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Renovating an apartment in Nancy: the reasons for undertaking such a project! 

renovation appartement nancy

Student city in France in the department of Meurthe-et-Moselle, Nancy is renowned for its quality of life. Whether you own an apartment or a house locally, renovating its interior offers numerous benefits. Indeed, this ambitious project allows for significant savings on energy bills while enjoying increased comfort in everyday life. Furthermore, a renovation will rejuvenate the apartment's value in the Nancy market! Whether it's minor touch-ups or more extensive renovations, this real estate operation must be carefully planned. To bring your various projects to life, it's best to be assisted by the best craftsmen and building professionals. Discover in this article the compelling reasons to have your apartment renovated in Nancy by qualified experts. 

renovation appartement nancy

Improving the energy performance of your apartment in Nancy

As a student city located in Meurthe-et-Moselle, Nancy enjoys a good reputation in France and abroad. It's particularly favored for its quality of life and educational offerings. Nancy can leverage its many strengths to attract new real estate investors. Whatever your motivation for renovating your apartment in the city of Nancy, renovation work offers multiple advantages.

In a home, renovation work allows occupants to live in a healthy and pleasant environment. While it may involve multiple expenses for the apartment/house owner, when it comes to energy renovation, it offers a good return on investment! This is because the savings on daily expenses help you manage your budget. 

With electricity prices set at their highest production cost, this operation offers significant savings on energy bills. Heating accounts for an average of 60% of household energy expenses according to ADEME (Agency for the Environment and Energy Management). Therefore, a thermal renovation and insulation project helps guard against rising energy prices, as well as material costs. 

Start by renovating insulation systems, especially the roof and attic. A significant portion of a building's heat escapes through the roof. The DPE or Energy Performance Diagnosis is a diagnostic assessment conducted in France primarily to estimate a building's energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission rates.

To minimize thermal losses, energy work generally involves three different types of real estate operations:

  • Insulation (of roofs and terraces, walls, floors, as well as windows with double glazing),  
  • Heating systems (condensing gas boiler, heat pump, wood boiler),
  • Ventilation

Implementing these various projects will drastically reduce your future heating bills. In practical terms, this type of work will reduce your energy expenses, making your apartment in Meurthe-et-Moselle compliant with legislation. 

An efficient habitat also contributes to reducing its environmental impact. Indeed, thermal renovation work is an ecological gesture as it reduces CO2 emissions, thus minimizing your carbon footprint in the world.

As part of your renovation projects, enlist the services of building craftsmen. To benefit from government assistance, professionals conducting the work must be certified RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment). When requesting quotes, ensure the certification of companies and experts in energy renovation. Insulation work is carried out based on your constraints and budget.

Bringing your apartment in Nancy up to standards for added security 

In the event of resale or rental, bringing the habitat into compliance is necessary for owners. This measure is taken to reassure the tenant or buyer about the good condition of the apartment or house located in Meurthe-et-Moselle prefecture. This may involve:

  • Electrical system updates, 
  • Plumbing, 
  • Improving insulation,
  • Heating systems.

This type of work may also involve replacing windows for energy renovation. Undertaking renovation work can indeed increase the value of the property in the Nancy market. Note that real estate diagnostics (DPE) have been established to inform future occupants of a property about certain aspects of the building. These serve to assess the energy consumption of houses before their sale or rental.  

Subjected to the vagaries of time and lifestyles, houses eventually deteriorate. Thus, it is sometimes necessary to carry out some refurbishment work to bring them up to current standards. For the tenant's safety, the electrical installation of the apartment must comply with current standards. Otherwise, work should be carried out. An electrician is the building artisan specialized in refurbishing an outdated electrical installation, such as improper wiring in a kitchen. By making some renovations to your entire electrical installation, you minimize the risk of fire and sudden malfunctions of electrical appliances. You can also call on plumbers.

