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Apartment renovation in Vannes is a well-thought-out project to enjoy high rental income or significant appreciation upon resale. This port city in France, located in the Morbihan department, is renowned as one of the most beautiful bays globally. It consistently captivates tourists and new residents with its idyllic living environment. Indeed, rental properties and those for sale are unable to meet the demand. Finding an apartment or house to rent or buy in Vannes has become a real challenge. If you want to take advantage of the tight Vannes real estate market, considering purchasing an old property for renovation is a promising option. Given its relatively low purchase price and the presence of expert renovation companies, this project looks auspicious.

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Why Choose a General Contractor to Renovate Your Apartment in Vannes ?

To Restore an Old Apartment in Vannes to Its Former Glory, Renovation Is a Must. When it comes to carrying out the work, the property owner has the choice between an architect and craftsmen. Alternatively, they can enlist a "All Trades" building company and benefit from the following advantages :

To Determine Which Renovation Works to Prioritize

Apartment renovation involves various tasks, and deciding which ones to prioritize is never an easy decision. By engaging a general building company, the investor frees themselves from this daunting task.

Kitchen Renovation

Face à la raréfaction des biens locatifs à Vannes (Morbihan), les loyers s’envolent et atteignent 12.1 €/m2. Pour qu’un logement profite de ce prix alléchant, l’investisseur doit rénover les pièces à l’intérieur, en commençant par la cuisine. En fonction de l’aménagement, de l’équipement et des matériaux choisis, cette pièce peut être la plus chère à réfectionner. Toutefois, une cuisine en bon état fera toujours bonne impression aux yeux des locataires.

To determine the cost of the work, the contractor must request quotes from several all-trade companies and compare them.

Bathroom Renovation Works

In Vannes (Morbihan), the cost of a house is higher than that of an apartment (€4,711/m² versus €3,848/m²), hence the interest in investing in the latter type of property. The return will be even more pronounced if the contractor opts for an old real estate program due to the lighter initial investment cost. Furthermore, if they entrust the renovation project to a specialized all-trade company, they will ensure a successful project.

As an expert in the field, such a company knows that after the kitchen, the bathroom should be prioritized. To showcase this room during visits, various artisans from the specialized company carry out works such as replacing the plumbing fixtures, refreshing the paint, and modifying the interior layout.

The duration of the work in the bathroom depends on the scope of the renovations. Specifically, expect an average of 5 days for a small renovation, 7 days for a medium renovation, and 2 weeks for a complete renovation. As for the budget to be planned, request quotes (online or by phone) from at least 3 all-trade building companies.

Paint Refreshing Works

It is true that the beautifully green setting of Vannes (Morbihan), thanks to its myriad parks and gardens, attracts tourists, new residents, students, and seniors. This leads to high rental demand and a primary housing demand that is not expected to decrease. However, clients will not choose a property with worn-out or peeling paint interiors. Consequently, the real estate project will not achieve the expected performance, as the contractor may have to lower the selling price or the rent.

Only a specialized interior renovation company is capable of refreshing the paint of the property according to the rules of the art. They also have the skills to choose colors adapted to each room. Similarly, their expert artisans leave nothing to chance, such as walls, shutters, and wooden window frames. Note that the quote for renovation works varies from one company to another, hence the interest in requesting the cost of services from several companies. To do this, simply contact them by phone and visit their websites online.

Floor Renovation Works

After refreshing the walls, renovating the room where meals are prepared, and the bathroom, the specialized building company tackles the floors. Depending on their condition, artisans may decide to give new life to the covering or to change it completely. Depending on the room, artisans have the choice between :

      •  – Vinyl flooring, laminate (the star of durable floors), tiles, parquet, polished concrete, and porcelain stoneware for the kitchen ;

      •  – Flexible flooring coverings, including PVC tiles and planks, vinyl rolls, and ceramic tiles for the bathroom ;

      •  – PVC covering, tiles, natural linoleum for the living room.

    In order to negotiate the quotes for the services of the companies well, you must inform yourself about the costs practiced on the market in Vannes (Morbihan).

    Replacement of Exterior Joinery

    Families, students, and retirees come to Vannes to enjoy its incomparable charm. This city is shaped by an exceptional architectural heritage, pedestrian streets, a marina... A landscape that becomes a true pleasure for the eyes! If, as a contractor, you want your property to make an impression in this exceptional Vannes setting, then carrying out exterior joinery works is essential.

    Well-maintained doors and windows attract the attention and desire of buyers and tenants. They are also a sign of good thermal insulation and are synonymous with energy savings.

    For exterior joinery works to be carried out under the best conditions, the contractor should enlist a specialized company. To avoid getting lost in the list of renovation companies, it is better for them to rely on the expertise, quotes, and types of services offered by each of them.

    Energy renovation

    Vannes' real estate market boasts numerous old properties that offer a great deal. In addition to their attractive selling prices (a studio starting from €92,483 and a one-bedroom apartment from €90,950), they will find takers or buyers in no time after renovation works.

    Like in other cities in France, Vannes is subject to the Energy Performance Diagnosis (DPE) during the sale or signing of a rental contract. Therefore, energy renovation is one of the works to prioritize. This way, the property benefits from a green value and can be sold or rented at a higher price. Similarly, an old house or apartment has a shorter construction time than new properties.

    After an assessment, the professional decides on the type of operation to be carried out, including:

        •  – insulating walls either internally or externally with materials like wood fibers, for instance (to prevent 20% heat loss) ;

        •  – insulating floors using materials like duck feathers (to eliminate 10% of energy loss);

        •  – insulating the roof with materials like wood or flax fibers (to eliminate the risk of 30% heat loss).

