Apartment renovation in Nantes: how does it work ?

Apartment renovation in Nantes is a significant investment that will allow you to enhance the value of your property. Whether it's a matter of decoration, comfort or heating issues, or the need for an additional room, for example, all these factors may prompt you to undertake renovation works. It's a complex operation that requires a more or less substantial budget. In return for your investment, you'll benefit from a pleasant living space and an arrangement that is both more aesthetic and functional. To help you see more clearly and succeed in your real estate investment project, discover in this article the essential information to know about apartment renovation in Nantes.

Rénovation d'appartement Nantes

Why carry out an apartment renovation in Nantes?

Renovating an apartment in Nantes, as elsewhere in France (in Lyon , Bordeaux, or even Paris), typically constitutes a significant investment. However, there are plenty of good reasons to justify undertaking such a project.

To Reduce Energy Consumption

Heating represents the largest portion of energy expenditure in every household. You can significantly reduce your bill by renovating your apartment. This involves combining quality insulation with an efficient heating system. Insulating attics and roofs, for instance, can lead to savings of up to 30% on your heating bill. Opting for a wood boiler can also result in nearly 30% savings.

To Improve Thermal and Acoustic Comfort

Uncontrolled drafts, cold and damp walls during the winter season, unbearable heat in summer, etc., in addition to high energy consumption, poorly insulated housing brings its share of daily discomforts. The best solution to address this problem is insulation. Treating thermal bridges helps harmonize the temperature inside your apartment. Additionally, you can install a double flow ventilation system for optimal ventilation.

To Increase the Value of Your Apartment

If you plan to sell or rent out your apartment in the medium or short term, proper maintenance is essential. In this case, renovation is a profitable investment. On one hand, you benefit from a comfortable dwelling, and on the other hand, you enhance its attractiveness. Effectively, by ensuring that it remains in good condition and compliant with standards, you preserve the value of your real estate asset.

To Adapt the Habitat to Family Needs

When purchasing a property, it's not always easy to predict future changes. Thus, your apartment might have suited you perfectly at the time of purchase. However, over the years, it may no longer meet your needs. Has your family grown? Has your health condition made it difficult for you to move around easily? Instead of opting for a costly and burdensome move, there are several renovation solutions available to adapt your apartment to your current requirements.

For Customized Decoration

Do you have a custom decoration idea in mind? However, the layout and arrangement of your interior do not allow you to bring your imagination to life? Changing the decoration is also one of the reasons why many French people consider or need to undertake renovation. After all, it's always pleasant to live in an apartment that truly reflects your personality and to have a living space that matches your image.

How to succeed in your apartment renovation project in Nantes ?

When it comes to undertaking apartment renovation works in Nantes, thorough preparation is essential. However, it is not always easy to know where to start. Here are some tips to help you navigate through it.

Take Stock

Before renovating your apartment in Nantes, it's essential to first take stock. Define all the tasks to be carried out and prioritize them. Keep in mind that some elements may deteriorate more quickly than others. Therefore, it's necessary to repair urgent issues to prevent the property from losing its value. This is the case, for example, if the wood of your frame is infested with termites.

Sometimes, the renovation project is associated with an aesthetic renovation of the dwelling, particularly with redesigned layout and arrangement, refreshing of floors, walls, and ceilings, and modernization of decoration. However, this operation can also involve works that are not always visible to the naked eye. This includes, among other things, plumbing and electrical standardization, insulation, or changing the heating system. These steps should be prioritized.

Define Family Needs

To renovate your apartment sustainably, it's important to consider both current and future needs of your family. For instance, having only one bedroom for your children may become problematic as they become teenagers. Regarding the kitchen and bathroom, both functional and aesthetic aspects are paramount. Opting for a walk-in shower could be wise if early signs of reduced mobility start to show.


Check the Feasibility of Your Project

Now that you have assessed the state of your apartment and defined your family's needs, you have a clearer idea of the various works to be done. The next step is to carry out a feasibility study of the project. Unlike an individual house, an apartment is part of a condominium building. Therefore, you need to familiarize yourself with the condominium regulations.

You have the right to carry out works without seeking authorization as long as the operation does not harm the building, its load-bearing structure, common areas, and co-owners. Thus, you can renovate your kitchen or bathroom, or enhance your interior.

For more substantial works, prior approval from the condominium is required. This includes, for example, opening or removing a partition, creating a door, or converting attic space.

Furthermore, works that alter the external appearance of the building require approval from the urban planning department of your municipality in addition to condominium approval. For instance, for an extension of more than 150 m2, applying for a building permit and involving an architect are mandatory.

