Bathroom renovation cost: How to assess the cost of your project ?

prix rénovation salle de bain

Bathroom renovation prices depend on various factors and the specific needs of each project. Indeed, every element, from tiling to plumbing, contributes to creating comfort and aesthetics in this essential room of any home. The bathroom is indeed a daily sanctuary where the day begins and ends. Therefore, this type of renovation requires careful budget planning.

Assessing the budget for your bathroom renovation project is crucial. Discover how the price per square meter method can be an indispensable tool for estimating costs accurately. We're not just talking about numbers; we're talking about a way to realize your bathroom dreams without exceeding your budget.

Renovating your bathroom with this approach means effectively planning your budget. It's also about opening the door to a bathroom renovation that combines aesthetics and good financial management. You'll get an idea of the average cost of the work, identify crucial project steps, and turn your bathroom vision into reality, without compromise.

Considering water usage, rethinking walls and space, hiring skilled artisans, choosing appropriate coverings, are among the best practices. You should also explore available financial aid, opt for professional fixtures, and even reconsider the vanity unit, as these aspects directly influence the final result of your project. By considering these factors in your renovation planning, you ensure a complete transformation of your room, harmoniously tailored to meet your specific needs. Most importantly, entrust all of this to a good interior architect. Details !

prix rénovation salle de bain

Bathroom renovation cost: What are the elements contributing to the total cost of the work ?

Renovating a bathroom is a complex undertaking involving various elements that impact the total cost.

Breaking down costs is crucial to fully grasp the financial implications of each stage of the process. Understanding the different elements contributing to the total cost allows for better planning and optimization of available resources.

Analyzing material choices plays a major role in cost control. Selecting quality materials in harmony with the desired style is essential. Informed decisions regarding floor tiling, vanity units, bathtubs, or walk-in showers can significantly influence the price per square meter. Bathroom renovation thus involves a process where the average price closely depends on the chosen materials.

Labor is another essential factor. Discussing the influence of required skills and labor rates sheds light on the human dimension of this project. From plumbing to electrical work, each expertise has a direct impact on the total cost. Specialized skills, such as those needed for installing a shower bathtub or an Italian shower, can significantly affect the budget.

Bathroom renovation is part of a complex process where every choice, from materials to labor, contributes to the total cost. Here, we offer an in-depth exploration of the financial aspects associated with this undertaking, highlighting the importance of understanding the interactions between different elements to successfully complete quality work within the defined budget. When renovating the bathroom, informed decisions regarding the sink basin, painting, walls, space, tiling, and other types of covering are crucial. Managing moisture, optimal layout, and collaboration with skilled artisans are also essential factors to ensure the success of your home renovation project.

Who to Contact for the Best Bathroom Renovation Prices ?

If you're looking to get the best value for your bathroom renovation, we recommend working with an interior architect. This professional is your best ally in this type of project. Plus, you don't have to look far to find one that meets your expectations. Simply turn to an architectural firm that offers a wide range of renovation services. At Reno, we provide you with an interior architect who will take charge of your project and oversee your bathroom renovation works.

Since our renovation agency collaborates with various supply and material companies, we will be able to find quality options for you, based on your budget. Therefore, feel free to contact us now to get a bathroom renovation quote !

prix rénovation salle de bain

Bathroom Renovation Prices: Factors Influencing Square Meter Prices 

Determining the price per square meter during a bathroom renovation is a crucial step, conditioned by various factors that deserve thorough analysis.

The bathroom size, first and foremost, has a direct impact on the overall cost. The larger the area, the more materials and labor are needed. Understanding how bathroom size influences the price per square meter allows for more precise budget planning.

The level of customization is another determining factor. When custom elements such as bespoke vanity units, specific floor tiling choices, or various installations like a shower bathtub or an Italian shower bath are integrated, costs can quickly rise. Explaining how these customized choices affect the price per square meter provides a clearer view of the financial implications of customization.

The initial condition of the bathroom should also be considered. A discussion on additional costs related to demolition and preparation is necessary. Plumbing and electrical work in existing bathrooms can lead to significant budget adjustments. Understanding how the initial condition of the bathroom influences the cost per square meter helps anticipate and manage unforeseen expenses.

In summary, exploring the factors influencing the price per square meter in bathroom renovation offers a comprehensive perspective. From bathroom size to customization and initial condition, each element plays a crucial role in determining the total cost. Integrating aspects such as painting, walls, available space, qualified craftsmen, and the choice of appropriate cladding materials becomes essential. This thorough analysis contributes to informed decision-making and effective budget management in bathroom renovation projects. It also takes into account potential challenges related to moisture and optimal space layout.

