House Renovation in Bordeaux : 8 Steps Not to Overlook

House renovation Bordeaux

Renovating your home in the Bordeaux region is a complex process that requires careful planning and deep expertise. For these reasons, many homeowners in Bordeaux hesitate to take the plunge. However, they have nothing to fear with a company specialized in the design and implementation of architectural projects.

Whether you're looking to modernize the kitchen or refurbish the bathroom, by engaging a qualified team, you'll be able to visualize your project quite easily and turn your renovation dreams into a concrete reality. They use their imagination to optimize space utilization and apply their knowledge to ensure that the work complies with regulations in Bordeaux. It's worth noting that the key to the success of a real estate enhancement project with a specialized company lies in following well-defined steps.

Rénovation de maison Bordeaux

Feasibility Study of the Bordeaux House Renovation Project

The city of Bordeaux is nestled in a picturesque landscape within the department of Gironde. Its real estate consists of various types of residences, such as traditional Bordeaux houses or period stone houses, for example. Over time, properties settle and require renovation work. As a homeowner, you certainly don't want to see your house fall into ruin before your eyes!

However, since you're not knowledgeable about home restoration, you don't know where to start or how to go about it. In such a case, the advice and services of a specialized building company are essential.

This company follows well-established steps to successfully carry out its mission of renovating the interior or exterior of a house or apartment. In addition to artisans who handle plumbing, electricity, plastering, etc., the building company has an architect. This professional starts by :


      • Assessing the current state of the house or apartment, such as the structural condition, existing installations, and any potential problems or limitations.

      • Analyzing regulatory constraints that may affect the renovation project, such as construction restrictions, safety standards, and urban planning rules.

      • Studying the needs and goals of its clients.

      • Examining renovation design possibilities, taking into account interior space layout, among other factors.

      • Evaluating the project cost, including material prices, labor costs, any structural modifications, professional fees, etc.

      • Assessing the technical feasibility of the renovation project.

    At the end of this 1st step, the architect prepares a feasibility report detailing recommended design options, mentioning identified constraints, and providing a preliminary assessment of costs and deadlines.

    Consultation to Transform Your Property Enhancement Ideas into Concrete Projects  

    In this 2nd phase of the renovation project, the specialized company seeks to understand its clients' ideas and expectations and then turns them into concrete concepts. In this regard, an interior architect can propose :

    Modernizing the bathroom

    The bathroom is the third most renovated room in the house or apartment after the bedroom and kitchen. Synonymous with hygiene and well-being, its renovation offers real comfort to occupants. The interior architect of a specialized company is highly resourceful in satisfying its clients' needs. The advice of this interior professional allows you to choose between :


        • A wet-room bathroom: bath and shower combined in one space ;

        • A bathroom with modern tiling, including XXL tiles ;

        • A bathroom that appears larger with a mirror ;

        • A bathroom with luxurious touches (using natural materials like wood, stone, or marble to create a spa-like ambiance).

      The interior architect can adapt renovation ideas based on personal preferences and lifestyle.

      Refurbishing the kitchen

      The kitchen is a convivial room where everyone enjoys gathering to enjoy a delicious meal or share a good time. Over time, it requires special attention to restore its brilliance. In this regard, turning to a specialized interior renovation company allows you to have a tailor-made project.

      It provides you with an architect who listens to your opinions, proposes solutions, and refines them based on your preferences. In the end, this professional can offer you a :


          • Classic kitchen (timeless): warm and refined style ;

          • Modern kitchen: simple aesthetics, without any heavy ornaments or textures ;

          • Industrial kitchen: original, warm, and creative style ;

          • Contemporary kitchen (customizable): simplicity and functionality guaranteed ;

          • Transitional kitchen: halfway between classic and contemporary ;

          • Minimalist kitchen: a minimalist space with minimal furniture and accessories.

        Regardless of your style, the interior architect is adept at understanding your needs. They will guide you through each of the choices generated by your renovation project in Bordeaux.

        Enhancement of Plasterwork

        The possibilities for refurbishing plasterwork are numerous. However, quality and tailored work are only achieved through the services of a specialized interior renovation company. The importance of engaging this company lies in consulting with clients. With a team of professionals, you can be sure to find a plasterwork solution for each of your desires and requirements. For example :


            • Creating classic cornices and moldings adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to any room in your Bordeaux house ;

            • Installing plaster rosettes on the ceiling adds character and grandeur to a room ;

            • Creating wall niches provides a perfect space to display decorative objects or artworks.

          Moreover, the qualified team in interior renovation work can offer you plaster fireplace surrounds to make it a remarkable centerpiece.

          Establishment of a detailed quote for restoring a house in Bordeaux 

          reno maison bordeaux

          Consultation of clients' ideas is followed by the elaboration of quotes for the renovation works to be carried out on the house or apartment in Bordeaux (Gironde). This estimation varies depending on the complexity of the project, client preferences, and specific practices of the specialized company. There are various types of quotes :


              • Descriptive quote : to be provided in the case of a complex or large-scale project, where it is important to give specific details about the works to be carried out ;

              • Estimated quote (based on average prices, without going into specific details) : used in the project preparation phase to quickly assess the budget needed for the renovation ;

              • Quantitative quote : based on precise quantities of materials and labor needed to carry out the works ;

              • Global quote : includes all prices related to the renovation, including works, materials, labor, professional fees, and additional expenses.

            When additional work or modifications are requested during the construction process, an architect prepares an additional quote. This allows for adjustments to the initial one, taking into account the new requests and providing an estimate of the additional costs. Regarding the labor quote (craftsmen), there are different types available.

