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An interior architect in Marseille precisely addresses the renovation needs of every apartment or house owner who seeks their services. Having undergone specific training in a specialized school, they are capable of focusing on spatial planning and decoration. As experts in architectural projects, endowed with keen creativity, they design functional, aesthetic, and harmonious interior spaces. Thus, they are there to fulfill their clients' wishes; however, it's important to know at what price and how they proceed. Discover in this article that every work of such a professional architect in Marseille begins with the preparation of a quote. Moreover, considering the quality of their services, it is wise to offer them the best compensation.

Elaborer un devis avec un architecte d’intérieur Marseille

Before engaging a Marseille-based interior architect, clients begin by requesting a quote. This document provides information on the essential elements for realizing the architectural project. Undertaking a renovation project for an apartment or house in Marseille involves carrying out several works associated with costs.

What types of renovations require a quote request?

Kitchen renovation 

First and foremost, it's important to know that prior to the decree of January 2017, renovation projects estimated at less than €150 did not require a quote from a professional. Now, obtaining an estimate is possible, whether it's a small or large-scale project.

In Marseille or other cities in France, the kitchen is the centerpiece of an apartment or house. It brings the family together for lunch or brunch on weekends. To fully enjoy every moment spent in this room, it's important to ensure that its decoration and layout remain to your taste, ensuring practicality and functionality. If this is not the case, renovation and furnishing works with an interior designer are necessary. This expert provides advice to offer you:

  • a minimalist kitchen design based on discreet decoration, clean lines, handleless furniture, and functional integrated appliances,
  • a chic industrial-style kitchen, with metal pendants and a large stainless steel sink, ∙ a kitchen with a punchy color (such as vibrant green) for eye-catching decoration,
  • a kitchen with a punchy color (such as vibrant green) for eye-catching decoration,
  • kitchen with cement tiles that add character to the room without overloading it.

Whether your kitchen renovation project involves refreshing wall paint or changing furniture, it is recommended to request a quote. This step helps you financially prepare before continuing with the project.

architecte d’intérieur Marseille

Bathroom renovation

In addition to the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the rooms in an apartment or house in Marseille that requires more care. Being exposed to humidity daily, damage and mold can appear over time. Moreover, changing tastes and preferences may prompt the owner to change its decoration and layout. However, the limited creativity of homeowners and their lack of expertise in the field lead them to seek the help of an interior designer in Marseille. With several years of training in a higher education institution, this architectural professional presents innovative solutions to redesign their clients' bathrooms

A Marseille-based interior architect combines the talents of a decorator with the intelligence of an interior space designer. In the context of renovating your water room, for example, they may suggest installing a large mirror to create a sense of space illusion. They may also recommend using high storage such as suspended shelves to free up floor space. For any type of renovation in your water room, you have the right to request a budget estimate from several experts and compare them. To make an informed decision, don't hesitate to inquire with several professionals.

Creation of an additional bedroom

Over the years, the family grows, and the cocoon begins to feel cramped. For most cases, the idea of ​​moving remains impossible. In this situation, many clients in Marseille seek the services of an interior architect from the city. With several years of experience and having undergone years of training in a specialized establishment, this professional is able to provide the best solutions to improve your space and your quality of life. Their advice may focus on utilizing every neglected or lost corner, such as the attic. The interior architect has the required skill to create an additional room in this space under the roof. In terms of layout, they will prioritize the bed and some clever storage solutions. The room will play the simplicity card and can accommodate new family members.

As most clients are not knowledgeable about attic layout, they are unable to estimate the cost of the project. For fear of feeling obliged to sign a contract with the space designer, some refrain from requesting a quote. However, this does not commit them in any way; it should be noted that it is recommended to make multiple requests from a large number of interior architects in Marseille, whether for small or large projects.

Renewal of floor and wall coverings

The covering of floors and walls in the living spaces of an apartment or house in Marseille plays an aesthetic and functional role. Textures, colors, patterns, and finishes contribute to creating a specific ambiance for a space and highlight the interior design. Over time, withstanding shocks and wear and tear, coverings deteriorate and lose their aesthetics. You will then need the advice and professionalism of an interior architect to restore their former beauty. 

