House renovation in Lyon : what type of work to carry out ?

House renovation Lyon

House renovation in Lyon is an essential process that helps maintain and improve the quality of life in homes. The fortunate owners of charming old residences in this attractive city in France are the most concerned with this type of project. In this regard, numerous possibilities are available to them to give new life to their homes.

Space planning inside the house, kitchen or bathroom renovation, each of the works has its own category. This classification concerns small projects, major construction projects, finishing work, or simple maintenance. Discover below more details about the various types of house restoration projects in Lyon.

reno maison

Les petits travaux de rénovation maison Lyon

Sometimes, the concepts of finishing work renovation projects and small works can be confusing for homeowners. If you are considering enhancing your house or apartment in Lyon, it is important to know what type of project you are undertaking. The first concept refers to more complex and specialized interventions aimed at improving the finishes and installations inside a property. These tasks are often carried out after major construction works.

The second concept, namely small renovation works, is more about simpler and punctual interventions. Carried out quickly and at a lower cost, the tasks often aim to improve aesthetics or solve minor problems in a house or apartment. Here are some examples of small renovation works:

  • Painting and touch-ups to refresh damaged or faded surfaces;
  • Replacement of old fixtures with modern models;
  • Replacement of handles and accessories (such as faucets and switches);
  • Repair of small defects, such as cracks, holes, and minor leaks;
  • Installation of new finishes, including moldings, baseboards, or cornices.

The prices of small renovation works in a residence in Lyon mainly depend on the size of the house and the materials used. To obtain accurate estimates, request detailed quotes from qualified professionals in the city.

Restoration of your house in Lyon: Finishing works

Modernizing the kitchen and improving the interior decoration of a house are examples of finishing works. Thanks to renovation possibilities, you can transform your living space in Lyon according to your personal preferences. 

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovation brings a new aesthetic to the interior of your house or apartment in Lyon and improves the functionality of the space. By using the services of an interior architect and working with qualified professionals, you can have :

  • A country-charm style kitchen with natural materials such as wood and stone, and decoration with jute curtains ;
  • A kitchen inspired by the South-Mediterranean trend that uses bright and warm colors to create a warm and sunny atmosphere ;
  • A kitchen that emphasizes feminine details to create a refined and charming atmosphere with soft colors, and decoration made of lace curtains, for example .

The services of an interior architect and real professionals thus offer a wide range of expressions.

Note that the price of finishing works renovation in Lyon averages €15,400. This is for a house or apartment in good overall condition, but rises to €38,400 for a property in poor condition. As service prices vary from one renovation company to another, request multiple quotes and compare them. Thus, you can make an informed decision. 

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation is part of finishing works renovation projects. Simply because it focuses on finishes, interior design, and non-load-bearing elements of a building. This project includes:

  • Flooring and wall covering with tiles or wallpaper, among others ;
  • Plumbing, including replacement or repair of pipes, faucets, sinks, etc. ;
  • Electricity, which involves installing or replacing lighting fixtures, power outlets, ventilation systems, etc. ;
  • Carpentry consists of making or installing custom bathroom furniture (cabinets, shelves, or worktops).

The installation of accessories that add a final touch to the bathroom's decoration also falls into this category of works. Renovating this room means transforming an ordinary space into a relaxation and comfort area in your house or apartment in Lyon. 

Heating and Air Conditioning System Renovation

Rénovation de l’installation d'un système de chauffage et de climatisation

Renovation of a heating and air conditioning system installation falls into the category of finishing works. This is because it mainly concerns the technical and functional aspects related to the thermal comfort of a building. 

Here, the works aim to create a comfortable indoor environment throughout the year and improve the energy efficiency of the house in Lyon. How? By optimizing the distribution of heat or air conditioning and replacing existing equipment. 

Updating Electrical and Plumbing Installations

Updating electrical and plumbing installations is also included in the list of finishing works renovation projects. This project includes the replacement of obsolete electrical wires, the installation of new sockets and switches. On the plumbing side, the works involve renovating pipes and water lines. 

