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House Renovation : Expert Tips for Renovating Your Living Space

House renovation

House renovation is the key to giving your home a new lease on life. Are you looking to transform your house into a space that exudes life and modernity? If so, then this practical guide is for you! Whether for aesthetic, functional, or energy-related reasons, renovation works provide the opportunity to create a home that reflects your style.

At Reno, we understand the importance of every house renovation project. Our expertise in the field of house renovation enables us to accompany you throughout your journey, from conception to completion. Through our partnership with expert architects, we offer efficient and sustainable renovation solutions. We ensure that every renovated home meets the highest standards in energy efficiency and construction quality.

So whether you're considering a complete house renovation or targeted works such as thermal insulation or interior design, our team is here to guide you every step of the way. With our commitment to excellence and innovation, we strive to make your house renovation project a rewarding and hassle-free experience.

House renovation

Why Renovate Your House?

Are you a homeowner looking to make your living space more enjoyable? If so, house renovation is the best solution! Some people are motivated to renovate their homes for safety reasons, while others want to live in a more practical and aesthetically pleasing space. Whatever the reason, renovating your house is always a good idea. Here's why :

  • – House renovation works improve your comfort and that of your family;
  • – Renovating your house optimizes its insulation ;
  • – House renovation involves redesigning spaces ;
  • – Renovating a house also improves its exterior layout ;
  • – House renovation allows you to reassess its value and therefore increase its worth ;
  • – Renovation also allows for the addition of extra rooms in the house, such as converting attics and basements into personalized living spaces !

What is the Cost of House Renovation? 

Like apartment renovation, the price of house renovation is not fixed. Each project is unique. Here are the criteria that determine the costs of house renovation:

The type of house to renovate

The cost of house renovation greatly depends on the type of house you want to renovate (semi-detached house, second home, townhouse, country house, wooden frame house, stone house, etc.). 

The number of rooms 

The number of rooms also impacts the cost of house renovation. In other words, the more rooms the house has, the more expensive the works will be. 


The price of labor varies depending on the region and the qualifications of the artisans.

The square meter surface area to be renovated

A large house means a lot of work to be done. Therefore, the price will be determined based on the square meter surface area to be renovated.

Types of works to undertake

 There are different types of renovation works: structural work, interior design, energy renovation, electrical renovation, etc. Their prices vary depending on the unique needs of each project. 

The condition of the building

If the apartment or house to be renovated is in very bad condition, the owner should expect higher renovation costs. 

Site accessibility

Renovation works involve demolitions, which means debris removal. This is why site accessibility matters in determining the cost of house renovation in Paris or any other region of France. 

Choosing Finishes

The finishes of a renovated house represent a significant part of the house renovation budget. Therefore, you will need to make choices that align with your aspirations and are within your financial means. 

Quality of Materials

High-quality materials come at a higher cost. Therefore, if you wish to renovate your house with durable and sturdy materials, expect to pay a premium. It's really up to your preference. 

Equipment to be Installed in the House

In addition to these criteria, negotiation with various building trades must also be taken into account, as they will also need to work on the site. Not to mention the fees of a project manager who will oversee the management of house or apartment renovation works.

Cost of House Renovation per Square Meter

The cost of house renovation depends on the duration of the works and the type of renovation to be carried out :


Improving the comfort of a house involves quick and rudimentary works, hence refreshment works. These usually last only a few weeks. Here are the different types of house refreshment works: redecorating the interior, painting (walls and ceilings), installing new windows, laying new floor coverings, etc.

Complete Renovation

A complete renovation involves a large-scale project. The works extend over months, on average three months. A complete renovation of a room in the house includes renovation of the bathroom, kitchen renovation, facade renovation, roof renovation, plumbing rehabilitation, electrical standardization, etc.

Heavy Renovation

Heavy renovation refers to the total restoration of a dwelling. This means everything needs to be redone. Such extensive work, of course, requires a duration of at least six months. You also need to enlist the services of building experts to carry out complex works. These include particularly opening load-bearing walls, sewer evacuation, structural modification of the floor, or a renovation of insulation.

Summary Table of House Renovation Costs

Renovation Type

Average Price per m² (VAT included)


250 € – 750 €

Complete makeover 

750 € – 1 100 €

Complete Renovation

1 100 € – 2 000 €

Heavy renovation

> 2 000 €

House renovation

What is the price of home renovation works ?

