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la rénovation d’un appartement


Apartment renovation in Bordeaux addresses issues like degradation, financial burdens, loss of value, and comfort concerns. Through renovation work, you can avoid unpleasant situations. However, this restoration task is more complex than it may seem at first glance, involving total reconfiguration and decoration. To ensure success in your real estate venture, proper organization and planning are crucial. Before diving into the project, learn everything important about apartment renovation in Bordeaux.

Pourquoi faire une rénovation appartement Bordeaux ?

Qu’il s’agisse d’un studio ou un loft en duplex, rénover son appartement offre de nombreux avantages. Les voici :

Reduce your household bills

Apart from enhancing the comfort inside an apartment, it's true that renovation comes with a cost, but on the other hand, it improves energy performance, allowing better budget control. With energy costs rising, this operation can lead to significant savings on gas, heating, and electricity bills. According to the "national index of compulsory expenses," housing is the largest expense for the French, representing nearly €610/month. Therefore, undertaking energy renovation of your house or apartment helps protect against rising energy prices. Investing in thermal renovation provides you with more modern and energy-efficient equipment as well as better insulation (floor, walls, ceiling).

By insulating each wall of your living spaces, you reduce heat loss, which accounts for between 20% to 25% of your energy consumption. Specifically, insulation work helps combat heat loss and energy overconsumption. The first step to reducing your bills is to conduct an energy audit of your home. The choice of insulation depends on your constraints and budget. On average, the cost of renovating an apartment in Bordeaux varies between €500 and €1500 per square meter. 

Bring your apartment up to standards

Are you considering renting out your house or even selling it? Whether old or new, the property must comply with current standards (safety, hygiene, ecological respect, health protection, etc.). Renovation is particularly advantageous for complying with regulatory legislation. Note that the Energy Performance Diagnosis (DPE) aims to inform future occupants of a property about certain aspects of the building. The diagnosis provides information on energy consumption as well as the rate of greenhouse gas emissions from a house or apartment.

In the case of rental investment, the electrical installation (heating system, kitchen wiring) must comply with current regulations at the time of the building's construction. The intervention of an electrical company for such work is highly recommended. For the comfort of future tenants/owners, the plumbing in a house must also comply with current requirements. 

If you lack expertise in this area, engaging a plumber ensures a properly installed water system. This renovation professional conducts a plumbing diagnosis. After assessing the condition of the installation, they provide you with a quote for the work. Note that you can expect to pay an average of €40 to €80 per hour for plumbing work. Moreover, for renting out or selling, bringing the apartment/house into compliance is necessary.

Increase the value of your property

As a dynamic city in full swing, Bordeaux is ideal for real estate acquisitions or rental projects. Undertaking renovation work to improve the attractiveness of your apartment/house to buyers is advisable.Renovating your real estate also makes it easier to find a tenant. In Bordeaux, population growth shows no signs of slowing down, which also impacts property prices. Across all types of properties, the average price per square meter in the "Sleeping Beauty" in March 2023 stands at €4,972 (MeilleursAgents website). By carrying out renovation work in your apartment/house, you increase its value in the Bordeaux real estate market.

Restoring your accommodation R(attic conversion, floor renovation, wall insulation, electrical installation, plumbing, etc.) further enhances the quality of life while enhancing the property. In the context of a rental project, sale, or simply for aesthetic reasons, the work done will breathe new life into the property. Wall coverings and painting of your house's walls are already effective ways to increase its attractiveness!

For your information, the properties that sell the best are those with the best Energy Performance classes. Buyers are generally more interested in purchasing a house or apartment with an A or B label. Such properties sell for 6% to 14% more than a property classified as D. Therefore, insulation work is a good way to achieve a capital gain upon resale. 

Several professions involved in energy transition can assist you in your apartment renovation project in Bordeaux. For tailor-made renovation, you have the option to be fully supported by a project manager or interior architect in the capital of Gironde.  

Personalize your interior space

Many households consider renovation work to improve their home (apartment or house). For occupants, the effect on comfort is effective and immediate after some aesthetic interventions! Decorating a living space, such as the living room, bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom, creates a good atmosphere, pleasant to live in. Interior design and decoration also help attract future buyers of real estate. 

Embellishment work in apartments in Bordeaux preserves the value of your heritage while ensuring compliance with current standards. Among the common decoration works are: 

    • Wall painting, facade painting, or wallpapering, 
    • Carpentry (wooden furniture, built-in wardrobes),
    • Floor covering (parquet, tiles, concrete floor, carpet, soft floor),

With interior design by an architect or decorator, you ideally personalize your accommodations. This operation also impacts intimate spaces such as the bathroom. The kitchen also benefits. In fact, this living space can undergo significant changes. Moreover, you can add style to your house with elements like a fireplace, curtains, accessories, or furniture. Such work ensures you quickly enjoy all the comfort offered by a new home. Indeed, such a project does not require major work. However, minimum intervention on electricity and plumbing is necessary, especially for a rental real estate investment or a sale.

It is worth noting that renovating your apartment or house is an effective strategy to highlight your property with novelty! It allows you to comply with current trends and define the ambiance of your kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. Therefore, interior design and decoration positively impress visitors and build their trust.

Seek the services of an interior architect to carry out decoration work. They are a specialized project manager in the arrangement and renovation of a residence. 

