Apartment renovation in Saint-Étienne: Safe guidance for your project

renovation appartement saint etienne

Renovating an apartment in Saint-Étienne, located in the department of Loire, in the Auvergne–Rhône-Alpes region and just an hour away from Lyon, is indeed an intriguing real estate venture. This city is known for its attractiveness and dynamism, coupled with highly affordable real estate prices compared to other cities in France and the national average. Moreover, the Saint-Étienne area boasts appealing rental yields, with gross rental yields reaching up to 9%. For these reasons, it's a magnet for real estate enthusiasts, particularly those interested in investing in properties requiring renovation. Are you considering embarking on a rental project involving a property in need of renovation? Then you've come to the right place.

Renovating an Apartment in 42: Which Projects Require the Services of a Renovation Company?

Are you considering purchasing an older apartment in Saint-Étienne? Do you plan to entrust its renovation to a building professional? Below are the services offered by a specialized renovation company:

For Heavy Renovation: 

When the apartment you purchase exhibits significant damage, rendering it uninhabitable in its current state, the necessary renovation works can be extensive. You may need to consider heavy renovation.

Apartment renovation is considered heavy when it involves altering the building's structure. This could include foundation repairs, demolition of load-bearing walls, roof replacement, or floor reconstruction.

Specifically, heavy renovation is essential in the following situations:

      •  – Structural cracks appearing on certain walls.

      •  – Damaged load-bearing floors

      •  – Creation of openings (additional windows or French doors) in the façade.

    To carry out this type of apartment renovation in Saint-Étienne, a specialized company can engage all necessary trades. Simply present your project to them for cost estimation. Upon acceptance of the proposed quote, they will commence work to ensure timely completion.

    For Complete Renovation

    An attic conversion without interfering with the floor or roof structure falls under the category of complete renovation. This type of project includes:

        •  – Roof insulation,

        •  – Slope foot insulation,

        •  – Heating installation,

        •  – Extension of electrical and plumbing networks,

        •  – Installation of coverings,

        •  – Wall painting

      If you plan a complete renovation for your new apartment in Saint-Étienne, don't hesitate to enlist the services of a specialized company.

      For Partial Renovation

      Partial renovation is also among the services offered by a specialized renovation company. As the name suggests, this type of apartment renovation in Saint-Étienne focuses only on a portion of your residence, typically one or two rooms, often the kitchen and bathroom. 

      From tiling to plumbing and electrical work, the renovation company in Saint-Étienne assists in customizing your bathroom. Tasks may include :

          •  – Building a walk-in shower

          •  – Installing a sink,

          •  – Laying floor covering (linoleum or tiles)

          •  – Constructing a wall shelf

          •  – Changing lighting,

          •  – Installing various decorative accessories

        Attentive to your needs, this building professional considers all your requirements to ensure a bathroom that reflects your style. They can advise on equipment selection and ensure compliance with all regulations, resulting in a pleasant, aesthetic, comfortable, and functional space.

        Building companies can indeed handle kitchen renovations if you desire a customized model. Projects often involve appliance replacement or installation. Furthermore, they oversee double-bottom cupboard construction, decor renewal, and room painting restoration.

        For Refreshment Works

        Refreshment refers to a type of apartment renovation that involves refurbishing certain elements of the home to modernize your living space. It's a minor renovation that doesn't require extensive work. However, it subtly revitalizes your interior.

        Refreshment typically addresses the ceiling, walls, and floor. Specifically, it involves:

            •  – Floor sanding and varnishing

            •  – Repainting ceilings and walls

            •  – Tiling and wallpapering

            •  – Parquet restoration

          Refreshment projects may also lead to interior redesign or complete decor change. Works may involve rearranging furniture, painting outdated furniture, and installing decorative accessories such as plants, pendant lights, or garlands.

          While you may be tempted to undertake most of these works yourself, the best solution for optimal results is to enlist an experienced artisan. This ensures a tailor-made decoration and interior layout that meets your expectations.

          Apartment Renovation in Saint-Étienne: The Benefits of Hiring a Renovation Company

          renovation appartement saint etienne

          Choosing to engage a specialized apartment renovation company in Saint-Étienne does come with a cost. However, your investment is far from being in vain. This solution offers numerous advantages. Here are 6 of them.

