How does a renovation company in Paris guide your project ? 

Entreprise Rénovation Paris

A renovation company in Paris typically has proven expertise in enhancing a residence or commercial building. It builds its reputation by delivering renovation projects that meet the expectations of its clients.

If you are considering renovation work in your apartment, house, or commercial building in Paris, it is advisable to engage a specialized company. This way, you entrust the renovation of your property to true building professionals. Therefore, your choice should not be taken lightly. Hence the importance of considering the practical advice mentioned in this article.

Entreprise Rénovation Paris

Understanding the company's operational area

Across France, numerous renovation companies exist. So, what sets apart those located in Paris?

Renovation Company in the Remarkable Capital of France

Paris, the capital of France, consists primarily of 20 districts, each equally remarkable. Here are some examples:

1st District: Central Sector of Paris

The 1st district is the historical heart of the city, home to the Louvre Museum, Place du Châtelet, and the Île de la Cité. Its luxurious boutiques, beautiful gardens, and various amenities make it a highly desirable location. The price per square meter here is around €10,072 for an apartment and €10,742 for a house.

Property owners in Paris strive to maximize every space, undertaking renovation projects focused on interior design. To meet their specific desires and needs, Parisian real estate restoration companies deploy their skilled artisans here.

3rd District: The Dynamic Sector of Paris

The 3rd district, also known as the "Upper Marais," has become very trendy in recent years, boasting nearly 27 merchants, 4 restaurants, bars, and cafes per 100 meters. This area is highly sought after by young professionals.

Restoration companies also work here on various projects, including commercial space renovations. Their artisans offer services like wall painting or interior design changes for apartments or houses. Projects may also involve refurbishing rooms (kitchen, bathroom, dining room) for future rentals.

5th District: The Area of Prestigious Universities in Paris

The fame of the 5th district, also called the "Latin Quarter," stems from its prestigious universities like the Collège de France and the medical school. It is the oldest part of Paris, with numerous properties requiring renovation, necessitating the expertise of various professionals.

To save property owners the hassle of finding skilled artisans, renovation companies offer comprehensive solutions. Each company brings together various professionals (interior designers, engineers, plumbers, etc.) in their team, providing a one-stop solution for renovation needs.

7th District: Home to Paris' Emblem

The 7th district of the capital of France is fortunate to host Paris' iconic monument, the Eiffel Tower. Countless marriage proposals take place at the foot of this famous iron lady, earning Paris the nickname "city of love." In the long streets and commercial avenues of this Parisian sector, the largest brands and stores also mingle.

In this 7th arrondissement of Paris, the services of a restoration company are essential. This specialized entity carries out work aimed at improving the appearance or image of a professional building, a rental apartment, or a residential house. Its goal is to restore both the exterior and interior of a building, seamlessly integrating it into the luxurious decor of this Hexagon capital. To achieve this, the renovation company relies on the creativity and expertise of its team, composed of various qualified professionals.

Choosing the right Parisian renovation company: Applying the tips

Instead of individually searching for craftsmen to undertake your renovation work in Paris, consider contacting a renovation company. Wondering how to go about it? Follow these handy tips :

Define your renovation project

Définir votre projet de rénovation

Avoid rushing blindly into finding a building company specializing in apartment, house, or commercial building renovations in Paris. The key is to have a clear understanding of what you want to change, your preferred construction materials, your tastes in interior design and decoration, and, importantly, your budget constraints. The better you can explain your requirements, the better professionals can advise you and meet your expectations.

To properly define the renovation project to be carried out in your house or apartment in Paris, you need to set goals. Enhancing aesthetics, optimizing space, increasing property value, or improving energy efficiency are examples of tasks.

Your needs may also involve converting the attic into a playroom or renovating the kitchen, bathroom, or dining room. Then, establish a budget that is both realistic and anticipates the cost of labor, construction materials, and other expenses related to the project.

Seek advice from your circle and conduct your investigation

Now that you know what renovation project you want to undertake in your Paris apartment, house, or commercial building, gather feedback from your circle. While there are many building professionals, your goal is to find a reputable company specializing in property restoration. In your quest, seek the opinion of friends or family who have previously used such services. Ask them the following questions :


      • Which restoration company did you engage for your renovation project?

      • How satisfied are you with the outcome?

      • Were the craftsmen punctual, and did they adhere to the agreed-upon deadlines in the quote?

      • Did the chosen company exceed the initial budget?

      • How would you rate the communication with the renovation company throughout the process?

