5 precautions to take for your renovation work quote


Are you looking to invest in rental property? Thinking of carrying out renovation works on your house or apartment to prepare it for renting out? Whether it's small-scale or large-scale operations (upgrading, renovation, refurbishment, etc.), you need to enlist the help of one or more professionals. However, before committing to a contractor with the signing of the work quote, it's important to take some precautions. Indeed, more than just an information note, this document, once validated by the client, will become a contract. To protect yourself against scams and avoid potential issues, discover in this guide the various tips to follow to obtain a proper renovation work quote.

1) Request Multiple Quotes to Compare Offers

Choosing the right company to carry out your renovation works is crucial. To do this, it's best to shop around. Indeed, each professional can freely set the price for their intervention. This may involve walls, floors, electricity, insulation, roofing, plumbing, heating, etc. Tiling, bathroom or kitchen refurbishment, painting, and interior redesign are concrete examples. Thus, it's possible that the construction companies you consult may offer you different prices for the same operation. You'll need an accurate estimate to make your project profitable.

To make the best possible choice, you should therefore consider contacting several craftsmen and requesting different quotes from them. With these documents in your possession, it will be easy to compare the amounts proposed by each. You can also study the differences between the items listed in each estimate or quote you receive. Several advantages stem from this method. It allows you to select the pricing that best fits your budget and is the most affordable. Then, by knowing the prices charged by different service providers, you can negotiate the cost of implementing your works more effectively. You'll benefit from a better quality/price ratio. Moreover, by comparing the quotes, it will be easier to determine which works seem superfluous. This way, you avoid unnecessary expenses and make significant savings by making the right choices.

However, you should beware of professionals offering a realization price that is too low compared to market rates. These craftsmen may introduce additional expenses that were not initially planned in your contract during the construction phase. It's also possible that the quality of their service is lacking. So, you should read the quotes from each provider carefully. It's about meticulously analyzing all the documents. This can be done by referring to the agreements made with each. These agreements are established during the visit of the contractor and the discussion with them about the progress of each stage of your project. It will be necessary, among other things, to ensure that :

  • the works comply with what has been indicated ;
  • the materials used are of quality and meet the conditions set to qualify for certain aids ;
  • labor costs and the estimated timeframe for the works are respected ;
  • the techniques applied are clearly indicated in each quote ;
  • etc.

Possible online, the comparison of quotes will then be carried out point by point. Those that are the most precise and clear will be favored as they demonstrate the seriousness and transparency of the service providers. You'll also need to check for any deliberate omissions that could significantly increase the final cost of your renovation works bill. You'll also need to ensure that the prices of materials and labor costs exactly match the figures indicated in each quote. It should be noted that the estimated cost of your renovation works should ideally be both reasonable and close to the market reality. This also applies to construction. A specialist like Reno can provide advice on your project and serve as a guide to effectively renovate your house or apartment.

2) No Intervention Over €150 Without a Quote

Article 3 of the decree published on March 2, 1990, governs the advertising of prices for troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance services in the building and appliance sector. It notably mentions the mandatory provision of a quote by any service provider whenever the work to be undertaken exceeds €150. Therefore, if the amount of your renovation works equals or exceeds this sum, you must demand a quote before the start of your project.

Likewise, you must ensure that the works only commence after the signing of the quote and after you have accepted all the terms of the contract. The aim is to avoid any unpleasant surprises regarding the service provided and the final cost of the operation. Signing and adding the handwritten mentions "Accepted for work" and "Quote received before work execution" legally bind you to the contractor you have chosen to carry out your works. Furthermore, the legal nature of the quote provided by the craftsman serves as protection in case of disputes. This document will be particularly useful for claiming damages.

The amounts of renovation work quotes can vary significantly from one project to another. Whether renovating a house or an apartment, you will generally need to budget between €5,000 and €150,000. However, the average cost of a renovation is around €20,000 unless the building concerned is in poor condition. Naturally, you can obtain a more precise estimate of your renovation budget by referring to various examples of quotes already available on the market.

Depending on the type of work to be undertaken, prices and quotes will vary for each of the engaged artisans. Therefore, you will need to establish a different budget for each expense item. This includes:

  • masonry work ;
  • finishing work ;
  • replacement of the heating system ;
  • interior fittings (walls, floors, and ceilings) ;
  • painting works ;
  • bathroom and/or kitchen renovation ;
  • plumbing renovation ;
  • insulation works ;
  • bringing the electrical installation up to standards ;
  • renovation of joinery (doors and windows) ;
  • roof renovation.

