Outdoor Kitchen Design : How to Create One

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Outdoor kitchen design has become essential for gastronomy and conviviality enthusiasts. Imagine yourself surrounded by loved ones, preparing delicious meals under the sun or stars, in a space designed to blend culinary pleasure with comfort and aesthetics. This is where our expertise comes into play. As experts in kitchen design, we understand the importance of a functional and elegant outdoor space, where every detail is carefully considered to create a true culinary oasis.

Are you considering adding a simple central island with a built-in barbecue to your patio ? Or perhaps you want to build a fully equipped garden kitchen with a pizza oven ? Create a covered dining area? Our team is here to guide you through every step of the process. By collaborating with skilled carpenters, kitchen designers, and other outdoor design professionals, we turn your dreams into reality.

In this article, we'll share our expert advice on designing and outfitting an outdoor kitchen that meets your needs and desires, while incorporating the latest trends in design and functionality. Get ready to discover how to transform your outdoor space into a true culinary sanctuary where shared moments and flavors blend harmoniously.

Aménagement cuisine extérieure

Steps for Outdoor Kitchen Design

When considering designing your outdoor kitchen, it's essential to follow certain steps to ensure the success of your project. 

Find the Right Location

First and foremost, it's recommended to conduct a thorough analysis of your outdoor space to determine the ideal location for your kitchen. Consider aspects such as access to water and electricity, as well as orientation relative to the sun and wind.

An outdoor kitchen should not be too far from the house, as it requires access to water and electricity. Additionally, consider the convenience of accessing items from inside the house. Therefore, outdoor kitchens are typically located as an extension of the house or can be standalone in the garden, such as by the pool.

Seek Professional Advice

Next, consult professionals such as bathroom and kitchen installers, and kitchen designers for advice on designing your outdoor kitchen. They can assist you in selecting the right materials and equipment and help design a functional workspace.

Choose Your Provider

Once you've defined the specifications of your project, start searching for decking companies and conservatory manufacturers. These companies are responsible for constructing the necessary structure for your outdoor kitchen. Ensure you choose qualified and experienced professionals who can guarantee high-quality work.

Simultaneously, hire flooring installers and tile setters to install the necessary floor coverings for your outdoor space. Choose durable materials resistant to weather conditions that can withstand outdoor use.

Professionals for Decoration and Finishing Touches

Finally, once the construction of your outdoor kitchen is complete, engage painting and finishing companies to apply the required finishes. Work with skilled carpenters to build custom elements such as central islands and dining areas.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Outdoor Kitchen

When deciding on the size of your outdoor kitchen, several factors must be considered to ensure it meets your needs and integrates harmoniously into your outdoor space.

Available Space

Evaluate the available space in your garden or patio. Consider the area available for kitchen layout and the space required for comfortable circulation around it.

Intended Use of Your Outdoor Kitchen

If you primarily plan small gatherings and family meals, a medium-sized kitchen with a dining area and basic equipment may suffice. However, if you regularly host large groups of friends or have a passion for outdoor cooking, you may want to opt for a larger, more elaborate kitchen with additional features such as a central island and a pizza oven.

Aesthetic Considerations

Consider the aesthetics of your outdoor space and how your kitchen will integrate with its surroundings. You may want to choose a size that complements the size and style of your garden or patio, rather than creating a space that appears disproportionate or overwhelming.

Consult outdoor design professionals such as carpenters and kitchen designers for advice on the ideal size of your outdoor kitchen based on your specific needs and budget. They can guide you through the design process and help you choose the equipment and materials that best suit your project.

The fee of a DPLG architect

The cost of hiring a DPLG architect can vary depending on several factors, including the nature and scope of the project, geographical location, and the architect's level of expertise. However, it's essential for homeowners to understand the typical costs associated with hiring a DPLG architect, as well as how to manage their budget effectively.

The fees of a licensed architect (DPLG) are generally established based on different calculation methods. Some architects charge a percentage of the total project cost, which can range from 8% to 15%, depending on the complexity and size of the project. Others prefer to charge an hourly rate, which varies depending on their experience and geographical region. 

  •  – The average salary of a DPLG architect in France is €43,000 per year or €24 per hour.

  •  – Those who are new to the profession earn an average salary of around €35,000 per year.

  •  – Experienced architects, on the other hand, earn up to €60,000 per year.

The benefits of hiring a DPLG architect generally justify the cost. Their expertise in design, project management, and adherence to standards can help save money in the long term by avoiding costly mistakes. Moreover, their ability to optimize space usage, maximize energy efficiency, and create timeless designs can increase the value of your property.

