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Renovating an apartment in Le Havre can be a profitable project, especially when done within the scope of rental property investment.

renovation appartement le havre

Renovating your apartment in Le Havre is an opportunity to find the small detail that will make your accommodation stand out and create a sense of charm, setting it apart from others. Whether it's a brick wall, appropriate lighting, modern bathroom, kitchen, or living room, several renovations can make all the difference. Le Havre is the most populous city in the Seine-Maritime department, in the Normandy region. It is home to numerous apartments with an old-world charm that attracts many investors. Purchasing such a property in this locality promises excellent long-term profitability. Are you also considering investing in a renovation project for an apartment in Le Havre? If so, continue reading.

renovation appartement le havre

What are the advantages of renovating an apartment in Le Havre?

In the real estate sector, renovation work typically involves changing some or all elements of a property. Acquiring an older property in Le Havre offers a good compromise if you desire a personalized apartment.

A Lower Purchase Price

The biggest advantage when investing in a renovation project is the price. Such properties are generally cheaper to buy compared to new or already renovated ones of the same size. The price per square meter is lower and negotiable. You can save up to 20% on average. Purchasing an old house or apartment is thus an attractive option if you have a tight budget. Moreover, the cost of a renovation project remains relatively affordable. It's always possible to reduce the amount depending on the interior layout and construction required.

Personalization According to Your Desires

Renovating an apartment allows a homeowner to tailor it to their preferences. You have the opportunity to create a home that reflects your taste, both in its structure and decorative elements. It's also a great idea to modernize each room in your apartment (bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, terrace, etc.), enhancing its value while beautifying it. Additionally, renovation opens up possibilities like installing new furniture, applying fresh paint, laying new flooring, plastering, tiling, or extending a room. To create an interior that truly reflects you, don't hesitate to enlist the services of renovation professionals. Each hired artisan will provide a detailed quote based on the activities you wish to undertake.

Faster Rental Process

Buying a property to renovate, especially in Le Havre, allows you to adapt it to your style and to the tastes of many potential tenants. This makes finding renters a breeze. Moreover, new construction projects always require some patience. With an older property, a tenant can simply call the owner's phone number, as the apartment can be inhabited immediately.

Increased Resale Value

Did you know that houses and apartments in need of renovation are prime candidates for increased value? Once renovation work is completed, the value of the property rises, consequently increasing its selling price. According to experts in Le Havre, older homes classified as A and B in the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) sell for 6 to 12% more than those classified as D. However, this depends on the amount of work done, the location of your apartment in Seine-Maritime, and the state of the real estate market in Le Havre.

What Renovation Works Can Be Considered in Le Havre?

Initially, renovation works, also known as refurbishment, involve rejuvenating one or several rooms of a dwelling or the entire building. This operation can be considered in various scenarios, as follows.

Refreshment Works

The most economical and straightforward to execute, refreshment works aim to breathe new life into certain elements of the habitat to modernize occupants' living spaces. It's a type of light renovation that aims to revitalize your interior, especially concerning the ceiling, walls, and floor. Concretely, refreshment works may involve :

  • Varnishing floors,
  • Repainting walls and ceilings,
  • Tiling and wallpapering,
  • Parquet refurbishment,
  • Furniture arrangement,
  • Installing new decorative elements (plants, photo frames, chandeliers)

It's crucial not to overlook repainting in these works. A worn or peeling paint always leaves a bad impression on buyers or tenants. Moreover, the selling price of the building tends to decrease when the walls are not in good condition. Therefore, consider renewing your home's paint, opting for neutral and bright colors like white, light green, pink, or sky blue.

Although most of these refreshment works can be done by yourself, it's always advisable to hire an experienced artisan for the job. This ensures that you get an arrangement that meets your expectations.

Complete Renovation

renovation appartement le havre

The complete renovation of a room is a large-scale project that requires careful consideration. It involves the entire part of the dwelling but does not touch the building's load-bearing structure. This project is also among the services offered by a specialized renovation company. Several artisans are involved in this endeavor.

To avoid budgetary errors, you can list the works to be done with the contractor or artisan in question. This may include :

  • Kitchen refurbishment: painting, wall and floor coverings, furniture and appliances installation, changing countertops, tiling, plumbing overhaul ;
  • Bathroom refurbishment: painting and plastering, creation of a walk-in shower, plumbing and electrical work, installation of new sanitary fixtures (tiles, toilet, sink, cabinets, etc.) ;
  • Attic renovation: replacing the frame and floor, roof insulation ;
  • Facade renovation: cleaning and painting of exterior walls, modification of cladding, installation of a new finish ;
  • Electrical standards compliance and plumbing rehabilitation.

Here, floor renovation remains essential. Depending on the condition of your flooring, you may decide to either change it radically or simply give it a second life. You have a wide range of options, including wooden parquet, PVC flooring, tiling, or polished concrete. 

Likewise, expanding the living space of the house or apartment falls under this category of complete renovation. For such works, you can consider attic conversion, garage conversion, cellar conversion, or creating a horizontal or vertical extension. Note that extensions are subject to prior authorization.

Heavy Renovation

As for heavy renovation, it is carried out when the house or apartment has significant damage, making it uninhabitable. It includes works that affect the building's load-bearing structure, such as foundation repairs, removing a load-bearing wall, replacing the roof, or redoing a floor.

