Apartment Renovation Annecy: How to Achieve Quality Results?

Apartment renovation Annecy

The Annecy apartment renovation is a project that can yield substantial returns if you invest wisely. Are you considering renovations (insulation, extension, bathroom, kitchen, etc.) for your valuable property in Annecy? You've come to the right place. Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Annecy apartment renovation and how to achieve a quality result.

Whether your project is a simple refresh or a total transformation, our renovation company is here to assist you every step of the way. In Annecy, renovation works are more than just an aesthetic update. It's an opportunity to breathe new life into your apartment, in harmony with the charm of this exceptional city. Our renovation company understands the importance of respecting Annecy's essence while meeting the modern needs of homeowners.

Are you planning to renovate a historic house in the city center or a contemporary apartment overlooking the lake? Our expertise in Annecy apartment renovation is at your service. From bathrooms to kitchens, living spaces, and structural work, we handle every aspect of your project with professionalism and dedication. Don't leave your renovation project to chance. With our Annecy renovation company, every detail is taken into account to ensure a quality outcome !

Apartment renovation Annecy

Apartment Renovation Annecy: Examples of Quotes

The price of an apartment renovation can vary depending on the apartment's size, selected services, quality of materials, and chosen artisans. Here are some examples of quotes for renovating an apartment in Annecy :

Complete renovation of a 50 m² apartment

– Services : demolition, plastering, painting, electricity, plumbing, heating, flooring, tiling, carpentry, interior and exterior doors, bathroom, kitchen.

– Duration of works : 3 months

– Price : €40,000

Partial renovation of an 80 m² apartment

– Services: painting, electricity, plumbing, heating, flooring, tiling, bathroom.

– Duration of works: 2 months

– Price : €25,000

Kitchen renovation

– Services: demolition, installation of furniture and appliances, creation of a central island, tiling, painting.

– Duration of works: 1 month

– Price : €15,000

Bathroom renovation

– Services: demolition, tiling, shower, bathtub, vanity unit, plumbing, painting.

– Duration of works: 2 weeks

– Price: €10,000


Area (m²)

Duration of works

Price (€)

Complete Renovation


3 months

40 000

Partial Renovation


2 months

25 000

Kitchen renovation

1 month

15 000

Bathroom renovation

2 weeks

10 000

Why Renovate an Apartment in Annecy?

There are several reasons to renovate an apartment in Annecy :

Improve quality of life

A renovation allows for bringing electrical, plumbing, and heating systems up to standard. It also improves the sound and thermal insulation of the housing, resulting in a more comfortable and healthier living environment.

Increase property value

Renovation increases the value of the property, making it a worthwhile investment if you plan to resell your apartment.

Personalize your living space

Renovation allows you to customize your apartment and make it more to your liking. You can choose materials, colors, and equipment that suit your preferences.

Adapt Your Apartment to Your Needs

Renovation allows you to adapt your apartment to your needs. If your family is growing, you can create a new bedroom. If you have reduced mobility, you can make your apartment accessible.

Achieve Energy Savings

Une rénovation permet de réaliser des économies d’énergie. En améliorant l’isolation du logement, vous réduirez votre consommation de chauffage et d’électricité.

Here are some examples of renovation works you can undertake in Annecy :

rénovation complète d’un appartement ;

– Partial apartment renovation ;

– Kitchen renovation ;

rénovation d’une salle de bains ;

– Flooring renovation ;

– Painting renovation ;

– Carpentry renovation ;

– Air conditioning installation ;

– Heat pump installation.

If you're considering apartment renovation in Annecy, it's important to gather information and seek professional help.

How to Find Tradespeople for Apartment Renovation in Annecy ?

To find tradespeople for apartment renovation in Annecy, you should :

Ask for recommendations from your acquaintances

It's a good way to find reliable tradespeople recommended by people you know.

Check online reviews

Many websites and platforms allow you to check customer reviews of tradespeople. It's a good way to get an idea of the quality of their work.

Use matchmaking platforms

Numerous matchmaking platforms help you find tradespeople in a few clicks. These platforms allow you to compare quotes and choose the tradesperson that best suits your needs.

Contact tradespeople directly

You can also directly contact tradespeople you've heard of or found online. Don't hesitate to request quotes and compare prices.

Ensure that the tradespeople are properly insured

This is important to protect yourself in case of any issues.

Request detailed quotes

Quotes should be detailed and include all the work to be done, the price, and the timeframe.

Monitor the site closely

Don't hesitate to regularly contact the tradesperson to ensure that the site is progressing smoothly.



Hourly Rate (€)


Demolition, construction, masonry

40 to 60


Installation, renovation, plumbing repairs

50 to 70


Installation, renovation, electrical repairs

50 to 70


Interior and exterior painting

30 to 50


Installation of windows, doors, shutters

40 to 60


Tile laying, tiling

40 to 60


Installation of plasterboard

30 to 50

Heating Engineer

Installation, renovation, heating repairs

50 to 70


Roof renovation

40 to 60

These rates are provided for guidance only. Indeed, the prices of a service may vary depending on the complexity of the work, the quality of the materials, and the region.

Looking to get the best rates for renovating your apartment in Annecy? Start by comparing quotes from several craftsmen and ask for detailed estimates. Don't hesitate to negotiate prices as well.

Profitez des aides et des subventions à la rénovation énergétique. Pour obtenir les meilleurs tarifs pour la rénovation de votre appartement à Annecy, demandez l’avis d’un spécialiste. 

