Interior Designer in Nantes: A Renovation Expert 

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An interior architect in Nantes is a true master of renovation, breathing life and form into a space. This expert in Nantes architecture is sought after for their expertise and experience, capable of optimizing every square meter of a house or apartment.

A true renovation expert, their profession combines creativity and engineering. Indeed, an interior architect must understand the essence of a place, anticipate the needs of its occupants, and create a space that is both functional and harmonious.

This professional must be able to understand their client's needs. As each project is unique, the interior architect must demonstrate great listening skills to implement the client's vision. Naturally creative, they leverage their creativity to breathe new life into your property while respecting its soul and architecture.

Current trends in Nantes highlight brightness, space optimization, the use of sustainable and local materials, and the pursuit of harmony blending old architecture, modern design, and minimalism. As renovation experts, interior architects must stay at the forefront of these trends, while bringing their unique creativity and expertise.

Combining tradition and modernity, engaging the services of an interior architect is a solution to realize your home or apartment renovation project.

The services offered by an interior designer in Nantes

To transform your spaces, interior architects employ their expertise through various services offered to their clientele. Their expertise goes beyond mere aesthetic design. To understand their work better, here's an overview of the services they provide:

Interior Renovation and Design : He is a true expert in project management. To renovate your spaces properly, he visualizes the areas to be renovated, taking into account structural constraints and your preferences. Whether it's for a traditional house in the city center or a modern apartment, the interior designer in Nantes will optimize the space, making it both functional and aesthetically pleasing through home design.

Residential and Commercial Project Design : Regardless of the scale of your project, they can design a customized renovation plan. The design of this plan provides a glimpse into the new layout of your property or offices under the "accomplishments" category. With a perfect understanding of Nantes interior architecture, they can propose solutions tailored to each situation, whether for a home or a professional studio.

Assistance in Interior Decoration and Design : Interior architects are primarily creatives; they assist you in arranging your spaces, from home to garden, involving the choice of decoration and interior design, under the "design" category. They ensure that each element integrates harmoniously into the whole, creating a unique atmosphere that reflects your personality, thanks to their expertise in the arts.

Feel free to contact us to discover how our architect can enhance your home and neighborhood with their experience and expertise throughout the year.

How to differentiate between an interior architect in Nantes and an interior decorator

Although these are two professions offering similar services, they are not solicited for the same reasons. Each of these professions has specific services depending on your project and the neighborhood where you reside. To make the distinction clear and understand their services, let's look at the key points to remember to differentiate them.

An interior architect is a professional trained to design and redesign spaces, whether residential or commercial. They take into account structural, functional, and regulatory constraints to propose optimal layout solutions, whether as part of their training or through years of experience. Their expertise extends from space conception to project realization, including site supervision. In Nantes, interior architects are often sought after for large-scale projects requiring a profound transformation of space, with many remarkable achievements to their credit.

On the other hand, an interior decorator mainly focuses on the aesthetics and ambiance of a place. They advise on the choice of colors, materials, furniture, and decorative objects, leveraging their training and keen aesthetic sense. Their role is to enhance a space according to the tastes and desires of their clients, bringing a touch of creativity that can transform a simple room into an exceptional realization. In Nantes, with its rich tradition of interior decoration, decorators are the experts to consult to give a final touch to an interior and create a unique atmosphere in every neighborhood.

When to Engage One Over the Other?

If you are considering a structural transformation of your space, such as removing partitions or creating new openings, you should turn to an interior architect, especially if you are looking for specialized expertise in layout. Their technical expertise and knowledge of standards will ensure a result that is both aesthetic and compliant with regulations, regardless of the year the project is realized.

However, if your project mainly concerns the aesthetic aspect of your interior, such as the choice of colors, textiles, or decorative elements, the interior decorator will be your best ally. Their keen aesthetic sense and knowledge of current trends will make your interior a unique place, whether for a studio, an office, or a residence, in any neighborhood of Nantes.

Architecte d'intérieur Nantes

Interior architect in Nantes: How much do their services cost ?

Interior architecture is a field that raises many questions, especially regarding the costs associated with its services. In Nantes, a city where design and interior architecture are booming, it is essential to understand these financial aspects.

What is the price of an interior architect in Nantes?

To determine the price of an interior architect agency in Nantes, one must take into account the experience, reputation, and client reviews, as well as the training of its team. If the company lives up to its reputation and consistently delivers projects, especially in kitchen and living space design, it may charge higher rates.

If a renovation expert agency enjoys a reputation for quality due to its listening and understanding skills in project realization, whether in a residential neighborhood or a creative studio, then it is entirely understandable for it to claim a higher cost than its competitors. To give you an idea of ​​price, generally, the hourly rate of an interior architect can vary between 50 and 200 euros, depending on the project's complexity and their expertise in layout. For a complete project, the cost can range from 10,000 to 100,000 euros, or even more for large-scale projects.

It should be noted that prices may vary from one region to another. Before considering renovating your apartment, it is recommended to set your budget and expectations, whether for a modern kitchen or the complete renovation of your living space, so that the renovation expert agency can provide you with one or more quotes corresponding to your criteria, budget, and the rooms or housing you wish to renovate.

How is an interior architect paid?


– Hourly billing: Some interior architects charge by the hour for their services. This may be particularly common for initial consultations or smaller projects. Hourly rates can vary depending on the architect's experience and reputation;

– Flat fee: For more defined projects, some professionals may offer a flat fee. This means that the client pays a fixed amount for the entire project, regardless of the number of hours the architect spends on it;

 – Percentage of total project costs: In this structure, the interior architect charges a percentage of the total project cost. For example, if a project costs 100,000 € and the architect charges 10%, the fees would amount to 10,000 €;

– Combination of methods: Some architects may combine multiple billing methods. For example, they may charge an hourly rate for initial consultations and a percentage of the total cost for project implementation.