            These include fixed fees, those based on a percentage of the total project cost, or hourly rates. Before signing a service contract, it is advisable to request detailed quotes from at least 3 renovation companies in Bordeaux (Southwest France). Carefully comparing them will help you make an informed decision.

            Design of essential architectural plans for refurbishing a property in Bordeaux

            In Bordeaux (Gironde), homeowners who have contacted one of the renovation companies increase their chances of seeing the works completed. The reason being, a team of professionals creates detailed architectural plans on which the project will be based. They take into account aesthetic preferences and functional requirements. They also examine the construction standards applicable in Bordeaux, including local regulations and building codes.

            The plans include the various stages of the works, structural modifications, interior layout, electricity, plumbing, and all other important details. This prevents costly errors and last-minute modifications for homeowners. The phase of designing architectural plans also ensures smooth and efficient collaboration between the various stakeholders involved in the renovation works (architects, craftsmen, suppliers...).

            Obtaining the necessary planning permissions to renovate a Bordeaux house

            Obtaining the necessary urban planning permits is a crucial step in the renovation of a house in Bordeaux. This process ensures that the construction site complies with building standards and heritage preservation requirements.

            A homeowner in Bordeaux who contacts a renovation company with an architect on its team easily obtains the necessary authorization. By soliciting the services of this company, a technician specialized in building design creates a solid document. This dossier is then submitted to the competent authorities at the city hall.

            It is worth noting that renovation companies often establish professional relationships with relevant authorities, such as urban planning services. They know the key contacts, how to present and defend your project during the various stages of obtaining permissions. Indeed, renovation companies in the Bordeaux area facilitate the process and expedite the obtaining of permissions.

            Selection of professionals to restore real estate heritage

            Once the permissions are obtained, the specialized renovation company selects the appropriate contractors and building professionals to carry out the works. To do this, it :


                • assesses the skills and qualifications of potential professionals (their certifications, training, experience in the renovation sector, and specializations) ;

                • checks their references and past achievements (to have an idea of the quality of their work, their ability to meet deadlines, and to meet clients' expectations) ;

                • organizes meetings and interviews ;

                • requests quotes and compares offers.

              By following these steps, the Bordeaux renovation company ensures the quality and smooth progress of the project.

              Supervision and Management of Property Restoration Works in Bordeaux

              After the selection of craftsmen, the house renovation company in Bordeaux supervises the works and manages the site through a professional. This individual :


                  • establishes a realistic work schedule that takes into account deadlines, necessary resources, and potential constraints ;

                  • coordinates the craftsmen (plumbers, electricians, carpenters...) ;

                  • monitors expenses and ensures that the allocated budget is respected ;

                  • handles contingencies (delivery delays, changes in plans, or technical issues).

                Moreover, with a dedicated agent, the house renovation company in Bordeaux maintains close communication with the client throughout the site. It keeps them informed about the progress of the works, consults them for important decisions, and addresses their questions or concerns.

                Final Inspection of a Bordeaux Residence Renovation Site

                renovation bordeaux

                The last step in the house renovation process with a specialized company in Bordeaux is to carry out a final inspection of the works. Specifically, a qualified agent:


                    • verifies that the finishes are clean, uniform, and free of visible defects ;

                    • checks the proper functioning of electrical and plumbing installations in the bathroom, kitchen, and other rooms of the house ;

                    • ensures that the materials used provide optimal comfort inside the house and comply with current standards.

                  At the end of this final step, the specialized company prepares a detailed report summarizing the results of the inspection. This document may include photographs, descriptions of the works performed, and any observations or recommendations for potential corrections or improvements.

                  Once the final inspection is completed, homeowners can enjoy their renovated houses in Bordeaux (Gironde). Whether it's a modern kitchen, a luxurious bathroom, or a spacious living room, they will appreciate the results of their investments and collaboration with a specialized renovation company.

                  How much does a house renovation cost in Bordeaux ? 

                  The house renovation's price in Bordeaux can vary considerably depending on several factors, including :

                  • The scope of the work : simple refreshment, complete renovation, or heavy renovation
                  • The surface area of ​​the property
                  • The type of property: detached house, apartment
                  • The condition of the property : good condition, poor condition
                  • The materials and equipment chosen
                  • Geographic location
                  • Labor costs

                  Here is a table summarizing the average prices of a house renovation in Bordeaux, depending on the scope of the work :


                  Renovation Type


                  Average price (€ including tax)


                  100 m²

                  20 000 à 50 000 €

                  Complete Renovation 

                  100 m² 

                  50 000 à 100 000 €

                  Heavy renovation

                  100 m² 

                  100 000 à 170 000 €


                  This table is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace a personalized quote.

                  Here are some examples of prices for specific work :

                  •  Bathroom renovation : €10,000 to €25,000
                  • Kitchen renovation : €15,000 to €30,000
                  • Window replacement : €5,000 to €10,000
                  • Attic insulation : €5,000 to €10,000

                  To get the best value for your renovation :

                  • Compare multiple quotes before making your decision.
                  • Don't hesitate to negotiate prices.
                  • Choose quality materials and equipment.
                  • Hire professional and experienced craftsmen.


                  Renovating a house in Bordeaux with a specialized

                  Renovating a house in Bordeaux with a specialized company follows specific steps that ensure the smooth progress of your project. From the feasibility study of the work, through the establishment of quotes to the final inspection, each phase is carefully handled. The Bordeaux renovation company also has an in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market. Thus, they can provide advice on finishes, technical solutions, and materials suitable for your residence.

                  By entrusting your property renovation works in Bordeaux to a specialized company like ours named RENO, you will benefit from a tailor-made project. Choosing us means opting for a team composed of engineers and architects from the best institutes in France.

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