What is a facade renovation and how much does it cost?

As time goes by, pollution clings to the facades, the plaster crumbles and signs of damp leave traces on your walls. Over the years, damage accumulates one after the other, deteriorating your façade. Consequently, a restoration operation is necessary to repair the aesthetic damage and to embellish the appearance of your exterior walls. In addition, a rendering will allow your façade to regain its originalthermal insulation performance. In theory, the restoration of exterior walls is exempt from any formality with the town hall, but in practice, it is often subject to it. As for the price of such a renovation project, there are several factors to consider. Find out below the answers to all your questions about façade renovation and its cost.

Focus on facade renovation

Facelift can radically change the appearance and style of a house. However, it is not exclusively aimed at beautifying your home by restoring it to its former glory.

Definition and usefulness of facade renovation

A facade renovation is more than a simple cleaning, as the work is substantial and should not be taken lightly. The operation consists in particular in renovating the frontage of a building in order to give it back its original aspect. In other words, it involves restoring the facades and visible accessories of a building. It should be noted that a restoration can at the same time concern the external walls, the joinery (windows, shutters, doors) and the other elements included in the façade (balconies, terraces, gates). It is also an opportunity to modify your exterior cladding with a new finish (paint, plaster or rendering).

Over time, the external walls deteriorate and cracks appear. As a result, the thermal and sound insulation of the building is compromised. Thus, this renovation operation gives a new lease of life to the facades, while improving their performance in terms of insulation. In addition to these thermal considerations, facade renovation work gives you additional value in the event of resale of your property later on.

Roughly speaking, renovation operations must be carried out with respect to the original appearance of the façade. The restoration of the latter requires specific tools and know-how. It is therefore carried out by companies specialised in this field. It should be noted that there are many financial aids available to owners who wish to carry out such a project.

Façade restoration, a legal obligation

The restoration of the façade is a legal obligation for the owner of a property. According to the Code de la construction et de l'habitation (CCH), this operation must be carried out every decade (10 years). Indeed, the façades of buildings must be kept in good condition. Thus, they must not present a safety risk for the occupants or passers-by. In this respect, restoration is compulsory for those in very poor condition. However, if you refuse to restore your exterior walls, you risk being fined.

In addition, the restoration of the facade of a building in co-ownership is also a legal obligation. It contributes to the harmony of the urban environment and therefore contributes to the enhancement of the heritage. In co-owned buildings, it is the syndic who receives the injunction and who is responsible for informing all the co-owners.

The work represents a more or less important investment depending on your expectations and the general state of your façade. However, before comparing prices or discovering the different stages of a restoration project, you must make a prior application to the town hall. Indeed, as soon as the operation modifies the external aspect of your house, it is subjected to a preliminary declaration. If you want to repaint your walls in a different colour, you will also have to take this administrative step.

In short, if you renovate the façade of your property in the same way as before, you will not need to apply to the town hall for permission.

The stages of facade renovation

It is necessary to undertake one or more operations on the façade. In principle, the restoration is carried out in 5 main stages.

Diagnosis of the façade

Beforehand, it is advisable to carry out a diagnosis of the premises in order to find the right treatment for your façade. Various tests must therefore be carried out to check the condition of the support, to identify cracks and any moisture problems. The work begins with a full assessment by a qualified expert, followed by a detailed and accurate estimate. Once the façade diagnosis has been carried out and the formalities with the town hall have been completed, the preparations for the renovation can begin.

Setting up the site

In order to ensure that the work goes smoothly, it is essential to prepare the façade renovation carefully. If you have a large surface area, the installation of scaffolding or a mobile ladder may be necessary. That said, façade restoration is an important operation that requires the services of a qualified expert. For example, you can request the services of an architect. His intervention will allow you to carry out your renovation with complete peace of mind. In addition, the architect will ensure the quality of the result.

