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Rénovation of apartment in Marseille: tips, price per square meter, selection of companies

Apartment renovation in Marseille can be successful with the intervention of a specialized company. Ideally, you should hire one that offers the best quality-to-price ratio. Despite having many inhabitants, Marseille is a relatively calm city. Its real estate landscape primarily consists of apartments, and most residents are homeowners. It's also an economically dynamic place, with numerous growing sectors. Additionally, Marseille boasts many green spaces. All of these factors make Marseille a magnet for real estate investors, leading to an increasingly competitive market.

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Key Tips for Renovating Your Apartment in Marseille

Apartment renovation in Marseille requires specific skills and experience due to the highly competitive real estate market in the city. Here are some key tips to keep in mind for executing your project effectively.

– Why Renovate Your Apartment ?

To succeed in renovating your apartment in Marseille, start by defining your objectives.

Bringing Elements up to Standard

The primary reason for renovating your apartment might be to bring elements of the construction up to standard. This ensures that your property is an ideal shelter for a peaceful and secure life. Unlike houses, apartments have limited space for interior design flexibility. Nevertheless, optimizing living spaces is essential for a tranquil and comfortable life. This involves key tasks such as :

  • Removing partitions,
  • Rearranging rooms,
  • Incorporating storage solutions,
  • Installing new coverings,
  • Kitchen and bathroom layout adjustments.

 Expanding Space in a Small Apartment

Even in a small apartment, it's possible to gain extra square meters, such as with a duplex or studio. In this case, consider the following tips :

  •     – Creating a central island in the kitchen (which can serve as additional storage, workspace, and dining table)
  •     – Opting for sliding doors to close off the bathroom and toilet
  •     – Optimizing space from the entrance of the studio
  •     – Using a glass partition to define a space while maintaining brightness
  •     – Choosing light colors, as dark ones tend to visually reduce space
  •     – Utilizing dual-function storage furniture (a headboard bookcase, a raised bed for extra drawers)

Expanding space in a small apartment is challenging, and only a qualified architect can handle it. An external perspective ensures the quality of your interior design layout.

Additionally, the lifestyle at the time of construction of your old apartment may differ from today's. Therefore, it's highly recommended to reorganize the interior space accordingly.

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Working on a New Decoration

If you want to breathe new life into your apartment, focusing on decoration can be a great idea. This type of project involves installing new coverings, decorative objects, and contemporary-style furniture. The goal is to give your property a soul that aligns perfectly with your tastes.

It's worth noting that there are numerous possibilities when it comes to decoration. For example, you have vintage, Scandinavian, art deco, industrial, floral, nature-inspired, and exotic styles. This array of trends might overwhelm you with choices, making it even more important to rely on the expertise of a well-experienced architect, especially for high-end projects. Additionally, decoration is an ideal solution for enhancing your daily comfort. For instance, use bright ceiling lights in dark rooms, or install large mirrors on walls in narrow spaces to create a sense of depth.

However, renovating a high-end apartment requires more attention to detail. Ensure that you do not compromise the quality of the elements that give it its charm. It's best to seek customized solutions to harmonize the various adjustments, especially those related to decorative elements. The team of experienced craftsmen, from flooring to painting, including electrical work, plumbing, and energy renovation, will carry out these tasks with precision to enhance each apartment and house.

Renovation for Property Rental

You can also renovate your apartment if you've acquired it with the intention of renting it out. Since real estate investment is your domain, turning it into a rental property can be an excellent way to generate income. Whether you opt for seasonal or annual rentals, the success of your project depends entirely on the quality of your property. You must ensure that your accommodation appeals to a wide range of potential tenants.

You can, for example, focus on simple decoration and functional amenities. A well-renovated property will be of high quality, enticing tenants to appreciate and take better care of it. A freshly renovated apartment easily attracts potential clients, especially those interested in a modern bathroom or a fully equipped kitchen.

