Apartment renovation in Nice: how to successfully carry out the work?

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Apartment renovation in Nice refers to an essential step if you want to transform your living space, making it more functional, aesthetic, and modern. In this city in the Alpes-Maritimes department, many homeowners recognize the importance of breathing new life into their homes. So why not be one of those from Nice who take action to renovate their apartment? Our teams are at your disposal and attentive to your desires. Reno is a company that offers services for the renovation of primary and rental housing. Our experts are committed to bringing a new lease of life to your sanctuary. Whether it's renovating your apartment or simply refreshing your interior, such as redecorating your living room, our architects will guide you and understand your project by fulfilling your vision.

Price, Budget, and Advice for Apartment Renovation in Nice

In terms of price, the cost of renovation for a house in Nice or an apartment in downtown Nice depends on various major parameters. The amount of quotes varies notably depending on the surface area, the number of rooms to be renovated, and the extent of the work. Of course, the prices of services and materials are not the same for a simple interior design, a partial renovation, or a complete renovation of your accommodation. Here is an estimate of apartment renovation prices in Nice (including supplies and labor) :

Refreshment (200 - 500 €/m²) Partial renovation (500 - 900 €/m²) Complete renovation (900 - 1,200 €/m²) Heavy renovation (1,200 - 1,600 €/m²)
Floor covering replacement Complete kitchen renovation Complete kitchen and bathroom renovation Total overhaul of the dwelling - Comprehensive overhaul of electrical and plumbing systems
Removing wallpaper and applying new wall paint Total transformation of the bathroom Complete window replacement Structural floor modification
Renewal of furniture and decoration Removal of non-structural partitions Construction or modification of dry partitions - Comprehensive review of plumbing and electrical wiring Replacement or elimination of load-bearing walls - Other major structural modifications
Consultation with an architect recommended Recommendation to hire an architect Architect required

Expert Advice for Apartment Renovation in Nice 

Before embarking on a renovation project for an apartment or house in Nice, evaluate the cost of the work and establish a realistic budget. Wondering how to go about it? Follow the tips mentioned below. 

Create a detailed list of the tasks to be done. 

In order to get a clear idea of the cost of renovations you want to undertake in your apartment in Nice, list the work to be done. This may include decoration, layout, tiling, plumbing repairs, or electrical system maintenance.

Search for companies that align with your vision.

After listing the renovation work, you have a clear idea of the trades that will be involved in the project. To avoid hiring different companies, it is recommended to look for establishments that have various trades in their teams. This also allows you to have only one contact person for all the work.

Request detailed quotes for their services and compare them.

As the cost of renovation work in an apartment or house varies from one company to another, you should request several quotes. This document provides you with details on:

– the quantities of materials and products required as well as the measures to be taken for each step of the renovation work (such as the surface area to be painted and the number of tiles to be laid);

– the unit prices of materials necessary for the completion of the project;

– the deadlines for completing the renovation work in the apartment in Nice; 

– the price of labor, including the service of each trade involved ;

– the payment method of the hired company ;

– the general conditions related to the execution of the project, such as guarantees, insurance, responsibilities of the parties, and penalties in case of delay ;

– compare quotes to make an informed choice on the renovation company to hire.

    Search for references on the companies that catch your attention.

    Before choosing the company that will handle the renovation work in your apartment in Nice, check the references and read the reviews from previous clients. This way, you can assess the quality of the company's work and its team. 

    Check the responsiveness of each candidate company.

    At its core, responsiveness is defined as the ability to act promptly and proactively to address an issue, handle a request, or seize an opportunity. 

    Know that a renovation company with good responsiveness typically has a solid reputation. Indeed, they can provide you with references for similar projects they have successfully completed. If you're unsure how to verify this ability with the companies you're interested in, here are some tips to follow:

        •  – Consider the response time of each company, for instance, the time it takes them to provide you with a quote for renovation work specific to your apartment in Nice (Alpes-Maritimes).

        •  – Take into account their availability to schedule a meeting or a visit to the property to be renovated within a reasonable timeframe.

        •  – Ensure they are capable of providing clear and transparent communication; a responsive company will be open to discussions and potential adjustments regarding the apartment renovation project in Nice.

        •  – Verify their commitment to customer satisfaction; a responsive company listens to your concerns and demonstrates a genuine commitment to providing you with quality service.

      By analyzing these different aspects, you will be able to assess the responsiveness of a renovation company that will take care of the apartment works.

      Negotiating the price of apartment renovation works in Nice

      What should you do if the quotes you receive exceed your budget? In such a case, don't hesitate to negotiate with the companies. They may be willing to adjust their rates or find alternative solutions to fit your budget.

      Note that the renovation work quote is a contractual document. Therefore, it is important to read it carefully, ask questions if there are any doubts, and request clarifications before signing it. 

      Why choose Reno for apartment renovation in Nice ?