Cleaning the facade

Facade cleaning or facade stripping is the next step to take. It is intended to maintain your home by removing pollution-related dirt from your exterior walls. Defects in the coating are more apparent on clean surfaces and the latter make it easier to detect errors in the application of the coating. Several techniques are available to carry out this step such as :

  • peeling,
  • sandblasting,
  • sanding,
  • scrubbing,
  • nebulisation,
  • Hydro-rubbing,
  • chemical cleaning,
  • high pressure cleaning.

Some types of cleaning are easily done, while others require specific know-how and skills. In any case, surround yourself with professionals who will help you with the cleaning process.

Wall treatment and repair

Once the facade has been cleaned, facade treatment is necessary to ensure that your surface is protected for the long term. For example, a water-repellent treatment provides long-term protection for your exterior walls against rainwater damage.

The work then moves on to repairs related to the possible presence of cracks or fissures (crevices). Note that the renovation of a stone façade requires more time and specialised skills. This is because every joint has to be dug out and redone.

Protection and application of the plaster

Once the façade has been cleaned and treated, it must be protected against the elements. In concrete terms, plastering provides lasting protection for your walls against the many external influences.

Plastering is the ultimate solution for finishing a façade. Indeed, plasters have many advantages. In particular, they help to refresh the appearance of your exterior surface. From an aesthetic point of view, there are many types of render finishes (smooth, rough, rolled, etc.).

Please note that there are also different types of cladding for your façade. Cladding is a second layer that is applied to the exterior wall of the building. By definition, it protects against bad weather and improves thermal and sound insulation. The choice of cladding depends on the amount of money you wish to save and on your personal taste.


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Facade renovation: a cost depending on several factors

The price range for a facade renovation is from €25 to €140/m2, including labour. However, it is possible that the amount will be higher. Indeed, it all depends on the work to be carried out according to several criteria.

The location of the property

In the city centre, and particularly in the Paris region, the price of a façade renovation is more expensive. If you are concerned, do not hesitate to ask for several estimates in order to choose the professionals or companies whose offer is the most advantageous.

The surface area of the house

Logically, the larger your house is, the more expensive the façade renovation will be. Among other things, the means deployed for a small property will not be the same as for a large property. Indeed, the latter will require a large quantity of materials.

Accessibility of the façade

The price of a facade renovation also varies if the residence has easy or difficult access. Similarly, a building over 4 metres high will require scaffolding, which is more expensive than a mobile ladder.

The type of support

Whether your house is built of wood, brick or breeze block, this will affect the cost of the façade renovation. It should be noted that renderings reserved for brick are more expensive. Wood is a more delicate material and difficult to clean, which can affect the final bill. It should be noted that a stone façade has an average price of 40 €/m2. In addition, there are financial aids available to owners to help them meet this significant expense.

The general condition of the façade

The general condition of the building is an important factor in determining the price of a facade renovation. A facade that simply needs to be refreshed will require much less work than one that needs to be repaired because of cracks or water infiltration.

The cost of materials

As a homeowner, you will have the choice of several types of materials with varying costs. For example, for paint, you will need to calculate between €16 and €30/m2. For sprayed plaster, you can expect to pay between €20 and €26/m2.

The type of coating chosen

Paint, resin or plaster are examples of coatings. It should be noted that the price of these varies, as does the cost of the labour required to apply them.

Possible insulation work to be planned

Renovating your exterior façade is an opportunity to improve the insulation of your home to bring it up to the latest standards. Moreover, this energy renovation work will give you access to financial aid for your façade renovation. Although the operation is an obligation, it can be subsidised, particularly when it is coupled with insulation. The State offers, through various institutions, aid to support the energy transition. The subsidies of theNational Agency for Housing Improvement (ANAH) are for example the best known.

Facade renovation and tax deduction

It is possible to renovate your façade at a lower cost by combining tax credits and various forms of aid. On the other hand, there is no possibility of gaining tax relief if the work is carried out on your main residence. However, the rule changes radically if you own a rental property. In this case, you had to make a choice between the real and the micro tax system. If you have opted for the actual system, you are therefore entitled to deduct certain work from your tax bill.

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