Plan the Renovation Budget

Now that you have determined the renovation works to be carried out, you need to establish the estimated budget. Although it's not possible to estimate the exact cost of the works to the penny, it's essential to have at least an approximate range before starting the project. Depending on the scale of the project, you can do it alone. However, with the assistance of a real estate professional such as an architect, you can obtain relevant cost proposals. Additionally, request a quote from a renovation company.

As a precautionary measure, allocate an additional 10% margin over the estimated budget to manage unforeseen circumstances. 

Establish a Schedule

Planning the renovation works is a key phase of your apartment renovation project in Nantes. In order to carry it out successfully, it's crucial to establish and follow a precise schedule. For practical reasons, but also to avoid oversizing equipment (heating or air conditioning), the construction site must follow a certain order. Even if the operation only involves one room (bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom), following a chronology is necessary.

Generally, renovation works proceed as follows:

    – structural work (demolition of walls or partitions) ;

    – secondary work (electrical renovation, thermal insulation, soundproofing, improvement of door and window sealing, optimization of ventilation and air conditioning);

    – finishes (painting, changing wall and floor coverings, installation of sanitary facilities and various equipment, etc.).

    It would be advantageous for you to develop this schedule with the help of a real estate expert, particularly an architect or a project manager.

    Apartment renovation Nantes

    Which professional to contact for an apartment renovation in Nantes?

    Architect, project manager, electrician, plumber, mason, carpenter, drywall installer, heating engineer, painter, etc., many tradespeople may be involved in your apartment renovation works in Nantes depending on the scale of the project.

    Architect or Project Manager: The Project Conductor

    The intervention of an architect may be necessary for apartment renovation in Nantes. Their services are even mandatory if the project increases the surface area of the accommodation to over 150 m2. This is possible in the case of an extension or construction of a terrace, for example.

    In any case, the architect is the conductor of renovation or construction works. They organize all the tasks with the various trades (installation specialist, plumber, mason, electrician, carpenter, roofer, drywall installer, etc.). They can make layout proposals taking into account your needs, your budget, and constraints. In large-scale projects, the architect can even select partner companies.

    Mason: For Structural Work and Basic Works

    The mason is one of the specialists who intervenes among the first during a housing renovation in Nantes. Their missions mainly concern the structural work. You should contact them if you want to carry out:

      – an extension,

      – construction of a veranda or a terrace,

      – addition or removal of one or more partitions.

      The mason can also prepare the wall and floor before installing a new covering.

      Electrician: For Electrical System Renovation

      In Nantes, as in the rest of France, it's important that all electrical installations in each apartment and house comply with standards. For all works related to electricity, the intervention of an electrician is required.

      The latter takes care of connections and electrical renovation. They work on the installation and maintenance of the electrical systems in your apartment and all connected habitats.

      Plumber: For Plumbing Renovation

      In a renovation project as in construction, the plumber intervenes in the finishing work. Their main missions concern:

        – Bringing current plumbing up to standards,

        – Installing sanitary equipment in the bathroom,

        – Plumbing maintenance,

        – Installing air conditioning and ventilation systems.

        The plumber can also intervene for a simple plumbing repair if you encounter such a problem during the renovation of your apartment in Nantes.

        Carpenter: The Specialist Intervening on the Building Structure

        If the wood of your frame is attacked by termites, renovation of this structure is necessary. This part is indeed essential because it receives the covering (roof). For this operation, the services of a carpenter are necessary. Their roles particularly concern the design, construction, and installation of wooden frameworks.

        Preferably choose a carpenter located in Nantes. This way, you can be sure to collaborate with an expert who knows the rules concerning, in particular, the slope of the roof and the choice of covering.

        Other Professionals 

        This list of professionals is not exhaustive. Depending on the nature of your apartment renovation project in Nantes, you may need a tiler, drywall installer, kitchen fitter, glazier, decorator, or heating engineer. If you are carrying out a complete renovation requiring the intervention of several trades, the services of a works broker can also be useful.

        The works broker's role is to formalize your needs. After evaluating the project, they propose the companies best suited to carry it out. Thus, they act as a commercial intermediary between building professionals and individuals.

        How to manage the apartment renovation site in Nantes ?

        Since several trades may be involved in your renovation project in Nantes, good coordination is the key to success. To better manage the site, two options are available to you.

        Hire a General Contractor

        By opting for this solution, you have only one point of contact. The representative of the general construction company takes care of coordinating the various trades until the keys are handed over. You will therefore benefit from a turnkey renovation service. Indeed, the general company passes on the cost of management in the quote. 