Reorganize and optimize your spaces

L’aménagement intérieur permet également d’optimiser les pièces à vivre d’une maison ou appartement. En еffеt, ce type de travaux de rénovation pеrmеt dе redéfinir les espaces, voire abattre les cloisons censées agrandir virtuellement une cuisine ou une salle de bains. Cеttе opération immobilière nécessite l’intervention d’un maître d’œuvre, notamment un architecte spécialisé en rénovation d’appartement. En effet, la réorganisation des espaces et de leur optimisation n’est pas un travail facile. Avec son expertise tant au niveau de l’agencement que des matériaux, l’architecte d’intérieur saura remettre au goût du jour tout ou partie du bâtiment. C’est lors d’un rendez-vous avec ce professionnel que vous allez mettre en place le plan du logement. Le maître d’œuvre saura vous proposer différentes solutions tenant compte des contraintes techniques et de votre budget. 

Demolishing a wall in a house or apartment is a good alternative to gain habitable space. This layout allows, for example, installing an open-plan kitchen or a new door/window. Thus, you can switch from a closed kitchen to an open or semi-open kitchen to your living room or dining room. However, renovating an apartment is a subject not to be taken lightly. This is why it is advisable to be accompanied by professionals.


Apartment renovation Bordeaux

Engager des experts pour la rénovation appartement Bordeaux

Renovating an apartment often involves rethinking the organization of living spaces, as well as renovating a kitchen, bringing the installation up to standard, redoing a bathroom, etc. As a guarantee of quality, here are the main professions involved in this type of project.

A project manager or architect

To bring your real estate project to life, being assisted by the best craftsmen and building professionals is essential. A project manager or architect specialized in apartment renovation is particularly beneficial for interior design or decoration of your home. This real estate specialist executes the plan and defines the approximate price of the work to be done. 

For the configuration of your kitchen or bathroom, the help of this professional is invaluable. An interior architect intervenes particularly in modifications of partitions and volumes, with every square meter optimized. By calling on them, you also guarantee having a kitchen, bathroom, living room, or bedroom with a unique design. 

The project manager specializing in individual houses takes care of the realization of your construction project. In other words, complete energy renovation or even an extension of the living area of the building. It is they who make the technical choices to ensure that the site meets the standards in force in France. 

Notеz quе la qualité de service s’avère indispensable à la bonne réussite de votre projet de rénovation d’appartement à Bordeaux. En еngagеant un maître d’œuvre et un architecte d’intérieur, vous profitez d’une excellente durabilité des matériaux utilisés, par conséquеnt, vous réalisez un bon investissement sur le long terme. 

A plumber-heating engineer

In the context of your apartment renovation in Bordeaux, the help of a plumber-heating engineer can be invaluable. Indeed, a plumbing system in good condition is fundamental to ensure the comfort of the occupants of a house. Whether it's for your bathroom, kitchen, or networks supplying water to your home, the services of the plumber are particularly useful. The plumber takes care of descaling the pipes and the damage to a sanitary installation. Furthermore, they are able to adapt the heating or ventilation system of the apartment and specific rooms. The energy expenses of a household can be very heavy to manage, including payment of electricity and gas bills.  

An apartment or house to be renovated requires specific skills. It is indeed necessary to know the various rules and standards to comply with. Moreover, the plumber puts your water pipes in compliance with current requirements. For emergency plumbing repairs, asbestos and lead diagnostics are mandatory. 

Before renovating an apartment, a comprehensive diagnosis is essential. The goal is to identify the work and understand their importance. Whether it is a company or a craftsman, the labor cost of the professional remains free and generally depends on the complexity of the work to be carried out as well as the materials used. However, the cost of major plumbing repairs may be subject to an increase depending on the intervention time, in other words, this may require a significant budget.

Combien coûte la rénovation appartement Bordeaux ? 

 À Bordeaux, comme dans les autres villes de France, les coûts de rénovation peuvent varier considérablement en fonction de divers facteurs. Ces derniers sont notamment la taille de l’appartement, l’étendue des travaux et les matériaux utilisés. En moyenne, une rénovation d’appartement à Bordeaux peut coûter entre 200 et 600 euros par mètre carré, selon le niveau de qualité et de personnalisation souhaité. Les travaux de rénovation peuvent inclure la salle de bain, la cuisine et l’aménagement intérieur. Ils peuvent même inclure des projets d’aménagement énergétique pour améliorer l’efficacité énergétique de l’appartement. Il vous est recommandé de faire appel à un architecte d’intérieur ou à une entreprise spécialisée en travaux de rénovation.

Ainsi, vous allez pouvoir obtenir des estimations précises. Cela vous permet aussi d’élaborer un projet de rénovation adapté à vos besoins et à votre budget. Les professionnels, comme Reno peuvent faciliter la réalisation de votre projet en mettant en relation des professionnels qualifiés à Bordeaux pour réaliser les travaux. Avant de vous lancer dans votre projet de rénovation, il est essentiel de prendre en compte tous les aspects financiers. Ne manquez pas de planifier soigneusement afin de garantir la réussite de votre rénovation d’appartement à Bordeaux.

Confier sa rénovation d’appartement à une entreprise générale spécialisée 

En somme, la rénovation d’appartement à Bordeaux est un projet passionnant et enrichissant. Il vous permet de transformer votre espace de vie selon vos goûts et vos besoins. Quels que soient vos besoins (moderniser une salle de bain vétuste, repenser l’agencement de votre cuisine ou améliorer l’efficacité énergétique de votre logement,etc), les possibilités de travaux de rénovation sont nombreuses et variées. Faire appel à un architecte d’intérieur ou à une entreprise générale de rénovation spécialisée à Bordeaux peut vous aider à concrétiser votre vision.

Chez Reno, nous vous aidons à réaliser un projet de rénovation)m qui vous ressemble. Grâce à des services, comme Reno, vous pouvez bénéficier d’une expertise professionnelle et d’une mise en relation avec des artisans qualifiés pour mener à bien votre projet en toute sérénité. En choisissant de rénover votre appartement à Bordeaux, vous investissez dans votre confort et dans la valorisation de votre bien immobilier. Contactez-nous dès maintenant !

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