The prices provided are estimates and may vary depending on the region, chosen materials, and the complexity of the works.

Here is a summary table of prices according to the works to be done : 


Average Price (VAT incl.)

Price Range (VAT incl.)


€20 – €50 per m² 

€15 – €60 per m²


€20 – €50 per m²

€20 – €50 per m²

Door Replacement

€500 – €1,500 per door

€300 – €2,000 per door

Window Replacement

€1,000 – €2,000 per window

Bathroom renovation

4 000 € – 12 000 €

2 000 € – 20 000 €

Kitchen Renovation 

4 500 € – 10 000 €

3 000 € – 15 000 €

Attic Insulation

€20 – €40 per m² 

€15 – €50 per m²

Heat Pump Installation


10 000 € – 20 000 € 

8 000 € – 25 000 €

House Extension

€1,500 – €2,500 per m²

€1,000 – €3,000 per m²

Swimming Pool Construction

20 000 € – 40 000 €

15 000 € – 50 000 €

You can request multiple quotes from artisans or different companies. Then, don't hesitate to compare the prices and services offered. Also, feel free to negotiate the prices. In any case, our advice is to budget an unexpected cost of 10 to 20%. 

How to get a home renovation quote ?

Here are the steps to follow to obtain your home renovation quote : 

Assess Your Needs 

Before contacting renovation companies, take the time to assess your needs and clearly define the works you want to carry out. Whether it's for a complete renovation or targeted works, a detailed list of the elements to be renovated will help you communicate your expectations to the professionals.

Search for Multiple Renovation Companies

Do research to find companies specialized in home renovation. Check online reviews, ask for recommendations from your circle, and verify the qualifications and certifications of the companies you plan to contact.

Request Quotes 

Contact multiple companies to request quotes. Make sure to provide detailed information about your project, including the dimensions of the house, the current condition of the installations, and any other relevant information. The more accurate the information provided, the more accurate the quote will be.

Compare the Quotes

Once you have received multiple quotes, take the time to compare them carefully. Make sure that each quote includes the same elements and specifications, and ask questions about anything you do not understand.

Arrange Meetings with Companies 

Before making a decision, consider meeting with the companies in person to discuss your project. This will allow you to ask additional questions, clarify the details of the quote, and assess the professionalism and experience of the company.

It is important to obtain a home renovation quote in order to estimate your budget. For this, you are in the right place. Reno offers you a personalized home renovation quote tailored to your needs. Our architects are attentive to your aspirations and will provide you with a detailed and reliable quote. You can contact us right away to make your home renovation quote request at Reno !

House renovation

What are the different stages of a home renovation ?

Now, let's focus on the stages of a home renovation worthy of its name :

First stage : studying the existing

The essential first step in any home renovation project is the meticulous study of the existing. Before embarking on significant renovation work, it's crucial to understand the current state of the house and identify weaknesses as well as improvement opportunities.

This stage of studying the existing involves a thorough analysis of the structure, electrical and plumbing installations, thermal insulation, and any other relevant aspects of the house. The goal is to create a comprehensive assessment of the house's condition to determine the necessary work to achieve the renovation goals set in the initial renovation project.

At Reno, we place great importance on this preliminary phase of home renovation. Our team of experts visits the site to conduct a detailed inspection of your property, using advanced tools and techniques to assess every aspect of the house. 

Second stage: searching for craftsmen

After conducting a thorough study of the existing, the crucial second stage of any home renovation project is searching for qualified craftsmen to carry out the work. This stage requires special attention to ensure the quality and reliability of the professionals who will be responsible for implementing your renovation project.

At Reno, we understand the importance of selecting the right craftsmen to ensure the success of your home renovation. We work in partnership with a network of carefully selected building companies and professionals, ensuring that only the most competent and experienced craftsmen will be involved in carrying out your work.

Third stage : structural work

Executing structural work marks the beginning of physical interventions on the house's structure and is a fundamental step in transforming your living space.

Structural work involves :

  • – Demolition of non-load-bearing walls,
  • – Creating new openings,
  • – Reinforcing the structure, 
  • – Installing foundations if necessary.

These works lay the solid foundations on which the entire renovation project rests and are essential to ensure the stability and safety of the house.

Fourth stage : finishing work

After completing the structural work, the fourth stage of any home renovation project is to carry out finishing work. This phase marks the transition from structure to aesthetics, where every detail contributes to the final appearance and character of your renovated home.

