Renovating an Apartment in Strasbourg: Questions to Ask Before Starting the Work

renovation appartement strasbourg

Strasbourg, a major city in France's Bas-Rhin department, represents the administrative and tourist heart of Alsace. In 2019, it was designated the most attractive metropolis in France due to its economic dynamism, mobility, and quality of life. The city offers several investment opportunities, including real estate investment. It plans to construct several new housing units to attract new residents, but also houses numerous old properties that require modernization. Apartment or house renovation allows for various ideas (change of decor, interior design, electrical installation, etc.). Have you fallen in love with an old property in Strasbourg and are tempted by renovation? Excellent choice! Here are the details to consider.

What are the different types of renovation possible?

In Strasbourg, new properties are expensive, making apartments in older buildings more affordable. To benefit from well-located housing at an accessible price, consider renovation work. Here are the different types of projects possible.

Interior Renovation

As the name suggests, interior renovation involves renovating the interior of your apartment or house in Strasbourg. This may include refreshing a room, modifying its design, interior insulation, or installing new floor coverings (tiles, parquet).

Room Refreshment

Les travaux de rafraîchissement sont les plus légers et les moins chers dans le cadre d’une rénovation d’appartement. Ils permettent de remettre à neuf certains éléments du logement afin de moderniser son cadre de vie. Le chantier inclut ainsi tous les travaux qui peuvent redonner du « peps » à votre intérieur, comme :


      • Repainting walls and ceilings,

      • Furniture arrangement,

      • Wall, floor, and ceiling coverings,

      • Tiling,

      • Wallpaper installation and removal,

      • Parquet refurbishment.

    You can also consider changing the interior decoration to stand out from competitors in the Bas-Rhin department. Additionally, a refreshed interior is a compelling rental argument, allowing you to command a better rent price in Strasbourg!

    Light renovation

    Light renovation involves refurbishing part of the apartment. This could be one or two rooms, such as the bathroom, kitchen, living room, or a bedroom. Typically, the work includes :


        • Changing wall, floor, or ceiling coverings,

        • Enlarging windows,

        • Demolishing walls,

        • Constructing partitions.

      For the bathroom, you may consider installing a walk-in shower, shelf, or new lighting.

      Complete Renovation

      Complete renovation involves completely redoing the interior of your property to achieve the apartment or house of your dreams. Craftsmen may work on the property's load-bearing structures if necessary. This type of work involves various trades and includes several possible tasks, such as :


          • Demolition of load-bearing walls,


            • Creation of new structures,

            • Extension of certain rooms,

            • Attic conversion,

            • Kitchen refurbishment,

            • Bathroom tiling,

            • Replacement of doors and windows,

            • Electrical system upgrades,

            • Renovation of service rooms (bathroom, kitchen),

            • Heating system replacement,

            • Modernization of interior decoration.

          According to professional feedback, these renovations tend to be more expensive, especially for a dilapidated apartment or house. You will likely need a team of professionals for this. Fortunately, Strasbourg is home to several RGE-certified artisans (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment) who can meet your ultimate renovation needs. 

          Energy efficiency upgrades

          To enhance comfort, your interior must comply with the energy standards imposed by the state. This will help reduce your bills and preserve the environment. These renovations involve insulation work for floors and walls, ventilation, or improvements to the heating system, without impacting the interior design of your home. You can also reinforce windows and doors to address building sealing issues. 

          Exterior renovation

          Exterior renovation involves refreshing the exterior part of your home or apartment to change its appearance and attract more tenants for your real estate investment project.

          Facade refurbishment

          Facade refurbishment is one of the most common renovation works. It's an essential operation, especially for renewing exterior insulation or changing the appearance or exterior cladding. Renovation professionals often recommend refurbishing this part to give the apartment a new design and make it more durable. In this case, you can consider installing cladding, such as tiles or applying a specific paint.

          Insulation of attics and roofs

          Did you know that 20 to 30% of heat loss comes from the roof? According to professionals, attic and roof insulation is crucial during apartment renovation. It ensures real comfort, especially during the winter. For attic insulation, the procedure varies depending on the type of attic to be reinforced. For roof renovation, the work involves installing a well-sealed insulation layer. Regardless, hiring a specialized company or artisans is recommended to successfully complete the work. You can easily contact energy and building professionals in this department of Alsace. With their years of experience, they offer personalized service, provide advice, and deliver quality work.

          What budget should be estimated for renovation in Strasbourg ?

