Apartment renovation in Quimper: an investment you won't regret.

Apartment renovation Quimper

Apartment renovation in Quimper can occur in various scenarios. For a place where you spend your greatest moments, the style of your accommodation can influence your well-being. It must therefore be satisfactory in terms of layout, decoration, and comfort.

However, such a project must be meticulously planned. Whether it's a simple refresh, a partial renovation, or a complete overhaul, the work isn't done haphazardly. It remains essential to plan them well. Discover in the following lines the best tips for success.

Apartment renovation Quimper

Why and when to do an apartment renovation in Quimper ?

Many reasons may drive you to embark on apartment renovation works in Quimper.

Following the Purchase of an Old Property

If you're considering buying an old property in Quimper, there's a good chance you'll need renovation work. The advantage of opting for this type of real estate is that it represents a good investment, usually with a purchase price well below the market average. However, before proceeding further, it's necessary to have it inspected by an expert in the field. They can assess the extent of the work and provide a detailed quote to help you evaluate the project's profitability.

For Selling or Renting Out Your Property

If you intend to rent out or sell your apartment in Quimper, renovation works may also be necessary to enhance its attractiveness. It's essential to optimize the interior layout to gain living space. Regarding painting, neutral tones are preferable. This way, future owners or tenants can easily implement their decorative preferences.

Improving Your Well-being

Have you noticed drafts coming in through the bottom of your windows? Can't seem to get rid of mold permanently in your kitchen or bathroom? Renovating your apartment remains the most effective solution to eliminate these inconveniences that affect your daily comfort.

Reorganizing the Interior

Feeling cramped in your living spaces? Not satisfied with the layout of your interior anymore? Desires and lifestyles change over time. Consider renovating your home. Indeed, it's possible to carry out work, such as demolishing a partition separating the living room from the kitchen. You can take this opportunity to build a custom wardrobe or install closets or a library in the hallway or under the stairs.

Bringing up to Standards

If your apartment in Quimper is over 15 years old and has not been brought up to standards, renovating the electrical installation is necessary. Neglecting these works poses the risk of exposing yourself to electric shocks or even a fire. It's not just about outdated switches or worn outlets. It's mainly about an electrical panel and worn wires that jeopardize your safety.

Bringing the heating and plumbing systems up to standards is also essential when the installation is over 12 years old. Indeed, systems evolve regularly for performance. As for plumbing, the network wears out over time. It's therefore advisable to plan renovations for these different aspects.

Lowering Bills

Did you know that poorly insulated housing can result in up to 50% heat loss? This situation can lead to very high energy consumption. Insulation remains a technical point to consider when renovating your apartment.

For example, insulate windows by opting for double or even triple glazing. This operation can reduce your heating bill by up to 45%. You will also benefit from optimal comfort in your interior, both in summer and winter. 

What are the steps to follow for apartment renovation in Quimper ?

Embarking on the renovation of your home requires a phase of reflection and good organization. Do you want to know how such an operation unfolds? Discover below the main steps to follow to successfully carry out the project.

Project Study

Renovating an apartment in Quimper is not a spur-of-the-moment decision. Not surprisingly, the first step of such an operation is defining your project. What is your motivation? What modifications do you want to make? What result do you expect from such an endeavor? Is it a change of decoration, beautification of an aging interior, creation of an additional room, space optimization, or energy renovation?

To gain clarity, it is advisable to conduct a survey of your home. List all the necessary tasks, examining each room (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room). At this stage, it is also useful to define the amount you want to allocate to your renovation. Thus, if your budget is limited, it is appropriate to prioritize the tasks to be performed. This way, you can have a vision of those to prioritize and those that can wait for a few months or years.


Now that the project study is done, you know what you're going to do. You will then need to proceed with planning the works. To carry out the operation successfully, it's essential to prepare a precise schedule and follow it. Indeed, the site must follow a certain order, for practical and technical reasons.

Here is the step-by-step process of a renovation :

  • Demolition,
  • Partitions, insulation, electricity, and plumbing,
  • Window replacement,
  • Floor, wall, and ceiling coverings,
  • Installation of furniture and decorative accessories.

For this planning stage, it's wise to seek help from an architect or a project manager. These building professionals can provide objective opinions and valuable advice to ensure the success of the works.