      To successfully renovate your apartment in Nice, we advise you to seek assistance from trusted experts. By choosing a company that shares your values, you ensure smooth progress through the stages, active listening to your needs, and personalized support.

      Our firm carefully selects the best available service providers in the Nice region. Indeed, our team, attentive to every detail, is committed to providing you with a transparent promise of a unique experience that reflects your values.

      At Reno.fr, we take your project to heart, which is why, considering the cost of renovation, we make every effort to bring your ideas to life while adapting to your budget.

      We understand that it's important for you to renovate your apartment while honoring your vision and considering your budget. 

      Currently available in Marseille, Bordeaux, Lille, and Lyon.

      Example of a renovation project completed in Nice. 

      Our recent project in Nice reinvented a traditional apartment into a contemporary design masterpiece. Prioritizing openness and light, every space was transformed with meticulous attention to detail. High-quality materials, carefully chosen colors, and smart storage solutions come together to create interiors that are both functional and aesthetic. The result is a perfect harmony between modern comfort and timeless elegance.

      Elegant Midnight Blue Bedroom
      The renovation of this bedroom has brought to life an intimate and modern space. The midnight blue accent wall behind the bed creates a soothing atmosphere, while the built-in shelves maximize storage space without cluttering. The touches of wood on the floor and shelves add a natural warmth.

      Urban Chic Living Room
      The living room has been transformed into an elegant and functional space. The openwork partition visually separates without partitioning, preserving the fluidity of the space. Modern furniture, including a gray sofa and a minimalist coffee table, blends with the wooden flooring for a result that is both contemporary and inviting.

      Modern and Spacious Kitchen
      This spacious kitchen was designed to be both modern and inviting. The central island provides ample workspace and a friendly gathering point. The combination of bright white and wood creates a bright and warm ambiance, with black accents adding character.

      Contemporary and Streamlined Bathroom
      The renovated bathroom reflects a modern aesthetic with its clean lines and well-thought-out layout. The wooden countertop sinks bring a touch of natural elegance, while the choice of anthracite gray tiles provides a striking contrast and easy maintenance.

      Investing in room decoration

      reno appartement nice

      Decoration plays a crucial role in apartment renovation. These works allow you to add a personal touch and create a welcoming atmosphere. Here are key elements to consider when decorating your apartment in Nice:

      A stylish kitchen

      Considered the heart of the apartment or house, the kitchen is a space where family and friends gather. In Nice (Alpes-Maritimes), if you want to create a more inviting and welcoming space, conducive to shared moments, consider decoration works. If you lack inspiration, you can seek the advice of a building company specializing in apartment renovation. Among its staff, there is likely an interior architect who can meet your expectations. 

      To renovate your home in Nice, this professional can suggest a kitchen:

          •  – with a dynamic and cheerful ambiance featuring bright and catchy colors (yellow, red, or blue) applied to walls, furniture, or accessories ;

          • – with solid wood countertops or natural stone backsplashes to create a beautiful balance between functionality and aesthetics ;

          • – with careful lighting above work areas, such as countertops and sink ;

          • – with clever storage solutions for your utensils, pots, and other kitchen accessories ;

          • – featuring wall art, including artworks hung on walls to add color and visual interest.

        Regarding flooring decoration, the professional can suggest ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, natural stone, terracotta, etc. To know the budget to plan for this type of renovation work, ask for quotes from building companies specializing in renovation. However, they must have received positive reviews from previous clients.

        A perfectly embellished bathroom

        You spend the majority of your time in your bathroom every day. It should inspire comfort and cleanliness. Thanks to decoration renovation works, you will enjoy a aesthetically pleasing room that positively impacts your daily mood.

        In the team of an apartment renovation company, a professional listens to you and then designs ideas to be implemented to satisfy you. The solutions he suggests for renovating your bathroom can include:

            •  – laying elegant tiles for the floor and walls ;

            •  – installing functional lighting that combines general lighting with targeted lighting above the mirror and shower for better visibility ;

            •  – applying a soft and soothing paint, including pastel tones or shades of blue (evoking the tranquility and serenity typical of a bathroom). 

          Once the ideas for refurbishing your bathroom are approved, various craftsmen come into play to carry out the work. This may include a tiler, painter, or electrician grouped within a renovation company. Thus, you no longer have to request quotes from various craftsmen for each job.

          A Living Room with Character

          In an apartment or house in Nice (Alpes-Maritimes), the living room appears as one of the main rooms of the dwelling. Family members and guests gather there to spend time together. If you find its decoration somewhat outdated, then it's time for renovation work on the decoration. 

