Interior Designer Paris: What Can They Offer You?

Architecte d'intérieur Paris

Interior designers in Paris adeptly cater to their clients' needs, offering insightful advice and personalized renovation projects. Space planning, interior decoration, and energy-efficient renovations constitute their primary areas of expertise. With their creative flair and experience, these architectural professionals can transform the interior of any home into a true work of art. However, in this city in the Central-North of France, many property owners remain unconvinced. This hesitation often stems from a fear of being subjected to decorative trends that do not align with their preferences. Yet, it's important to note that an expert in this field tailors projects to meet the expectations and budgets of their clients (owners). Below, discover what they can offer you.

Architecte d'intérieur

Revitalize Your Home with an Interior Designer in Paris

A space exudes style when it inspires harmony and aesthetics reflecting the owner's personality. Here are examples of décor concepts that interior designers in Paris can propose:

Contemporary Decor

Paris, a city of charm and dreams renowned worldwide for its historic monuments and Haussmannian buildings, has successfully modernized while preserving its rich cultural heritage. The blend of old-world charm and contemporary allure in homes, studios, or apartments continues to captivate and extends beyond the city's borders. The Parisian look entices with its timeless chic, evolving and reinventing itself over time. If you've maintained a décor dating back to the 19th century, it's time to modernize it with a contemporary touch. Engaging an interior designer in Paris helps you embody the essence of chic in your living space.

Within the framework of an interior renovation project, a professional architect may propose a contemporary décor. Clean lines, geometric shapes, modern materials, and a minimalist ambiance characterize this style. In essence, it emphasizes simplicity, functionality, and the creation of an airy, open space. To harmonize the space, neutral and soothing colors (white, gray, and beige) are employed to breathe new life into your property. Modern lighting fixtures and indirect light sources create a soft and pleasant ambiance.

If you're struggling to find the right architect in Paris, you can directly contact an agency or architectural firm. These entities collaborate with experienced architects who work in studios to design tailor-made renovation projects. Clients are thus entitled to innovative and unique ideas.

Classic Design

Desiring a space with a classic design in your Parisian home, studio, or apartment? An interior designer, attentive to your desires, can transform your home into a peaceful haven. Opting for a timeless aesthetic inspired by bygone eras ensures that your interior retains its charm while adding a touch of modernity. This classic design, with its meticulous details and refinement, perfectly complements the style of the City of Light. In other words, classic style is often associated with a luxurious and sophisticated ambiance.

To instill a classic decor style in your Parisian habitat, the use of noble materials (carved wood, marble, and velvet) is essential. The interior designer then introduces warm and soft tones (cream, gold, or burgundy). To complete the ensemble, they play with lighting by installing imposing chandeliers and wall sconces, adding a touch of elegance. To ensure the success of your project, enlist the services of an agency or architectural firm that provides interior architects well-versed in the art of design techniques. 

Scandinavian Decor

Scandinavian decor is all the rage in apartments or houses, offering warmth, softness, and a reassuring ambiance. The clean lines characteristic of this trend make you feel cocooned. Want this look in your studio, house, or apartment in Paris? Simply engage the services of a local interior designer. As this decor adheres to rules of arrangement, color, material, and light, the expertise of these professionals ensures you achieve the desired result. 

Scandinavian design originates from the harsh winters of Northern European countries. An architectural expert can import this look into your habitat located in the Central-North of France while creating beauty, simplicity, and practicality with light tones, wooden objects, and minimalist furniture. The use of cozy textures (sheepskin, for example) shapes a clean and warm decor. To ensure you engage a qualified and experienced interior designer in Paris, it's best to contact a specialized agency or firm. This way, you entrust your decoration project to an expert in the field. 

Minimalist Design

Prioritizing the essentials is the principle of minimalist design. Home interiors display neutral colors, simple forms, and avoid excessive furnishing. Although the final result of minimalist décor may appear effortless, achieving this look successfully can be challenging. Therefore, entrust the mission to an interior designer in Paris.

Work, studies, the metro... these elements punctuate the daily life of a Parisian. The interior of the house or apartment should therefore be a sanctuary, providing respite from this monotonous routine. Minimalist design (born in the 1960s in contradiction to the pop art movement) purifies the living space to inspire peace. To achieve this, interior architects rely on the use of sober and neutral colors, such as white and various shades of gray. 

Even in a minimalist decor, certain accessories find their place in apartments. Architects display objects of great sentimental value or those that add a touch of aestheticism, such as a plant. They also place significant importance on natural light and leave windows completely bare. These interior professionals can tailor this type of decor to your tastes, ensuring you receive a bespoke design.

Interior Designer: Tailored Space Planning

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Revamp the interiors of your Parisian apartment with a custom-designed layout. A specialized architect offers tailored solutions.

Interior space planning begins with gathering requirements.

Undertaking renovation works in a Parisian apartment is akin to embarking on a renovation project. You're reimagining the layout of interior spaces to adapt them to current needs and enhance their functionality, aesthetics, and comfort. Engaging an interior designer and following a systematic approach are two keys to ensuring the success of the project. 

