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Looking to renovate your apartment in Marseille? Need assistance in refreshing your interior? Our team is here to help and listen to your desires. Reno is a company specialized in the renovation of primary and rental housing. Our experts are committed to giving a new life to your space, turning it into a true haven of peace. Whether it's renovating your apartment or simply refreshing your interior, such as the decoration of your living room with a Marseille vibe, our architects aim to understand your project and guide you through it.

rénovation appartement Marseille

How to estimate the renovation budget for an apartment in Marseille ?

The cost of renovating an apartment or house in Marseille is determined by various key parameters. The amount of quotes varies notably depending on the surface area, the number of rooms to be renovated, and the extent of the work. Of course, the prices of services and materials differ between a simple interior design, a partial renovation, and a complete restoration of the residence.

Here is an estimate of apartment renovation prices in Marseille (including supplies and labor):

Refreshment (200 - 500 €/m²) Partial renovation (500 - 900 €/m²) Complete renovation (900 - 1,200 €/m²) Heavy renovation (1,200 - 1,600 €/m²)
Floor covering replacement Complete kitchen renovation Complete kitchen and bathroom renovation Total overhaul of the dwelling - Comprehensive overhaul of electrical and plumbing systems
Removing wallpaper and applying new wall paint Total transformation of the bathroom Complete window replacement Structural floor modification
Renewal of furniture and decoration Removal of non-structural partitions Construction or modification of dry partitions - Comprehensive review of plumbing and electrical wiring Replacement or elimination of load-bearing walls - Other major structural modifications
Consultation with an architect recommended Recommendation to hire an architect Architect required

To renovate your apartment at the best price in Marseille, don't hesitate to compare quotes from various craftsmen and companies operating in the city.

Some tips for choosing a renovation company for an apartment in Marseille

Renovating an apartment in Marseille is a more or less challenging project that requires a significant budget. Therefore, entrusting your project to a professional represents a solution that allows you to both control your expenses and benefit from a quality renovation.

To ensure the success of your project, using the services of a general building company is an excellent solution, avoiding the need to obtain multiple quotes. Specifically, such a company already brings together a wide range of professionals dedicated to different specific areas. Before making your choice, rely on customer reviews available on the web by reading their testimonials. This will help you make a more informed decision.

Depending on the scale of your project, you may need to enlist the services of building professionals for the renovation of your apartment in Marseille. Depending on the number of rooms to be redone and the type of renovation required, various craftsmen and companies need to be contacted:

Whether it's a partial or complete renovation project, it can be more reasonable, or even necessary (if the operation involves a living area of ​​more than 150 m2), to enlist the services of an interior architect. This professional takes care of administrative procedures and manages the various trades present on the site.

Why choose Reno for your apartment renovation project in Marseille ?

To successfully renovate your apartment in Marseille, we recommend finding a trusted company. A good relationship with service providers will ensure immediate attention to your project, active listening to your needs, and guidance from an industry expert.

And all this without any hassle with Reno! We handpick the best available providers in Marseille for you. Our team, comprised of meticulous experts, is committed to offering you a unique experience that reflects your values.

We take your project to heart and will do everything to implement your desires while adapting to your budget. 

Currently present in Nice, Bordeaux, Lille, and Lyon, we understand the importance of a renovation that respects both your needs and your budget.

Example of apartment renovation project in Marseille

Chic and Functional Kitchen

This modern kitchen was renovated to create an open and bright space while remaining functional. The white cabinets blend with the contrast of a green wall and a black table. Built-in appliances and an orange leather pouf inject subtle modernity. The layout is designed for smooth usability and a clean style.

Sleek and Bright Living Room

This living room with sleek lines, bathed in light, showcases a gray sofa surrounded by natural textiles. Geometric coffee tables and built-in storage under the window maximize space. A large segmented mirror and a floor lamp add a touch of modernity and warmth.

Zen and Modern Bedroom

This bedroom combines minimalist comfort with a soothing color palette, centered around a cozy bed and a deep blue wall. The rattan pendant light and white bedding invite relaxation. The simplicity of the furniture, including a vanity and a bedside table, maintains the tranquility of the space.

In our recent renovation project in Marseille, we transformed a classic apartment into a refined contemporary space.

The living room exudes tranquility with natural lighting and furniture featuring clean lines, while the kitchen reinvents efficiency with its white cabinets, black countertops, and vibrant green accents.

The bedroom, with its serene blue wall and minimalist layout, has become an oasis of relaxation. The entire project is a testament to our dedication to the perfect fusion of form and function, providing a harmonious and elegant living experience.

In terms of renovation, purchasing an apartment in Marseille is a more advantageous project than investing in a standalone house. Here are the essential steps to bring your real estate asset up to standard in the capital of the Bouches-du-Rhône department.

Preparing for your apartment renovation in Marseille

When it comes to an apartment or house renovation project, the first step is to determine and plan the necessary work. This allows you to understand the required budget and define the trades that will be involved in the project.