Don't forget to pay attention to the flooring materials. It's ideal to choose highly resistant materials, especially for frequently used areas of the property. For wall coverings, consider opting for light tones or white.

How to Successfully Renovate Your Apartment ?

To ensure the success of your apartment renovation in Marseille, here are some effective tips to keep in mind.

– Define the Project and Budget

Your renovation project can be carried out in different stages. To ensure smooth progress, list all the work involved, including structural, finishing, and decorative aspects. Only after defining your project can you get a clearer idea of the budget required. For this, refer to the prices typically practiced in Marseille. Additionally, thanks to advancements in internet technology, it's now possible to obtain a free online quote.

– Check the Year of Construction for Older Apartments

To assess the extent of the work needed, it's advisable to check the year of construction for older apartments. For instance, you may need to demolish certain walls to create more living space. It's also important to optimize sound insulation by installing an acoustic insulating layer on interior walls and party walls.

You might also need to replace single glazing with double glazing and renovate the flooring to restore its original charm.

For properties built between 1940 and 1975, especially high-end buildings, expect more extensive insulation work. On the other hand, if the property was built around the 1980s, check if significant updates have been made. Construction during this period often used high-end materials and equipment, leading to higher costs for tasks like facade renovation, roof refurbishment, and updating various amenities.

– Monitor the Progress of the Site

Regularly visiting the construction site is essential to closely monitor the progress of the work. This helps avoid oversights, delays, or defects. It allows you to easily identify any potential issues and assess the progress of the work.

During site visits, pay attention to adherence to the established plans and specifications. Also, ensure the quality of the finishes.

– Completion of the Site: Ensure Work Compliance

During the completion of the construction site, don't forget to verify the compliance of the work with the plans, signed quote, and current regulations. In case of defects, be sure to note them in the record. This document is necessary to confirm the completion of the site and to establish the final delivery of your renovated property by the architect.

A renovation project in Marseille ?

Apartment Renovation in Marseille: Price per Square Meter

Before proceeding with the actual implementation of the work, you need to know the prices per square meter for apartment renovation in Marseille.

Price of Apartment Renovation in the Marseille Region: Small Jobs
The prices for apartment renovation in Marseille are significantly lower than those in the rest of France, averaging 23% cheaper.

– For instance, small jobs are generally priced around: €4,200 for 20 m2, approximately €210 per square meter. This involves basic renovation where the bulk of the budget is allocated to material supply, offering little room for economies of scale. The rate may vary for certain types of work.

– You might need to budget around €3,500 to renovate a 18 m2 studio apartment, roughly €190 to €120 per m2. However, the cost can go up to €1,300 per m2 for renovating a larger apartment.

Apartment renovation typically involves minor refurbishments such as finishing touches in a room. These are easy tasks that only take a few days to complete, requiring minimal labor. Some examples include :

  •  – Changing wallpaper or repainting ;
  •  – Upgrading kitchen furniture ;
  •  – Replacing flooring (tiles, carpet, parquet).
  •  – Upgrading sinks, shower trays, and plumbing fixtures.
Price of Apartment Renovation for Second Stage Work

You may also need to undertake structural second-stage work, including :

  •  – Lighting system renovation ;
  •  – Window replacements ;
  • Kitchen renovation, including electrical rewiring.
These tasks involve various trades (masonry, plumbing, electricity, etc.) and may take longer to complete. Consequently, prices range from €510 to €900 per m2.

When requesting a quote, ensure all services are included. It's advisable to hire a company that manages multiple trades, experienced in site management.

Price of Major Apartment Renovation Work
Major renovation work involves structural and network modifications to your property. This is particularly essential for older apartments that no longer comply with current standards and regulations.

For example, an outdated electrical system can compromise your daily comfort, leading to issues like undersizing and tripping circuit breakers, posing fire or surge risks.

Major work also includes insulation renovation, requiring careful selection of roofing type and high-performance materials.