Apartment renovation Annecy

Apartment renovation in Menton by an architectural firm 

Turning to an architectural firm for renovating an apartment in Menton offers several advantages :

Expertise and professionalism

Architects are experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of construction and renovation techniques. They can offer innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

Time and energy savings

The architect takes care of everything, from design to project completion. You don't have to worry about finding craftsmen, coordinating work, or overseeing the site.

Compliance with standards and regulations

The architect ensures that the project complies with all current standards and regulations. You can be sure of having a renovated apartment that meets safety requirements.

Personalized project

The architect takes into account your needs and desires to create a unique and personalized project. You will have an apartment that reflects your style.

Rigorous site supervision

The architect provides rigorous site supervision to ensure that deadlines and budgets are met. You can be certain that your project will proceed smoothly.

However, hiring an architectural firm comes at a cost. It is important to compare prices before making your choice.

Here are some tips for choosing an architectural firm in Menton :

– Ask for recommendations from friends and family ;

– Check online reviews ;

– Meet with several architects ;

– Compare quotes ;

– Choose an architect with whom you feel comfortable.

These tips will help you find the ideal architect for renovating your apartment in Menton.

What style to choose for an apartment renovation in Annecy ?

The choice of style for renovating your apartment in Annecy depends on several factors, including your personal preferences and budget, as well as the building's style and the apartment's size.

Here are some popular styles for renovating an apartment in Annecy :








Clean lines, neutral colors, modern materials (glass, steel, concrete)

Sleek, minimalist, elegant

Expands space, easy to live in

Lacks personality, can be cold

Small apartments, lack of natural light


Light colors, natural materials (wood, linen), minimalist ambiance

Bright, relaxing, cozy

Perfect for small spaces, gives a sense of grandeur

Lacks character, can be impersonal

Small apartments, lack of natural light


Exposed brick walls, steel beams, vintage furniture

Authentic, urban, trendy

Unique charm, ideal for large spaces

Specific style, may not suit everyone

Spacious apartments, seeking a unique style


Natural materials (wood, stone), warm colors, cozy ambiance

Convivial, authentic, relaxing

Perfect for apartments in rural areas, creates a sense of well-being

Rustic style may not suit everyone

Apartments in rural areas, seeking an authentic style


Antique furniture and objects, vibrant colors, retro ambiance

Original, personalized, warm

Adds character to the apartment, allows for differentiation

Specific style, may be difficult to match

Apartments with character, seeking a unique style

The modern style

This style is characterized by clean lines, neutral colors, and modern materials such as glass, steel, and concrete. You can choose it for small apartments as it gives a sense of space.

The Scandinavian style

This style is characterized by light colors, natural materials like wood and linen, and a minimalist ambiance. It would be perfect for apartments lacking natural light.

The industrial style

This style is characterized by exposed brick walls, steel beams, and vintage furniture. Our advice is to choose this one for spacious apartments as it adds a unique charm to the space.

The rustic style

This style is characterized by natural materials like wood and stone, warm colors, and a cozy ambiance. It's perfect for apartments located in rural areas.

The vintage style

This style is characterized by antique furniture and objects, vibrant colors, and a retro ambiance. It's ideal for apartments with unique character.

Here are some tips for choosing the style for your apartment renovation in Annecy :

– Get inspired by decoration magazines and websites ;

– Visit renovated apartments ;

– Seek advice from an interior designer ;

– Don't hesitate to mix styles.

This is how you'll find the perfect style for renovating your apartment in Annecy.

Apartment renovation Annecy

How to Find an Architect for Apartment Renovation in Annecy ? 

Finding the right architect for an apartment renovation in Annecy is a crucial step to ensure the success of your project. With numerous options available, it's essential to choose a professional who not only understands your needs but also grasps the essence of Annecy city itself.

In your quest for the ideal architect, start by seeking recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have recently undertaken similar renovation projects in the area. Word of mouth is often an excellent way to find reliable and competent professionals.

Simultaneously, explore online resources such as local renovation company websites and professional directories. Look for professionals with a solid experience in apartment renovation in Annecy and previous projects that reflect your vision and requirements.

When contacting potential architects, ask relevant questions about their experience, work process, and aesthetic approach. Also, ensure to check their qualifications and certifications, as well as their previous references.

Don't forget to openly discuss your budget and deadlines from the beginning to avoid misunderstandings later in the process. A good architect will understand the importance of adhering to these parameters while delivering quality work.

Finally, schedule in-person meetings with the most promising architects to assess their personality and compatibility with your vision. Open communication and mutual trust are essential for a successful collaboration throughout your apartment renovation project in Annecy.

Our Interior Design Agency Services

Our interior design services are designed to meet the needs and desires of our clients while incorporating the latest trends in design and functionality. 

We start with a thorough consultation to understand your preferences in terms of style, space utilization, and budget. Then, we develop a customized plan that reflects your vision while maximizing the potential of your apartment or house in Annecy.

By choosing our Annecy renovation company for your interior design needs, you opt for excellence, innovation, and exceptional customer service. 

Make Your Apartment Renovation in Annecy a Success !

In conclusion, apartment renovation in Annecy offers a unique opportunity to create a living space that combines functionality, comfort, and aesthetics in the enchanting setting of this exceptional city. Whether you're considering a simple update or a total transformation, our renovation company is here to accompany you at every step of the process.

By choosing our Annecy renovation company, you choose excellence, innovation, and professionalism. We are committed to delivering results that exceed your expectations and creating living spaces that delight you for years to come. Feel free to contact us today to start your journey towards a new era of comfort and style in your apartment in Annecy.

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