        Contact Independent Companies

        Here, you take on an independent company for the various respective trades. In this case, you need to hire a provider, who can be an architect, a project manager, or a site manager, to coordinate them. However, if you have good technical knowledge, you can manage the works yourself.

        Real Estate Investment: What Are the Specifics of Nantes?

        Real estate investment in Nantes has specificities that make it an attractive option for investors. First and foremost, the city of Nantes experiences increasing demand for housing, fueled by its economic dynamism, quality of life, and cultural attractiveness. This results in a high rental demand and a constant increase in real estate prices, thus offering a conducive environment for investments in apartment renovation. Furthermore, Nantes boasts a rich architectural heritage, with numerous old buildings to renovate. These properties offer an interesting appreciation potential for investors wishing to carry out renovation works and thus benefit from a capital gain upon resale or attractive rental profitability.

        Moreover, the city of Nantes is engaged in an ambitious urban development policy, favoring the development of new neighborhoods and the renovation of degraded urban areas. Urban renewal projects therefore offer investment opportunities in real estate located in booming areas, where the value of properties is expected to increase in the medium and long term. Finally, Nantes has a diverse and dynamic economic fabric, with the presence of many companies and institutions, ensuring stability and lasting attractiveness for real estate investments. In summary, investing in real estate in Nantes represents a strategic opportunity for investors, with promising appreciation prospects, notably thanks to renovation possibilities and ambitious urban development projects led by the city.

        How Much Does Apartment and House Renovation Cost in Nantes?

        Apartment and house renovation in Nantes can vary considerably in cost depending on various factors. For renovation works, prices are often determined based on several elements, notably the initial state of the property, the extent of the planned works, and the quality of the materials and finishes chosen. In Nantes, where the demand for renovation is constantly growing, prices can be influenced by the availability of craftsmen and specialized companies. In general, renovation prices in Nantes are competitive compared to other major French cities, but they can be subject to fluctuations depending on seasonality and demand.

        Renovation projects of apartments in Nantes, especially in sought-after neighborhoods such as the historic city center or the banks of the Loire, may require a larger budget due to architectural specificities and conservation standards to be respected. For house renovations in Nantes, costs can also vary depending on the size of the property, the number of rooms involved, and the specific requirements of the project. By engaging an experienced renovation company in Nantes, property owners can benefit from professional support to establish a realistic budget and optimize costs while ensuring the quality of the works. To obtain an accurate estimate of the cost of apartment renovation in Nantes or house renovation in Nantes, it is recommended to consult several professionals, then request detailed quotes, taking into account all aspects of the project, from the renovation of the structural work to the layout of the rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen.

        Apartment renovation Nantes

        Investing in Apartment Renovation in Nantes is to Profit from One's Property

        Investing in apartment renovation in Nantes is a wise choice for property owners wishing to profit from their real estate assets. Indeed, the city of Nantes benefits from strong attractiveness both economically and culturally, resulting in increasing demand for quality housing. Opting for renovation works not only updates the appearance and functionalities of the apartment but also increases its value on the real estate market. Renovated properties in Nantes generally have a greater appeal to potential buyers and tenants, resulting in higher rents or sale prices.

        Moreover, apartment renovations can allow owners to benefit from tax advantages and government subsidies, especially in projects aimed at improving the energy performance of housing. Property owners who invest in renovating their apartment in Nantes have the opportunity to maximize the return on their investment in the long term. By engaging qualified professionals to carry out the renovation works and choosing quality materials and equipment, owners can ensure that their property retains its value and appeal over time. Furthermore, renovating an apartment in Nantes can also contribute to improving the comfort and quality of life of the occupants, which is an additional argument to justify this investment. In summary, apartment renovation in Nantes is a profitable strategy for owners wishing to optimize the potential of their real estate assets in a city that is great to live in!

        Reno, Your Renovation Company in Nantes: Entrust Us with Your Project!

        In conclusion, apartment renovation in Nantes offers a multitude of advantages, both financially and in terms of comfort and quality of life. With increasing demand for renovated housing in this dynamic city, investing in renovation works is a judicious strategy for property owners wishing to enhance their real estate assets. Whether it's modernizing an old apartment, optimizing the space of a studio, or renovating a traditional house, the possibilities are vast and allow for renovation projects to be adapted to the specific needs and preferences of each owner.

        By collaborating with specialized companies and experienced interior architects, property owners can benefit from personalized support throughout the renovation process, from project design to completion. Furthermore, apartment renovation in Nantes offers the opportunity to benefit from tax advantages and government subsidies, further maximizing the return on the investment made. Finally, beyond the financial aspect, renovating an apartment in Nantes can improve the comfort and quality of life of the occupants!

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