During the renovation, you can opt for durable electrical and plumbing systems, such as low-water and energy consumption appliances. Thus, you significantly reduce the ecological footprint of your house or apartment in Lyon. However, make sure to hire a competent company, with qualified electricians and plumbers, if you want to obtain quality results. 

Structural Works for Restoring a House in Lyon

You certainly don't want to risk living in a deteriorating house in Lyon. Therefore, structural works are essential. This project concerns the very structure of the residence and requires the intervention of professionals. 

Structural Renovation

Renovating the structure of a house in Lyon is an essential step to ensure its solidity, stability, and durability. In general, this endeavor includes :

Foundation Reinforcement 

Reinforcing the foundations of a house in Lyon is a crucial phase in structural renovation. The initiation of works is due to stability or deterioration issues identified. To address the problem, do not hesitate to contact a local renovation company. They have skilled craftsmen capable of finding the most suitable techniques to strengthen the foundations of your residence. The services of these professionals may include :

  • Resin injection into cracks and voids in the foundations ;
  • Micropiles (steel or concrete structural elements inserted into the ground to support foundations) ;
  • Concrete reinforcement involving the insertion of steel reinforcements into existing concrete to increase its strength and load-bearing capacity ;
  • Foundation piles refer to structural elements made of wood, steel, or concrete that are driven deep into the ground to provide additional support to the base structures ;
  • Improvement of drainage to prevent water accumulation.

When you enlist a company to undertake structural works, ensure that it has specialized structural engineers on its team. The expertise of these professionals enables them to assess the specific needs of your Lyon home in terms of renovation.

Repair of Load-Bearing Walls 

A load-bearing wall is a structural element of a building. It bears the vertical weight of the structure above it and horizontal loads (wind or earthquakes). Over time, this wall may develop cracks, sagging, or water infiltrations. Renovating this wall requires repair or replacement if necessary. To successfully complete these complex works, hire a specialized local company and benefit from peace of mind and the expertise of the dedicated team. Also, the appropriate materials and equipment they use ensure a quality and durable result. 

Roof Replacement or Renovation

The roof of a house in Lyon is exposed to the elements and may suffer damage over time. During structural renovation, roof refurbishment works are necessary to ensure its waterproofing and solidity. Here, the project entrusted to a renovation company includes :

  • Thorough inspection of the roof ,
  • Preparation of a quote ,
  • Preparation of works ,
  • Removal of old materials ,
  • Replacement or repair of defective tiles ,
  • Installation of new materials ,
  • Finishing touches (waterproofing, installation of vapor barrier, or additional insulation) and cleaning.

Note that roof renovation (in Lyon or elsewhere) is a high-risk, high-altitude work. Skilled craftsmen from a competent company equip themselves with personal protective equipment (harnesses, lanyards with retractors or shock absorbers, helmets, etc.) to carry out this mission safely. Besides, it's worth mentioning that among the various building trades, it's a roofer who intervenes here. 

Demolition and Partial Reconstruction

In some cases, renovation requires the partial demolition of certain parts of the house, such as a non-load-bearing wall or an existing extension. This step allows for a rethink of the layout of the interior of the Lyon residence and the creation of new spaces tailored to the occupants' needs.

Demolition and partial reconstruction of a house are significant projects involving structural and architectural work. In many cases, it is recommended to engage both an engineer and an architect to carry out these works. However, where can these professionals be found? You only need to hire a competent renovation company that has both these experts on its team. 

Refurbishing Floors

Floor renovation (wood, concrete, steel, etc.) also falls into the category of structural works. The works involving these structural elements of the Lyon house include repairing or replacing floor coverings. It also involves strengthening beams or joists and improving sound and thermal insulation.

Improving Thermal Insulation 

Among the structural renovation works is the improvement of thermal insulation, which brings a host of benefits to a property owner in Lyon. This project allows, among other things, to reduce heat loss through walls, roof, and floor and enhance the value of the property.

