Renovating an apartment in Brest: Steps to Success in 2024

renovation appartement brest

Apartment renovation in Brest refers to a beneficial project if you're looking to acquire a residence in the heart of this major city in Brittany. The real estate market in the capital's neighborhoods of the Finistère department consists of approximately 80% of assets built before the 1990s. Thus, upgrading works to meet energy, acoustic, and aesthetic standards are recommended in this area to reduce your bills, enhance your heritage value, and improve your living environment. However, renovating your apartment or house is a costly and complex investment, requiring specific skills. Discover here all the necessary steps to carry out renovation work on your apartment in Brest.

Developing Your Apartment Renovation Project in Brest

To successfully carry out your apartment renovation project in Brest, start by determining the work to be undertaken. To do this, it's advisable to analyze the characteristics of your property in detail by asking the right questions.

What is the condition of the apartment?

Apartment or house renovation in Brest must involve a diagnostic phase to determine the necessary work. Therefore, you must first assess the condition of your property to define your project. This is an essential document that allows you to check and list the state of your property before renovation work. It should accurately mention all descriptions of the apartment, such as:

  • Its energy performance (its Energy Performance Certificate or EPC), the condition of its insulation and heating system,
  • The state of the openings (window insulation),
  • The condition of wall and ceiling paint, floor covering (the condition of parquet or tiling), 
  • The electrical installation in all rooms, particularly in the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen,
  • The state of the plumbing network in the kitchen and bathroom (e.g., the existence of water leaks),
  • The characteristics of the facade of your apartment.

To obtain accurate results regarding the assessment of your apartment's condition in Brest, it's advisable to use the services of a real estate expert.

What type of renovation is needed for your apartment in Brest?

After diagnosing the condition of your apartment, you can now define the type of renovation needed to enhance its value.

Refreshing Your Apartment in Brest

A refreshing project involves renovating certain elements of your apartment or house to improve your living environment. It includes light works that have no impact on the building's structure, electrical installation, or plumbing. Refreshing mainly concerns the floor, ceilings, and walls. This operation essentially includes :

  • Changing floor coverings (laying tiles or parquet),
  • Sanding and varnishing the floor surface (wooden parquet),
  • Removing or installing wallpaper on walls,
  • Refurbishing wall and ceiling surfaces and painting them.

You can carry out all these interior refreshing works yourself if you're handy. However, for a customized implementation of your project, seek the advice and services of an experienced craftsman.

In addition to refurbishing the floor, walls, and ceilings, apartment refreshing also involves interior design and decoration. The works may include changing or replacing furniture entirely, installing curtains, and setting up garlands, suspensions, and plants.

Partial Apartment Renovation in Brest

As the name suggests, a partial renovation project of an apartment or house only involves part of the property. This can be the bathroom, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, or living room. For each of the rooms concerned, the works to be carried out include :

  • Changing floor coverings (wooden parquet for the bedroom and living room, and tiling or linoleum for the bathroom, kitchen, and dining room, for example),
  • Repainting the walls and ceilings,
  • Renovating (changing or enlarging) windows,
  • Bringing the electrical and plumbing installations up to standard (especially in the kitchen and bathroom),
  • Creating or removing plasterboard partitions or non-load-bearing walls,
  • Space planning and final interior decoration.

In the context of bathroom renovation, specific works are necessary, including :

  • Installing a basin,
  • Installing a walk-in shower and bathtub,
  • Setting up a shelf on the walls or storage space under the sink.

If the partial renovation of your apartment focuses more on your kitchen, the works to be carried out generally involve installing or replacing appliances. They may also include arranging compartments or double-bottom cabinets, renewing paint, and decorating the interior.

Complete Apartment Renovation in Brest

Completely renovating your apartment means refurbishing the living areas in your interior (bedroom, living room, hallways, kitchen and dining room, bathroom, etc.). However, the works you undertake must not modify the building's structure. Thus, this type of renovation does not involve major construction work, such as removing load-bearing walls, for example.

In addition to completely refurbishing the bathroom and kitchen, here are other types of works to consider for completely renovating your apartment or house in Brest :

  • Changing windows to double glazing,
  • Installing a custom-made wardrobe in your bedroom and your children's bedrooms,
  • Fitting wardrobes in hallways,
  • Setting up multifunctional furniture in the living room,
  • Renovating floor coverings, walls, and ceilings in each room of your apartment,
  • Fully restoring the electrical and plumbing systems.

