House Renovation in Marseille: Is it a Wise Investment?

House renovation Marseille

Looking to renovate your home in Marseille? Need assistance refreshing your interior? Our teams are at your disposal and ready to listen to your desires. Reno is a company that offers services for the renovation of primary and rental housing. Our experts are committed to giving your little haven a new lease of life. Whether it's renovating your apartment or simply refreshing your interior with a Marseille-inspired decor for your living room, our architects will guide you and understand your project by bringing your vision to life.

House renovation in Marseille, located in the department of Bouches-du-Rhône, is a worthwhile endeavor. It's an exciting and rewarding project in a vibrant city in the Southeast of France. Who can benefit? Every homeowner or apartment owner and entrepreneur looking to make a fortune in old real estate are involved. The work increases the value of the property, reduces energy bills, creates an attractive and modern living space... The reasons that make real estate renovation in Marseille an interesting investment are numerous. Discover them in the following lines.

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Revitalizing the home in Marseille for potential sale 

Marseille is a city in France with a rich cultural heritage and unique architecture. It continues to attract new residents, leading to an increase in housing demand. If you plan to support the supply of houses or apartments for sale or rent in Marseille in the future, take care of your property. How? By carrying out necessary renovation work to improve its appearance, functionality, and quality.

To determine the type of renovation project suitable for your house or apartment in Marseille, seek the advice of a specialized company. With an architect on its team, you'll be guaranteed successful work. Simply because the expertise, creativity, and professionalism of this professional turn your vision into reality. For example, they have a wealth of imagination to modernize your kitchen or bathroom and optimize natural lighting inside the home located in Marseille.

As the price of renovation work varies from one specialized company to another, it's advisable to request several quotes. After comparing the estimates, you can choose the one that best fits your budget. 

Restoring the home in Marseille to reduce energy consumption

Energy transition and fluctuating energy prices are two major reasons for the increase in electricity bills. Do you want your house or apartment in Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône) to consume less energy or be more environmentally friendly? Then, carry out energy renovation work. In this type of project, the advice and services of a specialized company are essential. Among the trades of this company should be an eco-energy engineer and an architect.

The team of the company specialized in house or apartment renovation in Marseille:

  • improves insulation by adding insulation in walls, attics, and basements to maintain a stable temperature inside the house in winter and summer ;
  • integrates renewable energy sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines;integrates renewable energy sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines ;
  • optimizes lighting inside the residence by using natural lighting systems to maximize the use of daylight.

The professionals of the company can also explore other solutions, including thermal insulation through paint (thermal insulating paint). Note that precise and detailed work estimates are only available from a specialized renovation company in France. 

House renovation in Marseille means personalized living space

Real estate renovation in Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône) allows you to adapt your living space to changing needs. With the services of skilled tradespeople from a specialized company, your residence will be transformed into a place that suits your taste. 

Custom Kitchen

When renovating the interior of your house or apartment in Marseille, the advice and intervention of an architect are crucial. Whatever your taste in kitchen design, simply express it to this professional, and they will bring it to life.

Desiring a Scandinavian-style kitchenette? The architect can propose a minimalist, functional, and elegant design with light colors and wooden furniture. If a rustic kitchen inspires you, this professional may suggest rustic elements (such as terracotta pots) combined with a natural decor. Regarding paint, warm colors (brick red and olive green) would be preferred. Moreover, the architect is also an expert in layout and can suggest:

  • a simple and straight kitchen,
  • an L-shaped kitchen,
  • parallel kitchens,
  • a U-shaped kitchen. 

Hence, it's essential to engage a specialized renovation company with an architect in its team. Your kitchen in Marseille will be transformed into a beautiful and practical space that reflects the soul of the Mediterranean.

Stylish Small Bathroom

The desire to enhance the aesthetics of the bathroom may motivate you to renovate this room in your house or apartment in Marseille. If you're unsure how to bring your desires to life, turn to a company with an architect on its team. After listening to you, this professional will present innovative ideas, such as :

  • a bathroom inspired by Japanese style with earthy materials to create a minimalist universe where the senses are awakened, wooden furniture, and carefully crafted lighting;
  • an industrial bathroom with a style that mixes raw materials, dark colors, and unrefined finishes;
  • a country-style bathroom (reflecting the simplicity and beauty of country life) that relies on natural materials (such as wood) to create a relaxing and timeless atmosphere;
  • a classic bathroom inspired by traditional elements and timeless designs, with solid wood cabinets, and ceramic tiles that add a touch of luxury and sophistication to the room.

If renovating your bathroom is still a project to consider, it's advisable to prepare the budget now. To do this, request quotes from various specialized companies working with artisans in Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône). 

