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A turnkey service


Camille L.

After a few phone calls, I immediately felt that the team was attentive, responsive and professional. I was always afraid of being cheated on the work, but here I was able to rely on real experts who had a perfect command of the work and did not try to trick me! I am completely satisfied with the renovation of my flat, which I rented in just a few days without any problems.


"Support from real professionals".




A reconciliation with the works


Jules M.

Reno is an ideal ally to reconcile with the work and have a unique and design interior. The team was very professional from start to finish and mastered the work.


"A designer renovation that is pleasant to live with!"





Reconfiguration of a 22m² studio into a T2

"Working with Reno definitely made the process of buying my flat easier. They were able to take my few guidelines on what I wanted and made my flat look nice. I gave them some advice on what I liked and they took care of everything." - Mr L.

Duration of the project: 3 months including furnishing
Total cost of the work: ~ 25 000€.


Creating a room

"It was very easy to use Reno and very cost effective as they turned our studio into a 2 bedroom. We got quotes from a few contractors and some were very high. Reno was much more affordable." - Mrs J.

Duration of the project: 6 weeks
Total cost of the work: ~ 14 000€.

MELUN - 6 avenue Thiers AVANT 1MELUN - 6 avenue Thiers APRES 1

Restructuring and fitting out of a 16m2 studio

"Reno helped me make some very important design decisions and partnered me with some excellent contractors. Even with a plumbing problem, my project was completed on time. This is the second time I have worked with Reno. I highly recommend them." - Mr E.

Project duration: 3 months with furnishing
Total cost of work: ~ 19 000€.


Reconfiguration of a 34m2 one-bedroom apartment

"The process was quick and easy. We are very happy with our new acquisition. We already have a new project in mind and will no doubt be calling on the Reno teams again." - Mr L.

Duration of the project: 3 months
Total cost of the work: ~ 33 000€.


23.5m² dwelling to be reconfigured

"A first for me and I would definitely do it again! Everything went well, the teams were very attentive and the final project has no defects. Everything is perfectly in line with the plan, I am delighted!" 

- Mr L.

Duration of the project: 3 months
Total cost of the work: ~ 28 000€.


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