Furthermore, when it comes to completely renovating your apartment or house in Brest, insulation works should not be overlooked. Energy renovation is mandatory as soon as your building belongs to thermal class F or G. In this context, you must plan for insulation of walls, windows, floors, and ceilings. To improve thermal comfort inside your home, it's also essential to renovate your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems.

To succeed in completely renovating your apartment, it's also important to carry out space planning and final decoration works well.

Heavy Apartment Renovation in Brest

Unlike the complete renovation of an apartment or house, heavy renovation involves major construction works. In other words, this type of project includes works that may affect the building's structure. This is the case, notably:

  • For removing or creating load-bearing walls,
  • For fully renovating your electrical and plumbing systems,
  • For any works leading to a structural modification of the building (extension, elevation, modification of the floor structure).

In reality, heavy renovation of an apartment or house combines complete renovation and major construction works.

What are the priority works?

Whether it's a simple refreshing or a complete renovation, whatever the planned project, it's always essential to establish a construction schedule in advance. This step allows you to prioritize the works to be carried out since they don't occur simultaneously. So, organize your list (insulation before painting, for example). Similarly, the schedule helps you define the delivery deadlines of your construction by the intervening craftsmen.

Selecting Renovation Professionals in Brest

Now that you know the necessary renovation works for your apartment in Brest, it's time to choose the renovation professionals. To do this, you need to pay close attention to the following points.

Request Multiple Renovation Quotes from Professionals

The first parameter to consider before choosing the trades for renovating your home in Brest concerns the quote. It's a legal document, an estimated but detailed description, step by step, of all the services provided by a specialized craftsman or company. Specifically, the quote should specify the quality and quantity of materials, labor, and prices practiced by the professionals required to carry out the work. For each of the estimates listed in this document, the contractor must be more precise in their calculation. In general, this document must include several mandatory mentions stipulated by articles R. 123-237 and R. 123-238 of the Commercial Code, namely :

  • Date of drafting;
  • Name, address, corporate name, and contacts (phone number and email address) of the craftsman or company;
  • Its SIREN number (System of identification of the directory of companies);
  • The legal form and amount of the company's share capital;
  • Its individual identification number or VAT registration number;
  • Name and address of the client;
  • Start date and completion deadlines for the work;
  • Detailed breakdown of each work item, in quantity of materials and unit price;
  • Hourly or fixed labor rate required on the site;
  • Any travel expenses;
  • Payment, delivery, and execution conditions of the renovation work;
  • Total amount excluding taxes (HT) and all taxes included (TTC) to be paid, specifying the applicable VAT rates;
  • Characteristics of the company's professional insurance.

To be valid, the quote provided by a contractor must be dated and signed by the client's hand, and include the mention "quote received before work execution".

As a client, you have the right to request multiple quotes from different craftsmen or companies to compare prices and foster competition. To help you make the best choice, it's better to be accompanied by an architect.

Investigate the Skills, Experiences, and Quality of Each Craftsman

In addition to comparing quotes, it's also important to be interested in the skills, experiences, and professionalism of the craftsmen. To assess this, you can inquire about the quality of their past work. Similarly, a few minutes of conversation with their former clients allow you to define their personal, professional, and relational quality. Social networks are also good allies for getting to know someone better. To deepen your understanding of a craftsman's skills, you can consult their portfolio.

Engage a Apartment Renovation Company in Brest

Renovating an apartment or house in Brest is an interesting project but difficult to achieve. You need many building craftsmen. Bringing them together requires a long and expensive process, hence the need to use the services of a general building company. This structure brings together a team of craftsmen (architect, mason, plumber, electrician, interior decorator, etc.) who are competent and experienced to handle your project. The quality of the renovated housing will ensure the success of your rental investment, as you will quickly find takers.

Understand the State of the Renovation Market in Brest

Understanding the state of the renovation market in Brest is essential for those considering renovation work on their apartments in Brest. With the notable presence of key players such as Reno, a renowned architectural firm in Brest, the market offers a variety of options to realize any renovation project.

The increasing demand for apartment renovation in Brest is clearly reflected in the constant activity of renovation companies, notably Reno, which have emerged as a prominent agency for those looking to breathe new life into their living space. Renovation projects vary, ranging from bathroom renovations to spectacular facade renovations, highlighting the versatility and expertise of these agencies.

