Apartment Renovation in Nantes : advice, price per square meter, selection of companies

Nantes, with its consistently attractive potential, is an ideal place to maximize real estate investment. Thanks to the development of urban areas, green spaces, modernized infrastructure, and amenities, this major conurbation offers a pleasant living environment. This attracts a large number of buyers who may also be fascinated by Nantes's cultural and economic influence on neighboring cities. Seizing these opportunities and maximizing profitability, if you're a property owner, is possible provided you have a quality property. Do you own an old apartment and want to sell or rent it out? Renovation is the solution to make it more competitive in the market. Discover all the information you need to succeed in such a project.

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As one of the cities with considerable attractiveness potential, Nantes is characterized by the development of strategic urban areas. Among these, there are the Isle of Nantes and the train station. The infrastructures are modernized and reinvented there. Therefore, the renovation of your apartment must follow a quality and contemporary architecture.

Identify Your Needs

The first step in renovating your apartment should be to identify what you really need.

Small Apartment : Creating New Spaces

If your apartment in Nantes is so small that you need to create new spaces, renovation is one of the recommended solutions. There are a few tricks to effectively layout your duplex or studio :

Creating more space in a small apartment is a complex task that requires the intervention of a real professional.

Very Old Apartment : Bringing Up to Standards

If your apartment in Nantes is very old, you need to bring certain elements up to standards. This task requires compliance with the regulations set in the city.

Among these elements, the electrical installation is particularly in need of revision. You must ensure that it meets today's intensive demands. You can also optimize the quality of the interior of your apartment with brightness. Choose the location carefully for installing lights and programmers on radiators.

You also need to carry out work related to thermal insulation. This will make your property more environmentally friendly and less energy-intensive, an opportunity to save money on your monthly bills.

Bringing Freshness to Your Apartment with a New Decoration

If you're someone who loves the latest interior design trends, this could be your motivation to renovate your apartment in Nantes. A contemporary decoration can breathe new life into your living spaces. There are various ways to achieve this, such as adding decorative objects, installing contemporary furniture, or applying new floor or wall coverings.

Moreover, there are different types of decorative styles to choose from, including vintage, Scandinavian, art deco, industrial, floral, or natural. However, the array of trends might overwhelm you. That's where an interior designer's opinion becomes necessary.

Bright spotlights can also brighten up your darker rooms. If the rooms are too narrow, large mirrors on the walls can create a sense of more space.

However, with your upscale apartment, be careful not to detract from its original charm. A tailored solution is needed to harmoniously arrange all the decorative elements.

Small or large apartment: Optimizing Interior Spaces

Whether your apartment is small or large, you probably want more interior space, making renovation the ideal solution. However, keep in mind that apartments are generally less spacious than houses, making it challenging to optimize living spaces in each room.

Professionalism is essential, especially when undertaking inevitable tasks such as removing partitions, rearranging rooms, installing new fixtures, organizing bathrooms, and integrating new storage.


From the outset of your apartment renovation project in Nantes, consider optimizing interior spaces. Take into account your daily life needs, such as which rooms you spend more time in. Also, consider any constraints related to your accommodation to avoid issues during the renovation.

Renovating the property for rental purposes

In the real estate sector, investment presents an opportunity for significant returns. For instance, after acquiring an old property like an apartment, you can renovate it and put it up for rent. The rental income will gradually build up your financial portfolio.

However, your earnings depend on the quality of your apartment. Therefore, renovation is necessary to increase its value and attract potential tenants. There are several options for this project. For example, opting for a simple yet functional decoration scheme. This is a straightforward yet effective way to impress your future tenant. They will feel compelled to take better care of your quality rental property. Additionally, with installed amenities like a kitchen or bathroom, you can attract potential clients willing to rent your apartment at a higher price.

Ideally, do everything possible to make your property more competitive. Consider replacing floor coverings with more durable materials for highly trafficked areas of your apartment. Opt for light tones and white for your wall coverings.

Reno, and particularly Katia, took care of renovating my studio for furnished rental in Paris. They listened to each of my requests! And were always responsive when needed. Thanks to a beautiful renovation for such a small space, my apartment found its first tenant in just one day after the Airbnb listing went live.
I recommend Reno without any hesitation, and I hope to be able to call on them again as soon as possible!

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The Price per Square Meter for Apartment Renovation in Nantes

The expenses involved in renovating your apartment in Nantes vary depending on the nature and scope of the work to be done. However, it's possible to lighten the financial burden with government grants.

Prices Vary Based on the Scope of Work

The price per square meter for renovating an apartment in Nantes varies depending on the condition of the property. Is it too old? Are the damages significant enough to require extensive work? The area to be renovated and the type of project also factor into determining the budget. Is it a simple refresh or a complete overhaul ?

