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Apartment renovation in Lille : advice, price per square meter, selection of companies

Since 2020, Lille has been considered a global capital of design. It is also a student city where real estate properties, whether old or new, are in high demand. This makes the Lille market very dynamic and competitive, offering a wide range of housing options at different prices. Investors particularly find a great opportunity to seize, given the strong rental demand. As a landlord, you may opt for an old apartment to renovate. This type of property is highly recommended in Lille, and it's in your best interest to make yours more competitive. Hence, the need to proceed with renovation, prepare the corresponding budget, and engage a specialized company.

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How to Succeed in Your Apartment Renovation Project in Lille?

Given the highly competitive real estate market in Lille, professionalism is key in all steps. You must proceed in the proper manner to successfully renovate your apartment in this city. Start by determining your expectations and following the right advice.

Determine Your Expectations

To successfully realize your apartment renovation project, you must first determine your expectations.

Renovate Your Apartment for Rental

Real estate offers significant financial advantages in terms of profitability. You can acquire a property, renovate it, and rent it out. The rents obtained will gradually allow you to build a substantial fortune. However, your earnings depend on the quality of your offer, hence the importance of undertaking renovation. This makes your apartment more attractive and valuable, appealing to a larger number of people.

In renovating your apartment in Lille, various possibilities are available to you. Investing in functional equipment and a sober decoration, for example, will suffice. The property thus enhanced will have all the necessary qualities to make the future tenant want to appreciate it. This will even lead them to take better care of it in order to preserve its original condition. Your refurbished apartment (including a fully equipped kitchen and a modern bathroom) will quickly attract potential clients.

However, do not forget to pay particular attention to the floor coverings. Preferably, choose materials with high resistance to install in the most frequented parts of your apartment. As for the wall coverings, you can opt for white or light tones.

Updating certain elements of your apartment to meet standards

In Lille, all constructions must comply with current standards and regulations. You must proceed with renovation if your apartment is already very worn. The work to be done may concern certain key elements of your construction. The goal is to make your property an ideal shelter for a peaceful and comfortable life.

For example, the electrical installation requires updating if your apartment is very old. It must meet today's intensive demands.

In addition, lighting is a key element to optimize the quality of your apartment. You must consider the placement of lights and where to install programmers on your radiators.

You must act in accordance with the rules of the art with the other elements concerned by the intervention. Working with a specialist is the best way to project yourself into a safer future. This way, you will benefit from services that comply with all current safety standards. Notably, those concerning thermal insulation. This will allow you to make your apartment more environmentally friendly. As a result, you will be able to save on your monthly energy bills.

Bringing the decoration up to date

Updating the decoration is an excellent solution to breathe new life into your apartment in Lille. The operation consists of placing decorative objects, new coverings, or installing contemporary furniture in some of your living spaces. This is an approach that allows you to bring a new charm to your apartment adapted to your tastes.

In decoration, the possibilities are numerous, including Scandinavian, vintage, industrial, art deco, exotic, nature, and floral. However, with this maze of trends, getting overwhelmed by choice is almost inevitable. Hence the need to be accompanied by an experienced interior designer.

Also, use bright spotlights in dark rooms. These being too narrow, large mirrors installed on the walls will do the trick to give an impression of depth and therefore more space.

However, rigor is required in the renovation of your upscale apartment. You must preserve its charm by trying not to harm the quality of the elements to be retouched. For this, apply a tailored solution. This will allow for harmonious arrangements of decorative elements.

Optimizing the interior spaces of your apartment

Unlike a house, the interior spaces in an apartment are more confined. Therefore, optimizing them to feel more comfortable remains a challenging task, requiring your professionalism. Certain tasks are necessarily to be undertaken, such as redistributing rooms, removing partitions, installing new coverings, integrating storage, and arranging sanitary facilities.

This optimization of the interior spaces of your apartment in Lille must be carefully considered from the outset of your renovation project. This means incorporating into the work aspects of your daily life, such as the rooms where you will spend more time. Any potential constraints concerning your property should also be addressed beforehand to avoid them.

