Bathroom renovation: mistakes to avoid !


The bathroom is one of the most crucial rooms in any home. It's a space where we spend a considerable amount of time, so it's essential for it to be both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Undertaking a bathroom renovation project can be exhilarating, but it's crucial to steer clear of certain mistakes that often result in decreased property value upon resale and create issues.

To give your bathroom a fresh look, consider a renovation project involving new furniture or more functional fixtures. For instance, you could renovate your bathroom with a walk-in shower, a whirlpool bathtub, more suitable toilets, a new sink, or improved lighting. 

For those seeking a cost-effective solution for their renovation, it's possible to obtain a quote for the necessary work in your bathroom. This will help estimate the renovation cost and provide better control over your budget.

Why Renovate Your Bathroom?

There are several reasons why you might want to renovate your bathroom. Perhaps it's too outdated and requires the addition of modern amenities, or maybe it lacks functionality. Renovating your bathroom also helps reduce energy consumption, leading to savings.

Updating an Older Bathroom

Bathroom design trends evolve with time. Noble materials such as marble or exotic woods are now utilized in bathrooms to create a luxurious and elegant ambiance that withstands the test of time due to the natural qualities of these materials. Your bathroom should be a place where you enjoy relaxing, so it's essential that the room features decor, design, and colors that reflect your style and preferences.

Ensuring Bathroom Safety

As we age, our mobility and interactions with space change. Aging individuals often find it challenging to navigate small spaces without the risk of falling, making bathrooms particularly hazardous places! However, there's no need to worry because nowadays, products have been specifically designed to meet safety needs.

To ensure the safety of your bathroom, numerous solutions are available across various price ranges, such as installing a walk-in shower, a grab bar, or a bathtub with a door. You can also consider fitting non-slip tiles on the floor to prevent any slipping accidents in your bathroom.


You're just a few clicks away from renovating your home.

Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating Your Bathroom

Failing to Set a Budget for Your Renovation Project

Despite being a small space, renovating a bathroom can be one of the costliest endeavors in your home. Many homeowners overlook several renovation costs, and unexpected expenses may arise during the process.

That's why it's crucial to hire a professional for the renovations. Make sure to engage a skilled worker who knows their trade. For instance, an architect familiar with bathrooms understands the challenges that may arise during renovations and can quickly and efficiently resolve issues.

Not Considering Storage Optimization

To make the most of your space, it's essential to design a well-organized and functional bathroom with an adequate amount of storage space. Storage should be carefully planned and placed.

Since there isn't much floor space available for installing storage cabinets under sinks (especially in older homes), consider using tall furniture such as cabinets or shelves that can be easily removed if needed. Maximize the use of sloping ceilings and room height.

Proper storage optimization will help you save space and add a touch of style and design to your bathroom decor. But don't overload the room with too many storage spaces.

Neglecting Plumbing Access

Always plan for easy-to-use access for plumbing issues. Without it, you may need to break part of your tiles for the plumber to access faulty pipes.

Overlooking Bathroom Ventilation and Electricity

For your bathroom, you want a ventilation system that will keep humidity levels low to prevent mold growth and allow fresh air to enter daily. If humidity develops, paint will deteriorate, and some appliances may rust, posing serious health risks.

Having a window in your bathroom provides an excellent source of ventilation as well as natural light. If there are no windows, opt for an effective ventilation system like a humidity-sensitive VMC that starts based on the room's humidity level.

In addition to a good ventilation system, paint your bathroom walls with oil-based or mold-resistant paint. Paint specifically designed for bathrooms increases color longevity while enhancing your home's resale value.

Neglecting Electrical Safety

The risk of electrical shock in this room must be taken seriously to prevent potential electrocution. Only an experienced professional can ensure electrical standards for bathroom equipment and accessories. Consider this during your renovation!

Forgetting Heating

Without proper heating, forget about enjoying a relaxing shower !

Maintaining adequate room temperature is essential for your daily routine and staying healthy year-round! Aim for 19°C – 22°C depending on your cold sensitivity.

One of the best tricks is installing underfloor heating, although it comes with a certain cost. You can also install a heated towel rail, ensuring a warm towel after your bath or shower, which is always pleasant.

Choosing Unsuitable Flooring or Wall Coverings

Your bathroom is a humid environment. Therefore, you should install flooring that is water-resistant and avoid any paper patterns on your walls.

Instead, invest in tiles or polished concrete floors; they are made from materials that offer excellent durability.

Why Hire a Professional for Your Bathroom Renovation

When redesigning a bathroom, it's essential to consider the specific needs related to the humidity of this space. You'll need an electrical circuit up to standards and lighting suitable for your area, as well as a floor that can withstand daily exposure to water without discoloration or damage over time. It may also be worthwhile to consider modernizing your old fixtures to make them more functional while aesthetically pleasing.

Given the complexity of this type of renovation, you can turn to a professional renovation company like Reno, who can guide you in your choices and advise you on the coverings to choose, space optimization, or the layout of your water area based on your habits and desires. They can provide you with plenty of good ideas and tips to successfully complete your renovation project while saving money, allowing you to reduce the total cost of your project and stick to your budget.

You're just a few clicks away from renovating your home.

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