This architectural project professional in Marseille is familiar with the various options for dressing floors and walls (parquet, polished concrete, tiling, etc.). They will make the right choice for each living space and take your preferences into account when selecting the material. It is therefore worth noting that the services of an interior architect and the purchase of coverings entail costs. To prepare, you can request a quote from three interior architecture professionals in Marseille. Even if they are not major construction works, you have the right to submit a request for an estimate to several experts in the field.

Que comprend un devis architecte d’intérieur Marseille ?


L’entreprise d’un projet de rénovation d’intérieur à Marseille commence par la budgétisation du chantier à réaliser. Rien de mieux donc que de demander une estimation des travaux à plusieurs professionnels de l’architecture. Si vous êtes novice en matière de devis, vous devez savoir que ce document contient plusieurs informations liées au projet. Certaines sont obligatoires, selon l’article 3 de l’arrêté du 2 mars 1990, et d’autres non. En vérifiant les mentions dans le devis obligatoire, vous pouvez éviter d’avoir affaire à un architecte d’intérieur non qualifié :

∙         la date de la rédaction et les coordonnées du concepteur d’espace (le mieux est qu’il exerce son travail dans une agence d’architecture ou une entreprise de bâtiment spécialisée en rénovation) ;

∙         le nom du client et l’adresse où se dérouleront les travaux ;

∙         la description des prestations des artisans qui interviendront sur le chantier ;

∙         les détails sur les matériaux (nombre et prix unitaire) utiles à la réussite du projet ;

∙         les artisans requis pour la réalisation des travaux ;

∙         la somme globale à payer ;

∙         la somme à payer TTC (Toutes taxes comprises) ;

∙         le taux de TVA (Taux sur la valeur ajoutée) ;

∙         la durée de validité de l’offre.

Certains architectes d’intérieur à Marseille facturent l’élaboration d’un devis tandis que d’autres le font gratuitement. En effet, le document doit indiquer si la réalisation de l’estimation est gratuite ou payante.

Estimating the costs associated with realizing an interior renovation project for an apartment or house in Marseille follows precise steps.

Measurement and Photography

When undertaking projects, interior architects in Marseille receive requests for work estimates from principals. Before diving into calculations, they listen to their needs and conduct a site visit. Once in the apartment or house to be renovated, architectural professionals take photos and measure the rooms to be arranged. As graduates of a specialized school, interior architects need this data to determine the type and dimensions of the elements to be installed.

Designing Plans

In the design phase, interior architects in Marseille create detailed drawings and layout plans . These visually represent their ideas and the concepts they propose for the project implementation. Architectural professionals can create 3D plans to help principals easily visualize the apartment or house after layout and decoration works.

Preliminary Draft with Variants

During their training in a specialized school, interior architects in Marseille master the steps related to the realization of interior renovation projects. Among these steps is the preliminary draft with variants, which consists of proposing space layout and decoration solutions to owners. The solutions put forward by interior architects must meet the needs of the principals and the constraints imposed by the property. 

Each proposal has its own advantage in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and cost. Moreover, the preliminary draft with variants aims to allow owners to visualize the different alternatives. Thus, they can make an informed choice, discuss points that do not suit them, and share their opinions on the modifications to be made.

The work of an interior architect in Marseille deserves compensation

Every effort deserves reward! The fees of an interior architect in Marseille depend on their tasks. Note that there are different payment methods, such as:
architecte d’intérieur Marseille

Hourly rate

Providing custom restoration projects means that the interior architect spends a lot of time studying the needs, tastes, and constraints of the property. The architectural professional then charges for the number of hours spent working on each stage (from design to finishing). 

In the hourly rate method, the interior architect sets the hourly rate. This rate will be multiplied by the number of hours dedicated to completing various tasks (layout, decoration, renewal of coverings, etc.). For small-scale projects, it is wise to choose this option. The reason for this recommendation is that owners only have to pay the proportionate cost of the work and can better control expenses. 