          By enlisting the services of an interior renovation company, the living room of your apartment or house will have a lovely decor that will make you feel at home. Anything is possible when you seek the advice of a professional interior designer! They can suggest:

              •  – Create a fresh and welcoming ambiance in the living room by applying paint in light and bright tones (white, beige, and gray) ;

              •  – Install warm lighting, including task lamps, floor lamps, or wall sconces ;

              •  – Dress the walls with paintings, framed mirrors, or decorative shelves ;

              •  – Add decorative plaster elements (moldings, cornices, rosettes, or friezes) to bring an touch of elegance and refinement to the room.

            For a typically Nice living room, the professional suggests integrating elements that reflect the essence of the locality. For example, you can include Mediterranean motifs, photographs of the local landscape, or artisanal objects from the city. A team of craftsmen then works to implement the ideas of this professional in interior refurbishment. Before starting the work, it is advisable to request a project quote from a trusted building renovation company. 

            Prioritizing the Layout of Your Rooms

            Layout of Neglected Spaces in the Bathroom

            Many clients turn to a renovation company with various trades to optimize the use of lost space in their bathrooms. This way, they improve the functionality, aesthetics, and efficiency of this essential area. 

            Since the bathroom of an apartment in Nice is often small, an interior designer can suggest to clients :

                •  – Wall shelves above the sink or toilet or near the shower to store beauty products, towels, and bath accessories ;

                •  – Storage under the sink by adding baskets or dedicated storage bins for toiletries, toilet paper rolls, extra towels, etc. ;

                •  – Magnetic shelves mounted on the wall or inside cabinets.

              The architect then shares the guidelines with the various trades who will turn the ideas into reality. Each craftsman brings their professionalism to make the project a real success. 

              Layout of Wasted Spaces in the Kitchen

              Intelligently using neglected spaces in the kitchen of an apartment in Nice brings a lot of advantages. For example, you will have additional storage within reach and improve the design of this room. If you are not knowledgeable about the layout of wasted spaces, it is best to turn to a specialized company. This company has a team of professionals ready to realize your desires.

              Among these professionals is an interior designer who can suggest storage under the sink. He can also exploit the height of the kitchen by installing high cabinets, where seasonal items (less frequently used) can be stored. To deliver quality service, this professional personalizes his ideas based on the layout of your kitchen and your specific needs.

              Creating a Workspace in the Entryway

              Renovation work inside an apartment involves reconfiguring the existing space to optimize the use of each room. Therefore, you can use the small square meters of the entrance to create a compact office area. Then, install a small folding table, a comfortable chair, and wall storage, and you're all set! This way, you'll have a practical workspace without cluttering up the other rooms in the apartment.

              However, achieving a quality outcome requires the intervention of a specialized apartment renovation company. Its various trades bring their skills to your service to best meet your needs. By engaging such a company, you will no longer need to request quotes from each artisan for the work they will carry out. 

              Installing a mini-library in the hallway

              Renovating an apartment or house in Nice generally involves rethinking the layout, design, and finishes of the various rooms in the home. The project therefore requires the advice and services of a professional in the field, who often works in a specialized building renovation company. The result? Quality work, more functional, aesthetic, and in line with your tastes and needs.

              In the team of a renovation company, an architect can suggest installing a mini-library in the hallway of your apartment in Nice. This is an excellent way to use this often neglected space and add a touch of charm to your interior. With wall shelves along the corridor, you can display your favorite books. By adding a comfortable seat, such as a small stool or a padded bench, the lost space in your corridor will turn into a literary oasis.


              Apartment renovation Nice

              What support is available for apartment renovation in Nice ?

              From the beginning of your renovation project with Reno, a dedicated advisor assists you remotely. They will address all your questions regarding the progression of the project, such as regular site monitoring, work progress, and verification of various materials.

              For a personalized apartment renovation in Nice, you can choose to be guided from start to finish by a qualified interior designer.

              After a feasibility analysis, this professional develops plans, guides you in choosing materials and finishes, handles administrative procedures, and supervises the work until completion. The work will be carried out by our building partners.  

              Whatever option you choose for renovating your apartment, we assure you the security of your payments, compensation in case of delivery delays, and legal assistance in case of disputes.

              Finally, the work carried out by our renovation company is covered by insurance guaranteeing the successful completion of the work. 

              Are you looking for an expert company to renovate your home? Look no further, get an estimate within 24 hours, one of our experts will be attentive to your needs.

              At Reno, we see a life project, a fresh start, your best plan, and the one you haven't thought of yet.

              Optimize your results with Reno!



              In summary, renovation works focused on decoration and layout provide an aesthetic, functional, and comfortable improvement to your apartment in Nice. They allow you to create an interior that suits you perfectly and enhances your quality of life while also adding value to your property. Whether for your own enjoyment or with a view to resale, investing in these works is a wise decision!

              Would you like access to a network of professionals in the field of apartment renovation? Look no further, and turn to our interior architecture firm, RENO. The expertise, craftsmanship, and responsiveness of our team ensure you achieve a high-quality result that meets your expectations.

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