Apartment Renovation in Caen: How and Why to Invest in It ?

renovation appartement caen

Apartment renovation in Caen is an ambitious project that addresses various issues. It can be either mandatory or desirable depending on the condition of your accommodation, your preferences, and your objectives. Nonetheless, the benefits of undertaking this type of refurbishment are plentiful. Whether it's to enhance your comfort, modernize your living space, or increase its value, renovation is always a good idea!

Bringing your accommodation into compliance with new standards or adapting it to the changing needs of your family ensures a significant long-term increase in value. However, such a large-scale project requires careful preparation and the guidance of professional artisans or architects. Discover below the guide to successfully renovating your home.

rénovation appartement Caen

What are the good reasons to renovate your apartment in Caen ?

Clearly understanding the motive behind renovating your property in Caen is a crucial step. This helps determine the type of work to prioritize.

Renovating to achieve sustainable bill reduction

If you own an older property in Caen or have just purchased one, be aware that most older properties are energy-intensive. The worst of them, known as "thermal sieves," are even financial black holes.

Renovation and insulation work will allow you to achieve energy savings from the first year. Many solutions are available, such as :

  • – Insulating the attic,
  • – Roof insulation,
  • – Replacing energy-consuming equipment,
  • – Renovating windows, doors, or walls.

These works significantly reduce heat loss and therefore substantially reduce your heating consumption. They may represent a significant investment but are very profitable in the long run.

You can also replace your old heating system with a more efficient and energy-efficient one. For example, it is advisable to opt for a wood stove or a biomass boiler.

By using the services of a renovation company, you can be assured of being offered a range of solutions to effectively renovate your home. As experts in the field, this specialized agency will know how to reconcile your needs, your property's requirements, and your budget.

Renovating to take care of your family's health

Did you know? Poor ventilation in your home and outdated insulation can affect your health. These situations promote condensation and mold growth, often leading to respiratory diseases.

Renovating your apartment in Caen also means acting for indoor air quality and on all elements that may have an impact on your health. This includes exposure to humidity, carbon monoxide, lead, or electrical safety issues.

Installing a Mechanical Controlled Ventilation system (MCV) ensures regular air renewal. This device guarantees a significant improvement in air quality, protecting you from respiratory problems and headaches caused by fine particles spreading in an unhealthy building.

Renovating to improve safety for you and the building

In addition to your health safety, rehabilitating your apartment is also an opportunity to overhaul the electrical system in your home. If the construction of the latter took place many years ago, it is likely that its electrical installation is no longer suitable for current safety standards. Defective, this device can pose risks of electric shock or fires in the worst case.

Furthermore, be aware that cracks or traces of mold are sometimes warning signs regarding the health of your building. It then requires prompt intervention to prevent its collapse.

Renovating to increase the value of your property

It is evident that your needs evolve over time. A growing family, children leaving home, or a change in life—many factors can push you to sell your apartment later on. In this case, renovation works, especially energy-related ones, constitute a very profitable investment for a possible resale. This allows you to realize a significant real estate capital gain.

The renovation project is also useful if you are a landlord, allowing you to rent your accommodation at a higher monthly rent than the Caen market average.

Renovating to protect the environment

Renovating your apartment is beneficial not only for your health and wallet but also for the environment.

According to the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the building sector represents approximately 43% of annual energy consumption and is responsible for nearly 23% of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) in France.

Therefore, renovating your apartment not only allows you to benefit from thermal comfort and savings but also to take an ecological step. You reduce your carbon footprint and, consequently, protect the environment.

rénovation appartement Caen

What are the steps to successfully renovate your apartment in Caen ?

If you're looking to renovate your apartment in Caen but aren't sure how to proceed, it's essential to carefully plan to ensure success. Here are the steps to follow:

Assessing your apartment to define the project better

Before undertaking any renovation work, the first step is to assess your apartment. This assessment is crucial for the success of the project, as it allows you to determine precisely the various tasks to be carried out.

This assessment involves inspecting:

  • – The insulation of the apartment (Is the building well insulated? Does the thickness of the walls require insulation?)
  • – The electrical, gas, and water systems (Do they meet standards? Are any modifications necessary?)
  • – Signs of moisture (Is the apartment well ventilated? Is it heated evenly?)
  • – The condition of the floors.

