Apartment renovation Lyon: How to obtain high-quality work?

Apartment renovation in Lyon is a crucial step for property investors and owners looking to increase the value of their property. By following this guide, you'll get an explanation of the steps to take to bring your project to fruition!

Lyon is a charming city, the second university hub in France, attracting its population with its medieval architecture and growing modernity. With a booming real estate market, whether it's renovating an old apartment in the historic district of Old Lyon or transforming a more recent property in the Part-Dieu neighborhood, opportunities abound. It's worth noting that there's a growing demand for renovated housing, which can increase the profitability of your investment.

Renovation can take various forms, from simple refreshments like painting and changing flooring to complete overhauls. This includes upgrading electrical and plumbing systems, improving insulation, and fully transforming the space. For example, for an old apartment in the Saint-Genis-Laval neighborhood, a complete renovation may be necessary to update facilities and enhance insulation.

Furthermore, if you need to renovate your kitchen and bathroom, it's highly recommended to engage a specialized company. These providers have the necessary skills to handle all aspects of renovation, including plumbing, electrical work, and carpentry.

Different grants and subsidies are available for renovation work on your property in Lyon, especially for energy efficiency improvements. It's essential to inquire about these grants before starting any work. For instance, if you plan to renovate an apartment in Sainte-Foy-Lyon, you may be eligible for energy renovation grants . To realize your renovation project, it's important to understand and follow the steps we'll discuss in this article..

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Apartment Renovation Lyon: What Is the Renovation Process?

Transforming your property into a true gem requires implementing a process that will unfold in multiple phases. It is crucial to organize each phase meticulously, from project development to the execution of the work, including the selection of materials and obtaining necessary permits. For example, if you plan to renovate the kitchen and bathroom, you will likely need to engage a specialized interior renovation company in Lyon.

The renovation work may vary depending on the project's scope, complexity, and materials used. Therefore, it's essential to plan your renovation project carefully, define your goals clearly, and choose the right professionals, such as architects, craftsmen, and qualified teams, to accompany you in your project. Of course, this entire process will require patience and courage, but the result will certainly be worth it, combining price and quality to meet the needs and expectations of your clients.

  •  – The first step is to clearly define your objectives, establish your (realistic) budget, and choose the right suppliers who will understand your overall vision and implement your directives mentioned during the appointment. Whether you're considering a light renovation or a complete overhaul, it's essential to plan each step of the process carefully.

  •  – The second step of the innovation process is project design. This involves choosing the materials you will eventually use, determining the style and design you would like for your renovated apartment, and planning the necessary work to realize your vision. This step may involve working with an interior architect or designer to help you create a renovation plan that meets your needs and expectations.

  •  – Thirdly, you'll need to apply for any necessary permits. Depending on the nature and scope of the work you need to carry out, you may need to obtain permits from the city of Lyon or other local authorities. It's important to start this process well before the start of the work to avoid any delays or issues.

  •  – The fourth step of the renovation process is carrying out the work. This involves working with the professionals you have chosen to carry out the renovation work according to the plan you have established. It's important to closely monitor the work to ensure it's carried out to your expectations and within your budget.

Once the work is completed, it's essential to take the time to verify that everything has been done to your expectations and to address any issues or defects that may have been discovered after the work is completed. This may involve working with your contractor to resolve issues or hiring a building inspector to verify that the work has been carried out correctly.

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Organizing According to the Type of Renovation

There are different categories of renovations ranging from simple maintenance to a major construction site, depending on the estimated work to be done. The choice of renovation type will depend on the initial condition of your apartment, which you can enhance through renovation.

For example, if you live in an old building in the Saint-Genis-Laval neighborhood, you'll need to bring the entire electrical and plumbing systems up to code, as well as undertake comprehensive insulation improvements. Renovation work can vary based on the project, the complexity of the tasks, and the materials used. Consequently, it's essential to organize your renovation project well to clearly plan your objectives and choose the right company to accompany you until the renovations are completed.

Types de rénovations possibles dans un appartement  :

Renovation Type 


Kitchen Renovation 

Replacement of cabinets, countertops, appliances, and flooring.

Bathroom renovation

Replacement of bathtub or shower, sink, toilet, and tiles. 

Plumbing renovation 

Replacement of old or damaged pipes. 

Electrical renovation 


Updating electrical wiring and electrical panel to meet standards.

Insulation renovation 

Addition or replacement of insulation in walls, ceiling, and floor. 

Flooring renovation

Replacement of carpet, hardwood, or tile flooring. 

Window renovation 

Replacement of old windows with energy-efficient models. 

Wall and ceiling renovation

Repair of water damage, mold, or cracks. 

Paint renovation

Painting of walls, ceilings, and woodwork.

Lighting renovation

Remplacement des luminaires anciens ou inefficaces par des modèles plus économes en énergie.

Addition or replacement of fixtures to improve apartment lighting.

From the outside, an old house or apartment possesses a unique charm capable of catching the eyes of tenants. If you're considering investing in one, know that you'll have the advantage of acquiring a beautifully appealing residence, housed in either a brick building or a charming old structure. Often, these properties are conveniently located, either in Lyon's city center or in close proximity to transportation and amenities. 

Inside, these properties often offer spacious layouts, allowing you to convert a 2-room space into a 3-room one, create a house extension, or add a walk-in closet or second bathroom. Most homes in Lyon boast high ceilings (around 4 meters), a great advantage for planning optimal layouts.

For your apartment renovation, you can consider several upgrades, such as :


  •  – Installing new furniture (kitchen furniture, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, etc.) ;



  •  – Replacing a standard door or window with a sliding door or window (with the help of a carpenter) ;



  •  – Installing a new heating system, heat pump, air conditioning, or ventilation ;



  •  – Installing new appliances, a countertop, or storage space in the kitchen.


