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Balcony Design: How to Maximize Comfort on Your Balcony ?

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When planning balcony decor, it's about more than just creating an outdoor space. A balcony terrace, whether perched above bustling city streets or nestled in a tranquil, leafy suburb, is an extension of our living area. It's where we seek refuge after a long day, enjoy a morning coffee, or gather with loved ones for moments of togetherness. But how can you transform this corner into a true haven, a personal oasis amidst the daily hustle and bustle? This article aims to tackle precisely that challenge.

Throughout this guide, we will explore various ways to decorate a balcony. Whether you have a small city balcony or a large terrace overlooking a lush garden, we'll share practical tips to make the most of every square meter. 

Looking for ideas to transform a north-facing balcony into a warm and welcoming space? This guide is for you. Learn how to optimize your balcony's comfort and create a space that reflects your style, making it a delightful place to be at all times.

Aménagement balcon

Balcony Layout Ideas: Tailoring Decor to Configuration

Decorating and organizing your balcony depends significantly on its configuration.



Decor Ideas


Continuous Balcony

– Install hanging planters or flower boxes on the railing. – Opt for folding or stackable furniture to save space. – Use light colors to make the space feel larger.

– Utilize vertical space by adding wall shelves or hanging art. – Define areas with a rug or plants.

Corner Balcony

– Create a cozy corner with a bench or cushions. – Set up a small table and chairs for outdoor dining. – Arrange plants in pots and planters.

– Use corner furniture to maximize space. – Choose rounded shapes to soften the corner.

Narrow Balcony

– Install a wall-mounted bench or floor cushions for a relaxation spot. – Use wall shelves for plants and accessories. – Choose slim, space-saving furniture.

– Favor light colors and lightweight materials. – Add a mirror to one wall to create an illusion of space.

Balcony with a View

– Place comfortable furniture to enjoy the view. – Arrange plants in pots and planters. – Choose outdoor lighting to create a soft evening ambiance.

– Use climbing plants or screens to protect privacy. – Install an awning or umbrella for sun protection.

Condominium Balcony

– Adhere to condominium rules before starting any work. – Choose materials and colors that blend with the building. – Obtain permission from the property manager before attaching items to walls or railings.

– Opt for removable and easy-to-disassemble solutions. – Regularly maintain your balcony to avoid noise and visual disturbances. sonores et visuelles.

How to Optimize the Space of a Small Balcony ?

If you have a small balcony you want to enhance, you're in the right place. It's important to know that any balcony can be improved regardless of its size. You can optimize every square inch. The key is to adapt your furniture. There is a wide range of folding, retractable, or hanging tables available on the market to suit your preferences. This type of outdoor furniture is perfect for setting up your small balcony !

How to Arrange a Long Balcony ?

Do you have a long balcony and find its configuration problematic? You're not alone; this type of layout can indeed make balcony arrangement challenging. However, it also presents an opportunity to use long pieces and furniture. You can choose from outdoor benches, long rugs, hammocks, or lounge chairs ! 

How to Arrange a 5 m² Balcony ?

Decorating a 5 m² balcony is possible. To optimize the space, decorators typically create a dining or relaxation area. They install practical furniture to save space. You can also opt for floor cushions. To create a warm atmosphere, consider adding plants.

How to Create an Outdoor Space on a Continuous Balcony ? 

A continuous balcony allows you to create an outdoor space in the city, a little paradise just for you. If your apartment has a continuous balcony, think about arranging it. To make your balcony a friendly space, add chairs and a small bar table, for example. 

How to Arrange a Narrow Balcony ?

To make the most of your narrow balcony, you need to decide how you want to use it. Do you want to create a dining area or a relaxation spot? Do you want to decorate the balcony for sunbathing or to place your plants? After deciding, choose pieces that fit this type of configuration (like a half parasol).

Balcony Arrangement According to Its Orientation

Balcony arrangement often needs to consider the orientation of the outdoor space. Indeed, whether your balcony faces north, south, east, or west will significantly impact its use and appearance. Understanding how to make the most of your balcony's orientation can help you create an ideal outdoor space.

North-Facing Balcony Arrangement

A north-facing balcony can often be cooler and shadier throughout the day. To make the most of this space, prioritize shade-tolerant plants and materials that retain heat. Thick cushions and throws can also make your balcony more inviting on cool days.