To manage your budget effectively while working with a DPLG architect, it's recommended to openly discuss your financial constraints early in the process. The architect can adjust the project accordingly and propose solutions that fit your budget. Additionally, it's wise to request detailed quotes and keep regular track of expenses throughout the project to avoid budget overruns.

In some cases, it may be advantageous to choose an architect who offers comprehensive project management services, as this can streamline the coordination of all aspects of the project and avoid hidden costs. Ultimately, to effectively manage your budget while benefiting from the services of a DPLG architect, open communication and careful planning are essential. This approach will allow you to succeed in your project without worrying about unforeseen expenses.

Real Estate Renovation with a DPLG Architect: Our Advice

The DPLG architect is an essential and valuable player in the success of renovation and construction projects. Their extensive training, expertise in architectural design, adherence to standards, and ability to manage the budget effectively make them an essential professional for realizing your projects.

The value of the DPLG architect lies in their ability to design spaces that combine aesthetics, functionality, and durability. They are also aware of the latest trends in design and technology, allowing them to integrate modern elements into their projects.

Hiring a DPLG architect is not just an investment in quality; it's also insurance against costly mistakes and potential delays. Their willingness to adhere to standards and navigate regulations is crucial to avoid legal issues. Moreover, their rigorous budget management helps ensure that the project stays within the financial limits you've set.

We strongly encourage homeowners to seriously consider hiring a DPLG architect for their future projects. By collaborating with these experts, you'll benefit from invaluable expertise that will help realize your dreams efficiently, aesthetically, and in compliance with standards. Do not underestimate the positive impact a DPLG architect can have on the success of your project. Their contribution can make all the difference between an ordinary renovation and an extraordinary transformation.

Fitted or Equipped Outdoor Kitchen ?

When considering setting up an outdoor kitchen, you may face the choice between a fitted kitchen and an equipped kitchen.

Fitted Kitchen

A fitted kitchen focuses on the design and layout of the cooking area, leaving room to add equipment and accessories as needed. This gives you greater flexibility to customize your kitchen according to your cooking and entertainment preferences. Additionally, a fitted kitchen can offer a more integrated aesthetic to your outdoor space, creating a natural and inviting outdoor atmosphere.

Equipped Kitchen

On the other hand, an equipped kitchen comes with all the necessary equipment integrated from the start, simplifying the installation process. This also ensures that your kitchen is ready to use as soon as it is set up. This can be particularly convenient if you want to minimize the hassle and costs associated with adding individual equipment later on. However, this may limit your flexibility in terms of customization and upgrading your kitchen in the future.

Our advice

To make an informed decision, evaluate your needs for an outdoor kitchen, as well as your budget and design preferences. Consult outdoor design professionals, such as carpenters and kitchen designers. They can provide advice on the best option for your specific project. Whichever you choose, make sure to select high-quality materials and work with qualified professionals to ensure a final result that meets your expectations.

What Equipment to Include in an Outdoor Kitchen ?

To add a touch of luxury to your outdoor kitchen, consider incorporating high-end equipment. You can install a natural stone pizza oven, a professional grill, or even an outdoor gas cooking system for precise and consistent cooking results.

 Barbecue ou grill

A barbecue or grill is a must-have for any outdoor kitchen. Whether you prefer classic charcoal grilling or modern cooking options like gas or electric, a barbecue will allow you to prepare a wide variety of tasty dishes outdoors.

Sink and Work Surface

Consider adding a sink and work surface to your outdoor kitchen to facilitate food preparation and cleaning after meals. An outdoor sink will allow you to rinse fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as easily clean kitchen utensils and dishes.

Pizza Oven

For those who enjoy oven cooking, a pizza oven is a great addition to an outdoor kitchen. With a pizza oven, you can prepare wood-fired pizzas, artisanal breads, and even delicious pasta dishes to impress your guests.


For added convenience, consider integrating refrigeration appliances into your outdoor kitchen. A compact refrigerator or wine refrigerator will help keep your beverages and food cool while you cook and entertain.

Finally, don't forget about comfort and entertainment elements, such as a central island and bar stools to create a welcoming gathering space. Also, add a sound system to add musical ambiance to your outdoor gatherings.

By choosing the right equipment for your outdoor kitchen, you can create an outdoor cooking and entertainment space that will become the heart of your outdoor living. Consult outdoor design professionals for advice on the best options for your space and budget.

