Why should you have your work supervised by an architect ?


Whether you're planning to expand a surface area or undergo a complete renovation of your home, these endeavors require excellent supervision. Additionally, multiple areas need to be considered for executing the work, which can lead to confusion. Therefore, seeking professional assistance will be more than beneficial in terms of both time and money. This article will detail the compelling reasons to enlist an architect for your renovation and construction projects.

Save Time and Money

When you're in the midst of construction, whether it's a renovation or a ground-up construction, you could easily find yourself in a state of stress. Concerns about the budget you need to invest or the time the project will take can weigh heavily on your mind. However, with an architect, you'll no longer worry about the progress of the work or the drafting of specifications.

Save Time with an Architect

Your property's future urges you to seek the best way to perfect the work. By engaging a professional for your project, you'll benefit from guidance. With their expertise, they'll spend less time sourcing the right materials at a lower cost. Moreover, their assistance will provide clarity on the necessary work and renovations. They can offer valuable advice to enhance the quality of the execution. Furthermore, they can provide assistance to expedite the building permit process. To showcase their effectiveness and professionalism, they will strive to supervise the work meticulously and meet deadlines.

Architects can also handle the creation of a Specifications Booklet (SB). The purpose of this SB is to list the details of your project to ensure a realistic estimation. Establishing this document allows you to note all your short and long-term needs. Therefore, it will include the layout, dimensions, fences, colors, tiling, and everything related to your property.

Thus, you no longer need to scour magazines and the internet to find solutions to your construction-related problems. This can result in considerable time and energy savings.

It is worth noting that renovation takes less time than construction. However, renovation requires more consideration regarding habitat layout and adaptation. The first piece of advice for saving time is therefore to engage an interior architect service.

Save on Expenses with an Architect

Being well-versed in the cost of professional services, an architect can offer their services at a more reasonable price. Contrary to common belief, hiring their services will save you money. For renovations or constructions, the cost of their services typically revolves around 9% of the total project budget. Their remuneration can be calculated either as a percentage of the total construction costs including taxes or based on a fixed fee. You just need to know how to negotiate the right price while considering the quality of the services.

Due to their relationships with stores and construction material suppliers, architects can obtain more accessible offers on certain purchases. They can also serve as intermediaries with their network of acquaintances. Thus, they contribute to reducing prices in the work estimates.

Customized Work with an Architect

The expertise of an architect enables them to assess the feasibility of your project. Thus, they will estimate the cost of your work and provide you with a precise and accurate quote.

Apartment Renovation

The reasons for embarking on a renovation project can vary. Perhaps you've just purchased a house that needs refurbishing. Similarly, you may simply want to reconfigure your apartment to make it larger. All these scenarios require the intervention of a renovation professional, specifically an interior architect. They can detect and prevent hazards associated with the existing building conditions. Their job involves finding alternatives to mitigate technical and financial constraints.

They will analyze the necessary work based on observed damages and your requirements. Often, the property may only require electrical installation or wall cladding. In such cases, the professional considers your ideas and adapts them according to your budget. Not limited to listening to your desires, they can also provide advice on material and color selection. Once you agree on the various ideas, they will create a plan and a quote for the project. They will then provide you with the cost of renovation, as well as the time required for the implementation of the predetermined work.

In cases where everything needs renovation due to severe deterioration (water infiltration or significant aging), the professional will take more time to redo everything. This type of renovation requires the services of a company with renovation professionals. The future condition of your home depends on the skills of the professionals involved. For major works, the architect will ensure the smooth progress of the work. From choosing the right materials to insulating the house, they can handle it all. Renovation may seem straightforward, but it requires precise calculations (structural and cost) and planning. For interior design aspects, their talent is paramount.

Building Construction

Contacting an architect at the beginning of a construction project is crucial. They will conduct feasibility and sketch studies. The sketch is a plan that helps you visualize the building on the site. You are then required to approve the project. In case of modifications, the professional can suggest adjustments. They will then adapt the work according to your wishes while making the appropriate calculations.

The involvement of a professional in construction can range from roofing to heating, including window design. By entrusting your project to them, you benefit from their expertise in construction and their creativity. However, this does not prevent you from sharing your tastes and preferences. Otherwise, their services aim to provide assistance for both the construction and design aspects.


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To Ensure Compliance with Standards

Contracting with an architect ensures that all standards and administrative requirements will be met. Legally, in France, for any construction or renovation work, the intervention of this professional is mandatory.

Thus, the price of their service will be adapted to the volume of work for your projects.

To Ensure Safety

Safety is paramount, whether during construction or when you inhabit the house. Contracting with an architect proves to be a solution to ensure this safety.

Safety during Construction

Are you familiar with the saying "Your life resembles a construction site? You should have chosen your worker well." Indeed, a construction site is always defined as chaotic. In this saying, the fault lies in the fact that the workers did not work in order. This constitutes a significant risk of accidents for everyone. In France, 40% of workplace accidents involve workers. This rate indicates the risks associated with this profession.

Logically, it is the site manager who serves as a guide for the workers. They are the ones who can ensure safety within the work. Between scaffolding, ladders, or lifting devices, safety is paramount for optimal results. The architect, being the site manager, has the obligation to ensure the safety of their workers. Likewise, for small-scale renovations, the accident rate on a construction site is quite high.

Long-term Safety of the House

The architect has a duty to ensure that all materials used guarantee the hardness and longevity of the housing. Also, it is within their capabilities to precisely determine the layout of each room. For example, they must indicate to you the ideal location for building the bathroom in relation to thermal insulation (underfloor heating) or water supply. Similarly, for windows, it is up to them to advise you on the type of wood to ensure your safety.

In the same vein, energy classification is another safety criterion that can be entrusted to the architect. If you plan to sell or rent your property in the near future, you must ensure this energy classification. Since January 1, 2017, it has been decided that housing advertisements must display the DPE label (Energy Performance Diagnosis). In other words, this DPE is a precise assessment of the energy consumption of the habitat. The architect is the one who knows the works carried out in the housing best, its area, its layout, and the installations. Therefore, their assistance will only benefit you. Through their network, they will help you find a company that will conduct the energy audit. This energy consumption is very important because it involves the national security of a country. Therefore, it is essential to contract with a good architect to supervise the work related to this consumption.

The last criterion, but not the least, is fire safety. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all installations, materials, and layout are ideal and functional in the event of a fire. Installing a fire safety device or using non-flammable materials inside the habitat is their responsibility. The safety of a project always takes precedence over its design.

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Mathieu Amara

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