South-Facing Balcony Arrangement

Conversely, a south-facing balcony usually benefits from maximum sunlight. To take full advantage of this, choose sun-loving plants and heat-resistant materials. Umbrellas or awnings can provide shade and protect your outdoor space from direct sunlight.

East-Facing Balcony Arrangement

An east-facing balcony is perfect for sunny breakfasts and morning relaxation. To create a peaceful and serene atmosphere, use plants with delicate flowers and light, airy decorative elements. Blinds or curtains can also filter the morning light and offer some privacy.

West-Facing Balcony Arrangement

Finally, a west-facing balcony is ideal for enjoying spectacular sunsets. To create a warm and welcoming ambiance, use warm colors and natural materials. Ambient lighting and outdoor heaters can extend your evenings on the balcony, even as temperatures start to drop.

Balcony Arrangement by Season

Balcony arrangement can be adapted for different seasons to create a pleasant outdoor space all year round.


In spring, your balcony can become a true outdoor garden. Choose spring-blooming plants like tulips, daffodils, and primroses to bring a burst of color to your space. Add hanging planters or flower pots along the railings to maximize vertical space.


In summer, your north-facing balcony can become a refreshing retreat from the heat. Install an awning or umbrella for shade and create a cool breeze with an outdoor fan or misting system. Opt for heat- and drought-resistant plants like succulents and lavender for easy maintenance and a beautiful appearance throughout the summer.


In autumn, your balcony can transform into a true sanctuary of relaxation. Use warm colors and natural materials like wood and stone to create a cozy and comfortable ambiance. Add plush cushions and soft throws to keep warm during cool evenings, and enjoy the fresh air and starry sky from your balcony.


In winter, your south-facing balcony can become a warm gathering place during the cold months. Install an outdoor heater or fire pit to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, and add ambient lighting for an extra touch of magic. Use evergreen plants like yews and holly to bring a touch of greenery to your balcony even in the depths of winter.

Aménagement balcon

Balcony Design Trends 

Balcony design trends are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of residents.

Eco-Friendly Materials and Plants

Sustainable and eco-friendly materials are increasingly favored for furniture, flooring, and decorative accessories. Native plants and vertical gardens are also very popular due to their ability to promote biodiversity and improve air quality.

Versatile and Modular Furniture

In terms of furniture, the trend is towards modular and versatile pieces that can easily adapt to the changing needs of occupants. Convertible sofas, extendable tables, and integrated storage solutions are highly sought after to maximize the use of space on small balconies.

Bohemian and Mediterranean Styles

Aesthetically, bohemian and Mediterranean-style balconies are particularly trendy, with their vibrant colors, ethnic patterns, and natural materials. Decorative accessories such as outdoor rugs, floral patterned cushions, and rattan lanterns add charm and personality to these outdoor spaces.

Best Colors for Balcony Design 

The choice of colors is a crucial element for a successful balcony design, as they can significantly impact the ambiance and aesthetic of your outdoor space. When selecting colors for your balcony, consider both your personal preferences and the characteristics of your external environment.

Opting for Neutral Tones

Neutral tones like white, gray, and beige are popular choices for a north-facing balcony because they can help maximize brightness and create a sense of space. Choose furniture and accessories in light colors for a fresh, bright look, and add pops of color with cushions, rugs, and plants to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Bold, Vibrant Colors

For a south-facing balcony, bold and vibrant colors can create a sunny and dynamic atmosphere. Opt for warm shades like yellow, orange, and red to bring vitality to your outdoor space. Pair these colors with natural materials like wood and rattan for a harmonious and summery look.

Relaxing Blues and Greens 

If you want to create a relaxing and soothing ambiance on your balcony, blue and green tones are ideal choices. These colors evoke nature and tranquility, making them perfect for an outdoor space where you can unwind and recharge. Add wooden elements and green plants to complete the look and create a zen-like atmosphere on your balcony.

Ultimately, the choice of colors for your balcony design depends on your personal taste and the atmosphere you wish to create. 

Outdoor Furniture for a Stylish Balcony Design

The selection of outdoor furniture is crucial for creating a stylish and functional balcony design. When choosing your furniture pieces, it’s important to consider both aesthetics and durability. Opt for furniture that is weather-resistant and maintains its appearance over time, even when exposed to outdoor elements.