Demolition Works

During the actual renovation works, the first step is the structural work. It includes demolition, which involves opening a load-bearing wall, removing partitions to enlarge rooms, or destroying a fitted kitchen or fireplace. It's about exposing the habitat.

Partitions, Insulation, Electricity, and Plumbing

Once the demolition is done, the craftsmen will redistribute the rooms in your home. This involves renovating the preserved walls and delineating the rooms by installing new partitions. This stage involves creating chases and installing electrical conduits. Similarly, industry professionals will embed plumbing and run electrical cables. It's during this phase that radiators and the boiler must be replaced if necessary.

Window Replacement

Window replacement is necessary if your renovation works involve thermal and acoustic insulation. It's advisable to replace all windows with double or even triple glazing models for quality insulation. Depending on the condition of your building, the operation can be a renovation installation (changing windows while retaining the frame) or a total removal (frame replacement and installation of new carpentry).

Covering Floors, Walls, and Ceilings

After changing the windows, proceed with covering the ceilings, floors, and walls. To start, paint the ceilings. Then, craftsmen install various coverings on the walls and floors. Of course, if the floor is uneven, leveling must be done before painting the ceilings and walls.

Finishing Touches

The final step in renovating your apartment in Quimper is the finishing works. To perfect the layout and decoration, equipment (sanitary ware and bathroom furniture, wardrobe, kitchen) must be installed. You can then personalize your interior with decorative accessories of your choice. After the end-of-site cleaning, you can finally fully enjoy your new apartment.

Apartment renovation Quimper

How to Successfully Renovate Your Apartment in Quimper?

You now know the different steps to follow to renovate your home. Here are some tips to avoid unpleasant surprises and ensure the success of your project.

Know the regulations on apartment renovation

When you undertake renovation works in your apartment, there are legal obligations to comply with. Similarly, you must take into account the constraints related to the condominium.

Legal Obligations Regarding Works

Firstly, depending on the type of work to be done in your accommodation, legal authorizations will be necessary. You may need to submit a prior declaration of works. Some projects, such as attic conversion, change of property use, or window replacement, even require a building permit.

If you embark on renovation works with the intention of selling or renting out your residence, you are obliged to carry out mandatory real estate diagnostics. This includes :

  • the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC),
  • the condition of the indoor gas installation (if the installation in your building is over 15 years old),
  • the condition of the indoor electrical installation (if the installation in your building is over 15 years old),
  • the condition of the non-collective sanitation installation,
  • the report indicating the absence or presence of asbestos,
  • the report on the presence of termites,
  • the Lead Exposure Risk Report (CREP),
  • risk reports (natural, mining, technological, seismic, radon, etc.),
  • noise diagnosis.

Finally, you must inform your neighbors about the potential noise disturbances during your construction work. In the municipality of Quimper, the authorized hours for noise are between 8:30 am and 7:30 pm from Monday to Friday, and between 9 am and 7 pm on Saturdays.

 Condominium Constraints

In addition to legal obligations, one must also consider the constraints related to the condominium. Indeed, depending on the renovation work to be carried out, approval from the condominium would be required. This includes, for example, work affecting common areas (load-bearing walls, radiators, pipes for collective heating, stairs) or work altering the external appearance of the building (modification of the facade, balconies, or windows).

In general, works that can be done without prior authorization include :

  • fitting a kitchen or bathroom,
  • interior insulation,
  • adding or removing partitions, excluding load-bearing walls,
  • painting, tiling, and floor coverings.
  • Furthermore, certain works require an application for urban planning authorization, such as :
  • installing an outdoor air conditioning unit,
  • changing shutters or windows,
  • installing grilles or window bars,
  • creating an external opening.

Feel free to consult your condominium regulations for more information.

Regularly Visit the Site

If you cannot be present constantly at the workplace, it is advisable to visit the site regularly to check the progress and progress of the operation. In this case, keep your housing plan, specifications, and quote handy.

In case of a problem, do not hesitate to call a meeting with the various tradespeople and building companies to quickly find a solution. If a craftsman or company has made a mistake, the party involved is required to redo the work. The result must comply with the previously signed quote. However, if you want to make some unexpected modifications, the related tasks will be charged additionally.

Ensure the Completion of the Works

Once the construction work is completed, the specialized company you hired will arrange a meeting for the acceptance of the work. This visit remains essential because it marks the beginning of the guarantee of perfect completion, the ten-year warranty, and the warranty for proper functioning.