    If one or more renovation companies receive similar positive feedback, then contact them for an initial consultation. Otherwise, do not waste time collecting information about their previous projects.

    Requesting multiple quotes from various renovation companies in Paris

    After carefully selecting several property renovation companies in Paris, call them to request quotes.

    What is a renovation quote in Paris?

    In the context of a renovation project in Paris, the term "devis" is defined as a document prepared by a specialized company for its potential client. It is provided to the client before the signing of a contract. It lists and describes, in detail, various information related to the execution of the project. It is important to note that after its signature, the "devis" has legal value for both parties.

    In practice, the building company specialized in renovation cannot change its mind or make modifications to the deadlines, prices, and other information mentioned in the document. The client, on the other hand, no longer has the possibility to contest the construction materials and other details related to the specified works in the contract.

    As an indicative example, a "devis" for renovation works in an apartment, house, or professional building in Paris includes several pieces of information. This document then indicates the contact details of the building company specialized in real estate restoration and those of the client.

    It also describes the works (such as kitchen or bathroom renovation), along with the construction materials used. The estimated cost for the intervention of craftsmen, the purchase of construction resources, and travel expenses are also essential information to be included in the document. 

    Likewise, the restoration company in Paris is obliged to mention in the quote :


        • The duration of the project (number of days, weeks, or months required for project completion)


          • Payment conditions and penalties in case of late payment

          • Guarantees and insurance offered by the specialized building renovation company

          • Obligations of each party and rules to be followed on the construction site

        As this document is legal and binding, read it carefully and ask questions if in doubt before signing it. 

        What are the benefits of requesting multiple quotes from different companies?

        Some renovation quotes in Paris may appear more expensive than others. However, price should not be the only criterion to prioritize when choosing the company to handle your renovation project. Low prices often conceal unpleasant surprises, such as the use of low-quality construction materials, compromising the durability of the work done. Therefore, it is advisable to request quotes from several companies, usually free of charge.

        Each company of renovation in Paris has its own working methodology and applies its own rates. By requesting more than 3 quotes, you can make an informed choice about the most advantageous offer for you. The proposal should be profitable both financially and in terms of the quality of the work.

        The goal is for you to get the best value for your project. Furthermore, by having multiple quotes in front of you, you have the opportunity to assess the skills of each company. Note that it may happen that the layout solutions proposed by a company do not match your expectations and needs.

        If you request at least 3 quotes for the same renovation project in Paris, you will have room for negotiation. In other words, you are aware of the price ranges practiced in the market and the details concerning a renovation project in the capital of France. This information helps you to put forward convincing arguments during the transaction regarding costs, deadlines, payment terms, and other conditions of the contract with renovation companies. In this process, your goal is to find the best deal that combines quality work and affordable price. 

        Conducting Your Own Investigation

        After comparing quotes, you've likely listed the specialized building companies in Paris capable of meeting your needs. Now it's time to conduct your own investigation. 

        Contact Former Clients

        A reputable renovation company in Paris can provide you with client references who can give you feedback on their experience. Their opinions help you assess the reliability, level of work execution, and professionalism of the craftsmen handling the project. By speaking with former clients, you can clarify certain aspects regarding the quality of communication with the company, adherence to project completion deadlines, and handling of any issues that may arise. It's worth noting that a company with numerous references and satisfied clients offers you a sense of confidence and success. 

        Check if the Restoration Company has Labels or Certifications

        Undertaking a renovation project in Paris requires knowledge of various certifications in the construction field. There are labels (issued by an association or private organization) certifying the performance of materials, craftsmen, and construction. Unlike certifications (such as Acermi certification), they are not regulated by law. Both types of certifications validate the skills of the tradespeople in the restoration company in Paris and ensure their expertise and professional integrity.

        For example, there's the eco-artisan label, which relies on four criteria. These criteria include having professional insurance, holding the "Quality Artisan" designation (issued by the Chamber of Trades), having thermal evaluation software, and passing a multiple-choice questionnaire. Additionally, the RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment) label applies to every construction company specializing in energy renovation work. 

        Owners of apartments or commercial buildings in Paris engaging the services of a restoration company with the RGE label will be eligible for state aid. These financial subsidies include, among others, interest-free eco-loans and MaPrimeRénov. They reduce the costs associated with construction projects. Therefore, the various qualifications serve as assurances you can rely on when seeking a company to entrust with your renovation work in Paris.