In this city, you can expect to budget between €500/m2 and €1,500/m2 for apartment renovation. Prices vary depending on whether the project is a partial renovation or a complete overhaul of your property. In the former case, the rate can range from €150/m2 to €700/m2. The work involved includes minor interior adjustments, refreshing certain parts of the accommodation, changing floor or wall coverings, painting, etc.

For a complete renovation, the expenses are estimated between €700/m2 and €1,700/m2. These allow for more extensive work than the first category of renovation, including :

However, you need to prepare a substantial budget if you plan to undertake heavy renovation. As an indicative figure, prices can range from €1,000/m2 to €2,000/m2. In this case, the project includes extensive work such as :

Financial Aid to Reduce Renovation Expenses
In Nantes, as in other regions of France, it's possible to benefit from financial aid to reduce apartment renovation costs. Work related to energy renovation particularly receives financial support from the government. Given the current climate challenges, households have a duty to cooperate with the government in promoting eco-friendly, energy-efficient housing. In exchange for your cooperation, you'll access financial aid that, in the long run, will help you save on your monthly bills. The assistance provided comes in various forms, such as a grant, tax credit, or zero-interest eco-loan. It mainly concerns thermal insulation work, offered through the ANAH (National Housing Agency).

Selecting a Company for Apartment Renovation in Nantes

Turning to a renovation company for your apartment in Nantes comes with several benefits. You just need to choose one that is reliable and competent to reap these benefits.

The Advantages of Hiring a Renovation Company

Engaging a company in Nantes to renovate your apartment streamlines the management of the project. Indeed, having a single point of contact can handle the organization of all the work, especially if your project involves extensive renovation. Various trades may be required to complete it. A specialized general contractor in the field should have a complete team capable of meeting all your expectations. Therefore, entrusting them with the management of your site in its entirety is feasible.

Moreover, the proximity of the company is more convenient in coordinating the work. Professionals handling different tasks receive all instructions in real-time, so there is no risk of misunderstanding between the two parties to impact the quality of services.

Regarding the project cost, you no longer need to obtain multiple quotes for different works. A specialized company offers all the necessary services, such as masonry, painting, plumbing, and facade renovation. Indeed, a single budget is sufficient. You no longer need to request them from several providers or choose professionals one after the other. It's both a time and money saver.

How to Choose a Renovation Company ?

To benefit from quality work, carefully choose the company to whom you will entrust the management of your entire site. Here's how to go about it.

Project Definition

Choosing a renovation company starts with defining your project. For example, you need to determine the areas to renovate or replace entirely. The materials to use and your specific preferences in terms of layout should also be considered. The same goes for the budget you have.

Considering your project in detail allows you to have all the necessary information to choose a renovation company. The clearer your idea of what you plan to accomplish, the easier it is to explain it to the provider. They can also fully understand your expectations and respond adequately.

Referring to the Company's Quality Labels

Professional companies working in the real estate renovation field must have quality labels. These represent their professionalism, seriousness, and honesty in the sector. They come in different types, including the RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment) certificate, QUALIBAT, and ECO artisan, intended for all real estate actors.

However, there are some more specific quality labels. Specialists in solar panels, for example, must have QualiPV. QualiCLIMA is for refrigeration engineers, and Qualifelec is for electricians.

A renovation company must therefore be made up of different profiles of professionals, each of whom holds the label corresponding to their specialty. If this is the case, you have no reason not to use their services, as they are serious, competent, and trustworthy. Preferably, opt for an RGE-certified company to access financial assistance from the region and the state.

Selecting a Company Based on Understanding Your Needs

You can also base your selection of a company on how well it understands your needs. Therefore, it is essential to organize a meeting to explicitly explain your apartment renovation project in Nantes to them. At the end of this meeting, you should assess their reliability and determine if they grasp perfectly what you want to achieve. To test their level of understanding, ask your prospective contractor questions about the work to be undertaken. Also, refer to their advice for improving your plans or even your specifications.

Inviting them to your home for this initial contact will allow you to easily gauge their true profile. Do not hesitate to ask for references from previous projects to verify the quality of their work. You can even confirm what they tell you by contacting their former clients.

Choosing Based on Services Offered

The services offered are fundamental elements to consider when choosing the right renovation company. They can be decisive factors and should generally focus on three main aspects: project monitoring, work deadlines, and after-sales service (SAV).

Also, consider the company's willingness to provide you with regular updates on the progress of the work. This is particularly important if you live far from the site. Information exchanges are therefore conducted by phone. Hence, it is necessary to hire a company whose headquarters is not far from your apartment undergoing renovation.

Thanks to this proximity, the project manager is more inclined not to leave the site unattended. This continuous presence plays an important role in monitoring the quality of every detail of the work to be done.

Additionally, a professional company commits to keeping the site clean and implementing necessary measures to respect the neighborhood. This is a sign of seriousness that helps you avoid problems with the building management or neighbors.

As for after-sales service, only engage the company if it offers guarantees. Therefore, it should accept a period during which interventions are free in case of irregularities observed after the completion date of the work. If it refuses this commitment, look for another company.

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