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Among the Renovations reviews we received, we will delve into Sofia's experience. Sofia hails from Mexico and resides in the United States.

She and her husband already have assets in two different countries, demonstrating their interest and commitment to real estate investment. Their existing investments have likely allowed them to diversify their portfolio, gain experience, and earn additional income.

However, in France, they are facing a unique situation. They have an apartment that was in a dilapidated condition, meaning it requires major renovation to make it habitable or attractive for rental. This decision to renovate this apartment demonstrates their desire to optimize the value of their existing assets and seize new investment opportunities.

Opting for a renovation project is wise, as it can increase the property's value while bringing it up to standard, which is essential for attracting potential tenants. Once the renovation is complete, the apartment can be considered as a rental property, generating additional income for the couple.

This decision is part of a broader strategy to expand their portfolio of real estate projects. Renovating this apartment in France is a significant step in achieving this goal. It demonstrates their determination to optimize their existing assets and explore new opportunities in the real estate market, potentially contributing to their long-term financial security.

They have chosen to renovate an old apartment in France with the aim of adding a rental asset to their portfolio. This decision is part of their broader investment strategy, aiming to diversify their real estate assets and maximize their financial potential. Renovation is a way to optimize the value of their property while contributing to future rental income.

" Investments and renovations are usually complicated, but this one was really straightforward and I can say it was a great thing. "

Motivated by a desire to lead a more balanced life aligned with her passions, Sofia made the decision to become a digital nomad. This new approach to work allows her to oversee her real estate investment projects while realizing her dream of balancing her career, passion for yoga, and taking time for herself.

As a digital nomad, Sofia has the flexibility to work from any inspiring location. This geographical freedom enables her to manage her real estate investments while staying connected to the real estate world. She can conduct research, manage her properties, and make important decisions.

Her Journey with Reno

The couple had previously had the opportunity to collaborate with Reno's CEO, and this experience had been extremely positive. They were delighted with the quality of the work done and the way the project had been managed. This trusted relationship convinced them to entrust the renovation of their Parisian apartment to Reno.

As Sofia had high standards for quality and aesthetics, this renovation project was a source of apprehension. She wanted to ensure that her Parisian apartment would be transformed into a space that met her high expectations. However, Reno was able to reassure her through transparent and effective communication about the progress of the project.

Communication on the progress of the project was essential to alleviate her concerns. Reno's team regularly informed her of the milestones achieved, decisions made, and deadlines met. This transparency allowed her to closely monitor the progress of the renovation and ensure that every detail would be taken into account.

Therefore, the couple felt confident entrusting their precious Parisian apartment to Reno. They knew they were dealing with a trusted firm capable of meeting their high standards while fostering open and transparent collaboration.


Mathieu Amara

Mathieu Amara

Graduated in political science, I have always been passionate about renovation and construction work.

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