You have several options to efficiently reorganize your space. If your apartment allows it, consider demolishing a wall or partition and then creating an open kitchen or extending to add another room. For this, it's advisable to use the basic floor plan of your apartment or house to get an overview of the space. 

You can enlist the help of a specialized company, an interior architect, or a project manager to assist you in realizing this project in Lyon. They can provide you with a detailed quote if needed.

Bathroom Renovation

Has your bathroom started to show its age? In older homes, this space often remains just a functional water room. But when renovating your apartment or house, it's time to bring it into the modern era! One simple way to do this is with a fresh coat of paint, which can completely transform the look of your bathroom. Choose a color that suits your taste – whether it's a bold teal, a warm ochre, or a deep green. Additionally, consider updating the flooring by changing the tiles for a perfect new look. For added comfort, installing ventilation can be a great idea, helping to quickly eliminate any unpleasant odors. Remember to enlist the help of a specialized company for proper installation.

Kitchen Renovation

Is your kitchen in your apartment or house in Lyon feeling a bit outdated? Don't worry! When you start renovation work, you're sure to achieve impeccable results. Transforming your kitchen into an open space falls under the category of complete renovation. However, sometimes you won't need a huge budget to modernize it. To refresh your kitchen, start by painting the walls to eliminate any rustic feel. You can then update the flooring and replace any faulty furniture. In Lyon, most tenants look for apartments where the kitchen area is usually integrated into the main living space. They also appreciate a well-designed workspace and good lighting. With the help of an interior designer or project manager, you can achieve a modern kitchen.

Keep in mind that if you hire professionals (such as masons, plumbers, or carpenters), don't hesitate to ask for a detailed quote. This will allow you to see if renovating your kitchen or bathroom is feasible and find the right balance between your desires and your budget.

Renovating your apartment or house can increase its value, especially in terms of resale value and rental value. This is particularly true in the city of Lyon. If your apartment is located in a highly sought-after neighborhood by buyers, you can achieve a very interesting capital gain. 

To increase the value of your property, you have three renovation options to consider : 

  •  – Simple renovation or refreshment: replacing wall and ceiling coverings, wallpapering, floor sanding, repainting, changing interior decoration ;
  •   – Partial renovation: widening a window, rearranging space and furniture, creating partitions, installing a basin in the bathroom, changing lighting.
  •   – Complete renovation: replacing a window or door with double glazing, wall insulation, facade renovation, plumbing and heating system rehabilitation.
  •  – Heavy renovation: creating or removing partitions, house extension, roof refurbishment, attic conversion, building a new room.


For complete renovation, the intervention of an interior designer is highly recommended. For heavy renovation, their assistance is mandatory. 

Well-insulated walls and roof, properly installed heating and ventilation, thoughtful layout and decoration... what better way to attract tenants and buyers in Lyon?

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Apartment renovation Lyon : available grants and aids

Various grants and subsidies are available for renovation projects in Lyon, especially for those aimed at improving energy efficiency. It's crucial to inquire about these aids before starting any work. For example, if you're planning to renovate an apartment in Sainte-Foy-Lyon, you may be eligible for energy renovation aids. Several programs can help finance your renovation project, such as MaPrimeRénov', the eco-PTZ, or even ANAH grants. You may also be eligible for certain local aids depending on your situation and the type of work you plan to undertake. Don't hesitate to inquire with the relevant organizations to find out what aids you qualify for.

One of the main aids available is MaPrimeRénov', a state aid aimed at encouraging energy renovation works. This aid is accessible to all property owners, whether they occupy their home or rent it out. It can cover a significant portion of the cost of energy renovation works, depending on your income and the type of work carried out.

The eco-interest loan (eco-PTZ) is another program that can help finance your renovation works. It's an interest-free loan that can be used to fund energy renovation works. The eco-PTZ is accessible regardless of income and can be combined with other aids.

Finally, the National Housing Agency (ANAH) also offers aids for renovation works. These aids are intended for owner-occupiers, landlords, and condominiums. They can cover part of the cost of renovation works, depending on the applicant's situation and the type of work carried out.

It's important to note that these aids are often subject to the completion of work by certified RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment) professionals. Therefore, it's essential to choose qualified professionals to carry out your renovation work.

Example of a renovation project 

To illustrate the renovation process, let's take the example of a 60 m2 apartment located in the 6th arrondissement of Lyon. This apartment underwent a complete renovation, including kitchen and bathroom renovations, electrical and plumbing upgrades, installation of new flooring, and painting of walls and ceilings.

The total cost of the works would amount to approximately 1000 euros per square meter, which is average for a renovation in Lyon. It's a significant investment but can prove to be very profitable. Indeed, a well-executed renovation can significantly increase the value of a property. Moreover, it improves the comfort of the occupants and reduces energy expenses.

It's important to note that renovation costs can vary depending on many factors. These include the original condition of the apartment, the type of work performed, the materials used, etc. Contact an interior renovation company in Lyon for a precise quote.

Finally, it's crucial to plan the renovation works properly. This includes selecting materials, obtaining necessary permits, managing budgets, etc. Proper planning helps avoid unpleasant surprises and ensures that the works are carried out under the best possible conditions.

Renovate your apartment in Lyon with experts !

As you've understood, renovating your apartment is beneficial provided that you plan the actions to be taken properly and enlist the expertise of professionals in this field. Whether your property is intended for renting or for personal use, renovation is a key step that requires special attention. With a good understanding of your project and by involving the right promoters, your renovation project will proceed under the most optimal conditions.



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