The extent of work depends on the initial conditions. You may need to involve multiple trades, replace materials, or engage additional professionals. The best way to get an accurate quote is to visit the site with a specialized company. They can provide a relevant diagnosis, assess the extent of work, and estimate the costs involved.

L’ampleur des travaux à réaliser dépend donc de l’état des conditions de base. Vous pourriez être par exemple obligé de faire intervenir différents corps de métier, remplacer des matériaux, voire engager d’autres professionnels. La meilleure solution pour établir un devis correct est de prendre le temps de visiter le chantier avec une entreprise spécialisée. Celle-ci saura poser un diagnostic pertinent, évaluer l’ampleur des travaux et estimer les dépenses à engager.

rénovation marseille

Selecting a Specialized Company for Apartment Renovation in Marseille

In Marseille, there are numerous professional companies operating in the renovation sector. It's up to you to choose the most reliable and competent one.

The Advantages of Hiring a Renovation Company

When it comes to your apartment renovation project in Marseille, the intervention of a professional company offers various benefits. They provide personalized solutions tailored to your needs. Your project will be handled from A to Z. They know exactly what needs to be done at every stage, from feasibility study to project delivery. You'll receive expert advice, quality service, work done to the highest standards, and success in your overall apartment renovation project in Marseille. The team of experienced craftsmen covers all aspects of renovation, from plumbing to electricity, flooring, painting, and bathrooms. Energy renovation will also enhance every apartment and house in the beautiful region of Provence.

Moreover, the carefully chosen company prioritizes excellence. This ensures you'll receive top-notch service, guaranteeing your satisfaction with all the services provided. Your chosen provider will engage various exemplary tradespeople in their respective fields. In addition to professional skills, the renovation company also holds valid insurance certificates and compliance with regulations, especially regarding taxation.

The versatility of the company is also noteworthy. Whether you're planning:

  • Partitioning,
  • Plastering,
  • Carpentry,
  • Tiling,
  • Roofing,
  • Facade renovation,
  • Masonry,
  • Painting,

The work will be undertaken according to your requirements. There are other types of interventions where you can also engage a company, such as electrical network troubleshooting, pool installation, and air conditioning installation. You'll benefit from thorough and comprehensive support throughout the realization of your apartment renovation project.

Tips for Choosing the Right Renovation Company

There are various tips to help you select the right apartment renovation company in Marseille.

Referencing Service Prices

You can base your selection of a renovation company on the price of its services. This is even a primary criterion upon which the definition of the budget necessary to carry out your project depends.

The lower the prices offered, the more you should be cautious about the reliability of the provider. However, if your budget is limited, you might be tempted to contract with a company offering more affordable intervention prices. This prompts you to carefully check their professionalism in the sector. For those who only operate at higher rates, make sure to still verify the quality of their services. Therefore, it's ideal to opt for a company that offers the best value for money.

Consider Proximity to Your Home

A common instinct for many people is to choose a company close to home, which is an excellent solution for renovating an apartment in Marseille. You have no difficulty contacting, identifying, and verifying the quality of their services. This enables you to trust them to successfully complete your project.

However, don't just rely on hearsay; you need to see what the company has already accomplished. To do this, ask for references from a few sites. Feedback from those who have already worked with them will also help you make the right decision based on acquired experiences.

Search Advertisements or Online

You can also use media outlets to find an apartment renovation company in Marseille. This could be on billboards or in free newspapers. Some companies working in the sector in Marseille don't hesitate to advertise everywhere. However, you need to be very careful about the seriousness of the one you select. The same caution applies if you're searching online. A good website doesn't necessarily represent professionalism or quality of service. In addition to viewing projects published online, don't hesitate to ask for references from sites you can visit directly for verification.

Word of Mouth

A traditional method, word of mouth is still widely used to find an apartment renovation company. This allows you to have an opinion on the company you're interested in beforehand.
In most cases, if many people recommend the same artisan, it means they're reliable and offer quality work.

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