Renovation apartment cost: how to plan your budget ?

Prix rénovation appartement

Knowing apartment renovation prices helps to effectively plan your budget. Want to know how to efficiently establish your budget for renovating your apartment? You're in the right place. In this article, we'll delve into the various aspects to consider when determining the prices for renovating an apartment.

Are you considering a simple partial renovation or a complete overhaul? You need to understand the associated costs to avoid unpleasant surprises along the way. Apartment renovation encompasses different types of work (structural renovation, energy renovation, etc.). Whether it's modernizing an outdated bathroom or completely redesigning the living space, each project presents its own challenges and costs.

But don't worry, we're here to guide you through this complex process. Drawing on Reno's expertise in apartment renovation, along with a thorough analysis of average market prices, you'll be able to plan your budget smartly and efficiently. So get ready to discover everything you need to know to successfully carry out your apartment renovation project. We'll take you through prices according to the types of work. Plus, we'll share some money-saving tips!

Prix rénovation appartement

What are the apartment renovation prices per square meter ?

The price of an apartment renovation per square meter varies depending on the type of renovation the client wishes to carry out. You can see them in the table below :

Renovation Type

Average Price per m² (VAT included) 

Examples of works

Interior Refresh

220 € 

Painting, wallpaper, flooring

Light Renovation

360 € 

Painting, flooring, refurbishing sanitary facilities

Complete Renovation

800 € 

Electricity, plumbing, insulation, kitchen, bathroom

Heavy Renovation / Rehabilitation

1 300 – 2 600 €

Cracked walls, outdated plumbing, non-standard electricity, lack of insulation

It should be noted that the prices of apartment renovation per square meter depend on several criteria. Here are the factors that influence apartment renovation prices :

– The use of a project manager or an architect ;

– The region where the apartment is located (prices for works may vary by region) ;

– Access arrangements to the property (including the size of common areas and street accessibility) ;

– The rate of the craftsman working on the project ; 

– The type of material used on the site (high-end materials will cost more than standard materials);

– The nature of the works ;

– The initial condition of the apartment (renovating an old apartment generally requires more work than a new one) ;

– The scope of the works ;

– Labor (variable depending on the qualification of the craftsmen and the types of work).

What is the price for a light apartment renovation ?

It is possible to carry out a light renovation if needed. Light renovation works refer to small jobs that will refresh your living space. These are also called refreshment works. Here, the goal is to improve your comfort and, incidentally, the decoration of the rooms to be renovated! Thus, we can distinguish 2 categories of prices for a light renovation :


The average price of a refreshment ranges from 200 to 400 €/m². This type of work generally involves :

– Changing the flooring,

– Wall renovation,

– Changing bathroom or kitchen elements without modifying the layout (bathtub, sink, vanity top, worktop, etc.). 

Advanced light renovation 

For this type of apartment renovation, prices range from 400 to 700 €/m². Advanced light renovation refers to a refreshment that is added to other works such as ceiling insulation. These also involve replacing the heating system or bringing the electricity up to standard. 

Table of average prices for some light renovation services:


Average Price (VAT incl.) 

Average Area

Painting (per wall)

20 – 35 €/m² 

10 - 20 m²

Wallpapering (per roll)

25 – 40 €/roll

3 – 5 m²

Flooring (per m²)

20 – 80 €/m²

10 - 20 m²

Tiling (per m²) 

40 – 80 €/m² 

5 – 10 m²

Door Replacement 

200 – 800 € 

1 - 2 doors

Window Replacement 

400 – 1 500 € 

1 - 2 windows

The quality of materials and the complexity of the works are factors that notably influence these prices. So, it's best to request an exact quote from a specialized architecture firm, like Reno !

What is the standard apartment renovation price ?

The average cost of this type of apartment renovation typically ranges between €600 and €1,000/m². A standard renovation refers to renovation works that involve:

– Changing or modifying plumbing ;

– Modifying the electrical installation, such as modifying the electrical panel, bringing it up to code, adding lighting points, etc. ;

– Replacing windows ;

– Renovating carpentry ;

– Renovating the bathroom or kitchen ;

– Building a partition.

In short, if the condition of the electrical and plumbing installations is too faulty or old, standard renovation works are necessary.


Average Price (VAT incl.)

Average Area


Replacement of an interior door

200 – 800 €

1 door

Standard door unit, excluding hardware installation.

Replacement of a PVC window

400 – 1 500 €

1 window

Standard double-glazed window, excluding shutter installation.

Bathroom renovation

2 000 – 10 000 €

5 – 10 m²

Replacement of fixtures, tiling, and painting.

Kitchen renovation

5 000 – 20 000 €

10 - 20 m²

Replacement of furniture and fixtures, tiling, and painting.

What is the complete apartment renovation price ?

If you want to completely refurbish an apartment for renting or living purposes, it's referred to as a total renovation. This type of project involves carrying out works that affect the very structure of the apartment to be renovated. Among other things, total or complete renovation works include : 

– Renovation of insulation and heating ;

– Electrical renovation ;

– Opening of a load-bearing wall (with a price calculated per cubic meter) ;

– Replacement of window frames ;

– Demolition of partitions.