Renovation Prices

Renovation Type

Price Including Tax


€750 to €1000

Standard Renovation 

between €1200 and €2400

Complete Renovation

between €450 and €950/m²

Use of entry-level materials and equipment

Between €160 to €210/m²

Use of mid-range materials and equipment

Between €500 to €600 per m²

Use of high-end materials and equipment

Between €710 to €900/m²

Replacement of bathroom tiles

Between €25 to €55/m².

Various Components of the Bathroom and Their Prices


Average Cost with Installation


€410 to €1400

Whirlpool Bathtub

€1100 to €5800


€270 to €500

Shower Tray

€600 to €1900

Italian Shower Tray

€1300 to €4400


€210 to €780

Wall-mounted Toilet

€310 to €950

Underfloor Heating

€45 to €100/m²


€85 to €580


€50 to €130


€60 to €160


€25 to €45/m²

Plumbing Work

€45 to €65 per m²

Electrical Work

€55 to €75/m²

Service Rates for Various Renovation Professionals



Labor Cost (euros/h)


Specializes in bathroom installation, renovation, and remodeling. Can offer package deals based on the scope of the project.

Between €50 to €70


Expert in tile installation, whether it's porcelain stoneware, cement tiles, mosaic imitation, or wall tiles. Cost varies depending on the type of tiles and installation technique.

Between €40 and €50 (excluding supplies)


Advises on moisture-resistant paint types, handles surface preparation, and site protection. Can work on a daily fixed-rate basis.

Between €35 and €50


Ensures electrical installation compliant with safety standards NF C15-100. Cost includes travel expenses, parts, and labor.

Between €40 and €55 per hour

prix rénovation salle de bain

Our Tips for Optimizing Cost per Square Meter

Optimizing the cost per square meter during bathroom renovation is an important step to ensure a balance between quality and budget control. By adopting a methodical approach, decisions related to baths, painting, walls, space, as well as the selection of skilled craftsmen and covering, play a crucial role in the process. Considering humidity and thoughtful design are also essential to ensure the success of the home renovation.

To achieve potential savings without compromising quality, it is recommended to explore cost-effective alternatives in material selection. Affordable floor tiling options, elegant yet less expensive vanity units, or comparing prices for fixtures such as a bathtub or shower can significantly help reduce costs.

Negotiating quotes is a key step in obtaining the best value for money with contractors. Advising on the importance of seeking multiple quotes and carefully comparing them enables informed decision-making. Discussing specific work details, such as installing an Italian shower or electrical plumbing, is also essential to avoid hidden costs.

Anticipating unforeseen circumstances is an important strategy to avoid unexpected expenses. Emphasizing the importance of budgeting for contingencies, whether related to structural issues discovered during work or necessary adjustments in the renovation process, is crucial. This foresight helps ensure robust financial management and avoid unexpected budget constraints.

These tips aim to effectively guide those undertaking a bathroom renovation, focusing on optimizing cost per square meter. They will assist you in finding potential savings, negotiating quotes, and anticipating unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, they offer a proactive approach to reconciling financial efficiency and quality work within the framework of a bathroom renovation project.

Assess Your Bathroom Renovation Prices with a Professional

The crucial importance of evaluating the cost per square meter when planning a bathroom renovation cannot be overstated. Understanding the various factors that influence the total cost, from the size of the bathroom to material choices and specialized labor, allows for an informed approach to this complex project. Continuously reminding the need to consider the average price per square meter provides a solid foundation for effective financial management.

This methodical approach should prompt project stakeholders to begin planning their bathroom renovation venture. Tips for optimizing cost per square meter, such as seeking potential savings, negotiating quotes, and anticipating unforeseen circumstances, offer concrete avenues to initiate this process. These recommendations should be applied from the outset of each project. This promotes a successful bathroom renovation that is both aesthetically pleasing and financially controlled.

Ultimately, planning a bathroom renovation is not a simple task, but :

  • – by adopting a systematic approach,
  • – by carefully evaluating the cost per square meter,
  • – by following cost optimization tips, readers can engage in this project with confidence and assurance, ensuring satisfactory results in every aspect.

Managing humidity, optimal design, choice of coverings (paint, tiles, etc.), and collaboration with skilled craftsmen also significantly contribute to the success of home renovation.

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