Well-Considered Flooring

The aesthetic of the floor significantly impacts the overall look of the rooms in a house or apartment. Hence, it's important to renovate the flooring when it's in critical condition. If you lack inspiration and expertise, turn to a specialized interior renovation company collaborating with artisans in Marseille (Southeast France). An architect will provide insights to revamp the floors of your house or apartment. Then, various tradespeople (masons, tilers, or floor layers) carry out the tasks according to the type of flooring.

The choice of flooring depends on the room. The architect may suggest :

  • solid wood flooring for the living room ;
  • tiles for the cooking area ;
  • PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) or laminate flooring for the bathroom ;
  • soft and silky carpeting for the bedrooms.

In this type of renovation project, the price of the work includes labor costs, materials, and equipment used. Therefore, it's essential to request quotes from at least 3 competent companies in Marseille or elsewhere in France. 

Well-Designed Interior

Well-Designed Interior

A well-designed interior signifies comfort and aesthetics. Such a result requires the advice and services of an architect, often working in a company specialized in renovating the internal spaces of a house or apartment. 

You'll find a renovation company that meets your expectations for interior design. However, it must have an architect on its team. This remarkably inspired professional can present solutions such as :

  • creating a reading corner under the stairs or on the bay window,
  • Transforming the attic into a dressing room,
  • converting the basement into a laundry room.

Various trades then intervene to carry out the work related to the layout of the interior spaces of the residence. The project may involve plumbing, masonry, electricity... If you want to know the cost of the investment, request quotes from several companies. 

Trendy Walls

Over time, the materials used for the walls of your house or apartment in Marseille may degrade and lose their aesthetic appeal. If you find that your walls look outdated or passé, you can renovate them. Thus, they will regain a more contemporary appearance that matches your tastes. Also, investing in wall renovation works prevents potential structural problems or building deterioration (such as cracks and mold), among others. 

Undertaking wall renovation work yourself poses several risks since you're not an expert. Engaging one of the companies with various tradespeople is the preferred solution, especially if it has an interior architect on its team. This professional provides ideas, in line with your desires, which artisans will realize. Their inspiration may focus on :

  • decorative plaster (polished concrete, stucco, or lime): provides a unique and sophisticated finish to the walls ;
  • brick or stone cladding: adds authenticity and character to the walls ;
  • waterproof coating for the bathroom: provides a smooth and uniform surface ;
  • wall coverings (paneling, decorative panels, wooden cladding...): add character and texture to the walls.

Choose one of the reputable companies, experienced, and with positive reviews from former clients. By considering these criteria, you'll ensure a quality result. Additionally, remember to request several quotes from different renovation companies before making your choice. 

Restoring a residence in 13055 to highlight Marseille's architecture

In Southeast France, Marseille is a city rich in architectural heritage. Renovating a building that is several years old provides an opportunity to preserve and showcase its unique architectural features. This project also contributes to maintaining visual harmony in your district. By adhering to the architectural codes specific to Marseille, you preserve the identity and aesthetics of the entire urban landscape.

Implementing renovation work requires a thorough understanding of architectural standards in Marseille. Therefore, it is recommended to enlist a specialized renovation company in collaboration with local artisans. Ensure that the company has qualified engineers and architects on its team. These two professionals, with the assistance of various building trades, will make your project a total success. 

Renovating a house in Marseille while benefiting from state aid

Whether your house or apartment is located in the 1st or 8th arrondissement of Marseille, renovation becomes necessary after several years of existence. Without any secret, the project requires money, which is worth spending considering the various benefits that result from undertaking the work.

However, did you know that carrying out refurbishment work entitles you to state aid? In the field of energy renovation, you can benefit from MaPrimeRénov', the Eco Zero Interest Loan (Eco PTZ), and reduced VAT (Value Added Tax). The National Housing Agency (Anah) also offers several aids for renovating houses or apartments in Marseille, including the Habiter Mieux program.

Certain conditions must be met to benefit from these state aids for renovating your house or apartment in Marseille. These include your income, your status as an owner-occupier or landlord, and compliance with deadlines and administrative procedures. For certain refurbishment projects, the intervention of one of the certified or labeled building companies is essential. This latter condition concerns :

  • energy renovation work,
  • adaptation work for people with disabilities,
  • historical monument work.

However, it is recommended that you inquire with the competent organizations in your district and consult official information. This way, you will obtain precise details on the projects and certified interveners required for each aid.

Rénover la maison à Marseille


In the 1st, 2nd, or another district of the city of Marseille, house renovation is a profitable investment in many ways. It helps revive the soul and history of your property, while bringing a touch of modernity and enhancing its financial value. This project also allows you to create a living space to your liking, improve comfort indoors, meet your current needs... So many advantages that urge you to get started now !

However, hiring a specialized general building company, like RENO, proves to be a wise solution. This option saves you from obtaining multiple quotes. Moreover, it allows you to benefit from the proven professionalism of various trades dedicated to different specific areas (masonry, plumbing, architecture, etc.). Therefore, have the guarantee of quality results with our formidable team of real estate renovation. 

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