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Apartment renovation Paris

Apartment renovation in Paris becomes increasingly necessary as time progresses and in line with new environmental requirements. Real estate is considered a safe haven, offering a stable, low-volatility, and secure investment, even during times of crisis. An apartment located in Paris (the nerve center of employment in France) enjoys a prestigious environment and a strategic location at the heart of Europe. Consequently, Parisian apartments remain aligned with tenant demand and current standards. Furthermore, undertaking renovation works enhances the performance of older real estate projects in Paris. So, discover below the essential points to consider when renovating an apartment in the City of Light.


Types of Renovation for an Apartment in Paris

Renovation or refurbishment works aim to rejuvenate one or more rooms of an apartment, such as the bathroom, for example. To ensure your Parisian property retains its appeal to buyers, consider the following types of projects within the interior of the dwelling:

Painting: A Fresh Look

Painting is primarily associated with protecting materials, preserving metals from corrosion, and safeguarding wood from biological damage. Additionally, it is one of the interior renovation works that adds charm to the apartment. 

Given that Paris is a city of fashion, creativity, and design, buyers seek apartments with paintwork that exudes luxury and originality. Through a harmonious blend of colors across all rooms, your property will attract potential buyers swiftly. However, it's advisable to enlist the assistance of a professional interior renovation company to ensure the right type of paint is applied, tailored to each space, whether it's the bathroom, bedroom, or living room. Their expertise guarantees a quality finish, appealing to Parisian buyers. 

Plumbing: Enhanced Viability

In an inflationary context, why not consider purchasing a renovation-ready apartment in Paris? You can make savings by negotiating its purchase price based on the cost of renovation works required. To maximize the potential of an older property in Paris, plumbing renovation is essential. 

Given that Paris has once again become the most sought-after city by global elites, apartments must offer top-notch performance. Consequently, a Parisian dwelling with faulty plumbing, especially in the bathroom and kitchen, discourages potential buyers. Proper plumbing ensures the delivery of clean water, effective wastewater drainage, and gas supply. Undertaking plumbing renovation works enhances the standing of your property among the best residences in Paris. 

If you want the plumbing project to proceed smoothly and within a short timeframe, it's advisable to entrust the task to a specialized interior renovation company. To find the best offer, compare quotes from different professionals.

Insulation: Improved Thermal Comfort and Energy Savings

Following the ban on renting apartments classified as thermal sieves, many Parisian property owners are selling their dwellings. This presents an opportunity to purchase an energy-inefficient property at a reasonable price and renovate it for rental purposes. Note that 30% of energy loss comes from the roof, 25% from the walls, 15% from windows, and 10% from the floor. Therefore, thermal insulation of the property is one of the crucial renovation works. 

Whether you opt for interior or exterior insulation of the apartment, seek the expertise of a specialized energy renovation company in Paris. To streamline your search for an insulation professional, compare quotes and services offered by expert firms.

Interior Design: Space Optimization

In Paris, smaller apartment sizes correlate with higher rental prices per square meter. Therefore, studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments offer the best returns.

Optimizing the layout of rooms within a small apartment meets the daily needs of Parisians effectively. Hence, renovation works involve creating a practical kitchen, a bedroom with a wardrobe, a functional bathroom, a well-designed living room, and clever storage solutions.

For a quality result, engage a specialized interior design company. You will be more than satisfied with the outcome, and your Paris apartment will rent out quickly.

La rénovation a inclus l’installation de nouveaux plans de travail en marbre blanc, des armoires en teinte taupe pour une touche moderne, et l’ajout de suspensions design pour un éclairage focalisé. Le parquet en chevron respecte l’esthétique haussmannienne et ajoute de la chaleur à l’espace.

La pièce associe élégamment des boiseries traditionnelles et un parquet en chevron à un mobilier moderne, créant un espace lumineux et équilibré qui allie le respect du patrimoine et du design actuel.

La photo présente une cheminée en marbre haussmannienne restaurée, modernisée par des accessoires décoratifs, et surmontée d’un miroir doré qui agrandit l’espace et amplifie la luminosité.

Le salon a été rénové pour offrir un espace accueillant et contemporain. L’ajout d’un canapé en tissu vert d’eau, de coussins décoratifs et d’un tapis de sol coloré crée une atmosphère conviviale. La présence d’un miroir rond et d’un luminaire sur pied complète ce décor en alliant fonctionnalité et esthétique.

La chambre allie l’élégance haussmannienne avec des touches modernes comme l’art abstrait et des lampes dorées. La tête de lit en velours et le miroir mural accentuent le luxe et l’espace.


Apartment Renovation in Paris: Choosing the Right Renovation Company

Do you aim for impeccable quality in your apartment renovation project in Paris? To ensure your real estate project achieves the desired outcome, choose the right company. However, how can you be sure to make the right choice? Here are some tips to help you.

Research the Company's Reputation

For the successful execution of your real estate project in Paris, choose a renovation company with nothing but praise from its clients. Also, pay attention to its years of experience and visit its website to read customer reviews. This allows you to assess the quality of its services, as you can view photos of its past projects online. Property owners, whether they own houses, Haussmann buildings, studios, apartment blocks, or any other type of property, also appreciate the advice of experienced architects. This enables them to improve energy efficiency, decoration, windows, bathrooms, and many other aspects of their property while controlling costs through suitable financial assistance.

Request and Compare Quotes

Renovation companies abound in Paris! To ensure that your real estate project is in good hands, request quotes from several companies and compare them. 

As an indication, a detailed quote from a renovation company helps you understand its method of estimating project costs. The more detailed it is, the more confident you can be that the contacted company is an expert in the field. 

