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After more than 10 years of experience in the rental investment market, the pioneers of this captivating domain, Manuel Ravier and Mickael Zonta, decided to mark this decade dedicated to our clients with the birth of the architectural firm RENO.

It's a truly exciting and significant milestone for them, a well-deserved celebration of their dedication and expertise that have helped redefine industry standards.

RENO is not just a firm, it's a concrete vision of the future, a continued commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of rental investment.

This new adventure is more than just a professional evolution; it's an exciting chapter opening for them, where the experience accumulated over the years transforms into a driving force for exceptional architectural projects and tailor-made solutions for their clients.

Through RENO, Manuel Ravier and Mickael Zonta seek to merge past experience with present creativity, creating a space where ideas come to life and where each project becomes a unique story.

With enthusiasm and determination, they embark on this new adventure, fully aware of the challenges ahead, but also of the exciting opportunities on the horizon.

At RENO, the story of the past decade becomes the solid foundation upon which they will build the future, a future that promises to push the boundaries of rental investment and redefine market expectations.

Indeed, after benefiting from the expertise of rental investment architects, many of our clients have since approached us to renovate their primary residences.

Public establishments have also turned to us, seeking to breathe new life into their spaces. Of course, our commitment continues to support them in projects intended for rentals, whether it be shared housing, divisions, coliving, or even the transformation of housing of all types.

This diversification of our services naturally stems from the trust our clients have placed in us. The transition from rental investments to the renovation of primary residences represents a natural evolution, and we are proud to be able to accompany our clients at every stage of their real estate journey.

At RENO, our commitment is not limited to a single type of project. Every request is unique, and our team is ready to take on all challenges, whether they are residential projects or commercial establishments. It is in this versatility that our strength lies, offering our clients the continuous confidence they deserve in every new architectural adventure.

Empowered by their trust and aware of the challenges ahead (especially regarding the improvement of building energy performance), a dedicated team has been structured to handle these projects. Structural engineers, eco-energy engineers, architects from the best institutes in France: our experts have been chosen to accompany you in even more ambitious, even crazier projects. 

In this perspective, our teams offer tailor-made projects ranging from conception to realization of all your ambitions (plans, drawings, feasibility study, works, furnishing & decoration). To do this, we continue to rely on the practical expertise of our craftsmen present in various metropolitan areas. 

Our reason for being is unequivocal and could be summed up by the following adage “placing good in the service of good”. This leitmotif to which our teams are attached is transcribed throughout the value chain: the artisans selected are local companies in order to support local commerce. They are based on rigorous criteria (experience in the field, insurance, Google evaluation, etc.). Our teams are also committed to reducing Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emitted by the French real estate stock – an underlying measure of supporting purchasing power given the increase in energy prices. It is undoubtedly also about positioning ourselves as an actor capable of reconciling the economic interests of our customers and the fight against poor housing.

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Sales Director Political Sciences/HEC, Lille/Paris


Head of Architects France Condé School / Olivier de Serres (ENSAAMA), Bordeaux/Paris


Head of Architects in the Aquitaine region Sorbonne, Paris


Head of Architects Hauts-de-France École supérieure des arts modernes, Paris


Lead Architect in Île-de-France École supérieure des arts modernes, Paris


Architecte DPLG

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Eco-energy Engineer Île-de-France



Civil Engineer

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Office Manager
Consulting marketing, Paris

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Assistant manager

Our founders

Manuel Ravier

CEO Investissement Locatif

Mickael Zonta

CEO Investissement Locatif

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