar heating6 500 €
The log boiler6 500 €
The heat pump3 000 €
The solar water heater3 000 €
Pellet stoves2 500 €
Log burning stoves2 000 €
Hybrid solar equipment2 000 €
High performance gas boilers800 €
Heating or cooling networks800 €
The thermodynamic water heater800 €
Installation of an oil tank800 €
Double flow CMV3 000 €
Thermal insulation of windows80 euros per equipment
Thermal insulation of walls60 euros per square metre
Roof insulation60 euros per square metre
Wall insulation20 euros per square metre
Insulation of roof slopes20 euros per square metre
Protection from the sun's rays20 euros per square metre

For low-income earners, the premium for the work is around 70% of the total amount of the energy renovation. As in the case of the blue income category, the premium does not cover certain works.

Violet: an average standard of living

For residences with average incomes, the resource limits are limited to 60% of the total amount of the work. The value of the premium depends on the latter.

Work to be doneMaPrimeRenov
Comprehensive renovation7 000 €
Energy audit300 €
Installation of a pellet boiler4 000 €
The geothermal heat pump4 000 €
Solar heating4 000 €
Hybrid solar equipment1 000 €
Heating or cooling networks400 €
The water heater400 €
Installation of an oil tank400 €
Controlled mechanical ventilation with double flow2 000 €
The log boiler3 000 €
The heat pump2 000 €
The solar water heater2 000 €
Pellet stoves1 500 €
Log burning stoves1 000 €
Thermal insulation of windows40 euros per equipment
Thermal insulation of walls40 euros per square meter
Roof insulation40 euros per square meter
Wall insulation15 euros per square meter
Insulation of roof slopes15 euros per square meter
Protection from the sun's rays15 euros per square meter

For the purple category, the works not supported are loft insulation, air-to-air heat pumps and gas boiler.

Rose: a high standard of living

The colour pink represents households with particularly high earnings. Also, dwellings in this category have few advantages. In addition to the low income, they receive only a small share of the heat sink exit bonus.

Work to be doneMaPrimeRenov
Low energy building bonus (BBC)500 €
Exit bonus from the energy sieve500 €
Overall renovation3 500 €
Thermal insulation of walls15 euros per square meter
Roof insulation15 euros per square meter
Wall insulation work7 euros per square meter
Insulation of the roof slopes7 euros per square meter

Pink households are generally people with high-yielding activities. Therefore, they only benefit from a small percentage of the MaPrimeRénov' grants. However, they can take advantage of the BBC and energy sieve exit bonuses.

The MaPrimeRenov' application procedure

As for the procedure to follow in order to benefit from the aid, the application must be made on the France Renov' platform. In order to obtain the premium, it is necessary to follow a few essential steps.

In particular, you must have a quote from an RGE company. It is important that you do not sign before applying for the renovation. Therefore, you must make an application on the France Renov' portal. You need the unsigned estimate, the tax information and the contribution framework. You must then wait to find out if you are eligible and the amount of the premium. Once the application has been accepted, you can sign the estimate and proceed with the energy renovation work. You must then send in your invoice with your bank details to receive the grant by bank transfer.

Please note that it is not possible to send two applications simultaneously. Therefore, if you have a file being processed under the MaPrimeRénov' grants, you will have to wait. Only once you have received the grant or after the file has been closed can you submit another application for an ANAH grant.

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