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Renovating an apartment in Rennes: the complete guide to successfully completing your project.

renovation appartement rennes

Renovating an apartment in Rennes can serve several purposes. It may involve bringing it up to code, making it more comfortable to live in, reducing energy bills, or simply giving it a fresh new look. In any case, renovations help increase the property's value for resale while providing true well-being to the occupants. As a result, the financial investments are always rewarded in the short and long term. Of course, this type of project is not done on a whim. It requires careful preparation and rigorous organization. When should you renovate your apartment? What are the steps to follow for such a project, and how can you ensure its success? Which professionals should you contact? Discover all the answers in this article.

renovation appartement rennes

When to renovate your apartment in Rennes?

Apartment renovation is an unavoidable step that all homeowners must face after a certain number of years. Several reasons may motivate such a project.

When indoor comfort is not optimal

Every apartment should be as comfortable as possible, regardless of the season. However, there are still homes that fail to meet the thermal needs of the household during the winter or become overly hot during the summer.

Si votre habitat ne vous procure pas le confort nécessaire, alors sachez qu’il est mal isolé. Afin de pallier ce problème, vous devez faire appel aux services des professionnels de rénovation d’appartement à Rennes. Ces derniers peuvent effectuer un diagnostic des lieux et déterminer les parties du logement qui occasionnent votre inconfort. Selon le résultat de leurs études, ils pourront isoler les murs, la toiture, les sols ou les portes et les fenêtres.

Thanks to these renovation works, you will no longer need to rely heavily on heating or cooling equipment to enjoy optimal comfort indoors.

When the paint is peeling

Paint is the element that enhances the interior and exterior of an apartment or house. It has the power to refresh your home and make it look like new.

However, when the paint in your home starts to peel, it detracts from its aesthetic appeal. This is a clear sign that it's time to renovate your apartment. Don't hesitate to enlist the services of apartment renovation professionals in Rennes. They are capable of properly handling your walls and ceilings. With their experience, they guarantee paint that lasts for several years.

When cracks appear on the walls

Au fil du temps, une maison ou un appartement vieillit et des fissures apparaissent sur les murs. C’est un facteur déclencheur qui ne vous laisse pas le choix. Vous devez alors procéder à la rénovation de votre appartement.

Faites appel aux services des experts en rénovation d’appartement à Rennes pour évaluer l’état de votre logement. Leurs compétences et leurs expériences leur permettent de vérifier si les fissures sont structurelles ou seulement superficielles. Sachez que l’intervention d’un professionnel en la matière est cruciale pour éviter des dégâts majeurs et pour assurer la qualité du travail. 

Other reasons to consider apartment renovation

You don't necessarily need to be prompted by circumstances or triggering factors to undertake renovation work. It's a project you can always consider to improve certain aspects of your home. Perhaps you want to change the style and decoration of your interior because they're no longer up to date.

You may also think about renovating your apartment in Rennes to adapt it to the new needs of your family. For example, a newborn baby may require an additional room, necessitating an expansion of the living space. Grandparents who are beginning to lose their mobility may require an adapted layout. In this case, the configuration of all rooms (bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom) must meet their requirements.

Moreover, it is common in France to renovate an apartment before selling it or putting it up for rent. The purpose of such a project is to better valorize the property in order to enhance its attractiveness to potential buyers or tenants.

What are the steps involved in renovating an apartment in Rennes?

To successfully renovate your apartment in Rennes, it is essential to plan the projects properly. Here are the key steps to follow.

Thoroughly prepare the renovation project

First and foremost, take the time to clearly define your projects. To do this, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  •  – Quelle est la partie ou la pièce que je veux rénover, chambre, cuisine, salle à manger, salle de bains ou salon ?

  •  – Qu’est-ce que j’attends réellement de cette rénovation ?

  •  – Quels sont les besoins de ma famille aujourd’hui et à l’avenir ?

The answers to these questions allow you to clearly define the nature of the renovation work to be carried out and to plan the various tasks to be performed.

Planning the renovation work is also important. To ensure that the site is completed within the specified timeframe, entrust the scheduling to an architect or a project manager. These professionals can also handle the coordination of task execution for optimal management. Their advice is essential for such a large-scale project.