      Engaging a Recognized Environmental Guarantee (RGE) professional allows the contractor to claim state aid.

      Interior Space Planning

      In Vannes, the homes offered for sale are dwindling while buyers are increasingly eager to purchase. The same goes for its rental market; a one-bedroom apartment for rent receives 72 inquiries in 24 hours.

      Moreover, unlike large-sized houses, it's the one and two-bedroom apartments that buyers and tenants are clamoring for. To meet the daily life comfort and practicality needs, interior space planning works are essential.

      Thoughtful optimization of interior space requires the advice and services of a professional, such as an interior architect. For example, they may suggest :

          •  – building a modern bathroom with a walk-in shower or a combination of shower and bathtub ;

          •  – clever utilization of ceiling height to create a mezzanine sleeping area ;

          •  – constructing built-in shelves in the walls.

        It's worth noting that a real estate agency in Vannes can assist you in finding an all-trade company with an experienced interior architect in its team.

        For Having a Single Point of Contact

        Certainly, the city of Vannes is not short of skilled artisans in apartment renovation. However, engaging a professional for each task means coordinating various stakeholders on the site and requesting separate quotes.

        By opting for an all-trade renovation company, the investor will have a single point of contact, namely a project manager. This building professional oversees the various works (painting, plumbing, floor covering installation, etc.) on the site. Additionally, they ensure compliance with the budget and the scheduled completion time specified in the contract. 

        For apartment renovation works done correctly in Vannes

        In Vannes, the supply of properties for sale has decreased by 32%, and the rental supply has seen a 10% decline. The tight real estate market in this Western part of France has driven up the cost of homes for sale (+12% in one year), especially for new properties. Many investors are now turning to older developments, leading to the emergence of various building companies specialized in renovation.

        However, only an experienced company can successfully carry out the renovation works. Before signing the quote, a professional artisan starts by identifying the client's needs. They then study the property to be renovated to determine the trades to assemble. The professional also checks the project's compliance with the specific regulations in Vannes and examines if it is technically feasible. If not, they are obligated (by their duty of care) to present to the client the necessary preliminary works required for the project's realization.

        To make the right choice among the different renovation companies in Vannes, the investor must inquire about their expertise. For this, they can seek feedback from former clients, for example, over the phone, or visit each company's website.

        For peace of mind even after the works

        Renovation companies often offer fast completion times. However, after the works are completed, one may sometimes face defects. The solution to address this type of issue is to entrust the renovations to a company that has taken out a ten-year insurance policy.

        This insurance covers material damages that may occur within 10 years following the completion of the works. The contractor must ensure that this policy covers the various services offered by the renovation company. In principle, the company should include this document with the quote requested in advance by the client. In case of doubt, the investor has the right to contact the insurance company by phone to obtain more information.

        What budget to plan for a proper refurbishment of your apartment in Vannes?

        Before establishing the budget for a renovation project, it is essential to inquire about the costs practiced in Vannes. Therefore, the investor is obliged to request quotes from different artisans or an estimate from a specialized all-trade company.

        Having different quotes in hand helps the investor understand low and high prices. Similarly, it allows them to choose the company that offers services that meet their expectations and budget. As an indicative reference, here is a table giving a clear idea of the costs of apartment renovation in Vannes :

        Types of renovations Average cost per square meter Examples of works
        Simple renovations €100 to €300 Painting and minor plumbing or electrical repairs
        Complete renovations €600 to €1,200 Insulation or electrical upgrades
        Heavy renovations €1,000 to €1,500 Demolition of load-bearing walls or room expansion

        These amounts do not take into account technical specifications, material choices, and the complexity of the work. They are provided for illustrative purposes only.

        If, as an investor, you wish to renovate a house, then expect a fairly high cost. The reason is that this type of property requires two types of renovation, both inside and outside the residence. The first includes insulation work, changing floor coverings, bringing the electrical installation up to code... The second involves exterior wall renovations, building a terrace or veranda, renovating the roof...

        According to quotes from building professionals in Vannes, you should budget between €800 and €1,200/m2 for a simple renovation. In contrast, the sum ranges from €1,200 to €2,000/m2 for a complete renovation. See the cost difference between refurbishment work for an apartment and a house in Vannes.

        How to choose the right apartment renovation company in Vannes ?

        Many questions plague the minds of real estate investors in Vannes, such as should you opt for a renovation company offering a low price or one with a higher price? Here are two tips to ensure you make the right choice.

        Prioritize an experienced renovation company

        Faced with a multitude of renovation companies in Vannes, investors are unsure which one to choose. Among the most reliable selection criteria is experience, which is reflected in the company's longevity and the number of projects it has completed in the past.

        For example, it may happen that a renovation company has been operating in Vannes for several years. Until now, its services have always been in high demand. This means it has unparalleled expertise and excels with every project entrusted to it.

        Seek advice from a real estate agency in Vannes

        In principle, a real estate agency collaborates with construction or renovation companies. If you want the best advice to guide you in your choice, you can seek assistance from this organization.

        The agency can find you a specialized renovation company whose services match your needs and budget. Therefore, do not hesitate to invest in an old property in Vannes. This is because professionals in major or minor renovations are plentiful.

        By hiring a carefully selected company, you will have the assurance of timely completion of the work. This is to support the supply of housing for sale or rent in Vannes, which struggles to adequately meet demand.

        Contact a specialized apartment renovation company as soon as possible and quickly and fully enjoy the profitability of your investment in Vannes!

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