In the Brest West region, renovation works are not limited to mere aesthetic improvements but are part of a broader vision of energy renovations. Renovation projects unfold in accordance with state regulations and specific standards of the Finistère department, thus ensuring a holistic approach to renovation.

When considering apartment renovations in Brest, it's essential to emphasize the importance of energy efficiency and sustainability. Local renovation companies meet these needs by offering energy renovation works and environmentally friendly fittings.

Furthermore, the current state of the renovation market in Brest is marked by sustained dynamics, offering a range of opportunities for those wishing to undertake renovation projects. Whether you are considering a bathroom renovation or a complete transformation of your space, the renovation market in Brest caters to the varied needs of homeowners.

Considering Regional Constraints in Brest for Your Renovation

Regional constraints in Brest add a particular dimension to apartment renovation projects, requiring a thorough understanding of the specific standards of the region. In this environment, the architectural firm Reno in Brest stands out as a reliable guide to navigate through these constraints while orchestrating exceptional renovation projects.

The state plays a crucial role in defining the parameters of renovation works, dictating precise standards that the Reno firm skillfully incorporates into each apartment renovation project. Facade renovations and bathroom renovations thus adhere to regional requirements, ensuring seamless integration into the local real estate landscape.

When exploring regional constraints in West Brest, the Finistère department imposes specific standards on renovation projects. Energy renovation works are encouraged to align with environmental concerns and aspirations for increased energy efficiency. At Reno, we understand the importance of meeting these regional requirements. Additionally, our architects integrate sustainable solutions into your apartment renovation projects.

In summary, considering regional constraints in Brest is crucial for successful apartment renovation works. The Reno firm positions itself as experts who master these regional nuances, ensuring renovation projects that meet standards and expectations while respecting the architectural and regulatory identity of the region.

Taking into Account the Climate Characteristics of the Region

Considering the climate characteristics of the Brest region is a fundamental element in planning apartment renovation works. In partnership with experts such as Reno, this consideration becomes a major asset in ensuring the sustainability and thermal comfort of renovation projects.

Renovation works in Brest, especially energy renovation projects, require adaptation to the region's climatic conditions. The humid winters and mild summers of West Brest influence material choices and improvements to heating and cooling systems. This is where the expertise of the Reno firm comes into play, integrating smart solutions to maximize energy efficiency based on seasons and climate.

Bathroom renovations in Brest also involve specific consideration of the climate. Moisture-resistant materials and appropriate ventilation systems are essential to ensure the longevity of renovation works and prevent any moisture-related issues. It is in these details that the experience of the architectural firm in Brest shines, ensuring renovation projects that withstand the region's climate challenges.

In the Finistère department, renovation works must also take into account local climate specificities, particularly regarding facade renovation. The materials used must not only be aesthetically suited to the environment but also withstand Brest's particular weather conditions. This is where Reno's expertise, a well-established agency in the region, proves crucial for successful renovation projects.

In conclusion, considering the climate characteristics of the Brest region is an essential step for successful renovation works. Partnerships with experts like Reno ensure that every apartment renovation project integrates a climate vision, guaranteeing an aesthetic, functional result adapted to the region's specific climatic conditions.

In the Finistère department, renovation works must also take into account local climate specificities, particularly regarding facade renovation. The materials used must not only be aesthetically suited to the environment but also withstand Brest's particular weather conditions. This is where Reno's expertise, a well-established agency in the region, proves crucial for successful renovation projects.


What You Need to Remember About Apartment Renovation in Brest

Apartment renovation in Brest transcends mere renovation works. It evolves into an immersive experience shaped by actors such as Reno, your architectural firm in Brest. When it comes to apartment renovations in the region, the importance of choosing the right renovation company becomes crucial. And this is where agencies like Reno come in.

The Reno firm in Brest positions itself as a leader in carrying out renovation projects. Their expertise extends beyond simple renovation works to the design of unique projects, from bathroom renovations to spectacular facade renovations. Renovation projects led by Reno are a perfect symbiosis between architectural innovation and compliance with state standards in the Finistère department. 

Brest, in western France, emerges as a dynamic hub for energy renovation works. This orientation towards sustainability is part of the future vision of renovations in Brest. Renovation works are no longer just aesthetic improvements but a response to environmental challenges.


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