An electrical installation and maintenance company can also handle this type of renovation work. Professionals provide technical services to repair leaks or renovate a bathroom. Moreover, do not hesitate to request quotes from building craftsmen (project manager, interior architect, interior decorator, plumber, carpenter, electrician, bricklayer, etc.). 

Call upon the best professionals in the city of Nancy for the realization of your project. Different building trades can help you carry out your work in compliance with the rules of the art. It is much more advantageous to use a company specialized in building. Indeed, the company ensures that the work meets the standards in force in France. 

Achieving a better layout of your apartment in Nancy

To create a building that enhances well-being, interior design is highly recommended! This type of renovation work allows for redefining spaces to improve the quality of life in a habitat. Well laid out, a property offers interior harmony and a convivial atmosphere to its occupants. Whether it's corporate real estate (office, conference room) or rental property (living room, kitchen, bathroom), optimizing and organizing living space makes it functional.

This will give a second life to the habitat in which you have lived for a long time in the city of Nancy. Nothing beats properly sized rooms for a comfortable home! The idea is not to waste any space, as every square centimeter counts and can be very useful. Well-executed interior design adds value to your real estate located in Nancy in case it is intended for rental investment.

Moreover, interior design is not improvised and requires know-how. Know that there are many building craftsmen who can assist you in this real estate project in Nancy. Seek the services of an architect for an increase in living space (installation or removal of partitions, creation of an open-plan kitchen). This building artisan is a valuable help when it comes to transforming one or more rooms of the apartment. A true building artisan, they are able to accompany the transformations of a habitat from a technical, functional, and aesthetic point of view. To carry out a major real estate project, the intervention of the architect is essential. They accompany you in all stages of your project in Nancy. Calling on the architect avoids chaotic situations. 

Whether it's a company or an artisan, the price of professional labor remains free and depends mainly on the complexity of the project. To bring your real estate projects to life, get quotes from qualified artisans based in Nancy. 

Installing a new decoration in your apartment in Nancy

In the context of an apartment renovation, the goal is generally to gain space and comfort. Over the years, your tastes and desires change, and you want to do some embellishment work. The objective is to give a second life to the apartment in which you have lived for a long time in France. Improving the quality of life is also important, especially since you spend most of your time there. Indeed, living in a house and feeling comfortable is important. A modernized decoration will make all the difference by creating a unique atmosphere that reflects you.

To continue enjoying the comfort and design of your kitchen or bathroom, there are simple and affordable solutions to boost the decoration. Generally at a lower cost, interior renovation only requires minor routine work (painting, electricity, parquet flooring installation, etc.). However, note that the most expensive projects are bathroom renovation and kitchen renovation. In the context of a rental investment or sale, it is recommended to carefully consider the decoration of these two living spaces. These are the most requested parts of the house or apartment. Thus, tenants most often prefer accommodations where the kitchen and bathroom are functional and well-equipped. 

With this type of operation, you have the opportunity to shape the spaces according to your preferences to make each room unique. Interior design allows you to restore the aesthetics of your home in France. The interior decorator is among the trades that can give style to your habitat. This professional provides you with all the good tips to improve the quality of life in the apartment. You can also carry out plastering work for the final decoration of your home to give it a new appearance. The plasterer is responsible for ceiling installation. This is the most common work in France for its aesthetic and practical qualities. 

Changing the interior decoration, renovating insulation equipment, or even transforming a room like the kitchen or bathroom. This helps to beautify the habitat to make it more attractive and comfortable for its occupants. In the context of construction, especially a major renovation of your apartment in Nancy, it is nevertheless advisable to call upon an architect or a project manager.

Valuing your property in Nancy with a view to resale/rental 

A comprehensive renovation project for a house or apartment in Nancy is not limited to daily energy savings but can significantly enhance the value of the property. With a view to resale or rental in the Meurthe-et-Moselle prefecture, improving insulation can offer a return on investment. Indeed, energy renovation work is particularly profitable for property owners. Such an operation allows for a more attractive energy label (DPE), and therefore a higher selling price. Thus, renovation will increase the value of your apartment or house located in Nancy. 