        Meet the Carefully Selected Renovation Companies

         entreprises de rénovation

        Finding the right company to handle apartment or commercial building renovation projects in Paris is a time-consuming process due to the steps involved. However, the effort is worthwhile because making the right choice ensures the desired outcome, durability of the work, and protection against costly mistakes. 

        The final advice in your selection process is to personally meet the carefully selected renovation companies in Paris. The initial meeting helps you assess whether the collaboration looks promising. Therefore, you should trust the feeling of confidence you have in the company representative. This same relationship should be established from the beginning of the projects until the completion of the work. Following this meeting, you can decide whether or not to sign the quote. 

        How do you know if the representative of the restoration company in Paris inspires confidence? The professional in front of you should demonstrate an empathetic and engaging attitude. Specifically, see if they are attentive and listen to your renovation needs and expectations. The projects may involve changing the kitchen decor or applying new paint to the living spaces. The professional should ask you relevant questions based on the information you've provided and offer solutions that align 100% with your needs, the constraints of your apartment or commercial building, and your budget. 

        Entreprise rénovation Paris

        The services of a renovation company in Paris

        The services of a renovation company in Paris can vary considerably depending on its specialization and scope. However, they can generally be divided into three main categories :

        All-inclusive renovation

        This type of company takes care of all renovation works, from structural to finishing. This includes :

        • Structural work : Demolition, masonry, carpentry, roofing, facade renovation, etc.
        • Finishing work : Plumbing, electricity, carpentry, painting, flooring and wall coverings, etc.

        Partial renovation

        Some companies specialize in renovating specific aspects of your home, such as :

        • Kitchen : Design, installation, and renovation of kitchens
        • Bathroom : Design, installation, and renovation of bathrooms rénovation de salles de bain
        • Painting : Interior and exterior painting
        • Flooring : Installation of tiles, parquet, etc.

        Additional services

        In addition to renovation services, some companies also offer complementary services, such as :

        • Interior decoration (advice on decoration, material, and furniture selection) ;
        • Attic conversion (creation of bedrooms, offices, or playrooms)
        • Home automation (installation of home automation systems for lighting, heating, etc.).

        As a reminder, when choosing a renovation company in Paris, it is important to clearly define your needs. Ask yourself: what are the works you want to carry out? Then, request multiple quotes to compare prices and services offered by different companies. To ensure that the company is reliable and competent, check its qualifications and references. You can also request a detailed quote. Note that the renovation quote should mention all the works to be carried out, the total price, and the execution deadlines.

        The costs of a project with a renovation company in Paris

        The costs of a project with a renovation company in Paris can vary considerably depending on several factors:

        • The scope of the project : a complete renovation will cost more than a partial renovation.
        • The area to be renovated : the price is generally calculated per square meter.
        • The type of works : structural works are more expensive than finishing works.
        • The materials : the choice of materials will have a significant impact on the final cost of the project.
        • The location : renovation company prices may be higher in Paris than in other cities.

        Here are some cost estimates for different types of renovation projects in Paris :


        Type of Work

          Average Cost VAT included


        Between 200 and 500 € VAT included per m²

        Partial Renovation

        Between 500 and 900 € VAT included per m²

        Complete Renovation

        Between 900 and 1,200 € VAT included per m²

        Heavy renovation

        Between 1,200 and 1,600 € VAT included per m²


        It is important to request multiple quotes from different renovation companies to compare prices and services offered. The quote should include all the work to be done, the total price, and the execution deadlines.

        Our tips to spend less on your entire project

        Here are some tips to reduce the costs of a renovation project :

        Plan your project in advance

        This will allow you to define your needs and compare prices.

        Choose quality materials

        They will last longer and prevent future repair costs.

        Hire local craftsmen

         They are often cheaper than large companies.

        Take advantage of grants and subsidies

        There are many grants and subsidies available for energy renovation work.

        Your work in the hands of our renovation company in Paris !

        Therefore, the services of a restoration company in Paris are what you need to ensure the smooth running and successful execution of renovation works. Know that from time to time, every building needs refurbishment. The peeling paint on the walls and the kitchen with new equipment are two examples that show the need for a renovation project.

        Of course, any renovation initiative in Paris (at the heart of France) comes with its own set of challenges. Your daily routine engages you full-time, and additional costs may arise. However, with careful planning, proven skills in the field, and different trades for each type of work, your project will be a real success. To stack all the odds in your favor, there's nothing better than hiring a professional restoration company in this capital of France. 

        So, dare to make a change and let the experts transform your residence or commercial building into an exceptional place !

        Mathieu Amara

        Mathieu Amara

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