Before starting the renovation work on your apartment in Marseille, it is advisable to conduct a thorough assessment. Take the necessary time to diagnose, among other things:

rénovation appartement Marseille

From there, you'll have a more comprehensive view of your apartment renovation project. Then, develop a detailed plan for the renovated dwelling, refine your budget, and prioritize and schedule the various works accordingly. To avoid mistakes in your calculations, don't hesitate to seek the services of an architect.

The renovation works of the main structure

In terms of renovation, structural work involves all masonry activities. They encompass, both in a building and in a house, all the structures ensuring the protection, solidity, and stability of the construction.

During the interior renovation of an apartment in Marseille, the intervention of masonry professionals is important in case of:

  •  – Demolition of load-bearing walls and partitions due to a lateral extension project ;
  •  – Bricking up doors and windows ;
  •  – Construction of a new interior wall or renovation of the kitchen and bathroom ;
  •  – Works involving the creation of partitions to optimize the layout.

Renovation of the finishing work

As part of the renovation of an apartment in Marseille, the finishing work tasks are numerous.

Insulation work

To improve the energy efficiency and sound insulation of an apartment, thermal and acoustic insulation work is necessary. These help reduce household energy consumption. Unlike a house, the insulation of an apartment concerns the walls, floor, ceiling, and windows (except for units on the top floor, which also have attics).

The renovation of the heating and ventilation system

In addition to insulation work, renovating the heating and ventilation system is also important to improve thermal comfort within an apartment. Installing more efficient and economical equipment also helps reduce your energy and electricity bills in Marseille. You can choose, among other options, wood heating, solar boilers, or heat pumps. For ventilation, Mechanical Controlled Ventilation (MCV) is highly recommended in Marseille.

The renovation of the electrical network

In an apartment in Marseille, renovation work on the electrical system is necessary as soon as the electrical installation no longer meets the current standards (NF C 15-100). Therefore, you must undertake the necessary operations to bring your network up to code and comply with regulations. For example, you may need to replace the electrical panel, the main circuit breaker, differential switches, install grounding, outlets, and switches.

Plumbing renovation

Renovating the plumbing in an apartment in Marseille can be necessary when the installation is old and outdated. Such a project is also conceivable if you wish to upgrade the sanitary equipment in your bathroom with more trendy fixtures. This is also the case during the renovation of your kitchen. In general, plumbing work involves changing a water heater, replacing water meters, pipes, faucets, etc.

Kitchen renovation

Among the key rooms in your apartment or house, the kitchen stands out as a central space. It's where the family gathers morning and evening to share a meal and moments of joy. It's essential to renovate it regularly after a certain period. In this regard, there are three types of possible renovations, depending on the characteristics of your kitchen:

  •  – Light renovation: includes painting the walls and renovating the floor;
  •  – Partial renovation: Such as refreshing the sink and lighting; 
  •  – Complete renovation: Involves the demolition of a room to renovate it.

Furthermore, kitchen renovation is inseparable from the overhaul of plumbing and electrical networks. The quality of the furniture and layout of this room also constitute important renovation criteria.

The renovation of the bathroom

Just like the kitchen, the bathroom is an essential water room in your apartment. It's a place that should be pleasant, calming, and relaxing. Therefore, to enjoy a comfortable bath after work, consider renovating it properly. To do this, a few steps are necessary, starting with taking various measurements to optimize the layout of the room.

It is also recommended to carefully check the quality of the electrical and plumbing installations in your bathroom. For a successful renovation, custom-made fixtures are preferred to update your water room. Regarding the wall covering, consider opting for a paint that is more resistant to humidity (such as Glycéro paint or acrylic paint, for example). As for the floor of your bathroom, tiling remains the ideal option for covering it.

The finishing touches of renovating an apartment in Marseille

To complete the renovation of your apartment in Marseille, the finishing touches include various activities that deserve attention and skill. This final step notably involves interior decoration works, including painting walls and ceilings, adjusting lighting, furnishing, and arranging the rooms.

Tailored Support for Apartment Renovation in Marseille

From the outset of your renovation project with Reno, a dedicated advisor assists you remotely. For a personalized apartment renovation in Marseille, you can opt to be guided from start to finish by a qualified architect or interior designer.

After a feasibility analysis, this professional develops the plans, guides you in selecting materials and finishes, handles administrative formalities, and oversees the works until completion. The works will be carried out by one or more of our carefully selected building companies.

Regardless of the option chosen for renovating your apartment in Marseille, we ensure the security of your payments, compensation in case of delays in the works, and legal assistance in case of conflicts. Lastly, the works carried out by our renovation company are covered by insurance guaranteeing the successful completion of the works.

Are you looking for an expert company to renovate your property? Look no further! Get an estimate within 24 hours. One of our experts will be attentive to your needs. 

At Reno, we see a life project, a fresh start, your best plan, and the one you haven't thought of yet.

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