Entreprise rénovation : 2 informations essentielles à savoir 

Renovation company

Renovation companies carry out refurbishment, improvement, or modernization works on apartments, houses, commercial premises, and more. With their team comprising various trades, they can undertake projects involving plumbing, carpentry, masonry, etc. Their services range from conception to the completion of the project, including decoration. Over the years, numerous renovation companies have emerged in France, aiming to provide tailor-made real estate restoration solutions to property owners. Are you hesitant about engaging one? Discover in this article two pieces of information that will shed light on the types of projects they undertake and the benefits they bring to you.

Renovation company

A renovation company in France undertakes two types of projects

A real estate renovation company in France caters to the needs of homeowners looking to restore their homes. The works encompass both interior and exterior aspects of the property.

Exterior Renovation Projects for a House

A residential building (apartment or house) shields owners from the elements and provides privacy. However, a property showing signs of wear and tear loses its visual appeal, tarnishing the image of a beautiful real estate landscape in cities like Paris, Lyon, Versailles, etc. Often, it's the exterior of the house that shows signs of deterioration. To address these imperfections, renovation companies have developed services including :

  • Exterior wall refurbishment 
  • Roof repairs 
  • Replacement of exterior carpentry
  • Exterior painting works
  • Optimization of insulation and energy performance

To ensure the quality of the project, renovation companies in cities across France (Paris, Lille, Marseille, etc.) mobilize building professionals, including a facade specialist, roofer, mason, and architect. The undertaken works enhance the appearance, insulation, durability of the habitat, and increase its value in case of resale. 

For reference, the price per square meter in Paris is €10,072 for an apartment and €10,742 for a house. Hence, it's important to take care of your residence now to avoid a major overhaul when the time for sale approaches. 

Interior Renovation Projects for a House in Lyon

Many property owners in France believe that in a renovation project, the exterior matters the most. However, the interior also requires rejuvenation.

Renewal of Flooring and Wall Coverings

Old, damaged, or outdated floor or wall coverings prompt you to consider a renovation project in this regard. As these works require careful planning, it's best to engage the services of specialized companies in France. By making this choice, you save time and ensure the quality of the result. However, one of the company's professionals will provide you with a quote even before signing the contract. This way, you can assess if the price is too high compared to your budget.

In projects involving the renewal of flooring and wall coverings, the choice of materials to use is essential. Each type of covering has its merits and shortcomings and cannot adapt to all rooms in the apartment or house. For bathrooms and kitchens (rooms exposed to moisture), professionals from the renovation company will propose :

  • Ceramic tile, a popular choice that is water and shock-resistant
  • Vinyl flooring, which is affordable (€2 per square meter) and available in a wide variety of colors and patterns
  • Polished or matte concrete floors and walls, offering a natural or industrial style and serving as a true decorative asset due to its wide range of colors
  • Natural stone floors and walls (granite, basalt, slate, or quartzite), a material offering unmatched charm to the interior

As for wall coverings, professionals will choose the most suitable for your tastes and each room in the habitat. It could be decorative panels, exposed bricks, wallpapers, etc.

Interior Space Planning Projects

In principle, you stay at home seeking tranquility or to rest after a busy day or week. Therefore, the interior of the apartment must inspire peace and relaxation, as your mood and emotions depend on it. However, poorly arranged spaces cause difficulties in accessing equipment (especially in the kitchen). Similarly, a lack of storage leads to disorder and unattractive aesthetics. Hence, there's a need for layout works. 

You can expect a quality outcome if you engage a renovation company. It has a team of professionals comprising various trades (interior designer and qualified craftsmen) who collaborate to provide you with an effective solution. These building experts are used to working on various aspects of the layout project (lighting, furniture, and equipment). 

The renovation company also has a significant argument to guarantee success and exceptional layout rendering. Specifically, it works with a network of suppliers in France, allowing it to access quality materials. These raw materials include trendy flooring and lighting fixtures necessary for the layout of a space (kitchen, bathroom, dining room, etc.). Regarding layout ideas, the restoration company includes an interior designer in its team capable of offering innovative solutions to clients. This professional can, for example :

  • Create a reading corner or a library under the stairs
  • Install a laundry room in the attic
  • Design a clever TV corner in the closet 

This interior architecture professional is full of ideas and adapts them according to the needs and tastes of the clients.

Energy Renovation Project

Energy Renovation Project

With increasing awareness about energy efficiency, long-term financial savings, and other reasons, energy renovation works are becoming popular in France. 

What is an energy renovation project?

An energy renovation project is defined as a set of works aimed at reducing the building's electricity consumption. It also improves indoor comfort and contributes to environmental preservation. The project involves thermal insulation, replacing doors and windows that let heat escape, installing a more efficient heating system, etc.