When a specialized house renovation company in Lyon undertakes to improve thermal insulation, it uses various methods and techniques, such as :

  • Insulating each wall with mineral wool, rock wool, expanded polystyrene, or wood fiber panels;
  • Insulating attics and roofs by installing an insulation layer under the attic or between the roof rafters (to limit heat loss);
  • Insulating pipes and ducts by wrapping them in specific insulating materials (helps reduce heat loss when transporting hot water in the house).

The specialized renovation company may also use innovative insulation techniques, such as insulation by blowing. Only professional artisans guarantee effective implementation in compliance with current standards in Lyon.

Interior Space Planning

Interior Space Planning

In Lyon, the square meter of an apartment costs €5,065, and that of a house is worth €6,610. If you own a property in this city in France, make sure to make the most of every interior space. Nothing beats interior planning, a project that is an integral part of a structural renovation project. 

The company undertaking such a project requires the assistance of a qualified interior architect. They will put their expertise at your disposal to optimize areas with a specific style that matches your needs and personality. For example, this professional can suggest:

  • Partitioning with a net to separate the sleeping area from the kitchen without weighing down the volumes;
  • Installing shallow storage furniture along a dining room wall;
  • Setting up a makeshift office in a corner of the room.

It must be said that the interior architect provides a turnkey solution for every owner of a small house or a modest apartment in Lyon. 

House Extension

Do you need more space inside your house in Lyon? Then consider an extension. This is one of the structural renovation works that requires the intervention of a competent construction company. As a result, you'll have an additional bedroom or a leisure room, for example.

However, be sure to hire a renovation company with engineers and architects. The collaboration between these two professionals plays a complementary and essential role in successfully completing your house extension works in Lyon. They take into account all aspects of the extension, from foundations to roofing, including ventilation and lighting systems. 

Note that the architect designs the necessary documents for the urban planning permit application, such as the site plan, the mass plan, the sectional plan, and more. The interventions of these construction and renovation professionals help determine the type of extension to apply (side, elevation, basement, or garden). 

Facade Refurbishment

Facade renovation is a structural project that gives your house in Lyon a fresh look. The works may involve wall cleaning, crack repairs, facade rendering, or even changing the exterior cladding. 

If you're considering a facade rendering, don't hesitate to contact a reputable renovation company in Lyon. This way, you'll get personalized advice, a detailed quote, and tailor-made services. 

Home Renovation in Lyon : Clarification on Categorizing the Work to Be Undertaken

Rénovation d’une résidence

Structural renovation works are an integral part of major renovations. This encompasses all projects (demolition, reconstruction, adaptation of load-bearing walls, etc.) that involve major modifications to the structure of an existing building. Additionally, both second-stage and structural renovation works are included in a complete renovation. This covers all tasks necessary to transform and enhance the entirety of a house in Lyon (electrical, plumbing, decoration, etc.).

Moreover, partial renovation targets only a specific part of the house or apartment in Lyon (such as the kitchen or bathroom). The works are limited to certain aspects of the property, such as flooring, painting, or carpentry. This type of restoration, therefore, includes second-stage renovation works. This type of project provides the finishing touches and essential details to the specific area undergoing renovation.

Home Renovation in Lyon: What You Need to Remember

In summary, there are three main categories of renovation works that involve various building trades (roofer, electrician, architect, engineer, plumber, etc.). Simple and punctual tasks, focused on solving minor issues, are considered small refurbishment works. If the project involves structural elements of the building, then it is classified as structural renovation. 

Tasks related only to the aesthetic and functional aspects of a house or apartment are categorized as second-stage renovation works. Furthermore, the project after the stages of renovating the real estate property in Lyon relates to maintenance. 

So, do you want to continue living in a construction that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing? The key to achieving this is to contact a specialized renovation company, such as RENO. This company provides you with building professionals capable of delivering quality work that meets your expectations.

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