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Renovation Works Quote: Everything You Need to Know to Avoid Pitfalls

The quote is an essential document for all renovation, construction, and fitting-out works. We explain everything to you.

The estimate is an essential document for all renovation, construction, and building-related improvement works. It outlines all the steps of a project and helps determine the quantity, characteristics, and prices of materials required for the work, as well as the cost of labor. For all works estimated at over €150, a written and detailed estimate is mandatory. How to request a renovation work estimate? What are the keys to comparing estimates and properly assessing the different services? Find in this guide all the relevant information you will need to prepare your renovation work estimate.

Renovation Prices Based on the Extent of Work

Refurbishing an apartment or a house takes various forms. Renovation prices depend on the types of work performed and the scope of the project.

Partial Renovation Works

Partial renovation, as the name suggests, involves renovating part of the apartment or house. It may involve one or two rooms (bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.). This type of renovation does not entail major works but allows refreshing certain elements of the accommodation to modernize the living space subtly. It can lead to a change in decoration and space layout. 

For example, in the case of partial bathroom renovation, specific tasks include:

∙         Installing a sink,

∙         Changing light fixtures,

∙         Installing moisture-resistant and easy-to-clean floor covering (tiles or linoleum),

∙         Installing a walk-in shower,

∙         Installing a wall shelf or sink storage,

∙         Placing plants for decoration and freshness, and so on.

∙         etc. 

If it's the kitchen, the works generally involve installing new appliances, installing compartments or cabinets, repainting walls and furniture, etc. The prices for partial renovation of a property range from €500 to €900 per square meter. These include labor costs as well as supplies.

Complete Renovation Works

Complete renovation, on the other hand, covers all rooms in the apartment or house. This type of renovation is especially recommended for old properties that have not been maintained for several years. It includes the previously listed tasks as well as other works, such as :

∙         Replacement of joinery (doors, windows),

∙         Creation of non-load-bearing partitions to rearrange certain rooms,

∙         Attic conversion without intervening on the frame or floor,

∙         Updating electrical installations to meet standards,

∙         Insulating walls from the inside,

∙         Creating a bathroom,

∙         Changing heating and ventilation systems,

∙         Plumbing refurbishment,

  • ∙         Electrical renovation, and so on.

∙         etc. 

For a complete renovation, the intervention of an architect or professional is essential to provide advice and oversee all the works. For this type of project, a budget of €900 to €1,200 per square meter is required. 

Heavy Renovation Works

Renovation is considered "heavy" when it involves major works affecting the load-bearing structures of your house, such as : 

∙         Demolition of load-bearing walls,

∙         Space extension,

∙         Creation or filling of stair openings,

∙         Roof replacement,

∙         Window enlargement and replacement,

∙         Underpinning,

∙         Modification of the floor structure, and so on.

∙         etc.

Some energy performance improvement works, such as external wall insulation, attic and roof insulation, installation of a heat pump, etc., are also included in this type of renovation. Given the scale of the works, the intervention of an experienced professional is mandatory. Prices range from €1,200 to €2,000 per square meter (including labor and supplies).

Price Ideas for Renovation Work Packages

Before requesting an estimate, you can make an approximate estimate of the budget needed to complete your renovation project. Here are some price ideas per package of works that you will surely need.   

Renovation of the Living Room

The living room, the quintessential living space, is the heart of the house devoted almost exclusively to pleasant activities (watching television, spending time with family, entertaining guests, relaxing, etc.). That's why many individuals prioritize it at the top of the list of rooms to renovate. Unlike the kitchen and bathroom, the living room requires fewer fittings. However, it is the largest room in the house (three or four times larger than others). Therefore, it requires more materials and labor, hence a slightly higher budget. 

Here are some price notions to assess the cost of renovating a living room :

WorksPrice in euros per square meter
Wall and Ceiling RenovationPainting walls (interior)€20/m2 to €40/m2
Painting ceiling€30/m2 to €50/m2
Floor RenovationSelf-leveling of the floor€20/m2 to €40/m2
Parquet flooring installation€45/m2 to €70/m2
Tile installation€30/m2 to €70/m2
Microcement€70/m2 to €180/m2

The cost of renovating the living room can range from €95 to over €525 per square meter.

Electrical Renovation 

Electrical renovation involves bringing an electrical installation up to code or ensuring its safety. It also includes adding circuits and connections required for new equipment. 

Partial Electrical Renovation

An electrical renovation is considered "partial" when it does not require the removal of the meter or main circuit breaker and shutting off the power supply. It includes operations such as :

∙         Replacing electrical wires

∙        Establishing a grounding system

∙         Upgrading circuit breakers

∙         Changing electrical outlets

∙         Installing a new electrical panel

∙         etc.

The price of a partial electrical renovation can range from €80 to €120 per square meter.

Total Electrical Renovation

A total electrical renovation requires shutting off the power supply by qualified electricians. It involves completely overhauling your electrical system to install an entirely new, safe, and modern electrical network. It may include installing a communication panel and modern RJ45 network, creating circuits for new appliances (radiators, roller shutters, water heaters, etc.). For this type of renovation, the price is generally higher, ranging from €125 to €200 per square meter.

