House Renovation in Lille: How to Evaluate the Cost of the Works?

House renovation Lille

House renovation in Lille is a significant project that requires a substantial financial investment (depending on the scope of the project). It is important to ensure that the ongoing or completed work by the specialized company is of remarkable quality and meets your expectations. This approach helps you verify if the chosen company adheres to the agreed-upon deadlines and budget. Additionally, evaluating renovation work in your Lille home allows you to detect any potential issues and address them promptly. While this process may seem daunting, follow the key steps below, and you'll succeed ! 

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House Restoration in Lille: Checking Compliance with Deadlines 

You might be wondering how to assess the progress of work undertaken by a company, whether inside or outside your home in Lille ? During renovation work, you can verify compliance with the project's timeline outlined in the quote. If the work takes longer than expected, it may result in additional expenses related to additional artisan fees. To monitor the project's timeline, schedule regular site visits to assess the progress of the work. You can observe if the planned steps are being followed and if their execution pace aligns with your expectations.

Furthermore, ask the company for clarifications on the project's delivery deadlines. Understanding the reasons for delays is crucial, as well as knowing if the company and its team have taken corrective measures. Do you want the renovation work (space planning, extension, interior decoration, etc.) to adhere to the timeline outlined in the quote? Then, hire a renovation company that has successfully completed projects similar to yours. 

House Renovation : Assessing Communication Quality 

Effective communication is an integral part of the services offered by a home renovation company. By evaluating this aspect, you ensure that you have effectively conveyed your needs to the company undertaking the work. In home renovation projects, effective communication fosters a strong working relationship and trust between the contracted company and clients. 

The following tips will help you assess the quality of communication :


      • Check if the company holds regular meetings to update on the progress of the work.

      • Assess if the company is responsive to your questions, concerns, or requests for clarification.

    It is also recommended to seek feedback from former clients who have entrusted projects to the company. Pay particular attention to their satisfaction with the company's communication aspect.

    Quality Control of Materials for House Renovation in Lille

    In house renovation projects in Lille or elsewhere, the various trades within the contracted company require materials (wood, concrete, stone, etc.). The quality of these materials ensures the safety and durability of the work. To determine if each artisan uses excellent raw materials, you should :


        • Research reputable brands, quality standards, and certifications associated with construction materials ;

        • Verify if the raw materials used by the renovation company meet industry standards ;

        • Request the renovation company to provide samples of the materials used to closely inspect their characteristics ;

      It is also recommended to seek feedback from former clients, especially their satisfaction regarding the materials (metal, wood, insulation, etc.) used by the company.

      Conducting a Thorough Inspection of House Renovation Work in Lille

      How do you assess the renovation (extension, interior space planning, or other work) of a property in Lille? Follow these steps : 

      Conduct a comprehensive tour of the house after renovation work.

      Begin by thoroughly inspecting each room of your house or apartment in Lille (Northern France). Check the general condition of the walls, ceilings, floors, windows, and doors made of wood or other materials. Ensure there are no visible defects, such as cracks, stains, or imperfections.

      Check the finishes

      After the renovation work on your home in Lille, carefully examine the finishes that ensure a quality final result. Here are the elements to inspect:


          • Lighting in each room of the house or apartment (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.) ;

          • Walls for detecting cracks, bumps, or irregularities ;

          • Ceilings to identify signs of moisture or texture defects ;

          • Floors to see if artisans have overlooked scratches, chips, or irregularities. Painting inside or outside the home ;

          • Painting inside or outside the home ;

          • Wooden doors and windows, or those made of other materials, to ensure they function correctly, are in good condition, and do not let air or water pass through. 

        Also, check decorative elements (moldings, cornices, and rosettes) to ensure they have been securely fixed by artisans and do not have visible cracks or defects. 

        Examine electrical and plumbing installations.

        As part of second-phase renovation work, artisans from the specialized company handle electrical and plumbing installations. After the project, check the operation of these two types of systems by testing switches, faucets, toilets, sinks, etc. The kitchen and bathroom are the rooms most affected by this. This way, you'll see if there are any leaks or malfunctions. 

        Checking Structural Work for House Restoration in Lille

        If the renovation project involves modifying load-bearing walls or extending the existing building, then it involves major structural work. In this case, ensure that the construction site has been executed in accordance with the plans and regulations in force in Lille or elsewhere in France. Additionally, ensure the solidity of the structure and that the work has been carried out by qualified professionals from the company.

        Do you have doubts or want a more thorough assessment of the renovation work done on your house in Lille? Then, seek professional help to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the property. A qualified inspector can easily detect any hidden issues and provide you with a detailed report. Furthermore, if you wish to avoid mishaps regarding the structural work of the property in Lille, contact a reputable entity specializing in renovation projects. 

        Checking Compliance with Specifications for House Refurbishment

        reno lille

        Having your house or apartment renovated in Lille (Northern France) by a specialized company requires verifying the work done by the trades involved. The construction site must comply with the initial specifications agreed upon in the quote. To do this, refer to the document detailing the characteristics of the planned work, including materials, finishes, dimensions, plans, and deadlines. Then, carefully compare these specifications with the project executed by the trades of the company to identify any discrepancies or deviations.

        Do you notice any discrepancies or non-conformities compared to the initial specifications detailed in the quote? Then, immediately communicate with the specialized building company in renovation. Clearly articulate your observations, supported by documented evidence if necessary. Request explanations and discuss corrective measures to address the issues identified on the already completed construction site.

