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Are you in the midst of house hunting? Depending on your budget and requirements, prior to 2022, you might have come across a concept dating back to the 1970s, known as "Phénix houses." A builder-developer named Geoxia created the timeless Phénix house. It's a house with a metal frame, prefabricated in factories and assembled on-site. Its aim was to meet the needs of French families living in difficult conditions during the economic and health crisis in 2019. Thanks to its affordable prices, modern houses, and impeccable after-sales service, this type of housing has won over the hearts of many clients. Let's review the elements that contributed to its success.

Phénix House: An Ecological and Aesthetic Dwelling

As a real estate investor, there's a strong chance you'll come across the Phénix house in your search. A true innovation in the single-family home sector, this original concept has charmed an entire generation of buyers.

Concept and Basic Principle

The Geoxia Maisons Individuelles company was founded in 1946. Twenty-five years later, the group launched the Phénix house project, which involves building houses based on a standardized foundation. It's a solid wood house, prefabricated in factories in France. The company employed nearly 1,150 people for the construction of its single-family homes. It broke all records in terms of speed of implementation and price.

The principle of this type of house remains very simple. It features similar characteristics and comes with a common scheme, including :

  • A metal frame,
  • Concrete slabs embedded with wood fiber,
  • Complete equipment,
  • Electric heating throughout the house.

Construction is carried out with standardized materials, quite different from traditional houses. To achieve this, the company established a rigorous manufacturing process in three French factories. The various materials are pre-assembled to facilitate construction and increase productivity on-site. Note that the housing is as economical as it is ecological. Once built, it is delivered and assembled on-site by the agency.

Composition of Walls and Frame

For a typical house, the frame is usually made of beams made of reinforced concrete. In contrast, for the Phénix house, the builder exclusively uses steel beams, which take 5 times less time. As for the walls, concrete panels fit between these beams. They are prefabricated in the factory for quick assembly. Like in all other homes, it's possible for the walls of this type of house to crack over time. However, there's no need to worry, as these cracks are not dangerous. The strength of the house is ensured by the metal frame.

Architecture, Shape, and Style

Although the construction model is standardized, investors still have a wide range of choices in terms of style and shape of the Phénix house. The builder also offers pre-established styles but can also create other designs according to the tastes and needs of the owner. 

Thus, beyond the metal frame, the house comes in all shapes, namely :

  • Single-story: the house has only one level, offering a main living area, 2 to 5 bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen ;
  • Two-story: as the name suggests, the house has an additional level with an extra bathroom and up to 5 bedrooms in total ;
  • With attic: depending on the client's choice, the attic can be converted into a bedroom or another useful room.

Regarding style, the Geoxia group offers plans adapted to every budget. Among the available ranges are:

  • The "Welcome" range: based on modernity with various types of plans and layouts, it focuses on elegant design ;
  • The "Renaissance" range: exhibits a decidedly modern style, inspired by architect-designed houses (with large openings) ;
  • The "Renouveau" range: aimed at first-time buyers, it's a small, functional house at a very affordable price.

The "Welcome" range is new to the market. The style has just been launched, and opinions on the house are still awaited.

Phénix House: An Affordable Option

Like all other real estate properties, the price of Phénix houses varies depending on their range, size, and number of bedrooms. Generally, depending on the location of the land and the configuration of the house, prices range from 800 euros to 1,200 euros per square meter.

Available with 2 to 5 bedrooms, the single-story house is offered at an affordable price. The price is 76,000 euros with 2 bedrooms (60 m2), 95,000 euros with 3 bedrooms (90 m2), 105,000 euros with 4 bedrooms (100 m2), and 115,000 euros with 5 bedrooms (110 m2). You can opt for the garage as an additional feature for around 3,000 euros.2), 95 000 euros avec 3 chambres (90 m2), 105 000 euros avec 4 chambres (100 m2) et 115 000 euros avec 5 chambres (110 m2). Vous pouvez adopter le garage en option et rajouter 3 000 euros environ.

For the two-story Phénix house, the price shows a slight increase. It is available with 3 bedrooms at an average price of 100,000 euros, 4 bedrooms between 115,000 euros and 120,000 euros, and 5 bedrooms at 130,000 euros. It's worth noting that the house is equipped with electric heating and good insulation.

Compared to a traditional single-family home, this Phénix project demonstrates an attractive cost for real estate investors. Indeed, the average construction cost of a new traditional home, without land, is around 1,500 euros per square meter, depending on the builder. This cost can increase further for particular types of homes. For example, the construction cost of BBC (Low-energy building) houses ranges from 1,200 euros to 1,800 euros per square meter, and modern residences range from 1,800 euros to 2,500 euros per square meter.

The Various Advantages of Phénix House

Quick construction, efficient thermal and acoustic insulation, good weather resistance... The advantages of a Phénix house are numerous. Here they are:

Competitive Prices

The cost of Phénix houses is undoubtedly its main advantage. Indeed, compared to other builders, this housing option offers very competitive prices. By investing between 76,000 euros and 130,000 euros, you become the owner of a beautiful Phénix house, with delivery times that break all records. Upon resale, you can still make a significant profit. 

Contracts Compliant with Legislation

One of the great advantages of the Phénix project lies in its legislation. To avoid any problems, the builder only signs CCMI (Contracts for the Construction of Individual Houses) regulated by law. Therefore, it adheres to certain clauses. Among these conditions, there is a unique and fixed price for the service and construction deadlines. In case of non-compliance or dispute, penalties may apply.

Professional Assistance

In terms of support, you can engage with a professional in the field. They assist you throughout the construction project of your house, up to the handing over of keys. You are also well advised in choosing your house models, finding land, and even structuring the financing plan. Moreover, the agency has a qualified team to carry out your work.

Reviews on Phénix House: Is It Worth Buying?

Is purchasing a Phénix house worth it? This question is frequently asked by real estate investors. Opinions are divided regarding the reliability of these houses. Here are some responses for you.

Construction Timelines and Lifespan

According to customer reviews, the construction timeline is one of the strong points of the Phénix house. Thanks to the factory prefabrication process, the house can be built in just 4 to 6 months. For comparison, a traditional house requires a minimum of 9 months. The shorter timeline of this housing thus leads to lower costs.

Most Phénix houses were built in the 1970s, so they are already around fifty years old, indicating a good lifespan. So far, no owner has really encountered any issues. Additionally, insurance and renovation work are covered by the builders, but only within 10 years. This means that houses from this era no longer meet current thermal requirements and standards. It is therefore recommended to carry out minor thermal renovations, specifically concerning heating and insulation. If you plan to resell, these works are also required. 

Construction Quality

According to web reviews, customers complain about Phénix houses regarding construction quality, especially the quality of materials used. Sometimes, the methods used by builders do not facilitate future expansions of the houses. Additionally, the pre-installed heating system has average performance, as does the thermal insulation. Some homeowners also report unsatisfactory file monitoring. 

Judicial Liquidation and Phénix House Bankruptcy

Reviews are also received regarding the bankruptcy of Phénix houses. On June 28, 2022, the single-family home construction group Geoxia was placed in judicial liquidation. Its subsidiaries, notably Phénix houses, were subject to judicial liquidation, leaving 1,600 unfinished projects pending. 

Many homeowners found themselves in a difficult situation following this news. Those who have not yet received their homes are left without compensation and must look for other builders to complete their projects.

This judicial restructuring has had a significant impact on the construction industry. It signifies the disappearance of a major player in the French market.

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