Furthermore, you need to estimate the budget for your apartment renovation work in Rennes. To do this, there are several criteria to consider, including:

  •  – la superficie de l’appartement à rénover,

  •  – l’état général du logement,

  •  – le nombre et le type de pièce à refaire (cuisine, salle de bains, salon, salle à manger, chambre),

  •  – l’ampleur des travaux (rénovation légère, rénovation partielle, rénovation complète, rénovation lourde),

  •  – les postes concernés (électricité, plomberie, menuiseries, peinture, etc.),

  •  – les matériaux et équipements à utiliser,

  •  – la localisation de l’appartement et son accessibilité.

It is advisable to request different renovation quotes from several building companies. Make sure that the quotes provided are as detailed as possible. They should mention the number of days of intervention per task and the materials used. This way, you can have a more precise idea of the budget to plan for and the duration of the project.

Demolition work

If your project involves a complete renovation, heavy renovation, or interior layout, the site typically starts with demolition work. This involves:

  •  – d’abattre les cloisons ;

  •  – de casser les murs porteurs ;

  •  – de retirer les revêtements muraux ;

  •  – de casser une cuisine aménagée ;

  •  – de détruire une cheminée.

These works are very messy and can also damage walls or floor coverings. That's why they should be carried out first. To avoid disturbing your neighbors, the craftsmen responsible for these tasks should work during the day, ideally between 10 am and 4 pm.

Partitioning, electrical, plumbing, and insulation work

Once the demolition work is completed and the rubble is removed, building professionals start the structural work. This stage involves various tasks, such as:

  •  – la pose des cloisons pour redistribuer les pièces de l’appartement ;

  •  – la rénovation du système électrique ;

  •  – la réalisation de tranchées ou des saignées ;

  •  – la rénovation de la plomberie ;

  •  – le remplacement des radiateurs et de la chaudière ;

  •  – la remise en état des murs ;

  •  – la pose des équipements sanitaires dans la salle de bains.

Depending on the work to be done, it may be necessary to call on various trades, such as masonry, plumbing, and electrical professionals. The services of these specialists may indeed be costly. However, this ensures that the work is carried out in accordance with best practices. You can then have a construction that meets the standards for the structural work.

Insulation work

Investing in thermal and sound insulation for your apartment is far from being a futile expense. This operation not only guarantees your comfort but also reduces your energy consumption.

Les travaux d’isolation peuvent passer par l’isolation du plafond, des sols, des cloisons et de la menuiserie.

If the windows of your apartment are single glazed, it is highly recommended to replace them. Switching to double glazing not only helps reduce your heating bills but also limits traffic noise.

Installation of equipment and decoration accessories

Les travaux de rénovation de votre appartement touchent presque à leur fin. Il faut maintenant poser les revêtements de sol et des murs. Les artisans réalisent également la peinture et la tapisserie. Puis, ils installent les divers équipements (baignoires, WC, vasques), les meubles de salle de bains, les meubles encastrés et les meubles de cuisine. Dès lors, vous pouvez poser les accessoires de décoration afin de personnaliser votre intérieur.

Apartment renovation in Rennes: which professionals to contact? 

Once the project is clearly defined and you know all the work to be done, you can start selecting craftsmen.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of professionals to contact depending on the type of task to be carried out:

  •  – rénovation de cuisine : cuisiniste, agenceur, plombier, électricien, plaquiste, peintre ;

  •  – rénovation de salle de bains : chauffagiste, plombier, électricien ;

  •  – rénovation des sols : carreleur, professionnel en sol vinyle ou béton ciré ;

  •  – rénovation des portes et des murs : plaquiste, peintre ;

  •  – rénovation des fenêtres : professionnel de la menuiserie.

If you enlist an architect from the planning stage, this professional can suggest some reliable contacts.

How to succeed in renovating your apartment in Rennes?

To renovate your apartment, you must first familiarize yourself with the condominium regulations. For better management of the site, hire an architect. In any case, do not neglect site supervision.

Know the regulations on apartment renovation

Lorsque vous envisagez de rénover votre appartement, il est primordial de prendre en considération l’environnement dans lequel va se dérouler le chantier. En copropriété, vous n’êtes pas le seul à décider et devez respecter les règles de copropriété et la tranquillité de vos voisins.

Start by informing the condominium association and your neighbors of your renovation project. You should also consult the Local Urban Plan (PLU) of Rennes. If your apartment is located in a protected or classified area, certain renovation projects may be subject to specific rules. Regarding work hours, inquire at the town hall.

