House Renovation in Nantes: The Expertise of a Specialist Team

House renovation Nantes

House renovation in Nantes is a process of restoring, transforming, and enhancing a property located in the capital of the Loire-Atlantique department. Executing the project requires the expertise of a team of refurbishment professionals, gathered within a specialized company. Each professional brings their specific skills to successfully complete the project in the kitchen, bathroom, or any other room of the house or apartment in Nantes. They are driven by the common goal of restoring your home to its former glory. The project may include various types of work both inside and outside the property. Discover below the workforce mobilized to meet your expectations.

Réno maison Nantes

Nantes House Renovation: Internal Work Artisans

Nantes (West of France) is a city rich in architectural heritage. Renovating the interior of your home means preserving its original features while introducing modern improvements. Various experts come into play to carry out the work.

Architect: Primary Player in the Project

A renovation company includes an architect (building professional) in its team. They possess in-depth knowledge of architecture, design, and construction. They play a central role in renovating the interior of a home in Nantes.

Project Analysis

The architect (designer) conducts a thorough analysis of the building to be renovated in Nantes (West of France). Their services include evaluating the current state of the house or apartment, its architectural features, structure, and technical constraints. They also take into account your renovation needs and goals.

Design and Planning

The professional develops detailed plans and drawings for the renovation, integrating your preferences, construction standards, and legal constraints. They propose creative and functional solutions to enhance the overall aesthetics of the house or apartment in Nantes (near Saint-Herblain and Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire). Their imagination also allows them to suggest ideas to optimize the use of interior space, such as :

      • Setting up a relaxation area under the stairs,

      • Creating a makeshift office in a niche,

      • Installing a series of minimalist shelves along the walls,

      • Designing a narrow worktop along the kitchen window.

    Based on your expectations, the designer may also suggest renovating your bathroom in a Japanese style. 

    Obtaining Urban Planning Permission

    As the city of Nantes is subject to a PLU (Local Urban Plan), certain projects involving the house require permission from the town hall. By engaging a renovation company with a designer in its team, you can easily obtain the necessary certificate. This building expert handles the necessary administrative procedures for the building permit application or prior declaration of works. They ensure that the renovation complies with current regulations and urban planning rules in Nantes.

    Engineer: a Key Artisan in Property Renovation

    It is not uncommon for a property renovation company to have an engineer on its team. However, this varies depending on the size of the company and the nature of the projects it undertakes. The engineer plays a crucial role in :

        • Energy renovation of a house in Nantes or elsewhere, especially in finding solutions to reduce energy consumption (by replacing thermal insulation, for example),

        • Structural renovation of an existing building (demolition of load-bearing walls or extension of the residence).

      The engineer can also be involved in upgrading an electrical system. Note that by engaging a company collaborating with this professional, you increase your chances of seeing your property renovation project succeed. 

       rénovation immobilière

      Plumbing Specialists

      Plumbing issues affect several rooms in the house or apartment in Nantes (near Saint-Herblain and Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire). These include the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and basements. When a specialized company intervenes in second-phase renovation works, qualified workers called plumbers take care of the plumbing. Specifically, these professionals are responsible for the installation and repair of water pipes, heating systems, and sanitary fixtures.

      Electricity Experts

      Are you planning a second-phase property renovation project for your house or apartment in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique)? In this regard, know that electrical work is essential. By hiring a company with various trades, electricians take care of the electrical systems in each room of the property (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.). 

      During the renovation works, electricians (depending on the scope of the work) :

          • Check the condition of existing installations and replace defective or obsolete cables,

          • Ensure compliance with current standards,

          • Adapt installations to the evolving needs of the occupants of the property, 

          • Take care of electrical distribution efficiently and safely.

        As part of energy renovation, electricians install energy-efficient devices. These experts may, for example, opt for light dimmers, programmable thermostats, and motion sensors. Note that by engaging a specialized property renovation company, you no longer need to separately request quotes for each of the works to be carried out. 

        Joinery Specialists

        Want to renovate the wooden elements of your house or apartment in Nantes (near Saint-Herblain and Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire)? Know that this type of project is part of second-phase property renovation works. To avoid the risk of hiring an unqualified craftsman, turn to a specialized company that has experienced joiners in its team.

        The tasks undertaken by joiners include the installation and repair of wooden elements in a building, including doors and windows. Before starting the work, the company will send you a detailed and precise quote for the tasks to be carried out. 

        Painting Professionals

        Painting, generally classified as finishing work, is added to the list of second-phase renovation works. Why? Because it is carried out at the final stage of the renovation process to embellish and protect the interior surfaces of a building. The workers involved are called painters, and their services may include :

            • Painting walls and ceilings in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc.,

            • Painting wooden elements (doors, windows, cabinets, etc.),

            • Floor painting.

          If you are having trouble finding an experienced painter, turn to a property renovation company. They collaborate with qualified workers in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique) and guarantee optimal aesthetic results and lasting finishes.

          Floor Covering Specialists

          Renovation projects inside your residence in Nantes end with finishing works, including the restoration of floor coverings. The experts in this type of work are called tilers. They master techniques for preparing the floor, cutting materials, laying, and finishing to achieve an aesthetic and durable result. Their services cover all living areas of the home in Nantes, such as the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. 

          House restoration Nantes: artisans for specific exterior works 

          Property renovation works do not only concern the interior of a home in Nantes. They can also involve the exterior of the house. Below, discover 2 experts in this type of intervention who work in a renovation company.

          Facade Work Specialists

          Exterior renovation plays a significant role in improving the overall appearance of your home in Nantes. Qualified workforce, gathered within a renovation company, can take care of specific works to transform the appearance of your house according to your preferences. Among them are facade workers who handle cleaning, renovation, or even complete replacement of the exterior of your property. 

          Roofing Work Experts

          Is your goal to restore, repair, strengthen, or modify the structural elements of the house to improve its solidity, durability, and safety? Then, you need to carry out major renovation works, including the roofing project. This element of the house plays a crucial role in the stability and integrity of the entire building. The experts responsible for the intervention are called roofers. By engaging a specialized company in property renovation, you won't have to search for them. This company already has them in its team.

          This entity selects the best roofers in Nantes to provide you with quality results and to have a good reputation. Roofing specialists are qualified to inspect, repair, or replace the roof. They use appropriate materials to ensure optimal protection against the elements.

          Special Case : House Extension 

          From the outset, a house extension is part of property renovation. The reason is that it aims to improve, transform an existing property, and meet the needs and aspirations of the homeowners. In Nantes or elsewhere in France, this type of project requires the services of various experts (masons, plasterers, plumbers, carpenters, etc.).

          Depending on the nature and complexity of the works, a house extension requires the services of an engineer and an architect. The first professional comes into play when the project involves adding an additional floor or creating an opening in a load-bearing wall. Additionally, they perform structural calculations and propose technical solutions to ensure the stability and safety of the extension. The second professional plays a key role in the design and planning of the extension. They also provide expertise in aesthetics and space optimization.

          l’extension d’une maison 


          In conclusion, a renovation company already brings together various specialized trades in various fields (masonry, insulation, painting, etc.). By contacting them, you no longer need to request different quotes for each project and you are assured of the expertise of the workers who make up their team. 

          Do you want the interior of your residence in Nantes to exude elegance, trendiness, or any other style (according to your preferences)? Then, we recommend you one address only: our interior architecture firm named RENO. Our engineers, architects, and various workers guarantee you an unmatched result ! 

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