Creating new spaces in your small apartment

If you have a small apartment in Lille and want to gain more space, renovation is the solution. Whether your property is a studio or a duplex, here are some tips to better meet your needs :

It is worth noting that the tasks required to gain more space in a small apartment are challenging. They require the intervention of a professional who can adequately address your needs and ensure quality work.

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Tips for a Successful Apartment Renovation Project in Lille

Renovating your apartment in Lille requires careful planning and execution. Here are some tips to help you succeed:

Plan Your Apartment Renovation Project Thoroughly

Planning is crucial for the success of your apartment renovation project in Lille. Make a detailed list of all the tasks involved, including structural work, finishing touches, and interior design.

Once you have outlined all the necessary work, you will have a clearer idea of the expenses involved. Regardless of the scope of the project, your budget should reflect the prices typical in Lille.

You can use online resources to get accurate cost estimates. There are various free simulators available online to help you with this.

Assess the Age of Your Apartment

The extent of renovation work needed largely depends on the age of your apartment. Before starting any work, check the construction year of your property. If it's too old, you may need to demolish certain partitions to create more interior space. Additionally, you might need to install soundproofing insulation on shared walls and interior partitions. Upgrading from single glazing to double glazing may also be necessary, as well as refurbishing the parquet flooring to restore its charming original appearance.

Different renovation tasks are tailored to the age of your apartment in Lille. For instance, if the property was built between 1940 and 1975, thermal insulation is particularly important, especially for high-end buildings. Apartments constructed in the 1980s may require substantial investments for renovation due to the high-quality construction materials and equipment used during that period. Major expenses typically include facade renovation and repairing the roof and various installations.

Monitor the Progress of the Renovation Work

Monitoring the progress of the renovation work allows you to stay involved and ensure that regulations and standards are being met. This approach helps prevent potential issues like delays, oversights, and poor workmanship. It also provides an opportunity to address any problems that may arise during the construction process.

During site visits, various aspects should be considered, including compliance with the specifications and previously established plans. The quality of the finishes should also be meticulously inspected.

Only Accept Completed Work that Meets Standards

The final stage of the renovation process involves accepting the completed work. Verify whether the work has been carried out in accordance with the relevant construction standards. You have the right to note any discrepancies in the official report.

Ensure that the work performed aligns with the details outlined in your quote and plans. By doing so, you can be confident in the successful completion of your apartment renovation project in Lille.

Planning a renovation project in Lille?

Apartment renovation in Lille : price per square meter

The cost of an apartment renovation project in Lille, as well as throughout the Hauts-de-France region, depends on the type of work involved and the scope of the project.

Pricing in Lille and the region

There are two main price categories for apartment renovations, one given as an indicative figure and the other with all the project's specifics. For a simple refresh, the budget ranges from €100 to €300/m2. The figures rise to €600 to €1,200/m2 for a complete renovation of the apartment and €1,000 to €1,500/m2 for a heavy renovation.

It is noteworthy that real estate prices in Lille are relatively high, exceeding €3,000/m2 for an apartment. Therefore, most property owners or investor buyers opt for a more reasonable financial alternative. They prefer to invest in older properties and renovate them for more profitable rental or resale purposes.

A smaller budget for a simple renovation

If you have acquired an older apartment and the damage is minimal, a simple renovation is sufficient to restore the original charm of your property. This involves small, regularly scheduled tasks that fall within the scope of maintaining your apartment.

The intervention includes, in particular, laying new floor coverings and painting work. This is a lower range where the budget does not exceed a few hundred euros per square meter. The price varies depending on the quality of the materials you will purchase and use.

Budget to prepare for a complete renovation of your apartment in Lille

In addition to the work required in a simple renovation, the complete refurbishment of your apartment in Lille includes work on all rooms. The bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen are the most affected. You also need to have the electrical and plumbing installations brought up to code or change the joinery.