Embarking on the renovation of your real estate is an excellent idea to accelerate the sales process and attract the attention of potential buyers. Thanks to various works (insulation, plumbing, heating system, etc.) carried out, your apartment becomes a potential favorite for visitors. In the case of rental investment, the electrical installation must comply with residential use and regulations in force in France. An installation that does not comply with standards can lead to the prosecution of the building owner. 

Note that the bathroom and kitchen are strategic rooms. Their renovations also allow you to increase the real estate value of your apartment or house located in the Meurthe-et-Moselle department. If you are considering changing the layout and decoration of your kitchen and bathroom, contact an interior architect. More than just an advisor, they can modernize the rooms of your apartment in Nancy. This building artisan accompanies you in all stages of your real estate project. To make your habitat more attractive and increase its real estate value, you can hire craftsmen specialized in plastering work. Interior renovation allows you to beautify your home. 

Major renovations (creating an extension, total interior redesign) or small works (interior layout, decoration), all projects are achievable by calling on a company specialized in construction and public works (BTP). The latter can intervene in one or more areas of the construction sector and manage every stage of a construction site. The company can enlist the services of external providers to assist in the realization of its projects. Here they are: 

  • Architect, 
  • Project manager,
  • Painter,
  • Bricklayer

Valuing your apartment or house is a central element of all your renovation projects. Note that a company specializing in building is able to carry out all your renovation work in Nancy. 

Why hire building professionals for renovation work?

Nothing beats a professionally done job when it comes to a renovation project. Calling upon a company specialized in construction/building ensures a meticulous realization. Discover the various building trades that can enhance your apartment in Nancy. 

An architect or project manager

Before embarking on requesting quotes and organizing the work, it is essential to identify the stakeholders on the construction site. The project manager is one of the various building trades that are particularly useful in such a real estate operation. This professional accompanies you in all stages of the renovation project in Nancy. They oversee the construction site (extension or overall layout) until its completion. Among other things, the project manager orchestrates the work; you just have to check that everything has been done according to the quotes and your requests.

The architect is also a valuable ally during your renovation work in the Meurthe-et-Moselle prefecture. They are a building professional involved in any construction, renovation, rehabilitation, or extension. They will be able to propose various technical and aesthetic solutions in line with your wishes. The architect's scope of competence is vast, including: 

  • Designing an architectural project, 
  • Technical expertise, 
  • Expertise in construction economics, 
  • Expertise in urban planning

The architect's involvement is mandatory for the establishment of a renovation project subject to a building permit application. In France, the price per square meter for renovation by this professional ranges from about 250 euros to 1,200 euros. Using an architect ensures that the work is carried out in accordance with the rules of the art. 

An interior decorator

A successful interior decoration enhances your home and improves the quality of life of its occupants. A decorator can offer you styles, ideas, and various materials to optimize the layout and furnishing of the apartment. Their external and professional perspective will help you create an environment that matches your style and personality. The advantage of calling on them is that they take into account: 

  • Your desires, 
  • Your tastes, 
  • Current trends, 
  • The architecture of the habitat,
  • The layout 

In summary, the interior decorator takes into account numerous parameters while thinking about optimizing each volume of the habitat without engaging in expensive work. They decorate all the rooms in a building, whether it's the bathroom or the kitchen, for example. Their expertise allows them to choose the right colors, materials, coverings, and furniture for your project. 

Invest in apartment renovation in Nancy!

Do you want to renovate your apartment in Nancy? You can either opt for the services of an interior architect or an interior decorator. It should be noted that in practice, the interior decorator offers clever deco ideas and then submits them by making a 3D simulation. Besides redesigning your interior, they will also advise you on competent artisans (tiler, plasterer, plumber, painter, carpenter, etc.) who will respect your deco budget. Thus, the interior decorator allows you to benefit from their network of contacts in the city of Nancy. In any case, the Reno team is at your disposal to make your investment profitable!

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