Prices for a total renovation generally range between €1,000 and €1,800 / m². 


Average Price (VAT incl.)

Average Area


Dismantling and disposal

€50 - €100/m²

Area to be renovated

Demolition of walls, partitions, floors, and ceilings, disposal of rubble


€100 - €200/m²

Area to be renovated

Construction of walls, partitions, openings, etc.


€60 - €100/m²

Total surface area of the housing

Compliance, installation of sockets, switches, lighting fixtures, etc.


€50 - €80/m²

Total surface area of the housing

Compliance, installation of pipes, fittings, sanitary fixtures, etc.


1 000 – 3 000 €

Total surface area of the housing

Installation of a boiler, radiators, etc.


€20 - €50/m²

Surface area of walls and attic

Insulation of walls, attic, roofs, etc.

Prix rénovation appartement

How to Study Your Apartment Renovation Project ?

Just like with a house renovation, apartment renovation can range from small comfort improvement works to a total transformation. Therefore, it is necessary to precisely define the type of work to be done. But also, to estimate the scope of the work.

To this end, you need to ask yourself the right questions. Ask yourself if there are partitions or load-bearing walls to be demolished. It is also necessary to determine if there is a need to change the layout of the rooms. Also, consider if it is necessary to redo the entire electrical installation. If the problem is not that serious, a simple compliance upgrade will suffice. You will also need to know if the floors, walls, and ceilings need renovation. Finally, ask yourself if a kitchen or bathroom renovation is necessary.

Why Renovate an Old Apartment?

Renovating an old apartment may seem like a daunting challenge, but the benefits that result from it are numerous and often well worth the effort and investment. First and foremost, renovating an old apartment breathes new life into a space that may be outdated or in poor condition. By modernizing installations, replacing obsolete materials, and redesigning the space, you can transform an old apartment into a comfortable living space. It will now be more suitable for contemporary needs and tastes.

Additionally, renovating an old apartment can also be a profitable investment opportunity. By increasing the value and aesthetic appeal of your property, you can make a significant profit if you decide to sell it in the future. Moreover, renovated apartments tend to rent more easily and at higher prices. This can generate additional income for landlords.

Furthermore, renovating an old apartment can contribute to the preservation of architectural and cultural heritage. By preserving and renovating the original features of the apartment (such as moldings, fireplaces, or wooden floors), you can maintain the unique character and history of your property. Our architects are responsible for giving it a touch of modernity.

Finally, renovating an old apartment can also offer benefits in terms of energy and environmental sustainability. By replacing obsolete heating and ventilation systems with more efficient options and improving the thermal insulation of the apartment, you can reduce your ecological footprint. And thus, achieve long-term energy savings.

In summary, renovating an old apartment can be a wise decision in many ways. Improving your quality of life, making a financial investment, preserving heritage, or contributing to environmental sustainability are all reasons to embark on it. In any case, you will benefit from the numerous advantages of apartment renovation !

Apartment Renovation Price: What Financial Assistance is Available ?

When considering an apartment renovation, it is important to know what financial assistance is available to lighten the burden of costs. Fortunately, there are several programs and financial incentives aimed at encouraging homeowners to undertake renovation works.

Firstly, energy renovation programs are often offered by local or national governments to encourage the improvement of building energy efficiency. These programs may offer grants or low-interest loans for the installation of energy-efficient equipment.

Moreover, some government agencies offer tax credits for renovations that contribute to the preservation of architectural heritage or the improvement of housing accessibility for the elderly or disabled. These tax credits can represent a significant portion of total renovation costs.

Additionally, it is also possible to benefit from local financial assistance, such as grants or low-interest loans. These are offered by municipalities or community housing organizations. 

Estimating Your Renovation Budget Effectively!

In conclusion, accurately estimating your apartment renovation budget helps you avoid financial surprises. Planning the costs associated with various renovation works is key to successfully completing your project. By taking into account the numerous factors that influence the price of an apartment renovation, you can develop a realistic and precise budget. Additionally, it's important to allocate extra funds to deal with any unforeseen circumstances or last-minute changes. Don't forget to consider the average prices of renovation works in your area, as prices can vary significantly from one city to another, or even from one neighborhood to another. Obtaining multiple quotes from local professionals is therefore crucial to getting an accurate estimate.

In summary, accurately estimating your apartment renovation budget will enable you to effectively plan your project, minimize the risks of cost overruns, and realize your design and comfort aspirations. With careful planning and prudent financial management, you can transform your apartment into a space that perfectly suits your needs and lifestyle without breaking the bank.

In brief, to effectively estimate the budget for your apartment renovation project, you should obtain multiple quotes from different craftsmen. Then, compare the prices and services offered by various renovation companies. By the way, don't hesitate to negotiate prices. And above all, always budget for unexpected expenses!

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