Flat rate per renovated square meter

In real estate renovation projects in Marseille, the services of the interior architect can be billed according to the size of the room. In other words, the square meter package consists of paying the architectural professional based on the total renovated area. The two parties (the owner and the space designer) therefore do not establish a fixed global amount.

Furthermore, you should know that the square meter package varies depending on the skills, experience, and reputation of the interior architect in Marseille. Also, if owners want custom restoration projects, additional or specific services may not be included in the square meter package.

Why hire an interior architect in Marseille?

Engaging an interior architect in Marseille, such as those at RENO, goes far beyond merely enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a space. Their skills provide a positive impact on both property value and occupants' well-being.

From a financial standpoint, the intervention of an interior architect significantly increases a property's value. Renovation projects led by professionals are often seen as savvy investments. Creating modern and functional spaces, coupled with carefully considered aesthetics, attracts a larger pool of potential buyers, thus positively impacting market value.

However, the impact extends beyond financial considerations. Interior architects in Marseille incorporate elements of well-being into their designs. RENO's expertise in bathroom design, for example, goes beyond aesthetics. The company assists in creating spaces conducive to relaxation and tranquility. Through this holistic approach, it ensures occupants' well-being while enhancing their daily quality of life.

Interior architecture in Marseille also offers interior layout solutions that promote smooth circulation. Interior decorators integrate creative elements that not only beautify the space but also contribute to a harmonious atmosphere. They thus create living spaces that prioritize emotional well-being.

Local regulations in renovation projects

Taking into account local regulations and standards is a crucial step in renovation projects led by an interior architect in Marseille. The RENO firm stands out for its commitment to scrupulously respect the standards in force in the Bouches-du-Rhône. Our architects guarantee projects that are compliant and sustainable.

To obtain the necessary authorizations, interior architects in Marseille understand the importance of navigating through various local regulations. They ensure that each stage of apartment renovation complies with all legal aspects, including building codes, urban planning regulations, etc.

This proactive approach ensures project compliance and avoids potential legal complications. Furthermore, considering local regulations and standards is an essential aspect of the work of an interior architect in Marseille.

Rénover son espace avec un architecte d’intérieur Marseille

Confier vos projets de rénovation immobilière à un architecte d’intérieur Marseille est la meilleure décision à prendre. Il vous écoute, prend en considération vos goûts, vos besoins et les contraintes de votre bâtiment. Grâce à ses connaissances techniques et ses années d’expérience, il vous propose des solutions que vous n’aurez jamais trouvées seul et qui améliorent votre qualité de vie.

They also propose solutions that combine functionality, aesthetics, and budget constraints. To reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, they will recommend optimizing energy efficiency. Assistance may also be available if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Do you want to work with an architectural professional who will be able to deliver results that meet your expectations? Call on an interior architect in Marseille! They imagine and structure spaces in your home by focusing on volume, light, and materials. Know that quality and exceptional results are only obtained with this expert who operates in this city that stretches along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

In short, entrusting your renovation project to an interior architect in Marseille offers an assurance of quality and innovation. Interior architects in Marseille do not merely follow current trends; they define them. Collaborating with a professional ensures a personalized approach and a deep understanding of individual needs.

Whether you are looking for a home staging specialist, an interior decorator in Marseille, or an expert in apartment renovation, interior architecture firms offer a complete range of services. From creating innovative concepts to transforming bathrooms into luxurious relaxation spaces, these professionals master the art of interior architecture.

By browsing through the achievements of the Reno agency or exploring interior decoration projects in the Bouches-du-Rhône, you will see the diversity of skills of interior architects in the region. From refined decor to practical interior design solutions, each project reflects the commitment of interior architects to create spaces that are both functional and aesthetic.

Thus, whether you are looking for a landscape interior architect, an expert in interior decoration, or simply a partner for house apartment renovation, the RENO agency is your best ally! Call on interior designers like RENO to turn your ideas into reality and bring your vision of the ideal interior to life.

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