          Single Point of Contact

          Opting for the services of an apartment renovation company in Saint-Étienne ensures you have only one point of contact throughout your project. This building professional takes charge of all the work, from feasibility study to delivery. This greatly facilitates information exchange and communication throughout the construction process. Moreover, having a single point of contact makes it easier to address issues if they arise.

          The mission of a full-service renovation company is to accompany you from A to Z. They remain your sole contact throughout the project. They provide expert advice when selecting materials that suit your requirements and budget. Thus, you benefit from the industry professional's insights to make the best possible choices.

          Additionally, renovation companies in Saint-Étienne have a network of various skilled artisans. This allows them to find the most advantageous offer for your apartment renovation project in Saint-Étienne.

          Access to Professional Advice

          When it comes to renovating an apartment, many people boast of being DIY enthusiasts to save money. However, this isn't always the case. This approach can even entail significant risks if you lack technical and legal knowledge in the construction sector. That's why it's always best to rely on a specialized apartment renovation company in Saint-Étienne.

          These building professionals possess the expertise and know-how required for apartment renovation projects in the city of Saint-Étienne. With years of experience, they can carry out the work according to industry standards. They can provide valuable advice to help you achieve results that meet your expectations. By collaborating with these experts, you can rest assured you're partnering with a trusted ally who knows their craft.

          Professional Work Quality and Timely Execution 

          Apartment renovation in Saint-Étienne is a complex operation requiring various skills. Without proper knowledge and understanding of regulations, things can quickly go awry. For example, failure to comply with electrical installation standards can result in liability in the event of an accident.

          Renovation companies in Saint-Étienne have the technical knowledge and essential expertise to properly execute such projects. They also have the human and material resources to guarantee professional work quality.

          By engaging a specialized renovation company in Saint-Étienne, you can be certain of timely project completion. Competent artisans diligently adhere to the project specifications.

          Timely execution is crucial in the construction sector, where it's common for projects to overrun their scheduled completion dates. 

          Liability Protection

          When you undertake your apartment renovation works in Saint-Étienne yourself and an incident occurs during or after the construction, your civil liability is engaged. Yet, as an individual, you may not be familiar with all the regulations regarding renovation, especially those related to plumbing and electrical installation. Artisans, however, are aware that renovation projects can pose risks. They have meticulously trained to prevent such incidents from occurring.

          In any case, a specialized apartment renovation company in Saint-Étienne has civil liability insurance. Thus, if they inadvertently cause damage, you are protected. Therefore, you benefit from quality services without exposing your civil liability.

          Cost Savings

          When you undertake the renovation of your apartment in Saint-Étienne yourself, you risk underestimating your financial needs. By hiring a building expert, you will receive a detailed quote before starting the project. This allows you to better budget for the work and anticipate the costs involved.

          Collaborating with an RGE-certified (Recognized Environmental Guarantor) professional is the only way to qualify for state aid (e.g., interest-free eco-loans, ANAH grants, energy subsidies, Energy Transition Tax Credit [CITE]).

          Therefore, cost savings are significant when you use the services of a specialized renovation company in Saint-Étienne. You can significantly reduce the final bill.

          Interior Designer in Saint Etienne: Roles of a Renovation Company

          A renovation company in Saint-Étienne is there to guide you from the beginning to the end of your project. Here are the main tasks of this building professional.

          Estimating the Cost of Work

          You've fallen for an apartment to renovate in Saint-Étienne but don't know how to estimate the cost of the renovations? Indeed, it's not easy for an untrained eye to assess the extent of the tasks. The apartment renovation company is here to help you see things more clearly.

          Firstly, it's essential to accurately assess the cost of the work before making a purchase offer. This allows you to better estimate the necessary expenses for apartment renovation in Saint-Étienne. Thus, you'll easily find relevant arguments to negotiate the housing price.

          Moreover, with a precise estimate of the cost of the work to be done, you'll know if the cost of acquisition and renovations fits into your total budget. A detailed quote will help you determine the precise amount to borrow from the bank.