Consider the Proximity of the Company

Since apartment renovation works take place in Paris, it is advisable to choose a company nearby. In case of issues, you can visit their office directly. Likewise, communication with the professional managing your project will be easier, as you won't have to travel long distances to meet them whenever a detail needs adjustment. 

Verify the Company's Skills

A reputable renovation company must have a diverse range of skills! In other words, its team should possess knowledge in various areas of construction (public or private), such as painting, masonry, and carpentry. Therefore, ensure that your project is entrusted to a qualified company with the RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment) label, capable of guaranteeing the quality of the work carried out. 

Consider the Services Provided by the Company

To successfully complete your apartment renovation project in Paris, the company provides specific services. Among other things, it regularly communicates with you via email or phone to update you on the progress of the project. Also, it commits to completing the work within the agreed-upon timeframe stipulated in the contract. 

To avoid issues with neighbors, ensure that the company undertakes to clean the site after the work and respects the community.

Apartment Renovation in Paris: Properly Estimating the Budget

In the context of a real estate project, the cost of renovating an apartment in the city of Paris depends on various factors. Hence, it's essential to anticipate the budget allocated for the works.

Factors Influencing the Price of Apartment Renovation in Paris

Renovating an apartment in Paris involves considering multiple elements that can affect the budget, including :

Surface Area to be Renovated: Renovation costs are calculated based on the total square meters to be treated (renovating a large apartment will be more expensive);


• Initial Condition of the Property: After a property assessment, you'll determine whether the works involve merely updating the apartment or renovating it extensively;


• Materials Used: The choice of flooring, finishes, or fixtures can either increase or decrease your budget;


• Nature of the Works: Complex and extensive projects entail significant costs (a simple paint job costs less than a complete renovation);


• Type of Property: Renovating a Haussmannian apartment is more expensive than refurbishing a student studio;


• Choice of Professionals: Naturally, each renovation company in Paris has its own rates (comparing quotes means selecting the company that offers services suited to your budget).

Note that as soon as you touch plumbing and electricity, you engage in a complete renovation.

Apartment Renovation Prices in Paris

In Paris, the price of renovating an apartment practiced by each company is set per square meter. On average, rates range from €100 to €1,500, including installation and materials. The table below provides a precise overview of the cost of refurbishment works in the capital city.

Please note that the price of renovating a Haussmannian apartment project can amount to €1,000 or €2,000 per square meter, on average.

Refreshment (200 - 500 €/m²) Partial renovation (500 - 900 €/m²) Complete renovation (900 - 1,200 €/m²) Heavy renovation (1,200 - 1,600 €/m²)
Floor covering replacement Complete kitchen renovation Complete kitchen and bathroom renovation Total overhaul of the dwelling - Comprehensive overhaul of electrical and plumbing systems
Removing wallpaper and applying new wall paint Total transformation of the bathroom Complete window replacement Structural floor modification
Renewal of furniture and decoration Removal of non-structural partitions Construction or modification of dry partitions - Comprehensive review of plumbing and electrical wiring Replacement or elimination of load-bearing walls - Other major structural modifications
Consultation with an architect recommended Recommendation to hire an architect Architect required

L’architecte d’intérieur boulonnais

Experience Apartment Renovation in Paris with Reno!

In essence, renovating an apartment in Paris transcends mere space transformation. It's an artistic metamorphosis that breathes life into every owner's dream. The experience of beautifying a Parisian apartment goes beyond standard renovation work; it's an immersion into the history of a Haussmannian apartment, into the timeless elegance of the city of Paris. The challenges associated with the renovation project are also opportunities for innovation, where each renovation company becomes the creator of a unique space.

 Like an artist, Reno renovation company shapes Parisian apartments with a subtle blend of tradition and modernity, often in collaboration with renowned brands such as Leroy Merlin Studio. Renovation prices in Paris can be seen as investments in improving the quality of life, especially in a city like Paris that is constantly evolving. Whether it's a partial renovation or a complete overhaul of the bathroom or kitchen, each project reflects the unique character of the property and the owner's aspirations. By navigating through the details, from renovation budget to personalized quotes, our architecture firm offers expertise dedicated to every stage of the process. Thus, renovating an apartment in Paris becomes much more than a mere physical transformation; it's an ode to the individuality, history, and future of each reinvented space.

Apartment renovation Paris

What Support Does Reno Offer?

For the smooth progress of the renovation works in your house or apartment in Paris, it is necessary to have full confidence in the company that will be responsible for turning your dreams into reality. At Reno , our experts listen to your desires and needs.

From the beginning of your renovation project with Reno, a dedicated advisor assists you remotely, addressing all your concerns about the progress of the stages to follow, such as regular site monitoring, work progress, and verification of the various materials and actions implemented by our experts at your disposal. 

For a personalized apartment renovation in Paris, you can choose to be guided from start to finish by a certified architect or interior designer.

After a feasibility analysis, this professional develops plans, guides you in choosing materials and finishes, manages administrative formalities, and supervises the work until completion. The works will be carried out by one or more of our carefully selected building companies.

Regardless of the option chosen for renovating your apartment in Paris, we assure you of securing your payments, compensating you in case of site delays, and providing legal assistance in case of conflict. Finally, the works carried out by our renovation company are covered by insurance guaranteeing the successful completion of the works.

Are you looking for an architecture firm that understands and listens to your needs and desires? Then make an appointment with our teams. At Reno, we consider each project as a slice of life, an opportunity to breathe new life into your space by implementing plans you haven't even thought of yet.

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