Example of Outdoor Kitchen Installation Quote

Wondering how much the outdoor kitchen installation works will cost you? Here are some examples of quotes to help you : 



Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Demolition and removal of old terrace

1 000 €

500 €


Creation of a new terrace

5 000 €(composite wood)

8 000 €(natural stone)

3 000 €(concrete slab)

Installation of a barbecue

2 000 €(gas)

1 500 €(charcoal)


Installation of a sink

500 €

1 000 €(with faucet)


Installation of a countertop

3 000 €(natural stone)

2 000 €(laminate)

1 500 €(wood)

Installation of storage

1 000 €

500 €


Installation of lighting

500 €

1 000 €



13 000 €

14 500 €

4 500 €

Don't forget to clearly define your needs before hiring a provider. This will allow you to obtain an accurate quote and ensure that the outdoor kitchen meets your expectations.

Aménagement cuisine extérieure

What are the best style and design options ?

When considering the layout of your outdoor kitchen, it’s essential to choose style and design options that complement both the aesthetics of your outdoor space and your personal design preferences. Here are some of the best options to consider for creating an attractive and functional outdoor kitchen.

Consider the Overall Architecture of Your Home

If you have a covered kitchen or a patio, select materials and finishes that harmonize with the existing architectural style. Opt for natural stone or brick wall coverings, or choose granite or quartz countertops for a more modern look.

Install Comfortable and Durable Furniture

When it comes to furniture, go for comfortable and durable pieces that can withstand outdoor elements. A central island with bar stools can serve as elegant and functional focal points, while a dining area with a table and comfortable chairs provides a welcoming space for outdoor meals.

Choose Modern Lighting

For lighting, select fixtures that enhance the ambiance of your space while providing adequate illumination for cooking and entertaining after sunset. Stylish wall sconces, pendant lights above the central island, and solar lamps for pathways and walkways can all contribute to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your outdoor kitchen.

Add Personal Touches

Finally, don’t forget to incorporate personal touches into your space, such as potted plants, wall art, or decorative accessories that reflect your style and personality. By choosing the right style and design options for your outdoor kitchen, you can create a space that becomes the heart of your outdoor life—a gathering place for friends and family.

Administrative Steps for Outdoor Kitchen Installation

Installing an outdoor kitchen can transform your terrace into a delightful cooking space. Whether you plan to set it up completely open on a terrace, under a simple awning, or covered between three walls, it’s essential to declare your outdoor kitchen as a terrace. For new constructions, this must be included in the building permit. For renovations, it should be part of the preliminary work declaration.

When planning your outdoor kitchen, it's crucial to adhere to the necessary administrative steps to ensure your project complies with local regulations.

The first step is to check building codes and municipal regulations regarding outdoor structures in your area. Some locations may have restrictions on building outdoor kitchens, especially if they include features like a covered kitchen or a fixed central island.

Once you understand the legal requirements, you may need to obtain building or planning permits. This could involve submitting detailed plans of your project to your municipality for review and approval. These plans should include details about the kitchen design, materials used, as well as the dimensions and location of the structure.

In addition to building permits, you might also need to coordinate with other public services or agencies depending on the scope of your project. For instance, if your outdoor kitchen requires electrical or plumbing connections, you will likely need special permits or inspections before starting the work.

Finally, don’t forget to consider insurance aspects. Ensure your project is covered by your home insurance and consider adding extra coverage if necessary to protect your investment.

Regulations for Outdoor Kitchen Setup

When it comes to regulations for setting up an outdoor kitchen, you must always comply with the Local Urban Plan (PLU). This document, prepared by the municipality, is accessible on your town's website. It divides the city into zones, neighborhoods, etc., and explains to property owners what they are allowed to do. 

Additionally, the PLU provides more detailed guidelines specifically for outdoor kitchens. For example, it specifies the setbacks you must maintain from your property lines relative to your neighbors. This helps to avoid potential disputes with neighbors. Make sure to adhere to all local regulations and obtain any necessary permits for your project. Don’t hesitate to seek assistance from professionals to ensure compliance.

Transform Your Outdoor Kitchen with Reno

In conclusion, when planning your outdoor kitchen, trust Reno's expertise to turn your aspirations into an exceptional outdoor living space. With our commitment to quality and attention to detail, our architects are here to transform your vision into reality. Whether you dream of an elegant covered kitchen for summer evenings or a rustic garden kitchen for family gatherings, we have the skills and resources to bring your most ambitious projects to life.

Through our network of sunroom manufacturers, flooring installers, and skilled carpenters, we can design outdoor kitchens that blend functionality and aesthetics. From installing a central island with an integrated barbecue to creating a cozy dining area, every element of your outdoor space will be meticulously planned and executed to meet your specific needs.

By choosing Reno for your outdoor kitchen project, you are opting for quality, reliability, and professionalism. We take pride in our reputation as trusted home builders and our dedication to excellence in everything we do. Contact us today to start transforming your outdoor space into a true culinary paradise where great moments and flavors come together.

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