In the context of renovation, several trades may intervene, depending on the scope of the project, the current state of the habitat, and the owner's preferences. Clearly, the artisans most commonly involved are masons, plumbers, electricians, interior decorators, carpenters, painters, and interior architects. Furthermore, if the site requires more than 3 different trades, it's best to hire a contractor or an execution project manager.

Energy renovation

Apart from works related to the building's visual appearance, there is also energy renovation, which offers many advantages for the apartment or house in question. It aims to improve and strengthen the habitat's energy efficiency. Thus, not only do you reduce your electricity and heating bills, but you also achieve better comfort. You enhance your property by bringing it up to the latest energy standards (RT 2012). Tenants can bid farewell to thermal losses, drafts, or the sensation of cold on walls and floors.

This project encompasses all types of works aimed at improving the habitat's energy performance. It thus includes 5 major tasks :

  • Insulation of walls, ceilings, and attics,
  • Replacement of exterior joinery,
  • Change of heating system,
  • Ventilation system refurbishment,
  • Installation of energy-producing devices: condensing gas boiler, wood stove, air conditioner, solar water heater, etc.

To ensure optimal energy renovation, other works must be implemented. Representing 15% of energy loss, window insulation should not be overlooked, as it ensures better comfort. Floors are also a source of lost energy; their insulation is essential to reduce heating costs and improve comfort underfoot. Obviously, insulation is a major point in renovation works in Le Havre. Carried out in compliance with the rules of the art, it guarantees thermal comfort in summer and winter and a greener habitat.

What are the Renovation Grants Provided by the State?

Planning to renovate your apartment in Le Havre? With a range of grants, subsidies, and loans, you can reduce the cost of your renovation works. In order to encourage homeowners to enhance the quality of their housing, the French government has implemented these aids.

Eco-friendly Zero-Interest Loan

Valid until December 31, 2023, the eco-friendly zero-interest loan (eco-PTZ) is available to all homeowners whose properties have been completed for over 2 years. It covers all energy renovation works, with amounts ranging from €15,000 to €50,000, repayable over 20 years without interest. Within the specified limits, the eco-PTZ can finance thermal roof insulation, wall insulation, window insulation, heating installation or replacement, etc. 

Energy Efficiency Grants

In this city in the Seine-Maritime region, it is possible to obtain an energy efficiency grant from companies or organizations for energy improvement works, such as installing more efficient heating or improving insulation. The grant does not require any income conditions. The amount depends on the type of works to be carried out, the geographical area, and the characteristics of the installation.

Local Grants

As part of energy renovation works, the National Housing Agency (ANAH) can provide financial assistance, especially if you plan to invest in the Seine-Maritime department. It offers significant subsidies, subject to income conditions, of up to €25,000 excluding taxes. The "Better Living" program covers up to 50% of the total work amount, subject to improvement in energy performance and household income. Be sure to inquire about this.

Why Hire a Renovation Company in Le Havre?

When renovating your apartment in Le Havre, you will benefit from personalized support from a specialized company. These professionals are responsible for ensuring the success of your project.

A Single and Reliable Point of Contact

First and foremost, in the real estate sector, a professional renovation company's mission is to support you, as the property owner, at every stage of your works. The building contractor handles your entire project, from feasibility study to delivery, including choosing artisans. They are your best ally and your only point of contact in case of any issues. They provide expert advice and guidance to help you make the best choices possible. Attentive to your needs, professionals in Le Havre have the essential skills for renovation work that meets current standards.

Impeccable Quality of Work

The great advantage of using the services of these building artisans is that they ensure a professional and quality result. Indeed, a specialized renovation company knows what measures to take to avoid collateral damage or worsening the condition of the property. Thus, your works will suffer no shortcomings. 

In addition to the quality of work, you can also discuss with the construction company or each intervening artisan about the duration of the works. This will simplify your coordination with the artisans. On average, minor repairs and painting works take a few days. While a complete renovation will take a few weeks, and several months for heavier works. You will receive your house or apartment in Le Havre within the best deadlines, and of superior quality.

Is Renovating an Apartment in Le Havre a Good Idea ?

renovation appartement le havre

Renovating an apartment in this beautiful city in Seine-Maritime is indeed a wise real estate investment. Enjoying the pleasure of designing your apartment or house according to your taste, benefiting from an attractive purchase price, and taking advantage of state aid... the advantages of buying a property with renovation works are numerous. Additionally, bringing the thermal insulation of the property up to current standards greatly reduces energy expenses. As for the costs of the works, take the time to carefully assess the condition of the property. This will define the scope of the works to be carried out (simple refreshment, complete renovation, or major overhaul).

Managing renovation works involves more coordination than meets the eye, including coordinating various trades, selecting materials, and managing schedules. To streamline the process and ensure the success of your project in Le Havre, it is highly recommended to contact specialized building renovation companies. They are here to support you and will provide you with a free quote before proceeding to contract signing.

Convinced of the benefits of purchasing a property to renovate in Le Havre? Then, do not hesitate to get in touch with a renovation professional. With their expertise in real estate, they will guide and advise you down to the smallest detail. Remember to compare quotes, considering both the qualifications of the artisans and the financial stability of the company.

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