          Strasbourg is considered one of the largest university centers in France. With over 50,000 students, it hosts many young academics who are often looking for comfortable rental housing. Most of the time, these profiles seek properties that align with their small budgets, probably small spaces (studio, one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment or house with a bathroom, preferably on higher floors). 

          Renovated apartments are cheaper than new ones and offer the maximum comfort sought by tenants. By investing in an apartment or a house requiring work, you will quickly find a tenant in Strasbourg. 

          The estimated renovation budget depends mainly on the type of work to be done, as well as the initial condition and size of the apartment. In this beautiful department of Bas-Rhin, on average, you should budget between:


              • 100 euros and 300 euros per square meter for simple refreshment ;

              • 600 euros and 1,200 euros for complete renovation ;

              • 1,200 euros and 2,500 for major works.

            Like other cities in Alsace, Strasbourg remains eligible for ANAH (National Agency for Housing) assistance. Apartment or house renovation also allows you to benefit from reduced VAT (Value Added Tax). Furthermore, to qualify for these aids, the work must be entrusted to RGE-certified artisans.

            Depending on the scope of the work to be done, renovation requires careful consideration beforehand. This is because the complete renovation of a building can be more expensive than acquiring a new one. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to consider all provisions to avoid such a situation. If possible, discuss your project with a renovation contractor in Strasbourg. They will provide you with a free quote and give their advice.

            What are the benefits of apartment renovation?

            First and foremost, renovating an apartment or house in Strasbourg offers numerous advantages. With its modern and well-served city center, tenants hope for accommodation where they can live comfortably and close to public services and amenities. 

            Well-designed and modernized apartment

            Apartment renovation in Strasbourg allows an owner to gain a trendy and stylish living space with exceptional layout. Indeed, during renovations, professionals go through three stages.

            The first is the study and diagnosis of the apartment. The site involves meticulously inspecting the entire property. Is the electrical and plumbing installation up to code? Are the bathroom and kitchen in good condition? What about heating and insulation (attics, windows, roofs)? And for painting, tiling, and flooring, walls, and ceilings? The company's artisans assess the condition of each room, and then list the work to be done. In addition to benefiting from advice, each trade can provide estimates corresponding to the realization of your projects. The second stage is to carry out the work, and the third, finishing.

            Relatively short renovation time

            In Strasbourg, you have the advantage of working with experienced building professionals. When starting renovation work, you won't have to wait very long for your project to be completed. The time for refreshing walls and floors is only a few days. However, it can extend to several weeks for a complete renovation including bringing the electrical installation up to standard, plumbing, wall treatment, screeding or tiling of floors. 

            For heavy renovation work, the site can last several weeks, or even 1 or 2 months, depending on the planned projects. By hiring a company in Strasbourg, you are sure to enjoy quality work. Your real estate investment project in Bas-Rhin is sure to be a success.

            Significant Savings

            In recent years, energy prices have risen sharply in France. Older homes have significant deficiencies in terms of energy performance. This is due to almost non-existent or outdated insulation in the apartment. Sometimes, you can feel cold under the attic, near the floor, under the front doors, and stairs. Moisture evacuates poorly inside, especially in the bathroom or kitchen.

            By undertaking renovation work, you will make savings that will quickly offset your initial investment. You will gain in comfort, design, but above all in economy (reduction of the electricity bill). You are therefore improving your quality of life. 

            Hire Professionals for Your Renovation in Strasbourg


            Do you lack knowledge about coordinating building work? Do you not have time to repaint or decorate your home? Get in touch with a company or real estate professionals! This allows you to benefit from personalized support for your apartment renovation projects in Strasbourg. The site will surely produce impeccable quality, while following the rules of the trade. After a few months of work, your apartment or house will be transformed and ready to be rented out.

            Thanks to their experience, the contractor helps you estimate the real amount of your future work. For this, each relevant artisan can travel to the city where your apartment or house is located, anywhere in Strasbourg, to precisely quantify your project. Then, the company selects qualified artisans for you (architect or interior decorator, project manager, plumber, carpenter, electrician) and negotiates quotes to offer you fair prices. Until the completion of the work, the professional will be by your side. They answer all your questions and coordinate all trades like a conductor.

            In apartment renovation, every little detail matters. That is why it is important not to hesitate to be accompanied by a renovation professional. They will provide you with a detailed quote according to your project (refreshment works, light renovation, heavy renovation, or energy renovation).

            Mathieu Amara

            Mathieu Amara

            Graduated in political science, I have always been passionate about renovation and construction work.

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