Finishing work encompasses a range of interventions that complement the structure of the house. This may include installing electrical and plumbing systems, laying floor and wall coverings, as well as interior and exterior joinery. Each aspect is essential to create a comfortable and functional environment in your renovated home.

Once the finishing work is completed, it's time to focus on the finishing touches. This is where your vision comes to life, with the choice of materials, colors, and textures that reflect your personal style and create the ambiance you desire for your home. Elements such as lighting fixtures, door handles, and decorative accessories add the final touch to your renovated space !

Fifth stage : interior design 

After completing the finishing work, we have arrived at the final stage of any home renovation project. Interior design brings your renovated home to life. To do this, you will need to add the decorative and functional elements that make it unique and welcoming.

Interior design includes furniture arrangement, choice of textiles, and decorative accessories. Not to mention the installation of household equipment. Do you want a modern and minimalist atmosphere? or a warmer, more traditional style? Our team of interior design experts is here to guide you in choosing the colors, materials, and decorative elements that will create the ideal atmosphere in your renovated home !

Home renovation works: what are the steps ?

If there is one thing not to neglect in a home renovation, it's administrative formalities! However, administrative procedures during construction work can be quite challenging to manage. That's why Reno offers you exclusive support. You will have a building professional to advise you. And of course, they will be there to handle your formalities !

So, before embarking on renovation work, you must absolutely inquire about the regulations and urban planning and construction rules of your municipality. It should be noted that administrative procedures will vary depending on the work to be carried out and the type of house to be rehabilitated.  

For the prior declaration of works

You will need to make a request to the Town Hall. This step will verify whether the renovation complies with the urban planning rules of the city. It is mainly reserved for small-scale work that only concerns the interior of a house.

For the building permit

The building permit is a mandatory document if the home renovation affects its exterior appearance. This includes extensions, raising the height, and creating a new opening in the roof. Furthermore, you need a building permit for work involving modification of load-bearing structures.

When to hire an architect ? 

If the total habitable surface area of ​​the house to be renovated is greater than or equal to 150 m², you must hire an architect. This building professional will be tasked with conducting a diagnosis of the building. They will need to identify the priority works and weaknesses of the structure, etc. Then, the architect will establish an architectural project. This is a stage during which they will both prioritize and estimate the cost of the work. Finally, they will put their technical skills at the service of your home renovation to enhance its value. 

House renovation

What are the aids for home renovation ?

When considering renovation work for your home, it's important to be aware of the various aids available to lighten the financial burden of your project. Fortunately, several options are available to support your home renovation project and encourage initiatives aimed at improving energy efficiency and housing quality.

Firstly, the government offers various financial aids to encourage the implementation of efficient renovations. Among these is the Energy Transition Tax Credit (CITE). It allows you to benefit from a tax credit on part of the expenses incurred for works aimed at improving the energy performance of your home. For example, installing thermal insulation or replacing a heating system. Additionally, the zero-interest eco-loan (éco-PTZ) offers the opportunity to benefit from a zero-interest loan to finance energy renovation works, without having to pay interest.

Moreover, some local authorities also offer financial aid to support energy renovation projects. These aids can take the form of direct subsidies, low-interest loans, or grants for the installation of energy-efficient equipment, such as solar panels or heat pumps. By combining these different aids and financing solutions, it's possible to make your home renovation project more accessible and affordable, while benefiting from the advantages of a renovated and more energy-efficient home.

Home renovation: Trust our expertise !

When considering renovation work for your home, it's essential to rely on reliable and experienced expertise to ensure the success of your project. At Reno, we are your trusted partner for all your home renovation needs. With years of experience in home renovation, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to turn your vision into reality.

Our team of renovation experts is dedicated to providing tailor-made solutions that meet your specific needs and budget. Whether you want to renovate an old house to bring it back to life or modernize an existing property to improve its energy efficiency, we are here to guide you through every step of the process.

By collaborating with renowned architects, we offer efficient renovation solutions that not only enhance the aesthetic appearance of your home but also reduce your environmental footprint and allow you to achieve long-term energy savings. From thermal insulation to bathroom renovation to interior design, we have the expertise to successfully complete your most ambitious projects.

Relying on our expertise in home renovation means benefiting from personalized support, impeccable service quality, and a final result that exceeds your expectations. Don't leave your home renovation project in the hands of just anyone. In short, trust Reno to realize your dreams of the ideal home !


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