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Architect Nantes

An architect in Nantes is a true artist, a visionary who translates clients' dreams into concrete plans. Finding a competent architectural expert is essential for the success of your real estate project. Whether it's a new property construction, renovation of an existing building, or interior design of your home, you can rely on these experts. With their technical expertise and creativity, Nantes architects are reliable partners in turning your ideas into reality. Discover in this article how these experts accompany you at every stage of your real estate project in the city of Nantes.

Architecte a Nantes

Le rôle d’un architecte à Nantes : conception et réalisation de projet immobilier

From the initial concept to project completion, the architect applies their technical and artistic skills to create tailored solutions that meet clients' expectations.

Conceptualization and Design

The architect plays a central role in the conceptualization and design of a project.

Understanding Client Needs and Constraints

The architect gathers all desired elements from the client to design a comfortable, healthy, energy-efficient, and aesthetic home. They collaborate with the client to understand their needs, preferences, and budget constraints.

Before constructing a property, the architectural professional visits the building site to assess its characteristics (servitudes, urban plan, pipelines, diagnostics, subdivision regulations, condominium regulations, etc.) to study the feasibility of the project. They must ensure that it complies with current standards and regulations as well as Local Urban Development Plans (PLUs). It also needs to meet requirements regarding height, area, size, and location on the land.

Designing Plans 

Une fois que l’architecte a une compréhension claire des besoins et des contraintes du projet, il commence à créer des esquisses. Évidemment, ces représentations graphiques préliminaires doivent être en accord avec les paramètres réglementaires, le budget et les attentes du client. Elles permettent de visualiser les différents aspects du bâti et d’explorer les diverses options de design. Elles accompagnent le propriétaire dans sa réflexion. Si la maîtrise d’ouvrage les valide, des plans, des coupes, des façades, des vues virtuelles, une modélisation en 3D ou une maquette sont ensuite réalisés pour avoir un aspect final de la construction.

Choosing Materials and Colors

The choice of materials and colors is an essential part of the architect's work when designing a project. 

To find the ideal materials, the professional takes into account various factors such as cost, durability, weather resistance, thermal and acoustic insulation, aesthetics, compliance with standards and regulations, etc. For example, they may recommend resistant materials for high-traffic areas, fire-resistant materials to ensure fire safety, or insulating materials to optimize energy efficiency. 

As for colors, the architect defines them based on the desired ambiance and project objectives. They may opt for colors that reflect a company's brand image, create a soothing atmosphere in a living space, highlight specific architectural elements, or provide visual accents.

Building Structure Development 

Structure development is a crucial task for the architect. It involves designing a solid, stable, and resistant configuration supporting the entire building and ensuring the occupants' safety. For this, the architectural expert collaborates closely with structural engineering professionals. Together, they determine the dimensions and proportions of structural elements such as spans, walls, pillars, beams, slabs, and foundations.

Project Coordination and Management

The architect plays a key role in project coordination and management, ensuring that all stages proceed smoothly and efficiently. 

Building Permit Application

The architect is responsible for preparing the building permit application file. They gather all necessary documents, such as architectural plans, site plans, sections, elevations, technical studies, structural calculations, administrative documents, etc. The architectural professional ensures that the file is complete and complies with the requirements of the competent authorities. Then, they submit it to the municipality.

The professional monitors the progress of the building permit application process and regularly informs the client of its status. They may need to provide additional information or make modifications in response to municipal requests. They remain involved in the process until the building permit is obtained. 

Organization and Planning of Different Stages

Project organization and planning are essential for ensuring success. The architect plays a vital role in this process. They define the key stages of the process according to their complexity and specificities. They then develop a clear and detailed work schedule, specifying deadlines and necessary resources (material and financial). This tool allows for effective task ordering to achieve the set objectives.

The architectural professional must also identify potential risks that could affect the project's progress (delays in material delivery, coordination issues between different stakeholders, unforeseen changes in regulations). Then, they implement necessary measures to avoid them.

Choice of Companies

The architect helps the client choose the companies that will carry out the construction or renovation works. They prepare the necessary documents (invitation letter, specifications, evaluation methods, schedule, general contract conditions, etc.) to launch a call for tenders from interested companies. They examine the received proposals to select the providers that best meet the project's requirements and present the necessary guarantees of competence. The architectural professional then negotiates with the artisans and defines the contracts allocated to each company. 

Architecte nantes

Construction Works Execution

The architect intervenes on-site with the selected companies to ensure the compliant execution of various phases of the building construction. They coordinate different trades (earthworks, masonry, roofing, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, painting, landscaping, etc.). They conduct regular inspections on the construction site to check the project's progress. The architect also handles the payment management of the companies and supervises the completion of the corresponding services within the agreed deadlines. 