Thanks to this assessment, you can be sure not to overlook anything. When it comes to renovation, many people initially think about layout, room arrangement, and desired style. However, attention must also be paid to what is not visible at first glance, such as networks.

A professional will guide you to the most suitable renovation work for your apartment in Caen based on its condition and your priorities. The nature of the tasks to be carried out will be decisive for the budget, the aid to be planned, and the allocated time.

Budgeting renovation work

One of the keys to success in renovating an apartment in Caen is to have properly budgeted it in advance. To avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the project, you must assess the budget required for your renovation project before starting work. After conducting an assessment, you have an idea of the list of tasks to be done.

The budget is the cornerstone of renovating a home. Depending on your budget, you need to allocate costs according to the items to be planned and their respective costs. Some may require significant expenses. Others that are not a priority should then be reduced or postponed. It is therefore necessary to prioritize tasks to know which ones are more urgent and which ones can wait.

All you have to do is request several quotes from different craftsmen or general building companies.

Establish a Schedule

As part of an apartment renovation project, whether in Caen or anywhere else in France, there is a specific order of work to follow. This ensures the success of the project and is also an excellent way to organize the involvement of various artisans and tradespeople. By preparing a detailed plan of tasks, you can estimate the duration of each operation, making it easy to schedule the presence of each trade.

If you are unable to establish this schedule alone, get assistance from a professional, such as an interior architect or a project manager.

Completing administrative procedures if necessary

Before starting the renovation work on your apartment, don't forget to inquire about the applicable regulations concerning your property. It is essential to consider both the legal obligations associated with the work and the constraints related to the co-ownership.

Here are the important questions to consider :

  • – Does my renovation project require a prior declaration or a building permit ?
  • – Do my renovations require approval from the condominium association?
  • – Am I obligated to engage an architect ?
  • – Are the insulation and the electrical and plumbing fixtures planned for my renovation in compliance with the current standards in force in Caen ?

For example, you must obtain the consent of the co-ownership if the planned works are visible from the outside and can affect the overall harmony of the building. This is also the case if the operation compromises the stability of the building. 

However, you are free to renovate your apartment for any work limited to the interior of your property. This includes:

  • – Applying a new coat of paint on the walls and ceilings,
  • – Renovating a bathroom,
  • – Renovating a kitchen,
  • – Installing new wallpaper,
  • – Performing interior insulation,
  • – Installing new flooring.

Finally, remember to notify your neighbors a few days before the start of the work to avoid conflicts related to noise.

How does the refurbishment project of one's apartment in Caen unfold ?

It remains crucial to follow the order of renovation works to avoid wasting time and money. Moreover, you need to have an idea of how the renovation project of your apartment in Caen unfolds for proper monitoring. Here's how it goes.


Depending on the nature of the planned renovation works, demolition may not be necessary. It is particularly useful for a comprehensive rehabilitation. If you want to modify the layout of your various rooms (bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom), this operation is necessary.

Thus, removing a partition, relocating a kitchen, and adjusting a bathroom are among the tasks to be done first during a renovation.

Sanitizing the apartment and installing partitions

Once the debris is cleared, the craftsmen have a clearer view. At this stage, your home is ready to be rid of any infiltration or moisture problems, thus avoiding installing insulation on ceilings or partitions that are not healthy.

During this stage, the craftsmen will also install the chases that will accommodate the electrical conduits and plumbing.

Proceed with electricity and plumbing

Renovation works also provide an opportunity to reposition switches and outlets more appropriately. You can also take this opportunity to modify some drains to gain space.

Perform insulation

Insulation is the operation that will promote comfort within your apartment and reduce your energy consumption. In this case, you should start with the roof or the attic (lost or convertible). Then, the craftsmen will insulate the walls, floors, and joineries.

Note that it is pointless to replace your windows with double or triple glazing if your walls are not properly insulated. In this case, you risk exposing yourself to condensation problems and, in the long run, moisture in your interior.

After insulation is done, craftsmen proceed to apply plaster on ceilings and walls.