During this acceptance, it is therefore important to check if all the work has been carried out as agreed in the quote and contract. Do not settle for just a quick glance. Every detail matters. It is therefore necessary to carefully examine your accommodation and check the operation of all equipment (sanitary ware, lighting switches, windows, and doors, etc.).

After the visit and depending on the quality of the work, you can :

  • accept them if you have not noticed any anomalies ;
  • reject them if they do not conform to the signed contract and quote.
  • issue reservations if you have identified visible defects that require repair.

Far from being limited to the mere completion of your renovation project, the completion of the works remains crucial. It's a decisive time, especially to protect yourself over time and for the application of guarantees. Ideally, you should be assisted by a building professional, such as an architect.

Inquire About Financial Aid

Carrying out apartment renovation works requires a significant budget. Fortunately, for any project aimed at improving the energy performance of your building, you can benefit from a number of financial aids offered by the State and various organizations. You can notably apply for :

These schemes will help reduce the bill for your housing renovation. Note that there are some eligibility conditions to meet to benefit from these aids and subsidies. One of them is to hire an RGE (Recognized Environmental Guarantor) qualified craftsman for the work.

Apartment renovation Quimper

Calling on the services of an interior designer in Quimper

When it comes to renovating a home, whether in Quimper or anywhere in France, an interior designer remains your best ally. With their experience and expertise, this building professional can provide you with valuable advice during the implementation of your project.

Firstly, the interior designer assists you in the reflection and design of the project. Listening to better understand your wishes, they share their opinions with you. After visiting your home, they inform you about the essential aspects to consider in the renovation or layout of your apartment.

The assistance of an interior designer also allows you to benefit from the expertise of a professional in the field regarding the choice of equipment, materials, furniture, colors, and layout. They can help you optimize the potential of your interior and make the right choices in terms of decoration and layout.

After the feasibility study of the project, the interior designer takes care of the plan's design. Through sketches or three-dimensional renders (3D), this specialist helps you visualize your future apartment in Quimper. From then on, they provide you with an initial estimate of the cost of the work. This is obviously not a quote from a specialized company but a budgetary approach given for informational purposes.

Furthermore, the interior designer assists you in selecting craftsmen and companies that will take care of the site. They can then ensure the follow-up and coordination of renovation or layout works on your behalf. They monitor the progress of the operation and ensure compliance with the deadlines and layout choices agreed upon in the quote.

Thus, if you aim for quality work and value peace of mind, call on the services of an interior designer for your apartment renovation project in Quimper.

What are the Architectural Characteristics of this City?

Quimper's architectural features are a captivating blend of the city's historical past and subtle contemporary evolution. Exploring the cobbled streets of Quimper reveals an abundance of old houses with traditional charm, often characterized by slate roofs, stone facades, and wooden shutters. However, what sets Quimper apart is the architectural diversity ranging from downtown apartments to suburban homes.

Quimper's craftsmanship is evident in the building details, with special attention paid to ornamental elements. Regional craftsmen have preserved these features while incorporating modern elements during house renovation or extension projects. Interior designers also lend their expertise to ensure cohesion between historical elements and contemporary requirements.

Apartment Renovation Quimper : our interior designers take care of it

Apartment renovation in Quimper is a complex process that requires a meticulous approach. Ensuring the quality of each stage of your project involves collaborating with qualified craftsmen. In Quimper, local architecture has its own distinct characteristics. Engaging a competent interior architect is therefore crucial to harmonize your apartment with the surrounding style. It's important to note that renovation work goes beyond aesthetics. Energy optimization is also essential to meet Quimper's city standards.

Architects from the Reno agency in Quimper stand out for their expertise in coordinating craftsmen, ensuring an efficient execution of your renovation project. Detailed quotes provide crucial transparency, allowing you to plan your budget accordingly. Whether it's renovating a kitchen, a bathroom, or an extension, professionals in Quimper ensure meticulous monitoring of home renovation works.

In Quimper, collaborating with local renovation companies is advantageous as they understand the region's specifics, from old houses to modern construction and renovation projects. The experience of craftsmen in Quimper is reflected in the successful transformation of numerous apartments and houses, from Pont-l'Abbé to Prat Rouz.

In summary, choosing the right team for your apartment renovation project in Quimper involves thorough research into suitable craftsmen and renovation companies. Local experts adhere to Quimper's city standards to resolve your renovation project seamlessly.


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