When unforeseen events occur on the construction site (structural problems, changing conditions, delays, etc.), the architect assesses the situation and takes necessary measures to adjust the project accordingly.

Building Acceptance

À la fin des travaux, l’architecte examine la qualité des prestations et leur conformité par rapport aux plans et aux spécifications techniques convenues. Au cas où des défauts, des malfaçons ou des problèmes mineurs sont identifiés, il les répertorie dans une liste de réserves, et veille à ce que celles-ci soient traitées avant la finalisation du projet. Le maître d’œuvre s’occupe également de la clôture administrative du projet. Enfin, il peut se charger de la remise des clés et des dossiers techniques à la maîtrise d’ouvrage. 

Quels sont les différents types de projets auxquels intervient l’architecte 44109 ?

In Nantes, an architect is a qualified professional offering a range of services related to:

Building Construction 

Architects play a crucial role in the conception and realization of new structures. They listen to clients to understand their needs and goals, then develop detailed architectural plans for construction while ensuring compliance with regulations and safety standards. 

Renovation and Rehabilitation of Dwellings 

Renovation and rehabilitation fall within architects' skill set. They assist owners in transforming and modernizing existing dwellings, proposing creative solutions to maximize space utilization, improve energy efficiency, and create attractive environments.

Interior Design

Nantes architects excel in interior design thanks to their design expertise. They enhance the interior spaces of buildings (houses, apartments, office buildings, etc.) considering clients' needs, desires, and budget. They redefine space layout to make it more aesthetic and practical, playing with materials, colors, lighting, equipment, and furniture choices.

Extension and Elevation

Extension and elevation projects are complex and often require architectural expertise to expand a building by adding new spaces. Professionals can propose solutions to maximize land use or raise peripheral walls without increasing ground footprint. 

In the City of Dukes, architectural professionals work with individuals to build single-family homes or apartments, helping clients realize their ideas and needs by creating functional, aesthetic living spaces tailored to their lifestyles. Local authorities also enlist Nantes architects to build public buildings (town halls, schools, cultural centers, sports facilities, hospitals, etc.). Architects also work with businesses to construct unique professional buildings (office buildings, commercial complexes, industrial complexes). Finally, they collaborate closely with developers to create attractive projects in the real estate market (housing, residences, subdivisions). 

Quand un professionnel de l’architecture est-il obligatoire à Nantes ? 

La loi prévoit un principe de base qui affirme que tout projet architectural requérant un permis de construire exige le recours à un architecte, comme :

      •  – new constructions,

      •  – extensions,

      •  – facade modifications,

      •  – changes in usage,

      •  – pool shelters over 1.80 meters in height.

    However, for individuals, hiring an architect is only required when the floor area of the new construction exceeds 150m². In the case of extending an existing building, an architect must be contacted if the project increases the floor area beyond 150m².  

    Quels sont les critères pour trouver un bon architecte à Nantes ?

    Here are some factors to consider when searching for a qualified architect in Nantes.

    Architect's Location 

    It's recommended to work with a local architect who has in-depth knowledge of the urban context and architectural specifics of Nantes. They can create projects that seamlessly integrate into the existing landscape while meeting clients' specific needs and tastes. They know how to leverage typical regional elements (half-timbered houses, picturesque alleys, timber-framed facades, the Machines of the Isle, townhouses, etc.). Additionally, they are familiar with the city's construction requirements and standards, facilitating the design and permitting process.


    En ce qui concerne les qualifications professionnelles, il faut vérifier si le maître d’œuvre est membre de l’Ordre des architectes. Il s’agit d’une institution réglementée qui supervise la profession d’architecte en France. Pour s’inscrire à cette association, l’expert doit remplir certaines conditions, telles que : 

        •  – completion of architecture education,

        •  – la détention d’un diplôme reconnu comme le DPLG (Diplômé par le gouvernement), 

        •  – completion of professional training,

        •  – passing the professional aptitude exam.

      Membership in the Architects' Order ensures the architect's competence and compliance with the ethical and deontological standards of the profession. 

      Architecture Workshop Specialties

      Architecture Workshop Specialties

      Each architecture workshop has its own areas of expertise, which can influence the type of projects they excel in. Some agencies specialize in designing individual homes or collective apartments. Others focus on industrial (factories, warehouses, production facilities) or cultural buildings (concert halls, theaters, libraries). When looking for an architect, it's essential to choose a professional with the specific skills necessary to optimize your project. 