Types of Furniture






– Folding, extendable, round, square, etc. – Wood, metal, plastic, etc.

– Allows dining, drinking, or working on the balcony. – Available in a wide variety of styles and materials.

– Can take up space when not in use. – Some materials may be weather-sensitive.

– Choose a table suitable for the size of your balcony and your needs. – Prioritize weather-resistant materials.


– Folding, stackable, with or without armrests, etc. – Wood, metal, plastic, textilene, etc.

– Provides relaxation and enjoyment of the balcony. – Available in a wide variety of styles and materials.

– Can take up space when not in use. – Some materials may be weather-sensitive.

– Choose comfortable chairs that fit the size of your table. – Prioritize weather-resistant materials.


– Fixed or wall-mounted, with or without backrest, etc. – Wood, metal, plastic, etc.

– Creates a relaxation space on the balcony. – Available in a wide variety of styles and materials.

– Can take up space. – Some materials may be weather-sensitive.

– Choose a bench suitable for the size of your balcony and your needs. – Prioritize weather-resistant materials.

Hanging Chair

– Wicker, rattan, canvas, etc.

– Provides unique relaxation and enjoyment of the balcony. – Available in a wide variety of styles and colors.

– Can take up space. – Not always weather-resistant.

– Choose a comfortable hanging chair suitable for the size of your balcony. – Store indoors in case of bad weather.

Sun Lounger

– Folding, with or without wheels, etc. – Wood, metal, plastic, textilene, etc.

– Provides relaxation and sunbathing on the balcony. – Available in a wide variety of styles and materials.

– Can take up space. – Some materials may be weather-sensitive.

– Choose a comfortable sun lounger suitable for the size of your balcony. – Prioritize weather-resistant materials.

Modern Furniture

For a balcony terrace with a contemporary style, prioritize furniture with clean lines and modern materials like metal and glass. Minimalist loungers and elegant coffee tables can create a sophisticated and chic ambiance on your balcony. Add splashes of color with cushions and decorative accessories to inject personality into your space.

Natural Wood or Rattan Furniture

For a north-facing balcony with a warmer ambiance, opt for furniture made of natural wood or rattan. Comfortable armchairs with plush cushions and wooden side tables can create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere on your balcony. Add plants and lanterns for an extra touch of greenery and light.

Wrought Iron Furniture 

If you have a south-facing balcony and are aiming for a Mediterranean look, choose wrought iron or wrought iron furniture with elaborate patterns. Wrought iron chairs with padded cushions and mosaic tables can create an elegant and romantic ambiance on your balcony. Add colorful plant pots and sheer curtains for an even more enchanting look.

Examples of Balcony Furniture Installation Quotes

Here are some examples of balcony furniture installation quotes to give you an idea of the budget items to consider. 

Type of InstallationDescriptionAreaEstimated PriceDuration of works
Surface coveringComposite wood decking, tiling, etc.10 m²€1,500 to €3,0002 to 3 days
Railing installationWood, metal, glass, etc.10 m²€1,000 to €2,0001 to 2 days
Creation of green spacePlanting in pots, installation of synthetic grass, etc.10 m²€500 to €1,5001 to 2 days
Installation of awnings or umbrellasFor sun protection10 m²€500 to €1,0001 day
Lighting setupWall sconces, recessed lights, etc.10 m²€200 to €5001 day

How to Successfully Design Your Balcony ?

To succeed in designing your balcony, it's essential to start with thorough planning. Analyze the available space, determine your needs, and desires. Then, set a realistic budget. Afterward, let your imagination run wild and explore various available design options. 

When choosing your furniture and materials, prioritize quality and durability. Opt for weather-resistant and easy-to-maintain furniture. Select materials that complement the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Also, consider the practical aspect of your design by incorporating clever storage solutions. Just like with apartment renovations and loft conversions, Reno is the leading architectural firm in Paris and its surroundings.

Enfin, n’oubliez pas les touches finales qui feront de votre balcon un véritable havre de paix. Ajoutez des éléments de décoration comme des lanternes, des coussins colorés ou des tapis d’extérieur pour apporter une touche de chaleur et de personnalité à votre espace. Et surtout, profitez pleinement de votre nouveau sanctuaire en plein air !

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