What is the price of an interior designer and their fees ?

The price of an interior designer and their fees can be difficult to pinpoint. It is necessary to have a precise idea of the needs of each project. Using the services of an interior designer is essential when embarking on a renovation or interior design project. Are you one of those wondering what the price of an architect is? Do you also want to know how their fees are calculated? If so, this practical guide on the prices of an interior designer is for you!

Hiring a professional interior architect represents a significant investment. However, it proves to be profitable in the long term in terms of quality and enhancement of your living space. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects that influence the cost of an interior architect's work. We will also explore their pricing methods. Project study, execution of works, interior design, and coordination of various trades are all stages of an interior architect's mission. Each of these has a significant impact on the total cost of the project. We will also discuss the role of the interior decorator and how their services can be integrated with those of the architect.

Finally, we will examine how to optimize your budget by choosing the right pricing options, comparing several quotes, and communicating effectively with your professional. Because knowing the price of an interior architect is one thing, but understanding what lies behind this total amount is essential to make an informed decision for your interior architecture project !

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What is an interior architect ?

An interior architect is a professional who designs and plans interior spaces to meet the needs and desires of clients. They typically work on projects such as primary or secondary residence renovations or renovations of apartment buildings. The interior designer is involved in the conceptualization and planning of room layouts, selection of colors, materials, and furniture, as well as the installation of equipment and systems. Interior architects often work closely with other construction professionals such as contractors, project managers, and craftsmen to ensure that the project runs smoothly and within the specified timelines.

Why hire an interior architect ?

Working with an interior architect can be a great idea for several reasons, despite the additional cost. Firstly, interior architects have in-depth knowledge of design trends, materials, and colors. They can help create an interior space that is not only functional and comfortable but also stylish and aesthetically pleasing. They can also assist in maximizing the use of available space by creating creative and innovative solutions for even the most limited spaces.

Additionally, an interior architect can help save you time and money by managing your renovation or decoration project from start to finish. They can handle bidding for contractors, supervise work, manage construction permits, and coordinate the various teams involved in the project. This helps minimize delays, unforeseen expenses, and errors.

The role of the interior architect

The interior architect plays a central role in transforming spaces. This professional combines creativity with technical expertise. Interior architects are highly skilled professionals in the field of interior architecture and apartment renovation. Whether in Paris or elsewhere, they ensure the design and execution of apartment or house renovation projects. They are responsible for everything from simple interior design to complete home overhauls. Suffice it to say that the profession of interior architect goes beyond decoration. This is because it involves a deep understanding of both functional and aesthetic aspects.

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How much does an interior architect cost ?

The cost of hiring an interior architect can vary considerably depending on several factors. These include the size and complexity of the project, the reputation and experience of the interior architect, and the geographical location of the project.

In general, interior architects charge either an hourly rate or a fixed fee for the entire project. The hourly rate can range from €50 to €150 per hour, while the fixed fee for the entire project can range from €10,000 to €50,000 or more for larger projects.

It is essential to understand that the initial cost associated with hiring an interior architect can often be offset by substantial savings throughout the project. The experience and expertise of these professionals result in more efficient resource management, thus reducing unforeseen costs.

Here is a table of prices practiced by an interior architect according to their mission :



Average Price


Home visit and advice on the layout of your home

€150 - €300

Preliminary design 

Survey of existing conditions, proposal of 2D and 3D layouts, mood board 

€800 - €2,500

Complete study

Execution plans, specifications, work supervision 

8% - 15% of the HT amount of the works

Site supervision 

Coordination of craftsmen, reception of works 

10% - 15% of the HT amount of the works

By investing in an interior architect, not only do you benefit from professionally designed space, but you also ensure rigorous budget management. This proactive approach generally results in substantial savings and successful realization of your aspirations. This makes the interior architect an invaluable partner in realizing your vision.

What is the average price per square meter of an interior architect ?

For a project study mission, the average cost of an interior architect is : 


Project Type 


Average Price per m²


50 m² 

€80 - €150


100 m² 

€60 - €120

Commercial space 

200 m² 

€50 - €100

It should be noted that the cost of a project study mission generally includes these four elements :

  • – Survey of existing conditions
  • – Proposal of 2D and 3D layouts
  • – Mood board
  • – Cost estimate of the works

Also, for specific services, additional fees may be charged (e.g., creation of 3D perspectives, furniture research, etc.).

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Price of an interior architect for a complete mission

Here is a summary of the prices of an interior architect for a complete mission.


Average Budget

Studio (20 m²) 

2 000€ – 4 000€

Apartment T2 (50 m²)

5 000€ – 10 000€

Apartment T3 (80 m²)

8 000€ – 15 000€

House (100 m²)

10 000€ – 20 000€

House (200 m²)

20 000€ – 40 000€

It should be noted that these are indicative prices. They are indeed averages. They can vary depending on the experience of the interior architect, the complexity of the project, the geographical location, and the services included in the mission.