      Style and References

      Each architecture workshop has its architectural style. Consider this element to find an architect whose approach aligns with your tastes and aesthetic preferences. To evaluate the architect's style, it's advisable to review their portfolio or website showcasing their previous work. References may also include feedback from previous clients. 

      Architecture Workshop Price

      Les coûts des services d’un atelier d’architecture peuvent varier en fonction de plusieurs facteurs, tels que la renommée de l’agence, la taille et la complexité du projet, etc. En général, les honoraires sont indexés sur le montant des travaux. Il existe en revanche quelques architectes qui fixent leurs tarifs sur la base de forfaits. Il est recommandé de demander des devis détaillés à plusieurs entreprises pour comparer les prix et les services proposés. À Nantes, les rémunérations d’un architecte représentent, en moyenne, entre 8 % et 15 % du coût total des travaux.

      How Much Does Renovation Cost in Nantes?

      À Nantes, le paysage architectural évolue grâce à des projets de rénovation et d’extension qui redéfinissent toute la Loire-Atlantique. En effet, les architectes nantais se distinguent par leur expertise dans la construction de maison, la surélévation, et la rénovation de salle de bain. En tant qu’experts DPLG, ces professionnels, tels que ceux du cabinet d’architecture Reno, jouent un rôle central dans la transformation de maisons à Nantes et de ses environs, de Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire à Sainte-Luce-sur-Loire.

      As such, our architecture agency is deeply rooted in Nantes' urban fabric. This is illustrated by remarkable achievements ranging from house extensions to elevations. Additionally, we demonstrate a profound understanding of local needs regarding house and apartment renovations. Moreover, projects in strategic areas like Pont-Saint-Martin, Saint-Julien-de-Concelles, and Saint-Étienne-de-Montluc reflect our professionals' positive influence in Loire-Atlantique architecture.

      The real estate renovation company, in partnership with Reno interior architecture agency, contributes to innovative interior renovations and design. This synergy between design, execution, and meticulous material selection positions these players as the top architects in Nantes, noted with a high average.

      In this dynamic, the Architecture Workshop, led by renowned architects such as Fabienne Urvoas and Maria Tavares, leaves its distinctive mark on cities like Saint-Nazaire. From house extension projects in Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire to innovative renovation initiatives in Sainte-Luce-sur-Loire, these professionals shape the region's architectural landscape.

      En outre, avec les meilleurs architectes, le cabinet d’Architecture Reno incarne l’excellence dans la rénovation et  l’extension de maison à Nantes. Nos architectes contribuent à l’épanouissement urbain, mettant en lumière la richesse et la diversité architecturale de la Loire-Atlantique.

      What Are the Specific Services of the Firm in the Nantes Context?

      Reno, our architecture firm, stands out in the Nantes architectural scene. We offer a comprehensive range of specific services perfectly aligned with local needs. As Nantes expert architects, our team's commitment is evident in every project (extension, house renovation, elevation, and construction). This is how we contribute to redefining the Loire-Atlantique real estate landscape.

      Moreover, the firm's focus on design and execution echoes the richness of Nantes' urban architecture and its surroundings. Indeed, the DPLG architects at Reno demonstrate a deep understanding of local nuances and constantly evolving trends.

      Additionally, a notable feature of the Reno architecture firm is its close collaboration with a network of quality suppliers. This strategic alliance offers clients an integrated approach. It's worth noting that the synergy between design, execution, and meticulous material selection creates a holistic experience for those looking to transform their living space!

      Navigating through key localities like Pont-Saint-Martin, Saint-Julien-de-Concelles, and Saint-Étienne-de-Montluc, the Reno firm stands as one of the top architecture agencies in Nantes. We indeed receive high ratings for these renovation and extension projects. The diversity of services offered, from house construction to elevation and bathroom renovation, makes Reno a preferred choice in the architecture sector.

      In conclusion, the Reno architecture firm, with its varied and context-adapted services, emerges as a key player in the local architectural scene. Our distinctive approach, marked by visionary design and precise execution, contributes to shaping the future of Loire-Atlantique real estate!

      Optimal Renovation with a Nantes Architect!

      In Nantes, the architect plays an essential role in realizing a real estate project. They accompany clients at every step, from designing plans to completing works, including coordination and management of the process. Whether it's building construction, house renovation, interior design, or home extension, this architectural professional brings expertise to materialize projects for individuals, local authorities, and businesses. To find a competent architect who understands their needs and can successfully execute their project, thorough evaluations are necessary.

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