          The apartment renovation company in Saint-Étienne can precisely indicate the necessary budget. Furthermore, this building professional can study the feasibility of your project. Additionally, they will warn you if the extent of the renovation work is excessive compared to the property's value. Indeed, to make the operation profitable, you must ensure that you are not above market prices in the city of Saint-Étienne. Expert advice in the sector will be of great help to you.

          Site Supervision

          The apartment renovation company in Saint-Étienne takes care of your project from A to Z. They oversee all artisans and manage the intervention schedule of each trade. Therefore, you don't have to worry about anything, and there will be no delays or surprises.

          This building professional is also responsible for site supervision. They ensure that the apartment renovation works in Saint-Étienne progress and proceed as planned. For this, they organize a general meeting with you and all artisans before the start of the project. This step allows setting deadlines and determining constraints related to the project's realization. It also involves introducing all the trades that will be involved in your apartment renovation.

          During the project, the renovation company will keep you informed about the progress of the work.

          Coordinating Artisans

          Apartment renovation works in Saint-Étienne inevitably involve managing multiple trades and artisans. This operation can quickly become a headache for those not accustomed to it.

          The renovation company will coordinate all trades. They will determine which artisan to call in before another to ensure the smooth progress of the work. Additionally, you no longer have to wonder if each company is doing a good job. This building professional takes care of everything for you. They ensure proper management of the work schedule and compliance with the specifications.

          Buying a Renovation Apartment in Saint Etienne

          Acquiring an apartment in need of renovation in Saint-Étienne offers numerous advantages if you're considering real estate investment in the area. However, taking certain precautions is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises.

          Advantages of Purchasing a Renovation Apartment in Saint-Étienne

          Firstly, it often allows you to obtain a more attractive sale price. You can easily negotiate a price reduction in the seller's offer. Apartments with renovation needs can typically be acquired at 20% to 30% lower prices than their move-in-ready equivalents with similar overall characteristics.

          Moreover, undertaking renovation works gives you the opportunity to personalize the apartment and make it more in line with your expectations. You can modify the decoration and layout of all rooms (bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom, and kitchen). It's also a chance to achieve overall energy improvement through insulation, installing double-glazed windows, and setting up an economical and modern heating system.

          While renovation costs are added to the purchase price, they aren't considered in determining notary fees, which are calculated as a percentage of the acquisition price. Additionally, you can reduce the final bill by combining various financial aids for your renovation.

          Finally, opting for a renovation apartment in Saint-Étienne can yield significant capital gains upon resale.

          Buying a Renovation Apartment in Saint-Étienne: Precautions to Take

          If you're buying a renovation apartment in Saint-Étienne, be aware that the amount of work will likely increase the housing price. This can have consequences on the return of your real estate project in the city if you plan to rent it out. Therefore, it's crucial to accurately assess the work before signing the purchase promise.

          To avoid underestimating the costs of work, take the time to closely examine the condition of the property. Will your future apartment require just a refresh for a modern touch, a complete renovation of certain rooms (kitchen, bathroom, dining room, living room), or extensive renovation?

          Start by analyzing the real estate diagnostics provided by the seller. These documents can provide valuable information about the overall condition of the apartment. You can enlist the help of a building professional to assist you in this study if you're unsure.

          Several elements require careful examination, including:

              •  – the condition of wall, floor, and ceiling coverings,

              •  – the insulation and waterproofing of the roof

              •  – the operation of the heating system and electrical installation,

              •  – the performance of the ventilation system,

              •  – the condition of the plumbing,

              •  – the condition of all bathroom fixtures,

              •  – the layout of the kitchen

            Don't hesitate to conduct a follow-up visit with a building professional, such as an architect or a project manager. List all the necessary work. You can then prioritize them and determine the essentials and the optional ones.

            In conclusion, during your project, nothing prevents you from managing some minor works yourself, such as painting, laying parquet flooring, or putting up wallpaper if you're handy. However, relying on a specialized company remains a sensible solution for both small and large projects. This allows you to carry out your project with peace of mind, in a supervised manner and without stress. Entrusting the operation to a building professional will spare you from inaccurate budget estimates and incidents. Therefore, if you prioritize safety and quality of work, don't hesitate to call on a renovation company in Saint-Étienne.

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