In general, the complete mission of an interior architect includes :

  • – Survey of existing conditions
  • – Proposal of 2D and 3D layouts
  • – Mood board
  • – Cost estimate of the works
  • – Preparation of execution plans
  • – Supervision of the works
  • – Reception of the works

To obtain an exact quote, it will be necessary to define your project well and in detail (surface area, type of property, desired style, etc.). Contact several interior architects to get quotes and compare them afterward. Also, compare the services offered. Above all, do not hesitate to negotiate the price with the interior architect !

Interior design project: Should you hire an interior decorator ?

Interior design and decoration work should start with space planning. Get rid of unnecessary elements and clear passageways to facilitate movement. This also involves repainting walls and floor coverings and optimizing indoor lighting in all rooms (living room, bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, etc.).

For customized interior design and decoration of your apartment or house, hiring an expert decorator is now essential. Their advice and services are crucial for revamping each of your rooms, including your living room, kitchen and dining room, bathroom, and even your terrace.

The interior decorator helps you choose your decorating style and furniture (wood or steel). They also commit to supervising craftsmen involved in your design and decoration project. The fees of an interior decorator can vary depending on the room to be redone. For example, for the design and decoration of the kitchen, they are approximately €490 excluding taxes, €420 excluding taxes for the bathroom, and €390 excluding taxes for the bedroom.

Regarding the cost of interior design and decoration of your home, you can expect a range of €350 to €2,000 per square meter, depending on the extent of the work. In summary, apartment renovation is a long and costly project, especially if the work is extensive. Thus, the advice and support of a professional interior architect are crucial to realizing your project.

How are interior architect prices calculated ?

The hourly rate is often chosen for advisory or diagnostic services before the purchase of real estate. The price per square meter is commonly used to estimate the cost of a project study before work, with a decreasing scale: as the area to be fitted out or renovated increases, the price per square meter decreases.

For partial or simple missions, a flat rate may be proposed, such as for the layout study of one or two rooms, a small area, or specific advice. Finally, the percentage of the amount of the works is commonly used to invoice a complete mission of an interior architect. This generally ranges from 8 to 15% of the total HT amount of the works, with a decrease in the rate as the cost of the works increases.

If the prices of the interior architect weigh too heavily on your budget, you can always apply for assistance to carry out your renovation works.

prix architecte d'intérieur

Interior Architect Price: How to Choose the Right Pricing Options ?

To choose the right pricing options for your interior architecture project, it's essential to consider several factors.

Carefully Analyze Your Needs

Firstly, analyze your needs and the level of service required for your project. Do you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve? If you already have a precise vision for your interior design project, an hourly rate might be an interesting option, allowing you to pay only for the time spent by the interior architect on your project. However, if you prefer a more predictable approach in terms of costs, a flat fee might be more appropriate, especially if your project is well-defined and shouldn't require many additional hours.

Consider the Complexity of Your Project

Another aspect to consider is the complexity of your project. If it involves multiple stages or requires significant coordination with other building professionals, a flat fee or fees based on a percentage of the total project cost might be more advantageous. This allows the interior architect to fully commit to the success of your project and provide you with personalized support throughout the process.

Compare Interior Architect Prices

It's also important to request multiple quotes from interior architects and compare the proposed rates. Don't hesitate to ask questions about what is included in each proposal to avoid unpleasant surprises during the project. Make sure you understand the details of the interior architect fees, including any additional fees and the applicable VAT rate.

Take into Account the Interior Architect's Experience

Finally, don't forget to consider the experience and reputation of the interior architect in your decision. A well-established and highly qualified professional may justify higher fees. This can also ensure better quality of service and a successful outcome.

Entrust Your Renovation Work to a General Building Company

Selecting and managing different craftsmen to carry out renovation work can be a major challenge. That's why it's more than beneficial to enlist the services of a general building company to bring your project to life. This competent entity already brings together all the necessary trades, including the architect, mason, plasterer, heating engineer, plumber, electrician, and interior decorator.

Maximize the Value of Your Property by Getting the Best Interior Architect Price !

Hiring an interior architect is a wise decision for your interior decoration and renovation projects. These professionals assist you in creating a space that is both elegant and functional while taking full charge of project management. This choice helps minimize delays and unexpected expenses, providing a smoother experience overall.

Although the initial cost may seem high, it often proves to be a profitable investment. Interior architects bring valuable expertise, suggesting innovative solutions and balancing design with practical considerations. Their professional management contributes to long-term savings, making engaging an interior architect a wise choice for realizing your aesthetic aspirations efficiently.

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