In the case of work affecting the exterior or facade of the apartment, you must seek the authorization of the condominium. The same goes for renovations affecting the common areas of the building. Furthermore, any modification to the exterior appearance of the accommodation requires a building permit application.

Moreover, some works, such as the removal of a load-bearing wall affecting the building's structure, require the intervention of an architect or a Technical Study Office (BET).

Monitor the site until the completion of the work

Regardless of the company handling your apartment renovation work in Rennes, defects, delays, and oversights are common. To protect yourself from unpleasant surprises, visit the site regularly. This way, you can monitor the progress of the work and identify any potential issues as soon as possible.

The acceptance of work is also a key step in a renovation project. Take the time to inspect the apartment to ensure that everything is in accordance with the specifications and the signed quote.

If you have chosen to work with an architect, this professional takes care of site supervision on your behalf. They ensure compliance with the specifications, plans, budget, and your wishes. They also assist you during the acceptance of the work.

Entrust the management of the site to a professional

Depending on the scope of the work, apartment renovation requires the intervention of several trades. To better coordinate the site and the different craftsmen, it is advisable to entrust project management to a building professional.

The first solution is to hire a general contracting company. This way, you have a single provider to take care of all tasks, from structural work to finishing touches. The company designates a representative who is responsible for coordinating the different craftsmen until the end of the project.

If you choose to contact independent companies for each trade, you should delegate project management to an architect or a project manager. The cost of services of these professionals is largely offset by the quality of work and the money and time savings they allow you to achieve.

renovation appartement rennes

How much does apartment renovation cost in Rennes?

In general, the prices of renovation work can vary depending on several factors. These factors include:

  •  – l’état initial de l’appartement,
  •  – l’étendue des travaux envisagés, 
  •  – la qualité des matériaux et des finitions choisis.

À Rennes, comme dans les autres grandes villes françaises, la disponibilité des entreprises spécialisées et des artisans qualifiés influencent les prix des rénovations d’appartement. Sans oublier la demande locale en logements rénovés. Il est donc recommandé aux propriétaires de réaliser plusieurs devis de rénovation afin d’obtenir une estimation précise du coût total des travaux. Les tarifs des rénovations de maison à Rennes peuvent également varier en fonction de la taille de la propriété, du nombre de pièces concernées et des spécificités du projet. Par exemple, la rénovation d’une salle de bains peut nécessiter un budget plus conséquent en raison de l’utilisation de matériaux spécifiques et de l’importance des travaux de plomberie.

Similarly, renovation projects aimed at improving the energy performance of the apartment may involve additional costs. However, these projects can also lead to long-term savings on energy bills. By engaging an experienced renovation company in Rennes, homeowners can benefit from professional support in establishing a realistic budget and optimizing costs while ensuring the quality of the work. In conclusion, the cost of apartment renovation in Rennes depends on many factors, and it is recommended for homeowners to obtain several quotes. Also, we advise consulting professionals to obtain an accurate estimate. This way, you can effectively plan your renovation project.

Optimize your apartment renovation in Rennes with professionals!

In conclusion, to optimize an apartment renovation in Rennes , it is essential to rely on qualified and experienced professionals in the field of renovation. By entrusting your project to a specialized renovation company in Rennes, you ensure personalized support throughout the process. From the establishment of the renovation quote to the completion of the work.

Les professionnels de la rénovation peuvent apporter leur expertise pour concevoir un projet de rénovation adapté à vos besoins et à vos attentes. En outre, en faisant appel à des entreprises locales basées à Rennes, le propriétaire contribue au dynamisme économique de sa région. De plus, il favorise l’emploi dans le secteur de la rénovation d’appartement et de maison. Les professionnels de la rénovation peuvent également vous conseiller sur les meilleures solutions en matière d’aménagement intérieur. Ils sont aussi d’une aide précieuse dans le choix de matériaux et de techniques de rénovation énergétique. Ainsi, vous optimisez la performance énergétique de votre appartement tout en réduisant votre consommation d’énergie.

Finally, by entrusting the renovation work to experts, you have the assurance that the work will be carried out in accordance with best practices and in compliance with the regulations in force in Rennes and Ille-et-Vilaine. In short, calling on professionals for apartment renovation in Rennes guarantees a quality result, within the deadlines and budget set. It also allows you to fully enjoy the benefits of a successful renovation for your apartment in Rennes. Contact us now!

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