Indicative prices can help you get an idea of the expenses involved in your project. Thus, you need to prepare an average of €900 to €1,200 per square meter to renovate a bathroom in Lille. In this price range example, all taxes, labor, and materials are included. The work to be done includes repainting, replacing a bathtub, shower, or sink, and installing a toilet and tiles.

Significant expenses for a heavy renovation

Heavy renovation involves work on load-bearing walls, the apartment's structure, or insulation.

Lille's real estate market is characterized by the age of most properties. Three-quarters of the city's housing dates back to the 1990s. If your apartment was built before 1997, the risk of asbestos presence is inevitable, which can cause significant damage and therefore require extensive work. Complete asbestos removal is even challenging because, at that time, the material was widely used in insulation layers and roofs.

Possibility to reduce apartment renovation costs through grants

In Lille, both the State and the city provide financial assistance to encourage the renovation of real estate properties, including apartments. This allows you to lighten your budget.

For instance, the French government offers loans at favorable rates to homeowners, such as the interest-free eco-loan or eco-PTZ. You can also access a VAT (Value Added Tax) credit at a reduced rate of 5.5% and tax deductions provided you undertake energy transition. The National Agency for Housing Improvement (ANAH) also offers additional assistance to low-income households.

In addition to state aid, there are grants offered by the European Metropolis of Lille (MEL). For example, households with intermediate incomes benefit from a sum of €2,000. If your building is energy-efficient (BBC), you will also receive an additional bonus of €5,000. There are even legal and technical support services to facilitate administrative procedures, resolve potential disputes, and carry out the renovation project in compliance with current standards.

rénovation lille

Selecting a company to renovate your apartment in Lille

To choose the right company to renovate your apartment in Lille, here are some tips.

Clearly define your project

It is impossible to select a renovation company without first defining your project clearly. You must determine the areas where you want to make changes or specific artistic touches. Identify the materials to use and your preferences for interior design, while considering the budget at your disposal.

After seriously considering each of these different details, you should have all the information on which to base your choice of company. Make sure you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and you will have no difficulty in explaining it. This will allow professionals to better understand your needs and provide appropriate advice.

Arrange a meeting with the company to discuss the project directly

Meeting the professional you want to hire is a way to verify their reliability. Ideally, invite them to come to your home, which will give you a more accurate estimate of their profile. It's an opportunity to ask for references from previous projects. If this is not enough for you, do not hesitate to confirm what they tell you during the face-to-face meeting with their former clients.

Moreover, during this first meeting, you will detail your project. So, pay close attention to the advice they give you. What they tell you reflects the quality of their services and their reliability.

Referring to the company's quality labels

Quality labels do exist in the renovation industry. They attest to the skills of the companies working in the sector, ensuring you of the honesty and reliability of those you contact to carry out your project. Some of them are intended for all types of building actors, such as ECO artisan, QUALIBAT, and Certibat RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment).

On the other hand, other labels are more specific, such as QualiPV for those specialized in solar panels, QualiCLIMA for refrigeration technicians, and Qualifelec for electricians.

If the company you are hiring has the qualification corresponding to your apartment renovation project, it means they are serious and genuine professionals in their field. You can trust them.

However, to benefit from financial assistance from the State or the Lille region, call upon an RGE-certified company.

Inquire about the services offered by the company

Likely to tip the scales, the services offered by the company determine its professionalism and reliability. They should focus on three main key points, namely follow-up, intervention deadlines, and after-sales service or customer service.

The ease of contact with the company is also to be considered. In case you are far from the construction site, they should provide regular reports on the progress of the work, either by phone call or email.

Moreover, you must ensure that the project manager does not leave the site unattended. Their willingness to be present throughout the realization of your apartment renovation project in Lille is therefore a selection criterion. The company's commitment to site cleanliness and respect for neighbors is also important. This helps you avoid potential issues with neighbors or the homeowners' association.

Regarding customer service, you should openly discuss with the company their willingness to address any irregularities noticed after the site handover. The warranty period should be set before signing the contract. To ensure their good faith on this point, the best solution is to inquire with their former clients.

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