It is also important to note that additional fees may be added, such as travel expenses, material costs, or subcontracting fees for specific services.

It is essential to discuss payment terms from the first meeting to avoid any ambiguity. A clear contract detailing the services provided, associated costs, and payment terms is essential to ensure transparent and fruitful collaboration between the client and the interior architect.

The Expertise of an Architect vs. an Interior Architect in Nantes

When it comes to redesigning or renovating a space in Nantes, two professions stand out: the architect and the interior architect. Although these terms are often used interchangeably, they refer to two distinct professions, each with its own field of expertise.

– The Architect: This professional, often associated with the design of large urban projects or the renovation of historical buildings in the heart of Nantes, is trained to work on the overall structure of a building. The architect considers project management, stability, and compliance with construction standards. They are often sought after for large-scale projects requiring deep technical expertise, particularly in the Loire-Atlantique region where regulations can be stringent.

 – The Interior Architect: Specializing in interior design architecture, the interior architect in Nantes focuses on the interior layout of spaces. Their role is to optimize and enhance a space according to the needs and desires of their clients. Whether for interior renovation or creating a new space, they consider aesthetics, functionality, and comfort. Their expertise ranges from interior decoration to the design of functional and harmonious spaces. Unlike the architect, they do not modify the load-bearing structure of the building but work on layout, materials, colors, and lighting.

Choosing Between These Professionals: If you are considering a construction or renovation project in downtown Nantes or the Loire-Atlantique region, the choice between these two professionals will depend on the nature of your project. For structural modifications or extensions, an architect would be more suitable. However, for redesigning space, choosing wall or floor coverings, or interior decoration, the interior architect in Nantes would be the ideal professional.

Whether you want to transform a space into modern architecture or seek a unique design interior in Nantes, it is essential to choose the right professional. Each brings their expertise and vision, ensuring the success of your project.

How to Get a Quote from an Interior Architect in Nantes?

To get a quote from an interior architect in Nantes, follow a few simple steps. You should know that in the landscape of interior architecture in Nantes, many interior architects and agencies compete to offer exceptional services. Therefore, it is essential to choose wisely the one who will handle your work. To do this, start by researching qualified professionals in the field of renovation and interior design in Nantes. Our advice is to favor those with recognized expertise, such as Reno Interior Architecture and Design Cabinet. Then, be sure to visit their website to discover their diverse portfolio. This highlights projects ranging from bathroom design to interior design architecture.

After conducting these researches, you'll finally be able to request a quote. Therefore, reach out to the agency, whether by phone, email, or by filling out the dedicated form on their website. The expert team of a renovation company includes interior architects, interior decorators, and project management professionals. They will be happy to discuss your specific needs. Clearly state the type of interior architecture project you are considering (whether it's for residential, commercial, or other interior design). Feel free to specify details such as the location in Loire-Atlantique and the size of the space to be addressed. Also, don't forget to mention your preferences in interior decoration !

The Reno agency, with its experience as an interior architect in Nantes, offers you various services. Our services cover the entire process, from the design of the interior architecture project to its realization. With a versatile team, ranging from interior architects to project management experts, our cabinet positions itself as a key reference in the field of interior architecture in Nantes. By collaborating with professionals, the agency is committed to turning your ideas into unique interior architecture and decoration projects tailored to your needs!

What Are the Services of Our Interior Architecture Cabinet in Nantes?

You should know that within our interior architecture cabinet in Nantes, we are committed to offering a complete range of services. As a leader in the field of interior architecture in Nantes, Reno Interior Architecture and Design Cabinet strives to create spaces that combine functionality and exceptional aesthetics!

Benefit from the expertise of an interior architect in Nantes!

Sought after for their quality service, expertise, and experience, they are true experts in their field. They will accompany you in the creation and design of your living spaces by optimizing the layout of your decor, the design of your property, and its furnishings to the best. With a quality professional network, they will put you in touch with renovation specialists. These partner companies, chosen by the interior architect, are able to quickly understand the design and layout of your living spaces for your renovation project.

Listening, the interior architect is able to understand the demand of their clients and apply their desires. Each project is unique, whether it's renovating your kitchen, living room, or your professional spaces like offices, their work aims to improve the quality of life of individuals using their service.

The interior architect, as an expert, must be at the forefront of these trends while bringing their personal touch to each project. Keeping an eye on current trends and mindful of your needs, they propose to optimize your apartment or house using sustainable materials. Moreover, regardless of the location of your property, they are able to highlight the brightness of your rooms.

Interior architecture companies in Nantes offer a wide range of services, ranging from simple decoration consultation to the complete management of a renovation project. Whether you are individuals or professionals, these experts offer solutions adapted to your needs and your budget. While an architect focuses on the overall structure of a building, the interior architect focuses on the layout of interior spaces. Their work is focused on aesthetics, functionality, and comfort, taking into account structural and regulatory constraints.

The rates of an interior architect in Nantes may vary depending on the experience of the company, the complexity of the project, and the services offered. It is essential to discuss payment terms at the first meeting to avoid any surprises. Depending on your needs, your budget, and the nature of your project, you can call on an architect or an interior architect.

Passionate and dedicated, these professionals combine their creativity, listening skills, and expertise to ensure the success of your project. Every year, new achievements are born, reflecting the richness and diversity of this profession.

Are you looking to renovate your primary residence or your second home in Nantes? Our experts will be delighted to accompany you in your project. Do not hesitate to call us at or to make an appointment directly online.

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