The first and crucial step is gathering client requirements. This determines the direction of the interior architecture project. The professional considers the administrative and technical constraints of each space in the Parisian apartment. They also take into account the expectations and budget of the property owners. This provides a clear idea of the layout solutions to be adopted, which are presented to the owners through sketches, plans, and 3D projections. 

Note that architects working in specialized agencies or firms have access to state-of-the-art tools. These entities are committed to remaining competitive and providing high-quality services. They invest in advanced technologies and software to facilitate the design, visualization, and management of their projects in the studio.

Space planning considers details

Several details are taken into account in surface layout projects in apartments or residences in Paris. 

Zone Specifics

Before designing surface layout projects in habitats in Paris, interior architects define zones based on their functions. For example, if the work concerns the kitchen, professionals inquire about the number of people and how often they cook. They may also ask if you and your family prefer to eat in the kitchen or dining room. 


Facilitating circulation in a habitat in Paris is a fundamental element of renovation projects involving the configuration of each space. Note that a room cannot be considered functional if occupants have difficulty moving around. As a designer, an interior architect must ensure that nothing blocks the passage and that the distance between furniture allows for smooth movement. When planning the layout of surfaces in the kitchen, architectural professionals measure the distances between countertops, appliances, and the sink. 


Furniture represents a significant part of the overall consideration in renovation projects focused on configuring each space. Once installed, it defines the overall ambiance of a room, its look, and the type of decor to come. The service of an interior designer in Paris guides you in choosing furniture adapted to the flow of traffic in each room.

Interior space planning is based on good design

Interior architects have the primary vocation of designing, structuring, shaping, and restoring efficiency to interior spaces. They play with volumes, materials, furniture, and lighting. However, before starting the work, architects develop a project design based on two complementary components. These are the Preliminary Project (APS) and the Final Preliminary Project (APD).

In the 1st phase, architectural professionals verify the consistency of the layout works with your budget. They submit a file consisting of plans, a summary description of the works to be undertaken, a provisional estimate, and a schedule of layout operations. In the 2nd phase, interior architects conduct a technical study to verify if the existing construction can support the proposed works.

As an indicative note, the process of designing real estate renovation projects lasts a few weeks or months. This depends on the back-and-forth of proposals between the client and the architecture professional. 

Interior architect in Paris offers energy renovation

Professionnel en architecture d’intérieur à Paris

The specialty of an interior architect is mainly focused on space configuration and decoration. However, they can also propose energy renovation projects.

Offering effective solutions for thermal insulation

Do you live in Paris (1st arrondissement, 2nd arrondissement, or another area)? Regardless of your residence's location, the rise in energy prices and increasing electricity bills affect many households. This context raises the alarm about the importance of carrying out energy renovation works.

The interior architect can propose solutions to improve the insulation of walls, floors, roofs, etc. The techniques and advice provided by this expert significantly reduce heat loss and improve the energy performance of your home. 

Choosing the right materials

The interior architect plays a major role in selecting the raw materials to be used in the energy restoration project of a home in Paris. In their workshop, they establish criteria for selecting construction resources. 

They prioritize those with renewable, recycled, or natural characteristics, with a low carbon footprint and a long lifespan. In addition to considering environmental issues, they also ensure that construction resources meet aesthetic and functional criteria. 

Emphasizing natural lighting

In addition to energy-efficient lighting fixtures that reduce electricity expenses, there are solutions that improve the share of natural lighting. This also provides health and comfort benefits. 

It may be that the residence in Paris already benefits from a source of natural lighting but remains quite dark. Interior architects can install light reflectors on vertical or horizontal surfaces near openings. These fixtures act like mirrors, projecting surplus outdoor light into the home. 

Does your residence in Paris have blind rooms (rooms completely devoid of natural openings)? Do not worry, as interior architects can design skylights for you. This term refers to ducts with an interior surface covered with a reflective material that brings daylight captured on the roof into the blind room. 

Integrating green technologies

In their workshop, and with the help of an eco-energy engineer, the interior architect in Paris can integrate green technologies into energy refurbishment projects. They first consider the characteristics of the home and your lifestyle habits. Then, they identify rooms with high potential for energy improvement. Based on the evaluation result, they select green technologies tailored to your needs. They can choose from:


      • solar panels for electricity production;

      • heating and cooling systems;

      • energy-efficient appliances;

      • heat recovery ventilation systems.

    The interior architect ensures that green technologies integrate harmoniously into the overall design of the Parisian home. 

    Renovate with an interior architect in Paris!

    Ultimately, the interior architect puts their expertise and versatility at the service of house restoration projects. Their skills in planning, space configuration, and choice of construction resources bring sophistication and functionality to every room. If you want to lower your electricity bill, they will propose the installation of green technologies and other effective solutions. 

    Consult a creative professional with a rich imagination. With the interior architects from our architecture firm RENO, your dream of real estate restoration will become a reality. Contact us today to start the process!

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