Change heating

If your heating equipment is energy-intensive, take advantage of renovating your apartment to change them. Opt for more efficient appliances to save money. For example, wood stoves or heat pumps are excellent alternatives. They are the most popular devices in France because they use renewable energy sources and consume little.

Install ventilation

For your health and comfort, the air inside your apartment must be maintained at an adequate humidity level. During the renovation of your apartment, have a ventilation system installed to effectively purify the air. You can, for example, opt for the double-flow model. With an efficient ventilation system, not only do you feel better in your home, but you also make significant savings.

Finishing touches

Your construction site is nearly complete. It's now time to move on to the finishing stage. Apply the paint of your choice to the ceilings and walls. Lay down your preferred flooring covering. Install your new wallpaper. Set up your

kitchen furniture and sanitary elements in your bathroom. Finally, refine the whole with your various decoration accessories.

rénovation appartement Caen

Why hire a specialized company to refurbish your apartment in Caen ?

Doing the renovation of your apartment in Caen yourself can be a cost-effective solution. However, the quality of work will never be the same as that done by a professional. Here are the advantages of using the services of a specialized company.

Get an Adequate Renovation Plan

Renovation companies are able to identify certain failures or defects that you may not notice. During the inspection of your apartment, they conduct an inventory allowing them to distinguish the parts that need improvement or modification. You then benefit from the advice of building professionals helping you see more clearly.

Based on the result of the expertise, while taking into account the objectives of your project (for example, improving energy performance, increasing thermal comfort), the renovation company offers you renovation plans. The agency provides you with a detailed quote in line with your financial means.

Effectively Coordinate the Work

Coordinating the work is one of the most complex tasks in a construction or renovation project, whether it's an apartment or a house. If you take charge of this process yourself, you risk making serious mistakes that will waste your time and money. You do not know precisely the order in which to schedule the intervention of different craftsmen and trades. For example, you may have already applied floor coverings and paint before realizing that you needed to install plumbing pipes.

Given the skills and experience possessed by the specialized company, it knows how to schedule and organize tasks properly. As a professional in the field, the renovation agency will coordinate all the work to allow for efficient and rapid progress of the project.

One Point of Contact on Your Site

Apartment renovation companies in Caen typically have a team of craftsmen who cover all necessary areas, including:

  • – Architecture,
  • – Masonry,
  • – Painting,
  • – Electricity,
  • – Plumbing,
  • – Tiling,
  • –Decoration.

However, by using the services of this specialized agency, you will have only one point of contact during the execution of the work. The management of different craftsmen and trades is the responsibility of the contractor. So, if you have any questions about the renovation work, you can address them directly to them. This makes communication and information exchange easy from the beginning to the end of the project. Site monitoring then becomes much simpler.

Adherence to the Execution Deadline

It seems obvious that you will want access to your new apartment by a certain date. In the contract with the renovation agency, you agree on a specific delivery deadline. If you choose a serious and reliable company, it undertakes to rigorously respect all your requirements. This professional will advance the project quickly.

Guaranteed Quality of Work

A significant advantage of using the services of an apartment renovation company in the city of Caen is the assurance of quality work. When the work is completed, you will have no unpleasant surprises. You will be completely satisfied with the results, whether it's for an extension or for terrace renovation.

This specialized agency collaborates with skilled and reliable craftsmen. They are proficient in the necessary steps, techniques, and materials to renovate any room (kitchen, bathroom, dining room, living room, or bedroom).

rénovation appartement Caen

Entrusting your apartment renovation in Caen to an architectural agency 

In conclusion, unless you are a professional yourself, apartment renovation is an operation that requires specific skills. From project conception to completion, careful consideration is necessary to avoid unpleasant surprises, hence the need to enlist the services of an agency specialized in building rehabilitation. 

By doing so, you will benefit from the advice and expertise of qualified craftsmen to successfully carry out the work. Therefore, we recommend contacting an apartment renovation company in Caen. This is the best way to achieve a perfect result, adhere to standards and deadlines, and save time and energy. To explore our services and the achievements of our apartment renovation professionals in the city of Caen, get in touch with us now. 

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