Each estimate and quote must include the supply of materials and installation. You will also need to take into account the VAT (Value Added Tax) applicable to each of the works. The VAT rate is reduced to 10% if you plan to carry out works improving your house or apartment. However, this VAT increases to 20% when the works are not considered as such. Moreover, your quote may also be subject to upward revision depending on your type of construction (house, studio, 2-room apartment, etc.).

3) Pay Attention to the Mandatory Information That Must Appear on the Quote

Artisans and companies that can help you renovate your house or apartment can perform several operations. This ranges from renovating your bathroom to your kitchen. They can also lay floor tiles, replace a window covering, heating system, and carry out painting works. You can use their services to renovate your electrical installation or reinforce insulation in your building. Roof refurbishment can also be added to these operations. However, before signing a renovation work quote, you must check for the presence of the information that must necessarily appear in this document. A well-prepared quote must notably highlight:

  • The date of creation and the validity period of the document ;
  • The address and full name of the company or craftsman ;
  • The registration of the service provider ;
  • Your name as the client ;
  • Your address and that of your construction site ;
  • The description of your works (electricity, plumbing, heating...) ;
  • The list of services, products, and materials essential for the successful completion of your project (with their unit price, quantity, and total) ;
  • The hourly rates including VAT for labor ;
  • The timekeeping modalities on the construction site ;
  • The inclusive VAT prices of the various flat-rate services proposed ;
  • The total amount to be paid for the implementation of works including VAT and excluding VAT ;
  • The VAT rate for each service ;
  • Payment terms ;
  • Travel expenses (if necessary) ;
  • Whether the quote is chargeable or free and the cost of its establishment if applicable ;
  • Any other potential remuneration conditions if they exist.

All this information must be provided to you by the service provider before the creation of your renovation work quote. This obligation is mentioned in Article 2 of the decree of March 2, 1990. This legal text states that during a visit to their client, any professional must present a written document containing the data listed above prior to any work.

However, certain non-mandatory but essential elements may appear on your quote alongside the mandatory mentions. Among them, you can distinguish the start and end dates of the construction site. This information is supplemented by the estimated duration for the completion of the works. As for the legal data, it can be checked online on the registry of the court's website.


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4) Check the Service Provider's Registration

You must remember to verify the legal information of the company or service provider who will carry out your renovation works before hiring them. The main element to consider is the registration of the professional. If it is an artisan, they must be registered in the trade directory. This information serves as proof of their legal existence. The renovation company providing expertise should also have an intra-community VAT number. However, it may also be a SIREN or SIRET number registered by INSEE (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies).

By definition, the SIREN (System for Identifying Establishments) is a 9-digit number. The SIRET (System for Identifying Establishments on the Territory) is a 14-digit number. This number is composed of the SIREN number and the NIC (Internal Classification Number), and identifies each establishment of the self-employed individual or the company providing services.

However, if it is a commercial company, it must be registered in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS). Your service provider must then have an RCS number as proof. These pieces of information are usually available on the Kbis extract of the company. This document will be useful for you to understand the financial health of the company. Thus, you ensure that it is not in difficulty (safeguarding, judicial liquidation, or recovery). Therefore, you must ask the entity in charge of your renovation works to provide you with an up-to-date Kbis. This proof must be dated within the last 3 months. Of course, you can also consult all the data related to the professional on the Infogreffe online platform.

These verifications will allow you to renovate your house or apartment with peace of mind. You will ensure the proper supply of your materials (tiles, plumbing elements, window coverings, electrical equipment, etc.). This guarantees the completion of your works under the best conditions.

5) Subscribe to Building Damage Insurance

If you have renovation works to undertake in your house or apartment and decide to entrust them to a professional, taking out building damage insurance is a wise choice. It is indeed a mandatory protection for all major works. This applies both to construction and renovation (including elevation and extension, among others). However, it is noticeable that the number of individuals making this decision remains relatively low.

To optimize the progress of your renovation project, the ideal is to opt for building damage insurance. It will generally cost you between 2% and 5% of the total budget allocated to the works carried out on your house or apartment. Subscription must be made before the start of your construction site. The validity period is equal to the duration of your works plus 10 years following their completion. This applies to all types of interior fitting works (walls, floors, kitchen, bathroom, heating, painting, electricity, plumbing, roof, insulation, etc.) in your accommodation.

It should be noted that building damage insurance is different from the ten-year warranty. One concerns your building while the other covers the liability of your service provider. Concretely, building damage insurance relates to the private client or private developer, you in this case. It can also concern your property developer. This protection allows you to insure your entire construction. It can be invoked in situations where the solidity of your house or apartment is in jeopardy. The ten-year warranty, on the other hand, represents mandatory insurance for any construction professional. It covers the professional only for the services he is required to perform for you, including supply and installation.

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