        Refurbishing Your Home in the City of Lille: Analyzing Compliance with Regulations

        Even if the renovation work on your house in Lille is completed, you can still verify its compliance with the regulations in force. Here are the steps to follow :


            • Gather documents and information related to the renovation work (plans, technical specifications, contracts, invoices, and any relevant compliance certificates) ;

            • Familiarize yourself with the regulations in force in Lille (Northern France), such as building codes, urban planning rules, safety standards, and specific requirements for your type of renovation ;

            • Check if the specialized building company in renovation has obtained the necessary authorizations to carry out the project (building permit for house extension, for example) ;

            • Review the plans and technical specifications provided by the renovation company and verify if the work done complies with these documents, especially regarding construction standards, insulation, electrical installations, and plumbing.

          Next, visually inspect the renovation work carried out by the various trades of the company. Then, identify signs of non-compliance such as inferior quality materials, installation defects, and defective finishes (painting and plastering, for example). Also, look for signs of breaches of regulations in force in Lille. 

          For renovation work on houses in Lille to comply with regulations, it is necessary to engage a company with various trades. However, this company must have an architect and a building engineer in its team. These professionals conduct a professional assessment to ensure that the renovation work is compliant.

          Checking for Residual Issues After House Renovation Project

          Issues like lack of space prompt you to consider refurbishment work in your house or apartment in Lille. You must then engage a specialized building company in renovation (with various trades) to handle the project. After their intervention, it is wise to search for residual issues, referring to defects that persist even after the renovation work is completed. These problems may be related to aspects such as construction quality, finishes (paint, for example), electrical installations, or plumbing. They are sometimes visible to the naked eye or manifest gradually over time.

          If you identify residual issues after the renovation work, then clearly communicate them to the company responsible for the project. Then, submit a formal request for resolution of the residual issues within a reasonable timeframe. To avoid such mishaps, it is advisable to hire an experienced company that has received positive feedback from previous clients. 

          Renovation of a Residence : 2 Essential Points to Consider

          Do you desire excellent services from the renovation company engaged for the work in your house in Lille? Then, consider the following 2 points :

          Well-executed work with a company that offers a guarantee

          A house or apartment renovation company in Lille that offers a guarantee is prepared to take responsibility for the work performed. Therefore, it surrounds itself with true professionals in refurbishment work. Furthermore, it is highly motivated to deliver quality work to prevent future problems. These could, for example, involve rectifying plumbing in the kitchen or bathroom at no additional cost. 

          Moreover, a house or apartment in Lille renovated with a guarantee presents an additional selling point. Potential buyers are more reassured about the excellence of the services and work performed by the company's artisans.

          Work assurance after delivery with an entity covered by insurance

          Work assurance after delivery with an entity covered by insurance

          In some cases of house renovation projects, the company does not address issues related to the work carried out by its team. Engaging an entity covered by insurance is therefore crucial, especially to benefit from :


              • protection against accidents, such as injuries suffered by an artisan ;

              • the renovation company's liability insurance in case of property damage or injuries to neighbors or third parties ;

              • protection of the homeowner's belongings in Lille (furniture, appliances, or valuables) in case of damage during project execution.

            As an indication, seeking a renovation company covered by insurance is essential to comply with legal obligations. In France, construction and renovation companies must subscribe to one. However, what happens if you use the services of a company not covered to carry out your restoration project in Lille? In such a case, you risk legal issues and fines.

            How much does a house renovation cost in Lille ?

            The cost of a house renovation in Lille can vary considerably depending on several factors, including :

            • The scope of the work : It's important to distinguish between small renovation works (painting, refreshing) and major works (roof refurbishment, extension).
            • The size of the house : The price of the works will generally be proportional to the size of the house.
            • The initial condition of the house : A house in good condition will require less work than a house in poor condition.
            • The type of renovation : There are different types of renovation, such as energy renovation, aesthetic renovation, or renovation to improve comfort.
            • The choice of materials : The materials used for the renovation can have a significant impact on the final cost.
            • The choice of artisans : The prices of artisans can vary depending on their experience, qualification, and location.

            Here is a summary table of the average prices for renovating a house in Lille, depending on the scope of the work :


            Type of Work

            Average Cost per m²


            €20 to €50


            €30 to €80


            €900 to €1,200


            €1,000 to €2,000


            €150 to €250


            €1,500 to €2,500

            Examples of prices for a 100 m² house :


            Light renovation (painting, refreshing) 

            10,000 € to 20,000 €

            Complete renovation of second work (electricity, plumbing, heating)

            €30,000 to €50,000

            Heavy renovation (structural work, extension)

            €50,000 and above


            There are numerous financial aids available for house renovation, including :

            • MaPrimeRénov'
            • Eco-interest-free loan (eco-PTZ)
            • Anah grants
            • Regional grants

            A successful house renovation in Lille !

            In short, evaluating house renovation works in Lille carried out by a company requires consideration of several essential criteria. These include the quality of communication, adherence to agreed deadlines, and the use of good materials. The warranty offer for the works and the company's insurance coverage are also included. Your satisfaction and the success of the renovation project therefore rely on the assessment of these aspects.

            Exercising caution in your choice of renovation company avoids future inconveniences. If you want to enjoy quality work in Lille, hire a reliable and competent company like RENO. Projects completed by this team have resulted in over 95% of satisfied clients.

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