The first indication that alerts to the importance of undertaking energy renovation works is a high electricity bill. You may also consider starting the project when you notice energy efficiency problems and wish to address them. Besides, the availability of financial assistance from the government should also motivate you to carry out such a project. However, you must hire RGE (Recognized Guarantors of the Environment) accredited craftsmen to qualify for state aid. 

RGE craftsmen often work within energy renovation companies. This label is a guarantee of the quality of the work. Obtaining this certification is based on evaluating the company's compliance with a set of criteria regarding its resources and skills. Qualification or certification bodies conduct this examination and issue the RGE label.

Energy renovation works offered by a specialized company

The type of energy refurbishment project varies depending on the specific needs of the building, its current state, and the desired energy performance. Whether the property is in Paris, Lille, or Lyon, note that the type of work to be carried out does not vary. However, analyzing heat loss points remains essential. This mainly involves analyzing the heating and hot water installation, checking the roof insulation, and verifying wall and window insulation. 

In general, real estate renovation companies carry out the following works :

  • Thermal insulation from the outside or inside ;
  • Replacement of windows (responsible for 10 to 15% of heat loss) ;
  • Installation of a more efficient heating system, such as a heat pump ;
  • Integration of renewable energies, including solar panels ;
  • Improvement of ventilation and air quality in the apartment or house through the installation of low-energy consumption fans ;
  • Implementation of cutting-edge solutions to reduce electricity consumption through smart lighting systems with presence detection.

There are over 2 energy renovation companies in France. Prioritize the reputation and recommendations of your acquaintances when choosing a company to entrust with the project. 

Benefits of Hiring a Renovation Company in France

Hiring a specialized real estate renovation company in France offers numerous significant advantages :

Tailored Project 

Renovation works tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of individual clients are designed from the outset. These projects are thus opposed to standard construction projects. To offer you a tailored project, the engaged real estate restoration company takes the time to understand your renovation needs and objectives. During a meeting, a professional from the team discusses with you to understand the types of works you wish to carry out (decoration, layout, energy retrofitting, etc.). They also inquire about your preferred materials, budget, and desired completion deadlines.

Personalized Quote

A quote for a real estate renovation project refers to a document that provides the price proposal for the works. You receive one from one or more specialized companies to whom you have made a request. For each of them to offer you a personalized quote, they must assess your needs and study the current condition of the property to be renovated. They also inquire about current material costs, labor costs, possible subcontractors, etc. Based on the information collected, they prepare a detailed and personalized quote. The estimate presents the various expenditure items, details of the works to be carried out, the proposed materials, and the general conditions of project implementation.

Expertise and Know-How in the Field

A real estate restoration company has a team of professionals in various fields related to renovation (plumbing, electricity, interior decoration, etc.). These experts have acquired in-depth knowledge of renovation techniques, materials, and standards through the numerous projects they have completed. They can therefore provide informed advice and solutions tailored to the specific tastes and needs of their clients.

Comprehensive Project Management

Comprehensive Project Management

Entrusting your real estate renovation project to a specialized company means peace of mind throughout the process. The company takes care of the complete management of the site, from design to project completion. In other words, it coordinates the various trades, plans, and supervises the execution of the works. The company also takes care of obtaining the necessary planning permissions (building permits or prior declarations). It also ensures compliance with the deadlines and budgets agreed upon in the quote.

Compliance with Current Regulations

Using the services of a specialized building company for renovation is undeniably a choice to be favored and a turnkey solution! In addition to managing the project from A to Z, it ensures that the works are carried out in accordance with safety, quality, and energy efficiency standards. This guarantees the durability and compliance of the site, thus avoiding sanctions or legal action.

Insurance and Guarantees

In general, renovation companies are covered by insurance and offer guarantees on the completed works. On this last point, companies offer a ten-year commitment that covers damage affecting the building's structural integrity for ten years. There is also the guarantee of perfect completion, which covers defects of conformity and defects for one year. It mainly applies to plumbing, piping, coatings, and works involving doors and windows. The fact that the specialized company offers insurance and guarantees provides peace of mind in the event of potential issues after the site is completed. 

Optimisez vos travaux avec l’aide d’une entreprise rénovation !

Ultimately, working with a specialized building company for renovation is a wise choice. Such a company offers high-quality work, respects deadlines and your budget, and provides other significant advantages. When looking for one, check if it has a good reputation in the field. 

Whether your renovation initiative focuses on the exterior or interior of the property, a specialized company will be your valuable partner. Its team, composed of professionals, brings your ideas to life. Therefore, do not embark on the project alone, but rely on true professionals to avoid mishaps and costly mistakes !

Mathieu Amara

Mathieu Amara

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