Bathroom Renovation

Several factors determine the cost of renovating your bathroom and influence the budget (its size, choice of materials and fixtures, labor costs, scope of work, etc.). Below are some price ideas for refurbishing this room : 

Types of WorkEquipment and MaterialsPrice in euros per square meter
Installation of Sanitary EquipmentWalk-in Shower€500/m2 to €10,000/m2
Standard Bathtub€600/m2 to €900/m2
Designer Bathtub€1,000/m2 to €2,000/m2
Freestanding Bathtub€2,000/m2 to €10,000/m2
Sink on VanityFrom €500/m2
Wall-Hung Toilet€400/m2 to €800/m2
Change of Flooring CoveringPorcelain Stoneware Floor Tiles€9/m2 to €30/m2
Natural Stone Flooring€35/m2 to €70/m2
Cement Tiles€75/m2 to €140/m2
Microcement€25/m2 to €45/m2
Glass Bricks€50/m2 to €200/m2
Paint€10/m2 to €90/m2
Parquet Flooring€85/m2 to €220/m2
Vinyl or Linoleum for Wet Areas €10/m2 to €80/m2

These tasks often require the expertise of various qualified professionals (tilers, plumbers, heating engineers, etc.). The cost can vary from €400 to over €1,000 per square meter.

How to Request Renovation Quotes?

In the context of a construction, renovation, insulation, or renovation project, you must send a request for quotes to craftsmen, summarizing your needs. Before creating this letter, first define your budget to be able to evaluate the prices proposed by professionals.

Whether it's a large project or a partial renovation, it's important to include as much detail as possible in your quote request. This allows the service provider to have a clear idea of your project. This way, they can accurately communicate their offer for the work in question. You should mention the following parameters : 

∙         The type of service to be performed (bathroom renovation) ;

∙         The dimensions of the room (renovating a 10 m² bathroom) ;

∙         Project details (painting, tiling, bringing electrical installation up to standards, plumbing) ;

∙         etc.

Don't forget to ask questions about the start and end dates of the project or the existence of penalties for delays. 

Tips for Comparing Renovation Quotes

To avoid scams and unpleasant surprises during the project, it's important to know how to compare quotes. 

Request Multiple Quotes

It's impossible to compare if you only refer to one quote. It's best to request multiple quotes. This way, you can compare the prices practiced by building companies or artisans and easily identify the one that fits your budget.

Beware of Low-Ball Quotes

Some building companies and artisans offer much cheaper quotes compared to others. Then, they add elements during the project to inflate the bill. To avoid this trap, when you receive your quote, carefully analyze the details and ask for clarification on the services included or not. Check the information regarding the prices of supplies and equipment as well as the often overlooked additional fees. 

Work with a Certified Professional and Ensure Their Reputation

Hiring a certified company or artisan guarantees professionalism and quality of service. Look for information about the provider you want to entrust your work to, for example, on their website. Ask for references for projects they have already completed. They must have insurance coverage to deal with any problems that may arise during the operation. All construction, renovation, and fitting-out work must be carried out according to certified technical documents. Demand that the provider follows these standards. 

Ensure the Presence of Mandatory Information in the Quote

To make your task easier, here is a list of mandatory information that must be included in a legal renovation quote :

∙         Date of quote creation and duration of offer validity;

∙         Name, business name, and address of the building company;

∙         The status and legal form of the company;

∙         For an artisan, the registration number in the trades directory (Siren number, registration department number);

∙         Name and address of the client;

∙         Description of the work, materials used, and labor required in terms of quantity, time, and price;

∙        Possible travel expenses;

∙        Payment, delivery, and contract execution terms;

∙        Complaint procedures and after-sales service conditions (especially warranty);

∙        Total amount to be paid, excluding taxes (HT) and including all taxes (TTC) with applicable VAT rates; 

∙        Amount of the deposit to be paid when accepting the quote;

∙         Whether the quote is paid or free.

None of these mentions should be absent from your quote.

Renovation Quotes: Tax Credits to Reduce Costs

Given the high cost of renovating a house or apartment, the government has provided a range of financial assistance for certain works. 

Property Tax Exemption

Property tax is an annual and mandatory tax for all property owners (residential, commercial). Property tax exemption refers to a tax relief granted by certain municipalities to households carrying out energy renovation works in their homes. It involves reducing or even eliminating your property tax for a period of two years after the completion of the project. 

To benefit from this tax exemption, you must meet certain criteria :

∙         Reside in a municipality that has implemented a property tax scheme;

∙         Carry out energy renovation works eligible for the scheme (thermal insulation, installation of renewable energy heating systems);

∙         Spend an amount exceeding €10,000 in the year preceding the exemption to carry out the works.

Not all municipalities offer this exemption, so inquire at the town hall before starting the works.

Reduced VAT Rates: 10% and 5.5%

If you renovate your house or apartment, certain works may benefit from a reduced VAT rate of 10% or 5.5% instead of 20%. The 10% VAT rate applies to renovation and improvement works as well as the purchase of certain equipment. This rate is applicable to labor costs, essential supplies for the works (tiles, wallpapers, paints), kitchen or bathroom fixtures, etc. The 5.5% VAT rate is awarded to energy renovation works aimed at improving the energy performance of your home and equipping it with a less energy-intensive installation. 

To benefit from these reductions, your property must have been completed for more than 2 years, and the renovation works must be carried out by a construction company.    

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